381+ Creative Home Painting Business Names

House painting is mainly a $37 billion per year industry. Mainly but starting a house painting business can be relatively inexpensive — in some cases just $500. So it’s an option entrepreneurs with he aptitude should consider.

Register Your Company

The exact type of registration you might also need for your business can vary by state. Mainly it’s a good idea to check in with your government’s website or some local trade organizations to learn exactly what is required. So, from there, you might also purchase insurance, a domain and hosting for your business website.

Invest in Equipment

Basically aside from that, the only real startup costs your business should have would be equipment. You’ll likely need ladders, drop cloths, brushes, rollers, sprayers, masks and potentially vehicles with your company’s logo to get you to different jobs.

Find Worthy Partners

You might consider targeting top-performing realtors, commercial property managers and other B2B service companies like roofers, gutter installers and flooring installers. Mainly limit your list to 100 and live with them through mail, email, text, social media and in-person visits or networking. Keep a tough-minded buy-or- die philosophy.”

Create Your Talking Points

You’ll always need to think about what your marketing materials and sales pitches should feature in terms of content. So, why should a new customer choose your business over the other options available? So sales mainly process that focuses on educating the client about how your painting business is different than the typical painting contractor.

Follow Up with Prospects

So, but getting new customers isn’t as simple as just sharing a sales pitch one time through some relevant influencers. You have to follow up and stay in fairly consistent contact.

Set Clear Rates

When it comes to your rates, Lewis says you need to determine three key factors up front: production rates, pay rates and charge rates. Production rates mainly would be how long it takes the average painter to paint any given surface. Pay rates would be what you pay your employees. And mainly charge rates are what you actually charge a client for an hour of labor.

Study the Business Concepts

So, mainly an expert adds many house painters are drawn more to the painting side of their business rather than the actual business aspects like bookkeeping and marketing. But it’s a good idea to have a firm grasp of these concepts as well.

Build a Portfolio

Mainly as you work with clients, it can also be beneficial to photograph and chronicle your work so you have examples to share with future clients and prospects. This can mainly show the quality of your work along with proving you have a large number of satisfied customers.

Stay in Touch with Customers

Once you have already worked with a number of customers, don’t trust those customers will keep coming back to you for all of their painting needs. This causes cost of sale to go through the roof and dooms the contractor to unpredictable feast-and- famine cycles.

Invest in Marketing

You can also invest in some online marketing activities like email newsletters, retargeting ads and local SEO to attract customers, both new and old.

The following list of Home Painting Business names is from existing businesses around the United States.

Delta Painting
Sharp Lines Painting
The Master’s Touch
AAA Painting Services
Area Painting
Array of Color
Artistic Painting Inc.
Astroblast Inc.
Able Painting
Bombay Paints
Bravo Painting
Classich Home Painting
Clean Finish
Coating Company
Brothers Painting & Deck Staining
Brushworks and Contracting
Corporation Ames
Country Boys Painting
Custom Finish & Painting Company
Cutting Edge Painting Inc.
Above The Rest Painters
Echo Painting
Elegance Home Painting
Elite Painting & Decorating
Elite Wallpapering
Global Coatings Inc.
Long Painting Company
Millennium Painting
Painting Appeal
Painting Clear Cut
Painting Fine
Painting Precision Paint Pros
Jim the Painter
Sipping n Painting
Skill Pro Painting
Town Painters
Vector Painting
Wide Painting
Spectrum Paintings Inc.
A Lady & A Brush
Yankee Painting
Zulu Painting
Pearl Painters

What to Name Your Home Painting Business

So, since you can’t register your home painting business (one of the first steps to start a painting company) without a name for the business, you need to settle on a name for your painting company fast. Your name is mainly an important part of your business, but sometimes settling on a name is not easy. So, if you’re having a difficult time, read on for tips on what to consider and what to include (and what to exclude) in a good painting company name.

What You Should Do

  • Choose a name that you like. You are the one who is going to be involved with the business more than anyone else. Make sure you like the name. I never start a business if I don’t like the name.
  • Make it crystal clear what you do. Include the word “painting” or “painters”. This might seem obvious, but I’ve heard some really bad names that don’t symbolize painting at all. If I just heard the company name, I wouldn’t even know what service they offer.
  • Keep it simple. It should be easy to spell, easy to remember, and not a lot of words.
  • Mainly tie in some sort of local aspect to your name. Many people love to hire local.
  • Come up with 15-20 ideas, and then narrow them down. Your first idea is not your best. Brainstorm and anything goes.
  • So, google “local painting company” “Denver painting companies” “Denver Painters” etc., which could help you come up with names. Or search for companies in other cities to come up with ideas.

Best Home painting Business Names Ideas for your Next Startup

Brushing Pride
Paint Meets Wall
Painted Perfection
Paint ConneX
Artistry in Paint
Point of Hue
Standing Paint
Paintstone LTD
Full Coverage Paints
Paint Genie
Ideal Paint
luxuriant paint company
Master Color
Cosmix Palette
Let’s Get Rolling Paint Company
Paint Connoisseur
Whirled Palette
AcmeOne Painting
Precision Paint
InSync Painting Co.
Put it paintly
Paint Innovations
Custom Colors
High BLU
Keep on Rollin’
refined rollerz
Charlotte Color
50 Shades of Paint
Art Of Color Paint Co.
Palette Whirled
Dr. Paint
Brush Bucket
Color My Charlotte
ColorMatchik Paint
Sistine Scalpel
Dream Charlotte
Chromatters Paint
TrueColors Paint Co.
The Coat Room
Paint Passion
Great Covered Paint
White Brothers Paint Company
Rainbow Realm
Thank Hue! Paint Company
Painter’s Palette
GoldStar Paint Company
Global Palette
Tip Top Paint
Paint Cover Co.
Paint Plus
ProCure Paint
executech paint company
Tailored Coats
The Big Palette
Full Spectrum
Elevate Paint Company
Project Painters
Double Barrel Paint Company
CharlotteSurrounds Commercial Painting Co.
Mint Tint Paint
Strokes Paint Company
Ambient Paint
Hue Crew
A1 Paint Ovations
Reignbow King
Ladder Up Paint Company
Patches Paint Compnay
proactive paint company
CharloKote Paint
ColorScapes Painting Co.
Colo Spread Paint Company
LIP Lasting
All Points Paint
Paint Box Vibe
YourView Too
PrimeAccentz Painters
Modern Mover
Luv2Paint Painting Co.
New Colorings
Color Techniques
Charlotte’s Paint Works
Great Roller

PinStripes Painting 

Commercial Painting

Suite Paint Designs

Paintastico & ProPalettePaint

Living Color Paint Co.

Point of Paint Pizazz

a fresh coat Above the Rest

Vast Coverage Paint Service

Paintained Perfection

Prime Painting

Above Paint Company

Color Spread Palettes

Paint Company & Compaintent

King Painting co.


A Splash of Color with Pantone Whiz

Marquee Paint Agency 

Genius Strokes

4165 on Painting

Color Perfect for you

Paint & Paint Zappas

Overtone The Planet

Paintagon Commercial Paint Ovations

Paintesta, the Top Commercial Paint Services

Hue AccuPaint

Big Jobs & Colors Unite

Paint your Imagination 

Matters Paint Co.

Inova Standing Paint & Co. 

Innovation Paint Co.

Perfect Patina & Colors

Comm Painters

Impression Painters & Reigning Buckets

Blue Buckets & Paint Brushes

ProResults Connoisseur

Paintzilla & Black Tie 

AcmeOne Commercial Painting

AcmeOne & Painterific

Crisp & Durapro Painting Co


Impression & & Clean Painters

Classy Coats Paint Company

Fancy Palette for Professionals

Color Blends

Color Blendz

Paintented Town Painters

Perfected Paint PigmenTechs

Coat of Many Colors



411 Color Me Perfect!

Aesthetic ColorScapes Painting Co.

Sky Paint Guru

Eagle Paint Co.

Paint & Image Enhancers Company

Mint & Tint 

Coat 2 Coat with Clean Brush

Primo Paint Company

Coloration Advance Coating

ProEdge Whirled Paint

Paint Suite Encorium

Professional Painting Partners

Cosmetology Paint

Top Notch Painting Co

PaintGreats & paintaken

Paintilla & Charlotte

Commercial Painting Co. 

Headunit Painting Agency 

Every Home painting Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Home painting  Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

There are many reasons to paint your Home. here is the infographic which covers the reason why should you Consider the home painting and how to choose same? Read more

reason to paint your home

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