List of 169+ Top Game Blogs and Pages Names Ideas

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

Blog Names List of 169+ Top Game Blogs and Pages Names Ideas

List of 169+ Top Game Blogs and Pages Names Ideas

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

Games have been played by our ancestors from long time. When we say the word game, we remember the childhood games we used to play with family and friends.

Games are appealing to young or old people, whether it is an indoor or outdoor game. A good time-pass as well as a good activator of mind and body.

Top 15 Game Blogs of the world

IGN India- The blog is responsible for covering gaming, and almost every single thing associated to the game category. Its video game menu option consists of news updates, reviews of video games, and several videos for the game lovers.

Nintendo Life- This blog provides the latest news of Wii U, 3DS, and Nintendo NX. It covers reviews, features, videos, and interviews related to the gaming industry. This blog is frequently inhabited by the game lovers.

VideoGamer- This blog is one of the most popular game sites that offer content regarding new gaming equipment such as headsets, keyboards, laptops, controllers, and more. You will get expert reviews, previews, game trailers, cheat codes, discussion forums & video game news here.

GameFAQs- This blog are run by volunteers who posts frequently asked questions,  polls & discussions, reviews, cheat/secret codes, box art images, and much more related to video games. You can also make your contribution and earn money in return.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Based in the UK, this blog is designed for reporting and discussing the biggest video game releases in the world. This platform is generally dedicated to video game journalism.

GameFront- This blog is established in 1988, which presents a game summary, new releases, game reviews, screenshots, cheats, and downloadable game files. From action, adventure to Strategy, this platform has everything that you’re looking for?

Destructoid- This blog is the best platform to search the latest video game news, game site reviews, mobile titles, and console gaming. It has categories related to community blogs, movies, television, and others.

PC Gamer- This blog introduces the latest gaming gears reviews, video game news, previews, insight information about best gaming deals, hardware buying guides articles, and much more. They also conduct popular yearly game events such as PC Gaming Show & PC Gamer Weekender.

Gaming Debugged- This blog is initiated to provide exclusive and quality gaming content related to the mainstream, indie, game designs, and development. On this platform, game developers share their graphics & assets, which can be utilized in game development.

GameSpot- This blog offers content related to video games, reviews, downloads, and previews on console games. You can also share your opinions and discussions related to your favorite video games.

Real Otaku Gamer- This blog features reviews, previews of video games, and anime/manga of the gaming world. They also do interviews with celebrities and fans regarding video games and anime.  

Droid Gamers- This blog post informative content related to android games, hardware, tournaments, and a lot more. The frequency of the post is four articles in a day. This blog is considered as number one source of android gaming. 

USgamer- This blog publishes content related to gaming news, reviews, guides, opinions, editorials, and analysis. It allows users to do a discussion on different parts of the paragraph with the context of a specific point.

Gamasutra- This blog has informative and educational content related to arts, programming, design, audio, marketing, and production of video games. People can find high-profile job vacancies in the section ‘Find a job’ on this blog from various game studios regularly. 

Joystiq- It’s a video gaming blog owned by AOL, which is founded in 2004. It presents reviews, gear-related posts, gaming, entertainment, podcasts, buyer’s deals, and several informative contents related to video games.

People always want to learn new games and excel in the same. There are various game blogs you can get on the internet. All these game blogs provide you details of various games you might not know. This is why people get interested to know more types of games and look out for such blogs. This is why these blogs have become popular worldwide.

Game Blog Names for your interest in games

Game Boutique

Play Mania

Over Power

Ventures Game

The Game Talks

Pronto Games

Alpha Beta Gamer

ASTRO Gaming Blog




Game Informer

Champs Land

Stellar Control

Rave Cards

The Ultimate Boss

Champ Word


Giant Bomb

Go Nintendo

Guardian Games Blog


Zag Spy

Player Rush

Winner Nexus

Game Force

Game News

Cosmo Techno

Bio Blobs

Magic Fantastic

Brain Game Hub

Little Plix

My Nintendo News

Nintendo Everything

Nintendo Life

Operation Sports



Happy Controllers

Play Reporter

Game Plume

Game Vivid

Air Strike

Play Passion

Schools Games

Pocket Gamer


Pure Nintendo

Push Square

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Shack News

Party Games

Wise Games

Casino Inspire

Geek The Game

Game Hub

Puzzle Turbo

Pix Forces

Card Lizard

Poker Batch

Get Set Go

Retro Games

Gamer Recap

Play It

Game Loot

Player Zone

Cards Enjoy

Octa Game

The Gizmo Life

Touch Arcade

UK Resistance



Xbox Wire

Goosh Game

Cash Gamers

Bygone Gaming

Blox Fun

Gamity Lane

Reigning Brain

Aug Mystique

Letter Popper

Risk Play

Team Match

Ball Score

Play Club

Player Frag

Player Games

Match Streaming

Player Story

Back Replay

Play Strategy

Team League

Brave Stream

Play Class

Game Rules

Player Company

Game Gage

Brave Games

Ball Master

Match Attack

Player Tactics

Shooter Gage

Adventure Game

Player Quest

Play Boss

Ball Headshot

Match Defend

Game Trophy

Play Cast

Team Pamper

Gage Study

Play Lounge

Match Scene

Team Venue

Player Center

Game Corner

Player Venue

Game Live

Game Harbor

Game Enter

Game Pin

Game Downtown

Game Move

Brave Beacon

Game Sector

Game motivation

Puzzle Boost

Players World

Gameboy Colors

Game Factors

Gaming System

Game Challenges

Player Interests

Fun Games

Compete World

Online Game Zone

Multiplayer Games

Game Console

Fun Challenge

Boredom Escape

Game Skills

Digital Games

Play Console

Gaming Cultures

Sport Play

Game Tales

Game Research

Player Options

Player Panel

Relaxed Puzzle

Activity Base

Happy Gamers

Gaming Adults

Game Stuff

Creative Play

Brain Exercise

Character World

Imaginary Mindset

Gamer Perspective

Engage Activities

Game Devices

Game Guide

Game Designer

Pleasure Play

Game Pioneer

Player Types

Virtual World

Game Model

Easy Fun

Fantasy Game

Game Framework

Game Soap

Goal Accomplishment

Novelty Games

Chess Fun

Player Threat

Game Concepts

Formal Play

Beat Venture

-Alpha Comred

Infeno Cascade

Ninja Sparten

Crook Box



JoyStick Simba


Indo Gamer


Kill Rate

Green Dot

Fusion Nova

Blue Wall

Fire In Hole


Nine Tone

Play Statue

Scar 59

Tablet Slice

Fruit Nova

Green Corden

Delta Gamer

Arcade Infreno

short dust

Counter Body

Freedom Ninja

Night Shooter

Super Santro

Super Canva

Puzzle Buzz

Bee Barton

FPS gathers

MMO Secred

Ping above

Beyond Pig

Cheer Buddies

Living Legends

Funtoos land

Classy Nova

Gamer Geek

Platform shine

Es Mamba

Black Border

Tera dona

Digi Gerk

Mad Max Fuzzy

FPS delta

Alpha Wing

Online Dot

green cross

Heven gone

Rest in Peace

Dunk Stone

Bloggers usually create their blogs for earning money and that is why they post their interests on their blogs. A blog is a page on the internet created by an individual to showcase their talent to get comments from the readers. A blog is usually updated on a regular basis and this is why most of the people prefer to refer a blog than a website. A blog allows a reader to have a conversation with the blogger.

Top Game Pages Names Ideas

A blog is created by businesses to promote their services. Only interesting posts attract more readers to a blog and in the same way, a great blog name can catch the attention of a reader. Therefore, it is important to choose the right blog name to make your own brand name on the internet. 

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