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325+ Best Ice Cream Party Names

An ice cream party (also known as ice cream social) is a planned event, the primary focus of which is ice cream served to the guests. It is often a neighborhood event or welcoming party, held during the summer. A sweet ice cream party name is all you need for this dessert party.

An amazing ice cream party name will attract all your guests, friends, and family. Best ice creams should be served and it should be made sure everyone is enjoying the party. So to add to your fun we will provide you with some of the best names for your party.

list of some cool ice cream party Names: 

The Creamy Party

Off the Stick Party

Cold Cones Party

Nuts Please! 

Dipsy Do’s Softie Party

The Dixie Pixie Partayy

The Waffle Party

Booza Cone Fun

Scoops n’ Smiles For You

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Party

Kustard Kones Party

Utterly Ice Cream Celebrations

The Cone Calls

Cheery Cherry Party

Softie’s World

The Vanilla Team

Pink’s Ice Cream Fun

The Big Dessert Night

Night of the Creamery

It’s Ice House Today

Sundae Fundae

Happy Cones Guys!

Dairy Party?!

Feelin’ Nutty Tonight

What’s in the Scoop?

Freezing Tonight

Dream Cream Team

Icicles Pals

Blue Skies and Clouds 

 Shuffle Truffle Party

Cherry on Top!

Ice Cream AllAround

The Waffle Bowl

Swirl Station

Two Scoops for Everyone

The Frozen Spoon Party

The Magic Cones 

Sundaes. Cones. Scoops.

Sprinkly Sundae

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Banana Splitz Anyone?

Flavors for Everyone

The Magic Ice Cream

The Creamery Party

Sunnyville’s Ice Cream Night

Freezing in my mouth

Cones, Cups, and Everything

It’s a Conection

Dream Cones For Youuu

 Nutty & Naughty

An Ice Cream Fundae

Fun Freezing Party

A Sundae Bar

M&Ms and Gummie Bears

Flavourful Night

Belgium Chocolate for Everyone

Sweet Tooth Party

The Big Dessert Night

The Coney Night

Everything about Ice creams

Dress Up like an Ice cream

Flavors You Want

Get The Scoop

Backyard Ice Cream Party

Bar of your Choice

One More Scoop?


I got Scooped

Ice Cream Action

Summers and Ice creams

Creamy Delight

Get Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied

Sweetness Overloaded

Ice Creams & More Ice Creams

Party made of Ice Creams

Ice Cream Balls For Youu

Get an Ice cream Tequila

Alcohol in Ice creams!

The Icebreakers Night

Neighbors Ice cream Night

Creamy Delicious Partyy

An Ice Cream Affair

Romantic Ice cream Night

For the Love of Ice cream

Pretty Little Icecream Party

Fruits and Ice creams

Flowered Icecreams, Everyone!

The Ice cream Room

The House of Ice creams

Frozen Dessert Night

Sorbet For Everyone

Tasteful Nightt

The Night of Cream

Softies Night

Ice Cream Marathon

Choose Your Flavor

The Biggest Ice Cream Party

Celebrate with Ice Creams

Ice cream Night to Remember

All About the Ice creams

Coned for the Night

A Softie for the Softy

Ice Cream by the Pool

Summer Night With Flavors

Dessert Game Strong

Fav Ice creams Only

Cookies and Ice creams

Everything Ice cream

Dress Up Like Icecream

Scream Icecream

Cream Scream

Colorful Chilled Night

The Frozen Night

Blackpink’s Icecream Night

Melt It in your Mouth 

Exotic Flavors Night

Cheese and Icecreams

Dream Icecream Party

The Creamy Dream

Sundaes are the Best

Sweet Party Favors

Fun with Some Cream

The Night Calls For Icecream

Get Yourself Some Cream


Brownies, Icecreams, and More

The Ice cream Story

The Dessert Table

Creamed for the Night

Catch My Icecream Party

Get the Scoop

Scoopwhoop Night

The Scoopables

Scoopie Night

Sweet Scoops

Cream Team

Creams for Everyone

Lick the Cream

Night of the Sweets

Not an Ordinary Icecream Party

Creamilicious Night

Damn It’s Sweet

The Night of Delicious Dessert

Danny’s Desserts Night

Ice creams. Cakes. Cookies.

Eat the Sweet

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. with Icecreams

I got Iced

Icey Night

I see Icee!

Ice for Everyone

Icecreams by the Beach

The Gelato Night

Gather For Gelato

Scoops of Happiness

Isabel’s Icicles Party

Sweet Swirl Night

Swirlyy Partyy

Swirled Scoops For The Night

Summertime Sweetness

Summertime Sprinkles

Creaminess Overloaded

Party of the Swirls

Scoopy Party

The Brain Freeze Party

Sweet Treats, Guys!

Saunder’s Sherbet Night

Melting Memories Night

Home Full of Icecreams

An Affair of Frozen Dessert

Wayne’s Waffles Night

Sweets for All Occasions

Fun Night with Icecreams

Fun Creams

Night of Traditional Taste

Most Delicious Night of Your Life

Buckets full of Icecreams

The Power of Icecream

The Night of Dippers

Cold Stones Night

Creamy Night to Remember

Iced and Creamed

The Icecream Iguanas

A Scoop Hunt

Hunting Icecreams

Summer Fun with Icecreams

Meet before it Melts

Melting Mouth Night

A Man’s Night of Delight

Frozen Social Night



Icecream Angels

The Grand Icecream Social

The Scoop Social

Ice Pies Partyy

Scream for the Cream

The Biggest Icecream Social

Icecream Social of the Decade

All and Any Flavors You Want

Flavors and Scoops

Freeze My Friends

Parfait Party

The Biggest Cone Party

Coned and Stoned

The Cookies & Cream Night

Ice Creams & Milkshakes Only

Ice Cream After Party

Iced Moments

Frozen Night of Our Lives

Utterly Worldly Ice Creams

Creamzy Night

The Summer of Cream

Caught You with Cream

Can’t Control the Cream

For the Love of Desserts

Young Night of Creams

In the Name of Icecreams

Homemade Creams

Summer Got Chills

Crazy Creamzy Night

Chilled Creamed Party

Icecream Martinis, Everyone

Creamy Cocktails Night

The Night of Bars

Cones & Bars

Freezing Fondness

The Iced Room

Sweet Satisfaction

Ice Cream Social of the Year

Icecream Buckets For Y’all

Big Buckets of Cream

The Summer Creamery

I Got Creamed

Creamy Meetup

Heavy Creamy Night

Scooped All Night

Scoops for AllNighters

Naughty Nutty Creams

Cups & Cones Night

Ice creams = Celebrations

This Celebration Calls for Dessert

The Night of Dessert

The Desserted Party

Skoopy Spooky Night

Debbie’s Delicious Party

Your Icecream’s Here

Cool Icey Night

Chilled For the Night

Isaac’s Ice cream Social

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