Lifestyle Blog Names: 280+ Catchy And Cool Names

Most people these days are behind in careers and lack in lifestyle things. These people are constantly searching for each and every little thing of their lifestyle on the internet.

The most difficult parts like balancing wedding emotions, parenting, book reading, hobbies, cooking, weight management, exercises, yoga tips, mental health, gift ideas, etc., are on top of the list.  

Top 15 Lifestyle Blogs of the World

Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine – 

This blog covers almost all the luxurious content that you expect in life. From traveling to interior decorations, this blog has it all covered in one place.

This blog never misses a chance to amuse its readers with regular posts and attractive photographs. It also includes fashion and wellness tips to keep up with the trends.

A Cup of Jo – 

This New York-based blog was first launched in 2007. The blog is written and edited by Joanna Goddard, a columnist who finds relief in expressing her experience in words.

She writes about everything that is required in day-to-day life. She shares travel, home decorations, and design to give the readers a quality lifestyle. The magazine has won awards for its high-quality content.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine –

This magazine is collectively owned by many who continue to evolve with a new topic every time they post new content. The blog is overflowing with valuable information, encouraging you to live life to its fullest and spreading awareness about a healthy lifestyle and positive energies.

The blog also invites philosophers and writers to share their stories which widen the magazine’s reach toward a fulfilling life. 

The Skinny Confidential – 

The blog is run by Lauryn Evarts, who aims to get the best out of life, so she writes the blog to share her experience and wisdom. The blog is continuously growing with its expertise and knowledge about everything that makes your lifestyle much better.

She believes in experiencing all good with much reading and a bit of exercise to keep your body fit. Visit the blog for interesting facts.

Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow– 

This blog is owned by a renowned American artist who is a foodie and wishes to share all her recipes and healthcare tips with the readers. She includes fitness, wellness, and travel in just one place.

The blog is designed for all types of ages, whether a teen or a middle-aged person; this blog is sure to energize you with all positive vibes and love. She shares trendy fashion tips as well.

The king of DIY – 

This Australia-based blog has been excellently serving furniture and home décor products at affordable prices. They ship all essential products throughout Australia and have become popular through its amazing editorial groups that manage the blog.

The blog has a shopping website where appliances and beauty products are also sold. This blog has emerged as one of the top e-commerce sites in Australia.

The Blonde Abroad – 

This blog by Joey Millen has been developed the blog to educate readers who are interested in fish and Aquariums. The blog was introduced in 2008, inspiring readers through videos and tutorials to manage aquariums.

The Edge Search –

This blog was published in 2011 and has won awards for its travel posts. The blogger loves to travel and knows the different cultures around the world. She journals her experience in this blog with pictures of a variety of festivals.

This blog is a must-visit for insightful travel stories and tips to guide you in your journey.

Dear Kitty Kittie Kath – 

Want to get insights into the lifestyle and secrets of artists and professionals? This blog is full of gossip and facts that the media intentionally misses out on. From events to beauty tips, this blog has it all in just one place.

With more than ten posts per day, this blog shares the latest news to keep the readers updated about the world’s happenings.

Ape to Gentleman Magazine –

The blog was introduced in 2011 and run by a Philippines blogger who focuses on parenting, travel, fashion, and much more. Insightful articles and video tutorials are the main attraction of the blog.

The lifestyle stories shared by the blogger are truly amazing and inspirational. With few posts per month, this blog has earned its place in the top 15 lists for its expert quality content.

Wit & Delight – 

This blog was developed by Kate in 2008, where she shares her style and how she discovered a healthy lifestyle and encourages readers to share their views. This blog has been awarded for its fashion, travel, and wellness tips.

With thousands of followers on social media, this blog has emerged as the most popular blog in Minnesota.

Holly’s Bird Nest – 

The blog is about a middle-aged woman who encourages women to take up some hobbies to experience the essence of life. She shares articles related to gardening, parenting, and anti-aging remedies.

The blog touches all areas of life, from parenting to graphics; this blog is ready to serve any of your quirky needs.

The Contemplation Of a Joker – 

This blog comes out with out-of-the-box ideas about traveling, politics, and much more. Visit the blog for relevant information.

The blog is more of a news blog that includes lifestyle hacks and luxury living. It also shares pictures of relevant topics to keep the readers updated about the latest happenings around the world.

Lifestyle and berries –

This blog is exceptionally for women who want to lose weight and want to be a part of the latest fashion trends. The blogger surely brings the best of all the news. She mentions her story of losing weight and invites philosophers to share their opinion on travel and home décor.

She also talks about parenting and healthy recipes, which considers prime factors for healthy living.

Jess Ann Kirby – 

This US-based blog has been evolving with greatness since its first post. The blogger is a traveler who shares her latest travel history with the blogger to inspire them to know and communicate with different cultures, which bridges the gap between people.

With everyday posts and followers on social media, this blog has discovered a lifestyle and beyond in this blog.

Good health is the dream of every people, and an adviser is essential. To get that physical as well as mental health, life should be balanced between work and personal life.

People get confused about what to eat and what not to eat, how to manage time, how to be fit, and how to do the diet for a particular disease. All these things make them think more, and they find a good way to find ideas online.

A new bride may not be good at cooking, and to please the new family, she takes a look for recipes on the internet. To make that ‘someone special happy, they tend to find those traditional and finger-licking recipes.  Recipes are the hottest and high-traffic blog topics after health.

Lifestyle Blog Names

If you are looking for some attractive names for a lifestyle blog, you should first look at the name of some existing blogs. This will help you get a lot of knowledge on what names are required for any lifestyle blog.

Moreover, you can also use existing words as a branded name for a lifestyle blog. The words that you should be using should be meaningful, and they should also be different from others. This will result in the popularity of your lifestyle blog in front of the public.

A cup of cove realty

Cupcakes and cashmere sweater

Consume sleepwear







Live what you love

Faith angel

Positivity app

Groom of depravity








Looking for goal

The spoonful of sugar

Living learning eating








Elevate vigor

Reclaiming power

Emergent lives

This is vitality

Wellness net











Summer net








dreamer life

virtico man

simple hood

antilope lifestyle


travel guy

kings man

bad man

wise man

smart king

smart boy

dashing dooms

Antalia shine

Lifestyle Blog Names

Lifestyle Blog Name Generator

Do you need some help finding a suitable name for your lifestyle blog? Then this page will give you a lot of knowledge in deciding a name for your blog. The name of your lifestyle blog should be relatable as it will clarify people about your blog.

You should use such kind of words for your lifestyle blog that is fancy so that you can stay on the trend. Further, the name of your lifestyle blog should be strong enough to create a good position in front of the public.

Unplanned journey

palace eva

happy moods

happy faces

smily queen

queen land

mountain hawk

golden hawk

alone waves

simple joys

joys way

freedom dany

pure enjoy

mordern guy

mr. perfect

mr. wolf


journey begins


influencia queen

sparten life

sword king


real warrior

life changer

motivator man

your mentor

tech mentor

daily dazzy


boy scale

roaring life

we must

sun shiner


sun dancer

walker alone

wolcano man

mordern marvel


Blogging being a marketing tool, can make money for that extra income. It is not easy to get success in blogging.

It requires more time, passion, and hard work. Blogs should be updated regularly to catch the attention of search engines. Blogging is a great way to communicate with other people.

Meeting other people is an important part of the blogging experience. Some blogs might even get people who donate to their good cause or nonprofit organization.

Even these blogs can give you investors, fans, and critics. Blog names play an important role in making them more popular.

Are you planning to start a lifestyle blog but can’t think of a catchy name? So check out the best healthy lifestyle blog names.

Trending Lifestyle Blog Names

Catchy Lifestyle Blog Names Ideas List

When establishing a lifestyle blog in public, you should always have a catchy name for the same. Then approach towards the name of your lifestyle blog should always be unique so that you can gain more audience.

To have a unique name for your lifestyle blog, you need to use some attractive words to create a name. In this way, the name of your lifestyle blog will look catchy in front of people. Moreover, it will also help you in attracting people.

tony star

new hampshire

crazy mountain

rock walker

mountain climber


alone king

one king



good wilson

wander buzz

hawk eye

black widow

magestic man

magic guy

black pearl

jhony dept

salamander 360

vision wanderlust

magica stick

raw life

shoot raw

life grading

wise shutter

man hood

urban familia

fantasia mood

lazy king

sun love



voyage wing

wings man

super solid

steel body

amaze personality

verir shine

day to day

show me like

blogger roar

wise brand

daily dash


dear commando

one man army

andrew donald

blog bound

life uplink

unibiq queen

asphalt journey

blog net

intro man

lifestyle blog names

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