50 Top Brazilian Brands That You Need To Know

Brazil 🇧🇷 is a country full of life and different things. It’s famous not just for its amazing culture and beautiful places but also for its strong business world.

This article talks about the best Brazilian brands. These brands are big not only in Brazil but all over the world. They include cool fashion brands and leading tech companies. These brands show how creative and hard-working Brazilians are.

We will look at these top companies and learn about their stories and how they became successful. This shows how strong and lively Brazil’s economy is.” 🌟💼

10 Top Brazilian Brands With Its Brand Value

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1Itaú Unibanco8,261
3Banco do Brasil4,789
7Magazine Luiza3,298
10BTG Pactual2,731

50 Top Brazilian Brands


It is a Brazilian telecom company which was founded in 1988. The Oi company’s service covers approximately 60% of Brazil’s geographical areas.

The company is best known for its uninterrupted services, superb data connectivity and IPTV.


This is a Brazilian transnational mining and metals company. Established in 1942 by the state government, Vargas Era Federal.

They started the industry with the intention of making it the world’s largest metal-extracting agency, and in all spheres, they succeeded. 

Banco Bradesco

The Brazilian Bank, Banco Bradesco, came into existence 77 years ago by Amador Aguiar.

The bank furnishes all kinds of economic assistance, like investment assets, purchasing shares in the stock markets, insurance, etc, to industries, individuals, and countries. It has been actively operative since 1943.

Caixa Econômica Federal

This Brazilian financial institution is fully governed and regulated by the State government. It was formed in 1861 by Emperor Pedro.

It operates in almost all the towns and cities of Brazil. People have been choosing the bank for its cordial ambiance and a lower rate of interest.


The Canadian company, Ipiranga, is a private company that generates and supplies fuel and natural gases to the country.

There are as many as 5678 gas depositories within the country. Founded in 1937, the company earns 40% of its profit by shopping oil to 7 ports in Brazil.

Natural & Co

Longing for natural cosmetics brands? If yes, then why not try the Brazilian 100% organic brand.

The brand was launched by Antônio Luiz Seabra in 1969 with the aim of providing customers with fewer chemical and toxic ingredients in cosmetic products. The brand claims to be made of all-natural herbs grown in a country. 

LATAM Airlines

In 2012, TAM Airlines of Brazil incorporated with LAN Air Services, making it LATAM Airlines.

The airlines contribute 20% of their profit to NGOs and social organizations. The superb facilities delivered by LATAM Airlines attract more and more passengers every year.


This Brazilian company is a petroleum company that operates internationally. It opened its eyes in the 1900s.

It started as a national industry, but after 10 years of prosperous business, it expanded its units all around the world. Petroleum, petrochemicals, petrol derivatives, and natural gases are produced here.


Gerdau is a Brazilian brand that produces fine steel for the country. It quickly attracted many customers and companies willing to collaborate and buy steel from the company.

Casas Bahiya 

The commercial industries that produce furniture and household accessories. The company is well known in Brazil for its quality of production and long-lasting equipment.

In 2000, the company inaugurated an online business for the same. People have been going crazy for the product for its price and quality.


The famous Brazilian company deals with food shopping and manufacturing. It was launched in 1944, by a small group of Brazilian people.

The company counts among the top food-supplying companies. Meat products, frozen foods, and different mojito flavors are best available at Sadia.


It is a Brazilian financial institution that works for the country’s advancement and as a nationwide public enterprise linked with the government and ministerial development criteria.

It was founded in 1952 and has around 2,000 workers working for the development of the rural areas of Brazil.


It was a state-owned company, but in 2008, it coalesced with a private company.  Itaù is a financial institution in the country which was launched in 1945.

The bank continues to serve the company and provide monetary assistance to small shops and enterprises. 

Banco do Brasil

The financial institution Banco do Brasil was set up in 1808 with the motive of making the country financially rich and protected.

It gives monetary aid to the industries and individuals in need and charges relatively low per cent of interest, these are the reason more and more accounts are being opened in the bank.


The prestigious and famous brand Embraer is an airspace defense company in Brazil.

It was launched in 1969, and within two years, the company proved to be the best company manufacturing jets and aircraft for the defense of the country. The brand is symbolic of the strength and vigor of the nation.


The company Cemig is known for generating and supplying electricity and fuel to the country.

It was launched in the 1950s, and the primary objective was to provide all households with electricity. The company has successfully launched hydroelectricity and planted 59 plus energy plants in the country. 


The company was launched to pay homage to the country’s navy. It manufactures submarines and cargo ships, which are used during wars.

In 2020, the company drafted a plan to manufacture nuclear-proof submarines.

The company is famous globally, and many big assignments and deals have been signed in recent years.


It is a digital retail company established in 2006. The company is a national company operating under the government.

It publishes commodities and services online for the people of the country.

Via Varejo 

The company was established in 2010 in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil. The company is owned by a well-known family of Brazil, it is a commercial company, many small and big shops regulate under the company. 6% of each shop’s profit is transferred to the Via Varejo company.


Amil is a medical organization operating in Brazil. Founded in 1977, by Richard T.

Burke. It has a total of 153 hospitals within the country that look after the patient.

The hospital staff are extra humble and cordial, and enough beds and nutritious food are provided to the patients admitted to the hospital.

Rede Globo

Rede Globo is a national broadcasting company in Canada. It was launched in 1965 by the famous Roberto Marinho.

It has hundreds of channels operating under it, like the Vivo TV channel, or TV, channel TV, and many other channels. The company did not fail to gain attention and TRP from the people.


The Brazilian Courier delivering company Correios was established in 1663 with the motive of speedy courier services.

The company manages all national and international couriers and posts of Brazil. 

Ponto Frio

Ponto Frio is a commercial company that was founded in 2010 by the Klein family. The company regulates online and manages its shares and stocks in e-commerce.

The company recorded a total of $4.8 billion in inventory rise in 2013. Many small and big shops work under the company.


The famous Brazilian brand was launched in 2002 by Giselle Bundchen. It is super stylish, comfy footwear launched for people of all walks of life.

From high heels to comfy flats, leather shoes to chinky sneakers, everything is available in this brand. People have been giving deserved love to the company.


The prestigious brand Mormaii is famous in Brazil. It has every style of dress available for bodies of all sizes.

The vintage collection and ethnic representation have been the key features of the brand.

Gol Transportes Aéreos

Founded in 2000, Gol Transportes Aéreos is an airline company in Brazil. It is one of the largest active air services delivered in Brazil. It has 123 destination ports worldwide and a fleet size of 143.

People chose this airline service over the other air services for its warm service and relatively cheaper ticket prices. 


It is the world’s largest food processing company in Brazil. The Brazilian company sells processed meats such as chicken, pork, mutton, beef, and fish all over the world.

Founded in 1953, the company initially started as a butchery house which used to operate within the country, from 1989, it started operating globally.


It is the largest telecom company in Brazil. The company provides various kinds of telecom-related services like broadcasting, broadband, IPTV, fast internet connection etc.

Roberto Marinho launched Net in 1991. Currently, the company has as many as 9.2 million subscribers within the country.

Souza Cruz

The Brazilian tobacco company was launched in 1903, by Albino Souza Cruz. It is one of the largest tobacco producers in Brazil.

The company enjoys a monopoly on the import and export of tobacco. The tobacco is rich and fine in quality. The expansion started when the first order was placed internationally.


It is a Brazilian bank that operates within the country. It was launched in 1928.

The bank has been flourishing over the passing years, and each year, they have a good result. It earns a net income of $308 million and has as many as 4009 workers.

Casas Pernambucanas

It is a chain of stores and malls that sells household appliances like carpets, sofas, dining tables, beds, utensils, etc.

The brand was launched for household commodities. A profit of almost 19 percent is earned. People prefer this brand over others because of its textures, quality, and, most importantly, its prices.

BTG pactual

It is an economic agency that runs in the country and manages capital, stock markets, shares, etc.

It provides the country with much-needed economic help. It lends money on interest, helps in investments, buys and sells shares of the stock market, etc. The company was launched in Brazil. 

Lojas Renner

It is one of the largest luxury stores in Brazil. It was launched in 1912 by A.J Renner. It has a rich quality of clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, and perfumes.

The company has been running successfully in the country in spite of tough competitors in the same domain. 


The company has emerged as the largest multinational company in Brazil. Brazil’s Govt owns this brand now.

The company manufactures chemicals and petrochemicals for the industries. As many as 2,044 workers work in the company to make the company world’s best.

CPFL Energia

The Brazilian company is a power supplier company that was established in 1912. It is probably Brazil’s oldest brand.

The company provided electricity, natural gas, and other derivatives. The cheap rates of electricity supply are what made this brand reputed and loved.


This financial institution was launched in 1956 as a retailer, but later on, it changed into a Brazilian company that provides monetary aid to almost 24 brands.  

The company helps the brand with the investment, the company also recruits dealers and also lends loans when required. 


The electric generated and provider company of Brazil was established in 1954. The company provides electricity to almost 23% of the population at a relatively cheaper price.

The company has been emerging as the largest electric supplier of the country, with a net income worth $2.54 billion. 

PDG Realty

PDG Realty is a site construction and real estate seller company. The company takes contracts from the builders to construct the building.

Likewise, they sell the property to the customers and earn at least 10% profit from every estate sold. The brand saw its launch in 1979. 


It is a medical diagnostics company working under the government of Brazil. It was launched in 2003 with the aim to provide medical facilities to everyone at a relatively cheaper rate.

The company also regulates eatery testing branches, advertisement, research, and study. The company earns almost 35% profit every year.


The Brazilian company Comgas is a gas distributor. The company provides gas to almost 16 million households.

Sao Paolo holds the brand headquarters. The company is a state-owned company working for the development of the country.

Banco do Nordeste

It is a regional bank established in 1952 in Brazil. The bank performs the regional development task assigned by the government.

The bank has almost 300 branches within the country, which are working for the betterment of the country. 90 to 95 % of the capital is under the state.


The company is a paper manufacturing, recycling, and shipping industry. The prestigious Brazilian company was launched in 1899 by Mauricio Freeman Klabin.

The company was launched in order to recycle and reuse waste products to reduce the country’s pollution. 


It is a famous construction and real residence company. The Brazilian company was launched in 1954. It is the country’s fourth biggest constructor.

They provide all the required construction materials and allocate workers to do the construction. No mentionable setbacks stopped the country. 

Café pilão 

The brand was launched in Brazil; it is a coffee plantation and production company.

The company cultivates coffee seeds, sores them, and brews them, and accordingly, it goes for the packaging round.

The beans that are grown in the industry are claimed to be 100%  organic, with a fine taste. Coffee was finally brewed.

Brazilian Santos 

The world-famous coffee brand, Brazilian Santos is considered as the largest producer of coffee beans.

According to the records, it is considered to be the most active company that has been taking orders from Latin America and East European countries. The coffee beans are finely brewed with advanced technology as well as manually. 


This famous brand of footwear, which is known all over the world, Havaianas, was launched in 1963.

The newly designed shoes, flip flop sandals, leather shoes, sneakers, boots, sports shoes, and every other kind are available best in the company.

The average earners, as well as the rich class, can afford the brand. Havaian’s shoes never go out of trend.


One of the famous and expensive brands in the luxury domain is Osklen. It was launched by the group headed by designer Oskar Metsavaht in 1962.

Exclusive clothes designed by Osklen was launched in the suburbs of Brazil, in 1986, he launched sportswear which became a hit. The brand never fails to represent the country’s ethnicity and culture. 


The prestigious clothing brand was launched in 1986 in Brazil. Colcci has emerged as one of the best clothes-producing companies for men as well as women.

The reason it attracts more and more people towards it is that premium clothes are available at a relatively low price. Not just in Brazil, but the company is also well known in eastern European countries.


This is a prestigious commercial company in the country. The company manufactures and sells household and commercial equipment like wooden, plastic, steel gates, windows, plants, pipes, and other bathroom appliances.

The company is a global company that imports the equipment to foreign countries.


The company was launched in Brazil by the famous business group. The company reproduces and supplies electricity and natural energy to different provinces of the country.

The company is a junction of major energy transmission in the country. It has alignments with the major companies of the world, which yields them major funds to raise the stake of the company.

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