50+ Top Turkey Brands In The World

Turkey is a growing hub for all trendy and expensive global brands. Many Turkish brands are worth knowing about; continue to read the full article to know all the important brands of Turkey. 

Turkey Brands In The World

Turkish Airlines

The company was launched in order to make communicating from one place to another more convenient and faster. The company is a Turkish-based company that operates and manages the airline services of the country. The people of Turkey have immense trust in the company for its security and helpline measures.

Ziraat Bankasi

This Turkish company is a financial institution of the country, which was set in the mid-1860s. The corporation’s sole purpose is to provide economic aid to the country and its people. It was established when the country was going through a phase of recession and unemployment. 


The company is a telecom-based company in Turkey that was established to raise the standards of telecommunications in the country. With advanced data services and attractive calling and roaming packs, the company has given tight competition to other telecom companies. It has been opening vast vacancies for job opportunities in Turkey. 

Mavi Jeans

The company is a famous company in Turkey that was established in the early 1990s. The company manufactures trendy and comfy denim jeans in the country. The products manufactured by the company have set the trend all over the world. The blastoff of the company has given super hits. 

Ford Otosan 

The famous company is known for manufacturing and supplying automobiles in the country. This Turkish brand of producing branded and luxury cars were launched in the late 1950s with a motive to make it the best company not just in Turkey but around the world. 

Garanti BBVA

This Turkish-based company, Garanti, was launched with the motive to release the country and its people from the grip of financial crunches and make it more profitable for the account holders. The company’s service is recognized nationally because it made the banking system easier and more convenient for the country’s people.


The renowned company was set in Turkey as the manufacturer of domestic gadgets. The company manufactures and sells advanced and decorative electronic and other household equipment. Products like a cooler, A.C, refrigerators, iron, microwave, speaker set, and many more such products. 

Türk Telecom

The company is established in Turkey and it is one of the oldest companies to operate in telecommunications and broadcasting. The company is organized to deliver quality services of the internet, calls, surfing, broadband, and many other related services. It has more than 5-7 units within the country, which works for better and more secure services. 


The company is a fashionable brand in turkey. The company has hired skilled and talented designers who carry out the design and production processes in the country. The company is specialized in manufacturing leather goods like shoes, jackets, bags, wallets, and many other fashionable products. 


This Turkish monetary institution is the biggest and most trusted agency that is run by a private company. The company undergoes the same banking facilities as the rest of the banks in the country. However, this company earns more profit than the rest for its easy and comprehensible clauses and norms. 


This company was launched in Turkey to raise the capital and monetary assets of the country. The bank’s duty is to manage the country’s wealth and capital glow and provide banking facilities to the account horses. The bank helps people financially and gives security for deposits and capital assets.

LC Waikiki (LCW)

The company is a commercial institution that was launched in Turkey. The company operates and regulates a series of mini and mega-marts in Turkey. It has been subsidizing the small shops and furnishing them with goods and commodities to be sold and thereby earning profit from them. 

Yapi Kredi

The bank helps people and corporations with monetary problems. It has been providing its customers with insurance schemes and provisions; the bank also takes care of the pension facility and manages the tax payments of its clients. It is one of the developing commercial banks which was established by a private company.


This is a Turkish-based automobile company that was established in the late 1960s. The company has a record of selling more than any other vehicle manufacturing company in the country. People love the auto manufactured by the company for its affordable price with superb mileage and speed.  

Koton (company)

The company is a luxury brand that was launched in Turkey. The company started as a national brand and later became an international one. It manufactures stylish and comfortable clothes with exclusive fabrics and textiles. The people of the country and world have showered immense love and appreciation for the brand’s collection.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group

The company is a medical organization that was established in Turkey. This organization has launched several hospitals and clinics in the country. The company provides medical equipment to the country, equipment like medicines, beds, appliances, and many other such products.


The company produces electronic gadgets in the country, Turkey. It manufactures products like refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, streamer, and many other such kinds of products. People go for these applications because it is easily available and has good features along with a warranty card.


The company manufactures lots of fascinating and expensive leather goods in the country. This Turkish brand was established in the late 1970s. Citizens go for this product for its exclusiveness and long-lasting features. 


The company is established in Turkey which was launched by a private group of business class. The company is a telecom based company which provides and fixes issues of the network, connectivity and broadband. Fenercell is providing services to more than 39% of the Turkish population. 


The company was established in Turkey around the 1960s. It is a retail group that manufactures and trades for vehicles in the market of Turkey. The Karsan group is a great source of employment for the engineers in the country. The company has earned a name and fame all with hard work and innovative techniques which attracted a lot of customers.

Medical Park Hospitals Group

The most trusted and famous pharma based organization is the Medical Park Hospitals Group in turkey. It has employed more than 20,000 doctors and medical staff to hospitals and other healthcare agencies. It has built more than 20 hospitals in the country with all the advanced medical facilities.


It is a company that deals with natural gas and petrol in the country. This Turkish brand has a monopoly in the country, it is a sole provider of crude oil, petrol, and petrochemical in the country. It has its bases and petrol pumps in all the highways and major cities of the country. The company warns more than the average petrol-based companies.

Pegasus Airlines

The country is an airline based agency that runs in Turkey. The company has a low rate of air service which is active in the country. It has undoubtedly made transportation cheaper and quicker for the Turkish people. The company is well-linked with all the major cities and counties of the country. It has an attractive service and security schema. 

Tekel Birası

The company manufactures beers and other hard drinks in Turkey. The company is known for manufacturing differently flavored beers with the great amalgamation of exotic ingredients in the drink. People from all walks of life can afford the drink and in fact, it is the highest demanded beer commonly in Turkey. 


The company is a petroleum and crude oil supplier agency in Turkey. The company was established in the 1960s to make the country sufficient with the petrochemical and petroleum fuels in the country. The company has been earning a lot of profit by supplying its products to the Russians and Americans. 

Hunca Cosmetics

Searching for Turkish cosmetic brands? If yes then you must know about the Hunca cosmetics, which originated in Turkey. It manufactures several beauty products like lipsticks, face powder, lotion, moisturizer, balm, concealer, highlighter, and many other related products. The people of turkey are absolutely in love with the product for its composition and price.


This is a Turkish launched app that delivers grocery within a short period of time to the consumer. It is actively working in Turkey and has gained a lot of fame for its speedy service and easy return and refunds facilities. The company has been a great source of earning bread and butter for thousands of individuals in the country.


The company is a Turkish based company that was established in the late 1970s. The company manufactures and supplies racing cars and motors in the country. It has been supplying its cars in the formula one race for several years. The racers trust the agency’s products, it has been tasted with times and several trials. 

DYO Boya

The company was started in order to make the chemical supply very easily available in Turkey. The company manufactures and supplies chemical substances and products to commercial, industrial and domestic sectors of the country. Products like ammonium nitrate, sulfate nitrate, phosphorus nitrate, and many other fertilizers and pesticides in Turkey.

Cola Turka

The company is famous for manufacturing beverages and other snacks in the country. It was established in the early 2000s, in spite of being a new company, it has occupied a large number of the market in the country. The beverage made in the company is a refreshing drink with a very low level of carbs and alcohol. 


The company is a global brand that was established in Turkey. The company is a telecom based company. It provides telecom related facilities all around the world. It is recognized as a good network provider and fixes any bug in the system. The company has its branches all over the world, especially in European countries.


The company is a Turkish brand that manufactures software and hardware for computers and machines. The company did not restrict software development but it also manages the defense system of the country. The company has its headquarters in the major city of Turkey, and its bases in all parts of the country. 

Istanbul Agop Cymbals

The company manufactures and sells musical instruments in the country. The company has been trading for the excellent quality of musical appliances that is demanded from all over the world. Instruments like guitar, flute, drums, piano, and many other such eccentric instruments are made in the company.

Anadolu Sigorta

The company was established in Turkey in the early 1920s. It is a financial institution that sells insurance and other monetary schemes to people and corporations. The company has developed over the years and now it has more than 9 branches within the country. In the last two years, it witnessed the highest sale of insurance policy in the country.


The company is an airline company that was established in Turkey. The company has been providing services to people for almost 20 years. People go for the company for its service and security schemes. It is connected with all the major ports of the country and world making communication faster and easier.


The company was organized in the early 1990s with the intention of producing the best collections of denim clothes. This is the luxury brand that has a record of giving two back to back hit launches in the country. It designs and sells jeans clothing like trousers, jackets, coats, and other kinds of fashionable denim clothes. 


The company was launched in Turkey as a bus and military vehicle manufacturer. The company supplies luxury buses for public transportation, it is a large bus with comfortable seats and emergency exits. Military tanks and other vehicles manufactured by the company are imported all across the world for its quality and techniques.


The company is a solar and thermal energy converter company. This Turkish company was established way back during the 90s. It supplies thermal products like a thermal collector, photovoltaic hybrid thermal collector, and many other such products. The products manufactured in the company helps in saving natural resources.

Ugur Group Companies

The company is a conglomerate company that was established in Turkey. The company manufactures coolers, air conditioner, freezer, and many other products. The company’s product is useful in both the commercial and industrial sectors of the country. The company employs more than 10,000 workers in every branch. 


This Turkish company is located in Turkey. It is a bus and torch manufacturer company which was established in the 1960s. The company has been providing a bus for public transport and trucks and carriers to transport goods from one place to another. The vehicles manufactured here are light and are useful in the agricultural sector as well. 

Petrol Ofisi

The company is a fuel and lubricant manufacturer which was established in Turkey. The company has been the most active and profit-making company in this domain.it supplies petrol to almost half the population of the country, it also has been supplying lubricants like grease, oil, mobile, and pets to the automotive and industrial companies.

Onur Air

This is an airline based company in Turkey that was introduced to make traveling in planes affordable to all classes of the people. This Turkish company has started an airline service within the country for making commuting easier and safer for people. 

PTT (Turkey)

The company is known for speed postal and Courier delivery in the country. This is a state-owned company that is effective for making the postal service quick and safe. The company guarantees the safety and on-time delivery of the parcel or posts. The company is an ancient established company.

Basak Traktor

The company is the best producer and trader of the tractor in Turkey. The company makes strong tractors for communicating goods and commodities from one farm to another. The company has been manufacturing such tractors that are very useful in the agricultural sector of the country.

Su Marine Yachts

The company is based in Turkey, it manufactures water vehicles in the country. Ships, boats, yachts, marines, and pets are best available in the country. This country is a privately regulated company which imports a large number of marine bodies in the foreign as well as in the country.

Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri (tupras)

The company is a crude oil and fuel manufacturing agency which is located in the region of Turkey. The company supplies the largest tons of crude and petrochemical products to the country as well as to the world. Many big companies and countries trade with the company which thereby yields more profits. 

Turkish State Railways (TSR)

Like all other countries, Turkey also earns its most profit and income from the railway sector of the country. The company has been actively performing the service of transportation of people and goods. Passengers traveling from the railways are provided with the best facility and security measures. 

Vitra (sanitaryware)

The company produces sanitary products in the country. It was launched in the early 1940s as a company that manufactures sanitary products like toilet paper, commode, tissue, pads, and other such products. The company later started manufacturing furniture which became another hit for the country.

Rvs Eyewear

The famous and prestigious company was launched in Turkey in the early 2000s. The company is specialized in manufacturing eyewear in the country. Famous brands for eye makeup were launched by the company which is loved by the majority of the people. In spite of being a new company, it did not fail to occupy the market.

Kristal Kola

The company is a beverage manufacturing company that was introduced in Turkey. The company has an amazing flavor of soft drinks that people are totally in love with. The company has been rising tremendously in all parts of the country by earning a huge amount of net profit every year.

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