List of 155+ Catchy Hepatitis Slogans

Slogans are one of the effective ways to draw attention to the Event and their things. Slogans have been used in marketing for a very long time but today they’re everywhere, used by all kinds of brands and businesses. The role of a good slogan is to point towards the benefits of a product or Campaign. Here are some Best and Catchy Slogans for Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease that cause by a virus and it’s a viral infection refers to inflammatory condition of liver. Every person needs a healthy and free of any disease but almost every person has been suffering from one or the other disease. And every disease has its own consequences, causes,  effects, symptoms and prevention. Hepatitis is one among the disease which can be curable and has its own consequences, symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue and many more. Hepatitis is the disease which is of mainly five types and it’s symptoms, cause as and effect, precaution may vary according to its type.  

Hepatitis is a viral infection which caused by damage liver. As liver is in the upper area of one’s abdomen and perform number of function. It is very important to take care of liver so to perform it’s function properly and can live a healthy life. 

List of Catchy Hepatitis Slogans

Hepatitis is a disease which can be curable.

 It’s of five types as A, B, C, D and E.

 Every type of hepatitis effect your lifestyle,  

Standard of life, way of living may be effected

Don’t take much tension about the disease, 

Talk once to doctor and aware yourself 

Know about your body 

Take food and water wisely 

Don’t eat contaminated food and water 

Keep yourself with hygiene 

Don’t have sex with infected person 

Don’t you want a better life?

Healthy life is a real wealth 

Free from any disease, check in every 3 months 

Hepatitis a disease of viral infection 

A inflammatory condition of liver 

Tale care of yourself 

Take care of your body 

Don’t eat with infected person 

Don’t contacted with infected person 

It may harm your liver 

Be aware with the symptoms 

Fatigue and weight loss, a symptom 

Take advise from doctor 

Go and have a check 

Feel free to talk to doctor 

Don’t hesitate, be safe 

Different hepatitis have different effects 

HCV, a bloodborne viral infection 

HBV,  caused by having sex with infected person 

HAV, a curable hepatitis 

Be aware what happens with your body 

Before it’s too late,  go to doctor 

Follow prescription and advice 

Keep your life alive 

Don’t drink much alcohol 

Aware what kind of blood transfer 

Don’t take risk with yourself 

Keep your body without  any virus 

Health is wealth, keep your wealth with you 

Don’t play with your body 

Liver is most important body part 

It can be severe many times 

It’s not too late, get an advice 

It’s your body, your choice,  your life 

Your life could not be end with hepatitis 

Hepatitis effect your body 

Doctor will examine you correctly 

Have faith on your doctor 

Hepatitis may leads to severe pain 

Consistent abdomen pain, go to doctor 

Hepatitis, a disease doctor will check 

Hepatitis effect your lifestyle 

It may change your life 

It may change your mood

Give your blood to test 

It’s a disease not a way to cease 

Don’t feel panic and tensed 

Don’t take much stress, it curable 

Doctor determine about efficiency of liver 

Don’t bother much, doctor will handle 

Give your every important information 

Dark urine or loss of appetite, a symptom of hepatitis 

Don’t forget,  it’s your body gift by god 

Every disease is curable 

Every problem has solution 

Doctor is solution of a problem like hepatitis 

Doctor detect minutest problem 

Detect the source of problem 

What kind of hepatitis you have?

Beyond the point of view, go and take advice 

It’s have disadvantage too 

It’s effect your health 

Don’t depend on anything 

Test blood sample or ultrasound 

Ultrasound a way to determine hepatitis 

Ultrasound create an image of your organ 

Accept the doctors advice 

Don’t bound yourself, just take a round 

You are precious, take care of yourself 

God gift you,  your body 

Hepatitis is sometime become a serious issue 

Don’t take tension just give information 

Go and reveal about the symptoms 

Be safe and careful what you eat and drink 

Hepatitis A, a short term illness 

Hepatitis A don’t need treatment 

Not an issue, if you suffer from hepatitis A 

Just take a rest if you have hepatitis A 

A great way to deal your disease is to talk to doctor 

Take better nutrition and hydration 

Follow the advice on a regular basis 

Don’t skip medicine or vaccine 

Have a vaccination 

It requires your patience 

It need a medication 

It require vaccination for number of months 

It takes years sometimes to cure 

Just have calmness and patience 

It turns to be a safe and healthy life 

Doctor evaluate your body

Give permission to monitor your body 

Check whether you have hepatitis or not 

Go to doctor to determine hepatitis 

Don’t create haste just take some rest 

Take a vaccination at a right time 

Don’t miss any vaccination when you born 

You miss and it create risk 

Hepatitis is a disease of virus 

It provides you with different process to cure 

Precaution is better than cure 

Treatment can be vary 

Antiviral drug therapy a requisite 

Treatment and medication, mandatory to keep you healthy 

Remember about your treatment 

Remember about your vaccination dates 

For improvement it need treatment 

For your better condition, go to doctor for treatment 

For your better health,  medication is required 

Alpha interferon for hepatitis D 

No treatment for hepatitis D 

Get proper and on time your vaccination 

Close monitoring is required to check 

Hepatitis is sometimes a chronic disease 

Don’t take tension just take rest 

Say yes if you have hepatitis 

Say no to contaminated food and water 

Say no to infected person 

Don’t take it easy, it’s become sometime tricky 

To tackle the situation go to doctor 

No need of darkness in your life

Your life, your choice but choose wisely 

According to your body, treatment will provide

At your service for day and night 

Hepatitis, a disease cure by doctor 

Don’t get frustrate and irritate 

Just be calm and peaceful 

Go and walk in fresh air, you feel better 

Close monitoring, care and concern for your life 

Be safe and fee free 

Free from any kind of fear when doctor is here 

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