Top 50 Finland Brand

The small country, Finland is no less than other countries in terms of having exclusive brands’ origins in the country. Finland is one of the major countries whose brands are globally appreciated and wanted by the people.

Top 50 Brands Of Finland


Nokia is the largest and most valuable brand that was founded in Finland. The company is a globally known company that provides telecom services, data tech, and patron electronics. The company has its branches all over the brand with good selling records. the company comes among the top mobile manufacturing companies.


The company is an international company established in Finland. The company manufactures, supplies, and refines oil in the country. The oil sold by the company goes through several processes before getting sold in the market. The Neste company has a record of making net income worth $7.9 billion every year. 


The famous company was established in Finland in the early 1960s. The company manufactures products and derivatives made from the forest. Products like paper, plywood, furniture, bioenergy, biochemical, and many other products. The company has a license from the government for rearing forests of the country for manufacturing exclusive products.


The company is very famous and well known among the Nordic countries, which was established in Finland. The company has divided itself into five branches, each manufacturing different kinds of eateries in the country. Products like baked goods, cake, pastries, chocolates, and many other delicious snacks.


The company is formed in Finland is the data and broadcasting company. The company was established in the early 2000s, its main motive was to provide excellent telecom and entertaining means in the country. The company provides superb internet and data facilities to the people. 


The company is a Finnish company which is an engineering and service industry. The company allocates variously skilled engineers to the desired companies in the country and world. It has recruited almost 39,000 skilled laborers to the companies that required talented engineers. 


The company is a commercial company that regulates various supermarkets and shops in the company. The company is established in Finland, it has been funding and providing goods and commodities to those small and big shops and earn a profit. The company also supplies various agricultural and commercial products to the farms and industries.


The famous organization is a gaming development center that was established in Finland. The company has been developing various famous and trending games like clash of clans, Brawl star and etc. The company has been earning millions through the games developed by the supercell company. 


The famous and prestigious company, Elisa is established in Finland. The company is a telecom and ICT based company that provides its customers with the best quality of online services like speed internet, incoming outgoing calls, and many other such services. 


The company is known for manufacturing and supplying marine impulsion, energy plants, and other security services to the agencies and countries. The country has its units all over the globe, the company is said to be one of the most trusted brands in the world for its quality of services. 


The company is a crane and other heavy types of machinery manufacturer in the country. The company manufactures such machines that help in the construction of buildings and roads. After so many years of hard work and struggle, the company is known countrywide. 


In 1920, the company, Huhtamaki was formed. The company is a food retail company, which is specialized in the manufacturing and packaging of snacks like chips, French fries, caster rolls, cookies, and other flavorful eateries in the country. The company has been launching different flavors of snacks and beverages every year.


The company is specialized in generating and supplying the country with natural energies, fuels, and electricity. The company was formed in Finland by the group of businessmen who were determined to make the country self-reliant and sufficient with the power plants. 


The company is said to be the biggest manufacturer and seller of milk and milk products in the country. The company manufactures dairy products like milk powder, yogurt, condensed milk, butter, and other milk derivatives. The company is countrywide famous for its products and low rates. 


The famous IT-based industry was formed in Finland almost 57 years ago. The company yields IT services and outputs of engineering in the country. Its main motive is to stabilize the country’s IT sectors by providing the country with its best services and facilities. The company to date has been working rigorously to improve the IT cells of Finland.

Stora Enso

The prestigious brand was launched in Finland in the 1990s. The company is a producer and seller of forest-based products like paper, furniture, pulp, timber, and tobacco in the country. It is one of the largest and most demanded brands in the domain. People were fascinated by the output generated by the industry. 

S- Market

The company, S- Market is a commercial company which regulates and guides several groceries based stores and marts in the country. The Company’s sole purpose in the country is to furnish the small shops with stocks and help them to expand their business and branch. The company is a reputed brand of the country, which has been employing almost 34,00 workers in the company.


The company is a beverage manufacturing company that was established around the 1930s in Finland. The company is well-known for its brewed alcohol and soft drinks. The company has different flavors and colors of alcohol that is in great demand in the market. The company has its branches all over the Nordic countries.

Nokian tires Oyj

The Finnish company, Nokian Tyres is a company that manufactures tires of buses, trucks, cars, and other vehicles. The company manufactures good quality with high grip tires that last long and has a longer-term warranty. The company has its divisions in almost all the cities of the country.

OP Bank

The company is a financial organization of the country which is regulated by the government of Finland. The company covers all the monetary facilities and schemes in the country. From providing loans to helping them with investments, the company provides the country and its citizens with all kinds of services. 


The brand is considered as the best skincare brand in Finland. The company manufactures a hundred present organic and less chemical exploitive substances. Products like face wash, cream, soap, detergent, scrubs, and many other such products are purely herbal and natural. The products of the company are lived by all the people.


The company is a retail company that operates a chain of shops and marts in Finland. The company finances those shops and helps them with marketing strategies and demands, in return they earn 10% of the profit from them. The company has been expanding its branches to different countries around the world with the object of making profits out of them.


The brand, Sanoma is a broadcasting and media-based company that was established in Finland. The company runs several channels and webs that outcast entertaining and news channel programs in the country. The company has the largest viewers and subscribers. The company also publishes magazines and presses all over the country.

Ivana Helsinki 

The brand is a very popular and prestigious brand in Finland. Within a very short period of span the company got its fame and name, today it has its branches in almost all the nordic countries. The company is a luxury brand that manufactures clothes and shoes in the country. The plus point is prime clothing is available at a relatively cheaper price.


The company is a famous and most wanted company in Finland, it was launched in the early 1970s. The company manufactures and supplies the best quality of wines and vodka, which is loved by all the people of the country. Its taste and quantity everything is adequately managed by the staff of the company. 


The company is a mining and recycling company that was established in Finland. The company generates oil and other natural energies and supplies in the market. The company has different branches that are specialized in different sectors to serve society. Few branches manage the recycling process.


The company carries out all the construction in the country. The company originated in Finland, makes and sells apartments, and other infrastructures in the country. The company has a set pattern of working which is they crack a deal and then allocates workers to carry out the construction activities in the country.

VR Group

The famous VR group is the state-owned railway company that operated in Finland. The company has been the biggest sector of an increase in the GDP of the country. The passengers opt for the VR group railways services for its warm and clean train compartments and security measures. The company has been growing tremendously over the years.


The company Finnair is a public airline of the country, Finland. The company guarantees actual landings and takeoffs, there have been rare any registered delays. The company’s service is the most attractive service in Finland. The company has more than 35 destinations, linked to most of the major countries of the world. 

Bank of Finland

The Bank of Finland is the biggest and the most famous bank operated by the state government of Finland. It has been providing the citizens and many commercial institutions with banking facilities like purchasing and laying off shares in stock markets, loans, credit, and check facility and more other such services. 

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj

The company is a Finnish company established to manufacture forest-based products in the country. It produces goods like fiber, silk, cotton, paper, and wooden furniture, all these products are highly demanded in the country. The company has its bases in all the Nordic and southern European countries. 


The company in Finland provides the service of wireless trade in the country. The company’s site’s purpose is to circulate authentic news and information in the country. Before the news is circulated on the net or other means, the company does a thorough check and only then it grants permission to be circulated.


The company is a software development company established in Finland. The company has been purchasing and selling the software in exchange for financial management and services. The company has been working successfully all over the world and has been expanding rapidly. It has its bases in almost all the cities of the country.

Sophie Sälekari

The company is established in Finland. It is a luxury brand that manufactures exclusive clothing and jewelry for all kinds of complexion and age of people. The Finnish people are absolutely in love with the collections and launches of the country. The company has got popularity in very little time for its quality and rate.


The company, Henua organic is a finish company. The company was founded by a famous beautician in order to provide people with less exploitive products. The products manufactured in the company are organic ones, which are made of herbs, flowers, and shores of the country.


The ancient and most famous company which manufactured carpets and rugs in the country. The company supplies many domestic and commercial industries with the finished goods to sell in the market. It earns almost $7.4 million net income every year. It has its branches in 7-9 cities in the country. 

Marimekko Oyj

The company is a luxury brand that originated in Finland. The company manufactures domestic textiles and trending accessories and garments for women. The company got its recognition after November 2000, launch which had all bright and moral prints. The citizens can’t get over the brand for its designing pattern.


The company manufactures electronic devices and sell them in the market. The company was established in Finland almost 21 years ago. It got a reputation after the launch of loudspeakers and amplifiers which were long-lasting and had good sounding features. 

Arabia Finland

The company is a manufacturer of household alliances. The company was established in order to supply standard kitchen sets, dining sets, crockery sets, and other household equipment. The company has been manufacturing the best quality products which are countrywide famous and loved.

Fiskars Group

The well-known company Fiskars group was launched in Finland by a group of business class people. The company is famous for manufacturing tools and sanitary products, like scissors, screwdrivers, nails, toilet papers, tissues, and many other household products. It has been supplying its products to many industries.

Framery OY

The company manufactures office-based products in Finland. It manufactures phone booths, cabins, pods, and laboring spaces for the offices and industrial sectors. The company has been active for the last 10 years. Its collection and production are all magnificent and satisfying for the customers. 

JuriNet Ltd

The company is a Finnish based company which came into operation in 2011. The company is a conglomerate of legislation departments and trades in the country. The company is a global company, with many major alignments with European companies. The sole purpose is to furnish legal and trade services to the nations.

Kaslink Foods Ltd

The company, Kaslink, is a food retail company established in Finland. The company manufactures mostly dairy products like chocolate, yogurt, ice cream, and cakes. The company is a source of employment for many young people. It is said to be the biggest and most famous personal owned brand of the country.

Lapin Kulta

The company manufactures excellent beers and other soft drinks in the country. It ranks 4th largest and best seller of beer bottles in Finland. The exquisite combination of ingredients is flavored in the beer and that is why it is lived by the majority of the people.

Lojer Group

The company is a global company that supplies medical equipment to the health care agencies of the country. After the civil war, the company has been regularly furnishing the medical sectors with medicines, beds and other fools required. It has branches all over the country and Nordic regions.

Leijona watch

The famous Finnish brand was established in the early 1900s. The company is a fashion brand that manufactures and designs branded watches for people. The watched are beautifully designed and manufactured and are sold at affordable prices. The company has been expanding its branches all over the country and abroad.


The company is a food delivery company in Finland. The company has been delivering parcels from the restaurants to the customer’s location in minimum time. The company is said to be the fastest delivery agency that is active in the country. The company has its branches in the neighboring countries as well.

Solifer Oy

The company is famous for manufacturing vehicles and ships in the country. It was established in the mid-1950s where there was a negligible amount of competition in this sector. Products like by-cycle, boat, mopeds, and other such traveling vehicles. The company, however, has now been receiving rivalries, yet it continues to be the best company.


It is a game developing company established in Finland. The company has been launching various interesting and fascinating games and chatting sites in the country. The company has been employing a large number of skilled people in the country. It earns 25% of profits out of the game development.


The company is a recycle and manufacturers of intense waste generated from the country. It follows the protocol of reusing the dumped garbage. In this way, the company is reducing the amount of garbage and increasing its resources. The company has earned a lot of respect as it donates 5% of the profit to the NGOs and healthcare agencies.

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