669+ Top Life Blogs and Pages Names

As many of say, life is mysterious and has to lead it with many of the principles. It is all about living, experiencing, and making it beautiful in every step of it. We love to create it as our comfort zone and lead in a way such that it should be a model to everyone out there. The obstacle of life sometimes makes us weak and we fail to face it.

The experienced life experts have created blogs with information about how to lead it happily and positively. 

Top lifestyle blogs of the world

Say yes- The blog was started by Liz Stanley in 2006 by the name of the Hoboken site. This blog celebrates family life and gives small pieces of advice on travel, personal style, and home décor ideas. This blog is believed to have won many awards. 

Cooking with Mima- The founder of this blog is Mariam Ezzeddine. Mima means mother of two sons, shares her passion for food with her viewers. He wants to convey this message that you don’t have to make difficult things to make delicious food. 

Design*Sponge- The blog was founded by Grace Bonney in 2004 and now has 2 million readers on it. The blog aims to bring design and art in your home and everyday life. They have lots of interior design and DIY ideas. 

Huda Beauty- Huda Kattan started her fashion blog in 2010 to share her makeup and beauty ideas, hacks that can be used at home, professional makeup tips and test products. She founded Huda Beauty. 

Fit Men Cook- The blog was found in 2012 by Kevin Curry who shares his diet recipe, motivates people to build their lives around a healthy lifestyle, and inspires them to control their weight. 

Kayla Itsines- The founder of this blog, Kayla is recognized by Times Magazine as to 30 most influential people on the internet. The blog aims to achieve the best level of fitness and confidence for a woman. 

Cup of Joe- Joanna Goddard owns this blog and has been writing it since 2007. It was started as a hobby and the inspiring people became a full-time job for her. 

Inspiration Indulgence- this blog is run by Chelsea Korpi who writes about relationship positivity advice and self-development. This blog will provide you everything from self-help to a dress guide. 

Primer Magazine- The owner of this blog is Andrew Snavely. The blog’s main focus is on men and the improvement of their life. You will find things from motivation to clothing styles. 

Goop.com- The blog was started by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. You will find advice regarding food, beauty, style, and how to balance your life. 

Bright Bazaar- This blog was found by Will Taylor in 2009.  It has colorful designs, travel-related information and fashion help. It is recommended by famous publishing houses such as Elle Décor. 

Shut up and Go- The blog was created by the well-known You Tuber American Damon Dominique and Brazil-based Jianna Franco. They want to convert that the universe is vast and as a part of the universe, hence you are limitless. 

The Blonde Salad- This blog was found in 2009 by Chiara Ferragni. This blog has gained a lot of fame and success in the last few years. 

Love Taza- This parenting blog by Naomi is about parenting, motherhood, and how she is managing her life in New York City since 2007. The blog is listed among the top 10 blogs in Fobes. 

iJustine- Justine Ezarik found this blog in 2002 where she talked about Apple products. Today her blog is one of the best blogs considered for the tech industry. In 2017, Forbs put it in the list of top 10 tech and business influencers.

The topics may include handling relationships, parenting, handling the emotional as well as physical obstacles, education, health, etc. These blogs are created for spreading knowledge of life as well as to earn money. 

Great life blog names for your interest in life matters

Life Events

Box Life

Life Balance

Life Trackers

Smart Life

Life Source

Flashback Viewer

Life Foreteller

Life Lessons

Bio Stars

Everyday Blitz

Eco Life

Lyte Life

Success Plans

Soul Energy

Career Burn

Death Fresh

Survival Organic

Family Remedy

Spirit Treat

Society Training

Personal Ability

Human Exercise

Soul Green

Fresh Biography

Eternity Earth

Family Heart

Pure Family

Human Beauty

Strong Soul

Spirit Run

Career Scan

Vital Biography

Career Nutrition

Family Trainer

Life Beauty

Social Flex

Public Herbs

Vitality Guide

Social Diet

Life Tree

Life Recover

Public Medi

Lodge Treat

Club Pulse

Life Treat

Corporate Active

Social Health

World Bio

Social Spring

Green World

Life Athlete

Community Doctor

House Care

Life Shape

Family Portrait

Fiction Run

Mythical Soul

Magic Family

Human Shadow

Godly Career

Wizard Personal

Mind Survival

Spiritual Traits

Picture Spirit

Human Mystery

Grid Biography

Problem Family

Solution Personal

Gravel Soul

Family Zeal

Agony Spirit

Vain Soul

Happy Poem

Upset Story

Pensive Portrait

Excited Profile

Modesty Bio

Kind Life

Phobia Life

Joy Life

Eager Story

Anger Fiction

Crazy Pros

Terror Life

Wonder Book

Intent Life

Happy Profile

Love Fiction

Comfort Life

Glum Life

Life Passion

Love Story

Pride Life

Person Story

My Profile

Local Bio

Children Spirit

Family Personal

Age Survival

Born Animation

Learn Career

Active Soul

Career Report 

Society Tale

Animation Tale

Personal Yarn

Spirit Tale

Death Saga

Personal Floor

Family Article

Human Fable

Spirit Account

Human Script

Biopic Theatre

Career Plot

Animation Read

Society News

Life Blog Names

Human Report

Career Words

Spirit Coverage

Family Context

Personal Report

Family Writing

-hidden spirit

born spirit

experience live

happy hippie

macho man

be sharp

eagle man

be owl

alive alone

stranger guide

energetic mornings

shine kissed

art of life

virus heaven

we alien

spirit nova

hello hood

welcome home


soul star

infinity star

be comet

good man


shine soul

seems god

vital power

crazy life

crazy experts

breath heaven

fish man

whole speare


persuit of happiness

life baloon

life ways


aroma spread

hug togather

tight hug

home land

god adress

manimate man


magnanisam man

be imperial

wise women

story life

life writer

great day

all yours

sacri lifes

leve everything

become empty

nothing heven

yess you

bio mirale

magician of life

 Bloggers create blogs to exhibit their talent and to earn money. This is why blogging has become a trending profession. A blog is a webpage created to post an individual’s interests. Unlike a website, a blog allows a reader to have a conversation with the blogger.

Also, a blog always displays fresh content as it is updated regularly. For an individual, a blog is a way to make money while for a business, it is an online marketing tool.

Trending Life Blog Names

Top Life Pages Name Ideas

Best Life Blog Names

-Kickback Lifestyle

-Green Parenting

-Creative Mommy

-Living With Style

-The Lazy Girl

-The Organized Yogi

-Idle Lifestyle

-Find Balance

-No more baking!

-Relaxing Lifestyle

-Mind Butter

-Zen It Chick

-Healthy Pop

-How to Be Happy

-Savvy Living

-Healthy Obsession

-Healthy Karma

-Delicious Body

-Healthful Habit

-Totally Fit

-The Fashionista Blogger

-Chichi Chic

-The Gym Bunny

-Pretty Pink

-Pretty Pearls

-Cosmopolitan Life

-Fabulous Lifestyle

-Millennial Money Makers

-Lifestyle Local

-Manlier Men

-Crafty Crush

-Lifestyle on a Budget

-Guide to Happiness

-Change of The Times

-Xtreme Life

-My Happy Place


-Adulting 101

-Glorious Lump


-Love My Eclectic Life

-Cupcake Goals

-Taking Care Of Pepper Breeze

-Campervan Full Of Adventure

-Little Suburban Mommy Life

-Paradise Kitchen


-Everyday Adventure

-First Things First

-Finding Puddin

-Fashion is my Fickle Friend

-Hippie Holiday Home

-Bite Me Daily


-Gluttony Round

-Vanity Bites

-Cynical Awake

-Go Zero Waste

-The Hipster Superfoods

-Chic Tech

-Design-Y Inspiration

-Art And Style

-Woman At Work

-Make Me Famous

-The Change Maker

-Pot Sand Pans

-Vegan For Life

-Workout At Home

-High And Mighty

-Fun Fun Fun

-On Cloud Nine

-The War Room

-Power For Life

-Make That Change

-Kind Of Blue

-School Of Dance

-All About Food

-Boll And Branch

-My Green Box

-My Life Book

-Times Habit

-Your Best You

-Life Plume

-Fire Your Boss

-Hot And Cold

-The Fashion Hero

-Fur Real Friends

-My Health Book

-Water For Life

-Paint By Numbers

-Keep On Running

-Sense Of Style

-The Good Vibes

-My Champion Chip

-Beauty For Ashes

-My Event Planner

-Heal Your Body

-Plain And Simple

Life Pages Names

-Free To be Me

-Leisure Baker

-You Should Know

-Saddle Habit

-My Music School

-Spoke Habit

-Save Our Souls

-Cam To Cam

-What’s The Point?

-Build Your Dream

-The Number One

-Power Your Life

-Out Of Space


-Print For You

-Fix Me Stick

-Come With Me

-Sound Of Soul

-Make It Mine

-Get Things Done

-The Full Monty


-Balls Of Steel

-Beauty And Soul

-Kill My Bill

-Follow The Light

-Just Cook it

-The Better Way

-The Photo Studio

-Home And Kitchen

-My New Site

-Style For You

-The Love Shop

-The Sofa Store

-Kids For Kids

-Beauty And Nails

-House Of Fun

-Habit Allegiance

-We Love Kids

-Wood and Steel

-Do You Remember

-Flip The Bird

-Life Tyke

-House Of Dogs

-North And South

-Not Dead Yet

-Start With Us

-It’s For You

-The After Party

-The Photo Booth

-The Next Day

-Leap Of Faith

-Never Grow Up

-Walk My Dog

-Leisure Decade

-Pinch Of Salt

-Love To Dance

-Reflection Leisure

-The Healthy Way

-Here You Go

-Break The Chain

-Bend The Trend

-Hole Comfort

-Love Is All

-Handmade For You

-Life Is Sweet

-The New World

-Tell The World

-Its Your Time

-Coffee And Tea

-Share With Me

-Build The Future

-Taro Leisure

-Heaven and Earth

-Love Your Face

-Cap It All

-Self Made Man

-Just Call Me

-Hair For You

-We Want More

-Know Your Food

-Shape Your Life

-The Food Lab

-Gift Of Life

-Sight And Sound

-The Black Swan

-The Life Box

-Just Say It

-My Own Home

-Click And Grow

-The Little One

-Taste And Travel

-Fit And Free

-Habit Metropolis

-Built To Last

-On The Level

-Books and More

-Designed By Me

-We Love Tech

-Ray Of Hope

-Rock The Boat

-Feel The Wave

-Baked With Love

-Run With Me

-Art And Copy

-New Game Plus

-Move For Life

-Red And Black

-Comfort Mother

-Dream Maker

-So To Speak

-Love And Vibes

-Ace Of Space

-Music For All

-Dunk Habit

-The Lad Bible

-Ready For You

-Ready To Race

-Your Next Move

-The Blue House

-Make Me Smile

-Scan Habit

-Lemon And Lime

-We Can Dance

-Book And Play

-One Trick Pony

-World Of Luxury

-Show Me How

-Share The Love

-All About Love

Trending Life Pages Names

-Woman To Woman

-Hip Hop Shop

-Leisure Watchers

-Key Of Life

-Yin And Yang

-Dance For Life

-Us And Them

-We Love Fashion

-Habit Opal

-Food For Health

-Baby And Kids

-Duck Sin Arow

-Habit Notice

-Art Of Balance

-Wellness For You

-Shades Of Green

-Chill out Zone

-Lash And Brow

-Tech For Life

-Just Like New

-My Fit Coach

-Stay With Us

-Save My Bag

-That’s The Spirit

-Speak Your Mind

-Music Just Music

-Klin Gen Burg

-Leisure Bloomer

-Peace On Earth

-Art Of Light

-Ice And Fire

-The Italian Job

-New Media Design

-Ready For Life

-Fire And Safety

-Leisure Perks

-Hair We Go

-The Big Deal

-Full Of Life

A blog gets popularised by its contents. Therefore, it is necessary to have attractive posts in the blog. In the same way, a blog name should also be catchy to attract more readers to it. Therefore, it is important to see that your blog has the best blog name.

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