478+ Creative Home Decor Business Names

If you mainly have a love of transforming homes through creative decorating, a home decorating business may be for you. So, interior designers must be certified, decorators can start businesses on their own without certification.

Hence, before you start taking clients, practice on the homes of friends and family, assemble a portfolio of your work and license your business.

It Starts With the Plan

Basically writing up a business plan for your decorating business should be the first step. Determine whether you will be a product-driven designer who conceptualizes the design and sells necessary products to the client, or simply a consultant who does not sell products. Mainly designers with less experience usually begin as product-driven designers.

Research the Competition

Always research other decorating companies in your area to see what they specialize in, how much they charge, and what their designs look like.

Always try to consider how you can mainly set yourself apart from other design companies by offering a different style of design, specializing in certain types of design, mainly as Colonial, always offering lower prices, or by specializing in specific areas such as window treatments or use of color and light.

Determine What You Need to Get Started

Make a list of equipment you’ll need to get started and determine how much capital you will need.

Licenses and Registration

Apply for a business license by going to your local city hall or county clerk’s office to fill out an application, or do it online if that’s an available option in your jurisdiction.

If you plan or hope to employ others, subcontract to a builder, or build credit under the business name rather than your own, you’ll also need to apply for mainly an Employer Identification Number or EIN from the Internal Revenue Service.

Making Industry Contacts

You’ll also need to connect with suppliers. So, research companies who manufacture flooring, fabrics, carpet, wall coverings, and furniture, or distributors who represent multiple lines.

Mainly interior decorators can get discounts of up to 50 percent from certain manufacturers, so shop around to find out who will give you the best deals. This way you can pass savings on to your clients.

Existing Home Decor Business names in US

  • Bella Staging and Design
  • Design Innovations
  • Design Vidal
  • Designers Two 
  • Beyond Home Staging
  • A Classy New Look
  • Accents of the South
  • By Design Interiors Inc.
  • Cabana Home
  • Cactus Art 
  • Delightful Designs
  • Dwellings
  • Elegant Domain Interiors
  • Mansfield Monk
  • Material Environment
  • Matters of Space
  • Mercer Designs 
  • Studio Red
  • Style My Space
  • Style-Bites 
  • Elite Home Staging
  • Encore Home Staging 
  • Desiged to Appeal
  • Claudia Interior Designs
  • Closet Factor
  • Contour Interior Design 
  • Design2Sell 
  • Acumen Design 
  • Eastman Design Group
  • EdenLA
  • Elegant Domain Interiors 
  • Hatch Design Group
  • Lemon Tree Staging
  • Lotus Designs
  • Memorial Staged Homes 
  • Hillcrest Interiors
  • Home Place
  • iCrave
  • I-Deal-Lifestyle 
  • Home Shapers
  • Pearl Home Design
  • Preferred Staging
  • Urban Elements
  • V Create LLC
  • Woodhead 
  • Premise Design
  • Rework-D
  • Rouge Designs 
  • Premier Home Staging 
  • Home Stager Pro
  • Interiors by Designs
  • Interiorscapes, Inc. 
  • Jacoby Company Inc.
  • Janet Grey
  • Moving Mountains Design
  • Navigate Design
  • Norwood Interiors 
  • Simplify
  • So Vibrant
  • SOD Builders 
  • Jonathons Coastal Living 
  • Home Stager Unlimited
  • Homeage 
  • Break a Leg Staging

Preparing to Launch

Always invest in basic office necessities, such as a computer, telephone, and word processing software. You might always want to purchase specialized design software so that you can present professional-looking designs to your clients.

You’ll also need books of wallpaper, paint, and carpet samples from the manufacturers you’ve chosen to deal with. So, avoid wallpaper and fabric companies that require you to purchase samples each month.

Build a Portfolio

Even your first clients will want to see a portfolio of your work, so start by redecorating your own home and taking before and after pictures of the improvements you make.

Market Your Business

Always create a website or create the perfect Facebook page, and post pictures from your portfolio. Use Twitter and Instagram to send out before and after shots of your jobs, or of work in progress, to build interest.

So, create brochures and business cards to hand out to potential clients, and make sure to take your portfolio with you when visiting interested individuals.

Name Ideas for Decorating Business

Choosing a name the will catch the attention of prospective clients is an important step in setting up a new business. This is a guide about name ideas for decorating business.

So, but how to name your creative business (or even just a new collection!) can be tricky. Here are practical steps to help you in the process. Get a piece of paper and start answering the practical questions below:

Get more inspiration to name your creative business

When we did a little research on how to name a creative business it was really interesting to see how many people had chosen the right business name after their gran, pets, or children! There were lots of references to favorite songs and fairy tales too.

Reality check to name your creative business

Is the name easy to spell? This is especially important now as people want to be able to find you quickly online.

Avoid quirky spellings such as ‘gr8’. Although it is often the most common names that can be hard to spell like Johnson, Jonson, Johnsson! And if you use ‘and’ how will you spell that; and, & or +? Avoid any potential confusion.

Make your business name legal

This is the step most creatives like to avoid, but it is essential. Many to register or use your creative business name there are a couple of legal implications.

Firstly, you need to make sure that nobody else is using your proposed business name as you might be legally required to stop using or publishing the name.

Best Home Decor Business Names Ideas for startups

Every Decorating Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. Below we have mentation some best decor business names ideas.

Shady Textyles

 Elegant Decora

 Dolce Veulle Interior

 The Chic Connexion

 True Uniques

 MegaTec Decor

Grenades Design Decor 

Pew Maddy

BullSkin  Decor  

Snappa  Decor 

Grayfox  Decor 

Heureka  Decor 

SophiSty Decor

Rodeoxe  Decor 

Pegasus Decor 

Armako  Decor  

klout  Decor 

LexoPiel  Decor   

 Homenique  Decor 

 Dramatic  Decor 

 Luxurista  Decor 

 Trexy Trends

 eUppa  Decor 

 One Class  Decor 

 ehome  Decor 

abulous  Decor 

FabriCraft Decor

 Jaspe Designs

 Unique Orra

 Mod MIght Decor


 J.A.E N Decor

 TexturesTone Decor

 Voguex Fabrics 

 Thready Trends


 Cozy Collection

 Lisserie Luxury 

 Custom Craft



 UNix Decor

 Divalicious Decor

 Seamless Designs 

 Decor Dreams

Want to expand your home decorating business and looking for some best find marketing ideas? So you are at the right place, do check out the actionable home decor company marketing ideas.

 Luxury Decorex

 NudeCraft Creations


 Roomvibe Decor


 Added Edge Decor

 Elegga HomeDecor

 Vanity vibe Decor

 Inhome Decor

 Divine Style  Decor 

 Intima Decor

 C’est Decor

 Fabuluxe Designs


 DexoDex Decor & More

 Fit Your Style

 Custom Luxe Decor

 Luxe Decor

 Uniquely ChicDecor

 ModernHome Decor

 Pattern Mania Decor

 The Style Studio

 Elite Interior Design

 Textures of Life

 FABulicious Decor

 Bliss huebe Decor

 Decorly Homes

 NeonCraft Pad

 Drama Designs 

 Decorra Flair

 Customono Styles

 Delight  Decor 

 Dominant Decors



 Custom Chic Interior Design

 eTerior Design

Decorly Design

Jasperly Decorating

Luxury Chic Design

Custome Luxe Decorating

HomeSerene Design

Unique Arms

HOmeterior Design

MerlinWave Design

Fabunora Design

Ethica Decorating


unique name for decoration business

There are many things to know before choosing the right name is a branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For Decorating Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily. Following are some best unique names for the decoration businesses.


Wood Intimate

Indoor Trends

BlueEast Design



UrbanSpring Design

Aeronna Design

UrbanSmith Decorating

Wood Spruce

Woody Dots

NorthQuesta Decorating

WeeWish Decorating

Tussive Design


FineCurls Design 



Alpha Amts Design

Effeca Decorating

Home Mayer

Urban Allen Decorating


WoodBling Decorating

HomeHest Design

CraftyGram Design

Craft Render Decorating

Minute Intima

FirstDrawn Design


FabEdge Design

GreatEast Decorating


Flexen Design


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Voilavox Decorating


UNiBLiss Design

prior Bliss Design

Furno Cest Decorating

custom create

Elite Enchanter

FabuMania Design

Home Axis Decorating

Dramatix Design


Livinfry Design

Textured Tyme

LunaDecor Decorating

Collonell Design

Welljade Decorating

MysticFest Design

Luxury Class

Interior designing or Home Decorating is a very vast field. It’s a very potential business to start. Here is the infographic which gives you more insight about how to start this home decorating business hassle-free. Read more

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