175+ Best Kidney Awareness Slogans and Sayings

Kidney walk is one of the biggest movements organized by the National Kidney Foundation. While thousands of people are suffering from one kidney condition to another, it is the best thing to do in support of them.

Best Kidney awareness Slogans

  • Spread the awareness
  • Sign up today
  • Pledge to save lives
  • Walk for a cause 
  • Never in vain
  • Watch out for early signs
  • Educate and save lives
  • Take the tests
  • Spread the word
  • Protect today or regret tomorrow

The kidney walk is a means to participate in becoming a lifeline of all the people who are affected by kidney disease. This walk is the perfect example that humanity still exists in this world. 

Here is a list of Kidney walk slogans and sayings

Making people aware of kidney failure

Dangers of kidney failure may prove fatal

Encouraging others to become organ donors

Becoming organ donors is just an option

Be more protective about your kidney

It’s your health, don’t play with it

An early act can save your life

Act early to prevent it

First preventive measures can help

It can save your life, act soon

Get your kidney tests done or regret them later

Because your kidney matters

Are you at risk? take your test

Do you know slogan is very important nowadays? So make sure, you choose the right slogan.

The analysis is for free, kidney tests

One early test can save your life 

Awareness, prevention, treatment

Because it’s an important organ of your body

Connecting sustainable transporting with health

Care for your kidney

We are here to care for your kidney

Dare to share

Defend the kidney

Dialysis defeaters

Walk for your health

Dialysis smanalysis

Every step counts

Got potassium?

Heart your kidneys

Help in saving lives

Hope, awareness, long live

It’s a battle for your own life

Battle for your life

In need of kidneys

It’s war again

Join us; we will help you to get rid of all kidney problems

Join us in taking a lifesaving step

Keeping it renal

Kidney savers

Kidney protectors

Kidney kickers

Kidney cruisers

Kidney stoners

Act now or regret for the rest of your life

Kidney ages, save it 

kidney awareness slogans

Just like you do, care for your kidneys

Kidney is kind

Let your body walk for your life

Let your fingers do the walking

Little beans

Kidneys are like little beans of your body

Be kind to the kidney, and it will save you later

Losing your kidney is not an option

Love needs a care

As you love everyone, you should love your kidneys too

Make a meaningful gift with lasting impact

Check out the world kidney day messages, quotes, and greetings and share with your near and dear ones to make them aware of the importance of kidneys in our system.

More to give 

More care for your body

We are here to love your kidney

Love your kidney? join us to sav them

Peace love & kidney

Protect your kidney, save your heart

Protect your kidneys, find you’re how

Recycle life

Renal runts

Rolling stones run for your kidneys

Run for them, save your kidneys

Run like you store something

Share your spare

Sharing kidney is caring

Someone I love needs a cure

Stomp out kidney diseases

Make your kidneys strong

Super kidneys

Team gateway vascular

The beautiful couple

Team gateway vascular

The perfect combo

The perfect pair

This too shall pass

Transplant trotters

Trombone angel

Urine our thoughts

Walkathon of life

Yellow brick road

Care for your kidneys, and they will thank you later

On pair, one to keep and one to share

Catchy kidney slogans ideas

Save those gifts of life

Half and half, alive together

Half and half makes the perfect combination

Share your spare

We raise awareness for your kidney care

I wear orange for (name)

Walking from dialysis to dreams come true

Dare to share your spare

Walking miles for our kidneys to live

Because our more than chilli beans

Do what others can’t a kidney transplant

Commit for a better tomorrow, protect your kidneys

Stay strong, live long, commit for healthy kidney health

After walking a day, everything has twice is the usual value

After dinner sit a while after supper walk a mile

After a day’s walk, everything is fine

Forget the rest, better kidney health

Don’t be a brat, burn that fat, kidney slogans

Seven days without exercise makes one week

Eat right and be bright for your better kidney health

Eat wise, drop size for your better health

No pain, no gain for better kidney health

Rest awhile and run for a while for better kidney life

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost, we are here for better kidney health

Walk to save your life and save your life from diseases

Don’t forget to read the best walking puns and funny quotes.

Eat right, and the pants won’t be right

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and waste is a terrible thing to mind

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

Wake up early and join us for a better kidney health

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you

Show you care to be aware, kidney walk

Introduce kidney walking in your life

Help your bodies to release out some toxins

Walk a few miles to get those toxins out of your body

You can’t enjoy life if you are not with good kidney health

Take care of your kidneys, and it filters waste from your body

Too fit to quit to Running to the future, make your kidneys healthy

Move it or lose it for your kidney life

Strength, hope, courage

Make a change in your life and walk some extra mile

Walk with us to change your life

You walk for hours and save a lot

Take charge, don’t be large, walk for your life

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Burn calories, not gas, walk some miles

Best foot forward, could you walk to school?

Burn calories, not cash, walk for your health

Don’t let the machine, take the stairs

Get walking, create a more vital, kidney walking

Happiness walks on busy feet

Just don’t stop walking

Walking will give you happiness, walk for your kidney health

In every step with nature, one receives far more than he seeks

It’s not just a walk; it’s a workout

Make your feet a friend, kidney walk

Later you realise that kidney walking is the best

Walk, don’t roll

Walking is the best medicine for your kidneys

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