Top 31+Best Laminate Brands of the World

Lamination is responsible for boosting the strength along with the stability of print substances, which allows them to survive when they are used regularly. Given below is a list of top laminate brands in the world.

Laminate Brands of the World

Wilsonart LLC

Country: United States

It generates laminate surfaces for residences, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and offices. The corporation controls an archive of basic surface design choices and also provides custom-designed commodities.

Lumber Liquidators

Country: United States

It was established in 1993 as an extra wood liquidation corporation. Presently, Rode corporation products architectural products and laminate flooring which fulfill business requirements, and are in stock in basic lengths.

Mohawk Industries

Country: United States

It was established in 1878 as a carpet factory, provides a collection of flooring and laminate products for estates.

Mannington Mills, Inc.

Country: United States

This company produces architectural surfaces and laminates for retail and estate applications. The laminates of the company can be produced with tailored designs. It also operates sustainability industries for water reserve association and wasting control.

OMNOVA Solutions, Inc

Country: United States

This company provides an expanse of engineered equipment. This company’s chain of laminates includes commodities for corporate retail stores, residences, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and offices. The corporation runs locations in more than 90 nations, with technology headquarters Asia, Europe, and North America.

Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

Country: United States

It was established in 1860 as a factory cork and developed as the corporation created new designs for its commodity. Presently, their stocks include laminate surfaces for commercial and residential use.

Panolam Industries International, Inc.

Country: United States

It produces an expanse of laminates for unique applications. These specialty stocks include dissipative (ESD) laminates for static-sensitive atmospheres, fire-rated laminates, chemical-resistant laminates for hospitals and laboratories, and fiber-reinforced laminates for high-traffic environments.

Formica Group

Country: United States

It is a global organization of corporations that produce high-pressure laminate (HPL). They provide commercial and residential laminates and produce an expanse of specialty stocks—which include dry-erase surfaces wireless charging.

ATI Decorative Laminates

Country: United States

It is a household-owned factory of architectural grounds for retail residences, including retail shops, restaurants, and hotels. ATI produces its stocks at its North Carolina building.

Swiss Krono Group

Country: Switzerland 

It was established in 1966 and has since developed to workers nearly 5,100 individuals in the world. They produce laminates for office spaces and residences including herringbone-patterned and water-resistant laminates.

Pfleiderer GmbH

Country: Germany

It produces worktops, laminates, and other architectural stocks. The corporation’s chain of high-pressure laminates operates textured and fireproof choices. The environmental control operations are insured to Forest Stewardship Council standards, and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

Greenlam Industries Ltd.

Country: India

It produces decorative veneers and laminates as well as engineered frames, doors, and wood floors. The corporation’s stocks are traded under many brands. Greenlam runs its business in more than 100 countries in the world. 

Stylam Industries Ltd.

Country: India

The company has its head offices located in India, serves clients in more than 50 nations throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. The corporation’s chain of specialty stocks includes electrostatic discharge, chalkboard, anti-bacterial, and magnetic surfaces.

Abet Laminati S.p.A.

Country: Italy

It is a laminate company in Italy with a concentration on visual design. The corporation’s laminate stocks are available with graphic art, metallic, rock, wood, and other designs. It also produces lab-grade laminate grounds.

FunderMax GmbH

Country: Austria

It produces surfaces, including ornamental high-pressure laminate grounds, for outdoor and indoor architectural stocks. The process of lamination that this brand normally applies is unique and also special, making it one of the topmost lamination brands in the world. 

Trespa International B.V.

Country: Netherlands

It was established in 1960 as Thermopal, creates architectural products for laboratories, residential spaces, and other establishments. The TopLab® brand of laboratory laminates is operated by this company. 

Arpa Industriale S.p.A

Country: Italy

High-design laminate stocks for architectural applications are manufactured by this company. It also produces a chain of blackboard and magnetic laminates for education and communications.

Fletcher Building Ltd.

Country: New Zealand

It was established in 1909 and presently has more than 16,000 employees in the South Pacific and Oceania. It provides building stocks under several brands. The corporation also offers construction services and residential development.

LCL Navigation Ltd

Country: Canada

It is situated in Mississauga, ON, Canada. LCL Navigation Ltd. is a portion of the Business & Professional Associations trade. They have 20 workers in their locations and manufactures $4.23 million in deals (USD). 

CYG International Inc.

Country: Canada

It is a retailing house organized in Montreal, Canada in 1972.  Presently they serve more than 20 nations in the world, with a powerful presence in the Central American and Caribbean countries.

Aspen Planers Ltd.

Country: Canada

It was established in 1959. With their variety of high-quality stocks and a crew that is dedicated to assisting, they persist to be the corporation that is believed to equalize integrity, safety, and efficiency in all locations of their business.

Canadian Tire

Country: Canada

For more than 100 years, they offer stocks and assistance to enable Canadians with the employment and pleasures of existence in Canada. Presently, their network of 1,700 commercial areas couldn’t be powerful and their faculty, more related to the organizations they assist.

Savona Specialty Plywood Co. Ltd.

Country: Canada

It is one of the largest and most technologically developed manufacturers of overlaid HDO and MDO substantial forming divisions, they mainly focus on improving, developing, and producing, overlaid concrete shaping plywood.

Richmond Plywood Corporation Limited

Country: Canada

It was established in 1978. The corporation’s chain of the industry includes the production of plywood and softwood veneer.

Gascogne Laminates

Country: France 

It offers a wide expanse of custom solutions and multilayer laminates, with technical service at the beginning of its movement. Foresters in the Landes location of France established this company in 1925.


Country: France

The broadest expanse of wood laminates is offered by this company. Presenting over 60 varieties of wood available in nearly 600 stocks presently establishes the standard in all businesses of interior industry, decoration, and architecture.

Ober S.A.S.

Country: France

It is a company of sporting products, located in Paris, IDF, France. Ober S.A.S was established in 1973.


Country: France

The Rey family established this company in 1898, with its main manufacturer in Couze, Dordogne. The corporation shifted to the generation of cellulose in 1929, utilized in the manufacture of paper card, paperboard, and pulp.

Alsapan SAS

Country: France

It produces furniture. The Corporation offers a cupboard, bathroom interior, kitchen accessories, storage units, TV cabinets, tables, shelves, and bed. It also manufactures flooring products. Alsapan SAS was established in 1993.

Aplix Inc

Country: France

It is devoted to offering value-added and creative fastening solutions to retail governors while regarding environmental, economic, and social challenges. The organization is existing globally with six manufacturers situated in China, Brazil, France, and the United States, and markets headquarters around the globe.


Country: Spain

It is a creative corporation that manufactures packaging for the nutriment business. They adapt to their customers’ mandates to give huge flexibility in phrases of grammage, dimension, and design. A wide expanse of finishes is offered by this company. 


Country: Spain

This corporation mainly focuses on the trade and flexographic printing of bags and films for business, with more than 35 years of background. They have their own trade headquarters in France and Benelux and it is presently increasing its deals methods in other portions of Europe.


Country: Spain

It is a union of corporations worked in the glass category to provide a unique, innovative, and complete result in this category in full improvement.


Country: Spain

They trade pine and poplar plywood panels with a yearly creation of 30 000 m3 for the industrial and farming retails. They manufacture plywood, glulam for plywood, pine plywood panels, poplar plywood panels, and wood panels.


Country: Spain

It is a manufacturer that manages in the Naval construction investment. They also run in the boathouse industries and ship restorations laminated ship and glass. This company is situated in Vigo, Spain.


Country: Spain

This company was established in 1985, which performs in the plastic, foams business. They also manage in the packaging design industries, plastic foam protectors, and laminates. This manufacturer is situated in La Garriga, Spain.


Country: Spain

It is a producer/manufacturer that runs its business in the Point-of-sale publicity enterprise. They also manage the custom-made furnishings and wood laminate frame enterprises. It is situated in Valencia, Spain.


Country: Spain

It is a producer or manufacturer that runs in the industrial, floors enterprise. They also manage in the laminated flooring industries and wood floor renovating wood grounds laid Solid wood flooring. It has head offices located in Cuenca, Spain.


Country: Spain

It is a producer that manages in the rubber and plastic, tubes, and pipes industry. They also run in the packaging industries, laminates and Plastics, medical articles Plastic coatings, and Plastic floor coverings Rubber.


Country: Spain

It is a company that performs in the Timber business. They also manage compressed wood and laminated wood industries, and plywood and wooden arbours. The manufacturer is situated in Jaén, Spain.

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