500+ Best Halloween Party Names + Ideas (Generator + Examples)

Halloween is getting closer as the weather grows chilly and the moon casts a spooky glow. It’s that time of year again when the paranormal seems a little closer and imagination reigns supreme.

Speaking of which, are you looking for an intriguing Halloween Party Name Generator to give the name of your frightening event?

Explore the following passages for inspiration, and when you’re ready, use the generator to create names that will haunt the night with their captivating charm.

Halloween Party Names With Meanings

Party NameMeaning
Haunted Harvest HappeningA gathering celebrating the spooky season’s harvest
Midnight Masquerade MayhemA late-night event with mysterious masks and chaos
Enchanted Elegance ElixirA sophisticated party with a touch of magic
Cryptic Carnival CelebrationA festive carnival-themed Halloween gathering
Wicked Woods WhispersA party inspired by eerie forest tales
Hauntingly Hip HowlA trendy and stylish Halloween soirée
Spooky Speakeasy SoireeA 1920s-style party with a spooky twist
Moonlit Mansion MysteryA mysterious gathering in a moonlit mansion
Phantom Phantasy FiestaA celebration of ghostly fantasies and specters
Eerie Elegance EnsembleA refined yet eerie ensemble of Halloween delights

Halloween Party Names

  • Beasts and Martinis
  • Beasts and Margaritas
  • Halloween Boo Bash
  • Spooktacular Soiree
  • Creepy Soiree
  • Boos and Booze
  • Universe and Cauldrons
  • A Fright Night
  • Apparition White Night
  • Beast Mash
  • Distraught Masquerade
  • Martinis at Midnight
  • Fiendish Brew Bash
  • Witches’ Night Out
  • Demon’s Night Out
  • HalloWine Party
  • Mummies and Mimosas
  • Apparitions and Gimlets
  • Stunt OrTequila
  • Booling Party
  • Bad dream on Street
  • Franks and Steins
  • Calling All Ghouls and Boys
  • Outfits and Cocktails
  • Roots for Fears
  • Jack O’ Lantern Jubilee
  • Fangtastic Feast
  • All Hallow’s Gala
  • Celebration of Frights
  • Witching Hour
  • Make a trip For a Bite
  • Grisly Feast Dinner Party
  • Carnevil Party
  • Witches and Warlocks
  • Charming Soiree
  • Halloween AfterLife Party
  • Come Hang Out With Us
  •  Getting SheetFaced
  • How about we Get “Lit”
  • Eat, Drink and Be Scary
  • Boos and Brews
  • Love At First Fright
  • Until Death Do Us Party
  • Dare To Enter the House?
  • Spooky Gathering
  • Zombie Party
  • End times
  • Pick Your Poison
  • Party Like a MonSTAR
  • Malicious Disco
  • Burial ground Getdown
  • Eye of Newt Boot Scoot
  • Unpleasant Crawlers Ball
  • Beast Ball
  • Haziness Dance
  • Shroud and Corpse Ball
  • Past the Grave Rave
  • Woofs and Witches Walk
  • Puppies and Pumpkins Party
  • Wail aween
  • Trolls and Goodboys Gala
  • Marvels and Beasts Ball
  • Mask and Demise Dance
  • Boos and Boogie
  • Repulsiveness Hoedown
  • Cauldron Bubble Ball
  • Undertaker Disco
  • Apparition Prom
  • Collector Rave
  • Deadman’s Dance
  • Gourds and Ghouls Gavotte
  • Halloween Hootenanny
  • Dark Cat Boogie
  • Dance Macabre
  • Be Frightened Bash
  • Merciless Partylite
  • Dracula’s Pajama Party
  • Dining experience of Screams
  • Dismay Fest
  • Spooky Get Together
  • Friends gathering
  • HallowScream Party
  • Frequented Halloween Happening
  • Frequented Land
  • Hells Party
  • Beast Bash
  • Evening of Fright Frolicking and Fun
  • Evening of the Living Fed
  • Party Night of Horrors
  • Ghost Party
  • Terrified
  • Scaretime
  • Spookies Haunt
  • Spooktacular
  • Creepy Town Bash
  • Spookzilla
  • Burial place Bash
  • Vampire Fiesta
  • Zombies Ball
  • Beary Scary Bash
  • Spooky Gathering
  • Dismay Night Party
  • Ralph An Alpha
  • Smelt A Delta
  • Sig Shindig
  • Diabolical Gala
  • Halloween House Party
  • Frankenstein’s Frat Frenzy
  • Fiends Night
  • I Scream Party
  • Bogeyman Barbecue
  • Zombie Prevention Barbecue
  • Wooden Stake Cookout
  • Stupefy and Petrify Fishfry
  • The Haunted Pitchfork Dinner
  • Cocktails and Cadavers
  • Apparition’s Aperitif
  • Beverages and Bogeymen
  • Spirits and Spirits
  • Sleeping with the Fishes Fishfry
  • Hungry Like the Werewolf
  • Scarecrow (StuffYourself) Social
  • House of 1000 Cocktails
  • The Texas Cocktail Massacre

Halloween Party Name Ideas

  • Silence of the Lambs Barbecue
  • Halloween Hoot n’ Howl
  • Tooth and Claw Pub Crawl
  • Cackle and Scream Soiree
  • Crawl and Squirm Social
  • Folks and Ghouls Gala
  • A Ghastly Affair
  • Phantom in the Fog Faire
  • Sepulcher Masquerade
  • Abracadabra Affair
  • Grisly Gala
  • Cauldron and Candlelight Night
  • Mummy and Boo ToDo
  • Davy Jone’s Lockin
  • Candy Caper
  • Trick or Treat Trist
  • Oddities and Fairytales Fest
  • Ghost Fest
  • Demon Hangout
  • Hocus Pocus Ruckus
  • HeebeeJeebee Jamboree
  • Elixir Commotion
  • Skeleton Shinburrow
  • Harmful Equinox
  • Séance Soiree
  • Joke artists Paradise
  • Enchanted Social
  • Broomstick Blowout
  • Devil Vibrations Beach Party
  • Ghost Spectacle
  • SpineChilling Chillout
  • Fall Ball
  • Leaves and Lights Night
  • Gather Fest
  • Harvest time Amusement
  • Apples and Acorns Social
  • Gourd ole time!
  • Burial ground Frolic
  • Alarm Night Fling
  • Snicker and Cauldron Celebration
  • Evening glow Merryproduction
  • Stayin’ Alive
  • Supernatural Mayhem
  • Tombstone Holiday
  • Celebration de Fright
  • Creepy and Kooky Social
  • The Black Cat’s Meow
  • Burial ground Shinburrow
  • Spider webs and Coffins Celebration
  • Grave! Grave! Yahoo!
  • The Enchanter’s Escape
  • The Shadow Shindig
  • Broomstick Bizarre
  • Uptown Funk and Fright
  • Troll’s Paradise
  • Peculiarities Outing
  • Bloodbath Banquet
  • Grim Mash
  • Dracula Spectacula
  • Afterliving day to day After dim
  • Bootiful People Party
  • Nuthin’ however a Ghoul Thing
  • Body Extravaganz
  • Mausoleum Cantada
  • Devil orama!
  • Spooktacular
  • Bones and Brains Bonanza
  • Beast Mash
  • Beast Bash
  • Transylvania TurnUp
  • Witches Brewhaha
  • Awful Things Bash
  • Repulsiveness Holiday
  • Evening of the Living Fed
  • Apparition Feast
  • Poultrygeist and Vexings
  • Psychoagogo
halloween event names

Best Halloween Party Names

  • The Haunted Pitchfork Dinner
  • Wicked Witch of the Feast
  • Zombie Twist
  • Bend Over and Scream
  • Shrek and Scream
  • Merlin’s Beard and Night Fest
  • Disturbance of the Night
  • Zombie’s Trail
  • Shivering and Trembling
  • Ghastly Witchcraft 
  • Pumpkins and Poison
  • Welcome Witches and Wizards
  • Treating with a Trick
  • Magical Poppers
  • Terribly creepy Halloween
  • Quidditch Trails
  • Witching with affection
  • Alarm Factory
  • Mummy’s little beast
  • Being witchy
  • It’s HalloScream!
  • Phantoms with Soul
  • Corpse’s Mansion
  • Midnight Howl
  • Curse of the Dead
  • Quest of the forbidden souls
  • Maze of the Dead
  • Huntsman and the Witch
  • Violence of the Dead
  • Bespoke Black
  • Skeleton’s Desire n Sweet Death
  • Raven’s Hue
  • Midnight Screams
  • Ancient Mischief
  • Mischief Managed
  • Goblin’s Spirit in a Bottle
  • Downtown Dead
  • Damsel in Spook Fest
  • Dancing in the Graveyard
  • Scream and Dream

Cool Halloween Party Names

Nightmare’s Paradise

Conquest of the Dead

Haunted Chase

Break Free the Buried

Poisonous Berries of the Mansion

No Rules To Death

Hell and Heaven

Satanic Cult

Grudge Fudge n Cocktail Mesh

Monster Masquerade Mash 

Masquerade Masks 

Monsters with Margaritas 

Monsters with Martinis 

A spooky soiree 

Spooktacular showdown

Night Filled with Fright 

Ghosts Gathering 

Monsters at midnight 

Wicked Witches Wingding 

Witches Night out 

Witches Brew Bash 

Boos with Booze 

Ghosts in white 

Lighted Pumpkins 

A hallowine party 

Mad with Mummies 

Mad with masks 

A spooky affair 

Ghosts and Gimlets 

Ghosts Calling 

A afterlife party 

Ghouls Call out! 

Hallowine gala 

Get it Lit! 

Bewitching Hour 

Witches and Wizards 

Scary Spellcasters 

Pumpkin Pishogue 

Magus and Margaritas 

Carnevil Party 

Black and white Gala 

A frightening festival 

Feast filled with Fright

A frightening fiesta 

Fearful but cheerful 

Cheers for fears 

Fangtastic Fiesta 

Food, Fun, and Fright 

Boos and Brews 

Not for Faint Hearts! 

Faint hearts, stay away! 

Don’t You Dare! 

A zombie apocalypse! 

Zombies on loose!

Group of ghosts

MonSTAR party 


Full of Fright! 

Evil Eyeballs 

Crazy Costumes and Cocktails 

Out of Fright! 

Sight full of Fright! 

A HowlOWeen bash 

Ghosts and Goblins 

Witches and Werewolves 

A Haunted House 

Monsters in the mansion 

Vampires and Campfires 

Scary For sure! 

Pirates with Lighted Pumpkins 

Dress up If you Dare! 

Scary Spirits 

Deadmen Dancing! 

Frightening witch fest! 

halloween party names

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Fun Halloween Party Names

Satans’ Soiree 

A HowlOWine Hoedown! 

A Scary Showdown 

blood-scattered ball

Mummies on Loose 

A gala of ghosts 

Night Filled with Spirits 

Horror Carnival 

A Scary Soiree 

Killer Thriller 

Fright Fest 



Treats and Tequila 

Velcome Vamps! 

Haunted Howls 

Scary Screams 

HowlOwine Hoopla 

Best Beasts Bash 

Dare Devils 

Carmine Carnival 

A Halloween Hubbub 

Great Pumpkin party 

Lighted pumpkin heads 

Bizarro Bash 

Scary Spider Webs 

White hat Witch 

Scary Stranger Things 

A Creepy Carnival 

The Great Pumpkin Gala 

JackOlantern party 

JackOlantern jamboree 

Witches, Wizards, and Werewolves 

Minie’s Monster Mash 

Corpse’ Carnival 

A Scary Shindig 

A shining Shindig 

Beasts Brew Bash 

Fangtastic Beasts 

Witches, Wizards, and Whiskey 

Devilish Demons 

Feasts and Fright 

Feast with Beasts 

I scream for Icecream 

Upbeat Phantom 

A spooky Showdown 

Potluck Pitchfork dinner 

Deadly Disco

Deathly Halloween 

Draculas’ Dance Fiesta 

A Ghoulish Gala 

A Ghoulish Gettogether 

Horror Hoedown 

Haunted hill House

Unholy Hallows 

Petrified Pumpkin party 

Phantom Funtime! 

Scary Skeleton Shindig 

Spooky Skeletal Showdown 

Spooky Skelebration

Zombies’ Zoo 

Vampirates Vibes 

A Horror Soiree 

Terror and Treats! 

Spooky and Scampy 

Masquerade Massacre 

Creepy clowns and Cocktails 

Masquerade and Mocktails 

scary halloween party names

Halloween Birthday Party Names

Skelebration of Shivers 

Howling and Booling 

Horror Story happening! 

Vampires near Campfires! 

Skeletingling Soiree 

Voodoo Vibes! 

Terror Carnival

Mad for Masquerade

Clowns and Cosmos 

Deadmen’ congregation 

Graveyard Getdown! 

Up from the Corpse 

Horror Bubble Ball 

Black Cat Boogie 

Scary Spiders 

Masquerade Macabre 

Ghouls Gavotte 

WeScream Party 

Boogie Barbecue 

Woofs and Witches 

Pups and Pumpkin 

Pumpkins and Pigskins 

Beautiful Beasts 


Hoot n Howl 

Squawk and Scream 

Squawk and Squirm 

Claws and Crawls 

Creepy Crawling Carnival 

Crawl and cackle 

Princess and Pumpkins party 

Gory Gettogether

Gourds Gathering 

Horror Hunt 

A Ghostly affair 

Mausoleum Macabre 

Gourds and Ghouls Gala 

Phantom Fanatics 

Fangtastic Fanatics 

Hocus Ruckus 

Skeletal Shindig 

Skeletally Spellbound 

Graveyard Frolic 

Moonlight Macabre 

Frightening Fangs 

Fright Night Flings 

Skeletal Spectacle 

Magical Mayhem 

Fest de Fright 


Spooky and Booky 

An Eering Escape 

Cobwebs and Coffins 

Monsters Macabre 

Bloodbath and Barbecue 

Funky and Spooky 

Funny but Scary 

Dracula Spectacula


Nothin’ but ghosting! 

Afterlife in Dark Night 

Beast Things Bash 

Transylvania Treats 


Beast Party Nite 

Frightened Funtime! 

Fright Frolicking Fiesta 

Goodtimes and Spooky Styles 

Scaretime Icecream 


Spooky Horror Hunt 

Beary Beasts Bash 

Phantom Party 

Spooky Town Hunt 

Vampires’ Valley 

Sig Shindig 

Deadly Hellos 

Zombies Ball Bash 

Fright Frolicking Fun! 

Feast of Screams 

Scary Screams and Icecreams 

Grand Ghouls Gala 

Brutal massacre 

Fright Time, Night Time! 

Terror in the Tomb 

Tingling Bells and Beasts 

Haunted Hallows 

Monster Mash Halloween Bash 

Wizards of Oz

Unfuneral Party 

Midnight Massacre 

Witches’ Night Out 

Ugly Witches and Broomsticks 

Devils and Demons 

Furry Monster Fiesta 

Vamps and Vicars 

Tarts and Treats 

Distraught Devils 

Fiendish Brew Bash 

Nightmares time! 

Skelebration of Frights 

Hour of the Witch 

The Zero Hour

Zero Hour Zombies 

Scary and Spooky

Cool and Creepy 

Dare to Enter! 

Shroud and Scary

Corpse Carnevil Party 

Apparition Prom Party

Up From the Grave! 

Terrified Tours 

I Scream Party 

Scarecrow Shindig 


Trist Treat

Demons’ Dance Fiesta

Halloween Event Names

Annual Halloween Masquerade

Vampire Carnival

Monster’s Day Out

Scream Show

Knight of Nightmares

A Cursed Night

Let’s Celebrate the Eve

The Potterhead parade

The Avengers Night

Heroes are Here

Werewolves Only

It’s Fangy Feast

Santa is Here

Twilight Troop

Disney Darlings

Brave Barbie

Claws & Flaws

Hungry Hulks

Vampire Feast

Zombie Carnival

Zombie Zoo

Well of Screams

House of Horrors

Terrible Dressers

Gilbert Night

Monster Ball


Dumbledore’s Army Night

A Broken Inn

A Library World

World of Cakes

Stupid Costumes

Daniel Fans

Real Vamps

Blood is Gushing

Lights Out

House Have Eyes

Broken Boston

Evil Nurses

Call it Halloween

Santa is Here

Smash & Kill

Vampires Drill

Dashing Stars

The Fault in the Party

Paulo’s Picnic

Magic Mania

Hermione using Google

You Know Who!

Gone with the Noise

Great Gatsby Night

Reliving Game of Thrones

Stephen’s Strike

Child’s Play Parade

A Night with Nemo!

Christmas Ball

Jingling Bells

Candy Canes, Frozen Panes!

The Snow Show

Colorful Christmas

Miracle under Rooftop

Snowy Surprise

Snowy Boozy Boo

Merry Candy Christmas

Candy Pool

Garlic King

Pool of Blood

Boo Doo Party

Animal Freak

Shouting Shelter

Horror Door

Halloween Club

Ghoul Gang

Fantastic Beast Booze

Scream in the Air

Let your throat scream

Biting Humans

Zombie Dance

A Devil Show

Witches of Salem

Hunt Down the Demons

Salvatore’s Haunted Hub

Grilling Meat

Crazy Costume Party

A Creepy Mansion

Dead Fairies

Frightened Henry

Gloomy Broomstick

Fanged Mermaid

Bewitched Pirates

Afraid Caribbean Night

 Hanging Skeletons

Ninja Carnival

Haunted Ballerina

Ghost Show

A Broken Bandit

Air is Cold

Annual Costume Ball

Spooky Prom Night

A Dead Beach

Silent Slaughterers

Ferocious Fangs

Fables are Dangerous

Loneliness will Kill

A Silent Shelter

Vengeance of the Willow Creek

The Dead Miami

Anime Costume Night

Netflix is On!

The Jinny of Persia

Hell is Here

Costume BDay

Bug Party

Fear me Out

Doppelgänger Den

Full Moon Night

Hell in Fright

 The Conjuring Carnival

Deadly Dolls

Ghosts in Disneyland

Flavors of Persia

Devil’s Delight

Prime Season

Tribal Day

Celebrating Reinforcement

Jackie’s 1st Costume Party

Shadows come Home

After the Dark

Warriors of South

Legends of NASA

Einstein’s Epicenter

Physicist of Persia

Bookworms Day

A Night to Relax

Pumpkin Party

Funky Dress

Pinkie Poos

Gamers Gang

Dress your Character

Magic is Here

Witchy Crafty Carnival

Halloween Booze

Hole in the Dark

Bridal Band

Party till we Fall

Cast a Spell

Cats & Witches

Spooky Boos

Lights Out

Don’t Speak

Dark in the Den

Spooky Boo Bash

Mummies in My House

Howling Willows

Werewolf Wine

Cheers & Fears

Feared Street

Spelled Soiree

Draw a Web

Can you Survive

Monster’s Den

Cute Little Monsters

Apocalypse of Virus

Deadly Disease

Cure Not Found

Bourbon Trouble

Talented Troll

Scary Costumes

A Night of Screams

A Cute Spook

Tails & Shrieks

Sinister Plank Dance

Howl by the Pool

Stop by to Scream

A Road Not Entered

Don’t Stop Here

Danger Ahead

Dug Your Nails

Horrorwood Glamour

Haunted Freaks

Fantasy of Philadelphia

Crazy Ghosts

Trouble in Morocco

Crazy Crops

Mummified Monsters

Bug Band

Buzzy Bandits

Horrid Halloween

Halloween Ghouls

Gala of Howls

Night of Thirsty Monsters

Bloody Barren

Ferocious Gala

Bloody Halloween


Finally, choosing the ideal Halloween party name gives your eerie gathering a magical touch. Each moniker promises a distinctively unsettling experience, from elegant soirées to scary ensembles.

Exploring these books gets you into the holiday spirit as you explore your creative side. You are prepared to make your Halloween celebration spectacular now that you have a wide range of entrancing options at your disposal.

Halloween Party Name Generator

Halloween Party Name Generator

Explore our Halloween Party Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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