251+ Catchy Ice-Cream Brand Name Ideas

There are thousands of contemporary ice-cream brands competing for their place and establishment in the market. One must think of some fruitful and super strategies to get way ahead of them.

One of the best ways to achieve a prosperous brand to is give the brand a unique and worthy brand name. An appropriate brand name can only give proper flight to the brand. In this article, we have discussed some magical tips to select a proper brand name.

What should we remember while choosing a brand name for an ice cream brand?

  • The names must be able to convey the actual motto of the brand
  • The names must be short and precise
  • The names must be easy and understandable by all
  • The names reflect a clue of the products being offered

The importance of name for an ice-cream brand

Very convenient to find out

Go for names that would be very much easy to search over the internet and all ranges of customers can get in their reach. Difficult names complicate the things and confuse the consumers

Will always sound enthusiastic

Names that are full of zeal always keep up a motivating spirit in the brand and will always drive you to do excel in the business. This kind of inspiring and energetic names also gather the attention of a large number of customers.

The business purpose will be all clear

Choose names that will serve as the mirror of the brand, that is, that will represent the motto of the trade to the customers so that customers can get the real purpose of the business by reading the brand name out once. This kind of transparency moves and wins over the heart of the consumers.

Tips to choose the best names for your ice-cream brand

The spellings must be simple

Names with easy and uncomplicated spellings grab the attention of all categories of the customers.

Example- Frolic

Hints about your product

Your brand name must offer a clue to customers about the product being sold by the brand. This kind of brand names sound very authentic

Example- Frost bar

Never practice Plagiarism

Copying brand names from other brands is the worst kind of idea and can have a copyright issue. Try out some new and unusual names.

Example- Snowfall

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your ice-cream brand

One must know some easy hacks to get a perfect name for his brand. Here some simple yet quirky tips to get through a worthy brand name.

Apply Alliterations

Alliterations are one of the most likable brand names by the consumer forums.

Example- Fun frost

Apply rhyming words

Same sounding words are a real kind of amusement when they are being used as a brand name

Example- Ice spice

Use adjectives

Adjectives define the brand names more clearly to the customers

Example- Frozen Cream

Take the advantage of humor

Humorous brand names are very much famous and are liked by all kind of customers

Example- Rolly Polly

Make use of misspellings

Sometimes words that are misspelled intentionally create the best kind of brand names

Example- Creem bael

Use a hyphen in phrases

Hyphenated phrases are the coolest kind of brand names

Example- Cream-a-fun

Utilize Metaphors

Metaphorical words are one of the most loved brand names

Example- Ring Cream

Take Personifications

Personifying brand names give a different kind of touch to the brand

Example- Cream’s swing

Use numerals

Numerals add a better description of the brand names.

Example- 100 ice cubes

Take the help of noun

Naming words give a completeness to the brand names that are being liked by all kind of Customers

Example- Swirl Cream

Already existing Ice-cream brand names

  • Ben & Jerry
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Haagen-Dazs
  • Breyers
  • Blue bell Creameries
  • Walls
  • Dairy Queen
  • Cold stone Creamery
  • Carte D’Or
  • Nestle

Unique Ice-Cream Brand name ideas

Tastee galaxy 

Shuffle Truffle

Frozen Scoop

Silver Spoon 


Frosty Rod



Pied Bar


Flavor Connection 


Italian Waffle

Combe Point 

Rustic Treats 

Yogurt Ice Bar

Blue Bergs

Vertex Vanilla 


Dolce Cream

Lix Delight

Three cherry 

Countdown ice 

Five Flaky


More Mango 

Pure Wintery 

Snow Dune

King Kreme

Nutty Angel 

Feelin’ Flavor 

Buggy Castle


Magic Cones

Sweet Slab

Frozen Sorbet









Thrifty Ice-cream



Cream Crate 

Dipsy Krispy

Tastee Bowl


Rico Strawberry

Blackcurrant Figure

Icy Humphry 

Decode Buddy


Acuity Vanilla 

Striker Cog 

Creamery Pica

Tapestry Spoon


Bunny Way

MlkyWay Lounge


Four Scoop



Retreat Mode

Rustic Chocolate

Icy Knots 

Creamy Villa

Frozen Scoop

FroZen Bell

Kravings cold

Envy Ice

Fundae Cone

Cream House 

Dixie Pixie

Young cheery 


Mad Dog Ice

Purple Mango

Ice parlor

Vice Ice

Chunky Cheery


Custard Cup

Golden Cherry

Summer Luv

Happy Berry 

Nomadic Rolls

Pioneer Pie

For Giggles


Cream Carvel

Custard Time


Hook Cruze


Vanilla Lumpy’s 


Cako Cow 


Crazy Cherry


Mighty Mango

Swirl Fusion 

Uttering Spoon 


Arctic Ice

Chunky  Cone

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my ice cream brand name be used as the logo of my brand?

Yes, of course, using your brand name as the brand logo can be creative. You won’t have to think of another logo and your brand name will also look very much stylish.

Can I use the bestselling product’s name as my ice cream brand name?

Surely, yes. This would give great coverage to your brand. People will get to know the quality and fame of your brand. This is indeed a great idea.

Can I use the particular name of a flavor as my ice cream brand name?

Yes, Using the bestselling ice cream’s flavor as the brand will provide a different dimension to your brand.

Can I use small statements as my ice cream brand name?

Using small yet unique statements can give out the best kind of brand names

Without losing hope, give concrete efforts taking help from this article, you will surely end up finding a perfect, in fact, the best name for your ice-cream brand.

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