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125+ Great Happy Birthday Slogans and Sayings

Birthdays are special irrespective of your age. Your birthday is a special day for you and your near and dear make sure to shower their love and blessings on you.

Other than that, it is a day for you to receive gifts! Birthday traditions are not something new. Cutting cakes and blowing the candles has come a long way. In fact, the use of cakes on birthdays can be traced way back to ancient Greece.

Statistics show that the most common birthday celebrations take place on October 5th, while the least common is May 22nd

Here are some birthday slogans to make your  wishes better

Age is definitely just a number but you are a year older now!

Wishing you a day full of happiness and joy

A year older and wiser. Happy birthday!

Many many happy returns of the day

Hope your day is as special as you are 

May you live long and grand 

To crossing another milestone, a very happy birthday to you

Celebrate the gift of life with your loved ones

Hope you have a year full of adventures and  new opportunities 

Grow better as the years are passing by, just like fine wine! 

Hope you have a day to remember 

May all your wishes come true on this special day 

Don’t just grow older, grow better and different

Sending you the warmest wish on this day 

Many more years of adventure and joy awaits. Hope you have a happy birthday

One step closer to adult life

Here’s to another year of not looking your age! 

Here’s to celebrating you 

You’ll never be this young again, celebrate to the fullest! 

Wishing you all the happiness and good health 

Look how you’ve grown! Happy birthday to you

Too full for words, sending you bundles of joy and happiness on this day 

Here’s to getting smarter and understanding the world a little better

Here’s to embarking on a new journey of life, a fresh new chapter! 

A new quest awaits as you celebrate your day to the fullest

Hoping you do not repeat your mistakes this year! 

Old age isn’t an excuse to keep you from partying

Be forever young at heart

It’s your day, make it worth remembering 

Happy birthday to a wonderful creation

Considering myself lucky enough to be able to wish an amazing human 

May God overflow its blessings on you today

Hope your big day is as special as you are to me! 

happy birthday slogans

Hope this new age bring you beauty, health, and happiness in abundance

The sun shines a bit more brightly today for a bright person was born this day! Happy birthday

Make sure to keep the inner child alive as you grow older! 

May you are filled with more kindness and compassion for the new awaiting adventures

Hope your cake is as sweet as you and as big as your heart

You would have loved the gift I forgot to bring you! Happy birthday

Birthdays are just an occasion to eat more cake

Just like stinky cheese, hope you get better with time 

It’s your birthday but you’re a gift to me! 

The older, the better

Be thankful for one more year of love and passion-filled life

It’s your day, so is the treat!

Another year, another birthday

May this special day be as beautiful as you are inside out

Congratulations on reaching a new age

Hope your birthday is remarkable enough to keep the bankers from losing interest

Dance your heart out. Have a tappy birthday!

Your birthday be as lit as the candles on your cake

You will never be this young again! Celebrate to the fullest

Party till your legs give out

Keep calm and celebrate your day

You are not 40, you are just perfect 10s

If you were an elephant, you’d have received a trunk load of birthday gifts

There is no other greater gift for you than my presence, wish you a very happy birthday

So grateful for your presence in this world, wishing you a birthday full of great surprises

Leave your past worries behind and buckle up for a new year ahead, happy birthday! 

There is no greater gift than the gift of life itself, wish you an amazing birthday

Aging is a piece of cake, have your share

R.I.P to your youth! 

You’re now too old to eat a birthday cake! Wishing you a very happy birthday

Sending warm birthday wishes full of love to the person who’s sweeter than the frosting

Congratulations on surviving your youth! Hope your new journey is as amazing as you are

Happy birthday to someone who’s still nifty at fifty

You still look great for your age! Happy birthday

Happy birthday to someone who’s not old but vintage

I hope you laugh so much that you don’t regret your wrinkles! Happy birthday

Hope your birthday memories make a happy cushion for your old age

There is always more to celebrate if you celebrate life every day

You might look a bit older than before but your soul remains young, here’s to wishing you a  very happy birthday 

Aging doesn’t make you lose your youth but makes you wiser

Wearing out with passing time and adventures is better than sitting back and rusting! Happy birthday

Like a fine wine, hope you keep getting better as you age! Happy birthday

Happy birthday! Here’s to nearing towards adult underpants

Wish you the best that life has to offer! Happy birthday

Your skin can finally have wrinkles! Happy birthday 

Keep lighting up our lives like you light your birthday cake candle today

More the number of birthdays you have, the more you live! 

Happy birthday to someone special whose birthday I remember without a Facebook reminder

Happy birthday! Here’s to a day filled with facebook messages from people you’ll never talk to

Birthday cake calories never count, live your day

Happy Birthday! A person as amazing as you only deserves the best, today and every day

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