179+ Best Heart disease Slogans

The heart is a vital part of our body that needs to be perfect and safe to perform all its functions properly. When any of the functions do not perform properly by the heart then it may lead to heart disease.

Heart disease affects different parts of our body and occurs in a different way and its consequences will also differ.

Best Heart Disease Slogans

  • Keep your heart in check
  • It’s just another disease
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy
  • For a better health
  • Your health matters
  • Keep that thing pumping
  • Life is precious, keep your heart in check
  • Take regular medication
  • The doctor will be here soon
  • For a better health

It will give a person stroke, Heart attack, chest pain and sometimes leads to death too. It is very important to have advice from a heart surgeon at a right time. Is it too late it will go to die? Heart disease refers to deformity in the heart itself. 

It is advisable to go and evaluate your body by a doctor to live a healthy and prosperous life. To live a long life, it is important to live a life free from any disease. Heart disease creates a risk to your life. 

List of Best heart Disease Slogans

Heart disease leads to death sometimes 

Before it too late, go and take advice 

Heart disease effect different parts 

Heart disease create risk to your life 

Heart disease refer to deformity 

Heart disease, a risk 

Heart attack, a consequence of heart disease 

See the symptoms and aware yourself 

Accept and follow the advice of doctor 

Live a healthy and prosperous life 

To live a long life,  live a healthy life 

Adopt good rules in your life to stay away from heart disease and alike 

Share every symptom with your doctor 

It’s curable disease 

Don’t take tension just have patience 

Rest is sometimes best 

Don’t create haste just take rest 

Live healthy, stay healthy 

It includes several problem in its umbrella 

Heart defects are heart irregularities 

Heart disease, a cardiovascular problem 

Don’t panic just talk to doctor 

It affect your blood vessel 

Arrhythmias is abnormal heart rhythms 

Defect or deformity just need to cure 

Precaution is better than cure 

Health is real wealth, be always healthy 

Try to be fit so to away from heart disease 

Fluttering heart, or slow pulse go and check your heart rate 

Heart is a vital part 

Keep your body active and fit to live a healthy life

Stay away from smoking 

Don’t take much stress just relax yourself 

Feel the pure air to stay away from heart disease 

Morning walk is the ultimate solution of every problem 

Treatment required if you acquire heart disease 

Proper diet is advisable 

Go and take advice from heart surgeon. 

It sometimes create blockage 

Don’t you love yourself

It’s a matter of heart, don’t take it easy 

Be aware about yourself 

Do you feel unhealthy, just take advice 

Beyond the point of view, accept the advice 

Shortness of breath create heart disease 

Do you feel weakness, take advice from heart surgeon 

Irregular heart rhythms create heart disease 

Don’t forget about yourself 

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Care and concern is required

Heart muscles grow larger 

It affect heart muscles 

heart disease slogans

Supply of blood irregular 

Heartbeat becomes irregular 

Heart disease dangerous to body 

It will dangerous to your life 

Heart disease effect differently 

Heart disease create the turns out to death 

Feel free and safe 

Heart disease leads to worse the condition of health 

It’s a fact of heart that it purify the blood 

Supply of blood effected by heart disease 

It effect major part of our body 

It often blocked or narrowed blood vessel

Heart disease or cardiovascular, interchangeable use

It cause discomfort to our body 

Adopt healthy lifestyle to be healthy 

Chest pain, chest tightness, chest discomfort 

Pain in jaw, neck, throat occurred

Heart disease has various symptoms 

Regular evaluation is necessary 

Monitoring by doctor required 

Don’t wake late in the morning 

Don’t eat junk food excessive 

Don’t drink alcohol much 

Keep your life in your hands 

Don’t waste your life with bad habits 

Adopt good habits in life 

Discipline will be Precaution for heart disease 

Heart patient require heart surgeon 

Don’t panic when in hospital 

Sometimes it may come when a person born 

Don’t bother much just take advice 

Doctors advice plays a vital role 

Don’t take risk 

Take accurate rest to be best 

Don’t take tension just have some awareness 

Bad habits leads to severe problems 

Don’t use unnecessary things 

Try to be fit so to be healthy 

Be aware with the different symptoms 

Don’t play with your body and life 

Just share every vital reports of yours 

 Dry or persistent cough may lead to heart disease 

Heart infection lead to heart disease 

catchy heart disease slogans

Circulation of blood effected

Inhale pure oxygen 

Walk in morning with pure air 

Heart perform indispensable function 

Heart disease effect on you severely 

Keep updated with what happen to your body 

Slow breathing leads to heart disease 

Irregularity in breathing leads to heart disease 

Supply of blood effected when heart disease occurred 

Due to heart disease, various effects seen on body 

Without heart,  life is not possible 

Heart transplanted required in severe heart disease 

Heart disease effect your mind 

It effects your relative and family 

Don’t let your body effected 

Don’t be so flexible with your rules 

Have some rules in your life 

Feel free to share your symptoms 

Doctors advice you properly 

Heart disease leads to less breathing 

Don’t be flexible, go to doctor 

You have chest pain than don’t liberal 

Don’t liberal with faint 

Heart supply blood to the body, take care of it 

Care and concern in heart disease 

Cardiovascular leads to different blood vessel problem 

It may damage your heart and blood vessel 

Don’t take drugs it effect your heart 

Smoking or high blood pressure leads to heart disease 

Fatigue and frequent faint effect your heart 

Alcohol and smoking leads to heart disease 

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It may develop in a womb 

Don’t be so lenient with yourself 

Make rules and stand on it 

Bacteria, virus and parasites cause heart infection 

Different cause have different effects 

Consequence different of different heart disease 

Change in age sometimes cause heart defects 

Congenital heart disease generally develop in womb 

Generally man have heart disease 

Man have weak heart compare to women 

Women may suffer heart disease after menopause 

Family history matters in heart disease 

heart disease slogans

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