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Microgreen Business Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

Microgreens are small, immature vegetables, as their name implies. However, just because they’re little doesn’t mean they’re useless. Instead, they are jam-packed with a variety of beneficial nutrients. 

Microgreens may be grown in any convenient location for a modest initial investment. With the growing demand for raw, nutrient-dense vegetables, choosing a good brand for your microgreen business is critical. Choose a recognizable name whether you’re providing fancy restaurants or selling kits to homes with little room. 

Please take a look at our selection of the finest microgreen business names.

Cool Microgreen Business Names

Do you want to create a microgreen company but are unsure what to call it? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

Hundreds of snappy, distinctive, and cool microgreen company names are provided in this post to help you get your creative juices flowing and discover cool microgreen business names.

Floral Microgreens

Beyond Eden

Microgreens Plus

Name That Green

Grasshopper Gardening

The Greenhouse

Earth Angels

Green Groovy Sprouts

Good Greens

The Green Business

Green Revolution

Next-Level Microgreens

The Micro Green Company

Little Sprouts

Healthy Bites from The Farm

Acorn Acres

Little Green Beans

Anise Hyssop Farm

Organic Salad Bowls

Dirt Forks


Miniature Garden

Garden Cress

The Plant Whisperer

Northern Sky Farm

Seed & Shovel

Argyll Forest

Growing Seedlings

The Greenhouse Heartbeat

Green Microgreens

Microgreen Bakery

Micro Greens Inc.

True Leaf Market

The Farm Market

Plant for Profit

Bunch of Greens

Neighborhood Gardening

Microgreens Supply

Outside of Eden

Sprout Business

The Garden Boutique

Earthbound Farms

City Sprouts

Urban Sprouts

Our Green World Farm

Organic Microgreens

I Love Vegan

The Green Moss

Seedling Nursery

The Greenery

Live Superfoods LLC

Green Spice

Tiny Details, Big Taste

Adagio Microgreen

Angel’s Breath Microgreens

For The Sprouts

Microgreen Farms

Microgreen Farmer

Leaves Of Green

Fresh Life Sprouts

Power Microgreens

Gracious Growers

Topsy Turvy Microgreens

Amazing Greens

Microgreen Meal


Garden Paradise Microgreens

Ivy Intrigue

Herbal Greens

The Cool Bean

Bushel Nuts

Super Sprouts

Fresh to Go

Healthy And Tasty

Fresh Greens and Spicy Flavors

Micro Roots

Garden Goddess

Fun Sprouts

Get Vegan

Fabio’s Greens

Catchy Microgreen Business Names

Your company’s name is almost as significant as the concept behind it. A fantastic microgreen business name encapsulates the company’s concept in a one-of-a-kind and distinctive moniker that embodies the company’s mission and values.

A catchy microgreen business name might go a long way toward ensuring the success of your new business.

Garden Delight

Grow Delicate

Total Microgreen

Sprout Farm

The Best Microgreen

My Delicate Genie

I Love Microgreens

Sunny Vale

Micro Biz Sparkle

Almost Eden

Green In The House

Make a Maze

Superb Microbeam


Wooden Wonder

Sow Pretty

World Of Green

Hippie Microgreens

Utopia Gardens


Lively and Green Company

The Green Events

Century Garden

What’s Healthy?

Capsicum Microgreens

The Health Shop

Eco-Friendly Goods

Farm Fresh Microgreens

Green Brooks

Glasshouse Microgreens

Microgreen Nation

Oasis Microgreens Inc

Green Caftans

Main Street Microgreens

The Green Incorporation

My Vital Herb

Garden Style

The Green Shackle

Happy To Be Green

Groovy Planters

Organic & Natural Microgreens

Raw Co.

Grow a Leaf

Microgreen Culture

Grow Origin

Go Green

Grass Roots Business

Edible Greens House

Green Groves Farm

My Green Grocers

Exotic Microgreens

Plant Supercharge

The Crunchy Bean Sprout House

The Sweet Origin

Chef’s Garden

Green Machines

My Green Earth

Ladybird’S Gardening

Microgreen Salads

Fresh Microgreens Delivery

Alliums Are Us

Lively Landscapes

Micro Shrubs

Green Baby Microgreens

The Sprouts of Life

Mojo Green

Green Eat

Fresh Life


Fields Of Flowers

Mix And Match

Petite Greens

The Green Nation

Nature Captured

Harvest N’ Greens

Healthy Microgreens

Microgreen Juice Bar

The Micro Spinach Guy

The Green Store

The Green Bean

Latest Microgreen Business Names

It might be challenging to develop a good name when beginning a new business or introducing a new product.

You want something that will stand out and catch people’s attention, but you also want to avoid the apparent problems by reading our post on the latest microgreen business names.

Supercharge Seeds

Landscape Love

Everything Is Green

Tiny Greens

Discount Gardening Co.

Bangalow Microgreens

Urban Groceries

Backyard Microgreens

Golden Elms

Future Microgreens

Garden Harvest

Baby Bulbs

Designer Gardening

Lovely Landscapes

Grow Up Plant

Fresh Origins Microgreens

Garden Of Green

Greenlight Lawns

Microgreens from The Farm

Tips from Marcus

Angel Microgreen

Only Natural Greens

Sproutman’s World

Little Microgreen

Golden Harvest

Aardvark Farm Fresh

BizNameWiz Writer

Micro Greens Organic Farm

Artisan Microgreens

Instant Green


Microgreen Gardener

Name That Plants

Baby Greens

Luscious Landscapes

The Nursery

Micro Green Gardening Service

Tiny Sprouts

The Green Harvest

Sprouts of Love

Organic And Naturals

Landscape Lessons

The Greenhouse Garden

Harris Seeds

Spicy Seeds

The Micro Root Store

The Sustainable Form

Cherry Valley Organics



Roots And Sprouts

Seedsand Chips

Garden Greatness

The Community Garden

Garden Gate

Green Living Ideas

Fresh Microgreens

Microgreen Baby

Mulch Masters

Bean Town

Green Echo

From The Garden

Green Dreams

Green’s the New Black

Great Microgreen

Space Fresh

Garden of Eden Microgreens

Ahoy! Green!

Green Notes

The Little Green Garden

Garden Greenhouse

The Angel Herb

Agro Green

Microgreen Madness

Plant Power Microgreens

The Greenhouse Delight

Heirloom Microgreens

Cilantro Greens

Tasty Yet Healthy

The Luscious Garden

Awesome Microgreen Business Names

The first and most crucial stage in building a successful brand for your microgreen business is to come up with a catchy name.

.We’ve done some research for you and compiled a list of awesome microgreen company names that you may use to brand your microgreen business. Check it out!

Fit to Be Itsy

Microgreen Food

Microgreen Mamma

Valley View Microgreens

Wholesome Greens Catering

Organic Microgreens Delivery Service

Bon Appetit Microgreens

Mini Crops

Green Moor

The Green Emporium

Kind Greens

Farm Fresh Produce


Smart Greens

Cool Beans

Get, Set, Healthy!

Floral Alleys

Seedling Salon and Spa

Street Farm

Green In Urban

Maintaining Masters

The Green Island

Just Greens

Green Girl You Green

Flower Power Farms, Inc.

Planet Organic

Patch Works

Microgreen Gardens

Go Planted

Space Needle Microgreen

Greene Idea

Mini Growers

Microgreen Events

Edible Microgreens

Allegheny Microgreens

Backyard Garden

Greenscape Ventures

The Green Goddess

Microgreens Salad Assortment

Gardening For All

Sprouts Inc.

Seedling Gift Box

Blessed Botanicals

Trees Are Awesome

Greens Grams

Gourmet Greens and Herbs LLC


Micro Farm

The Green Pearl

Melon Mango Microgreens

Power Leaf

Custom Microgreens

Move Mounts

Edible Gardens LLC


Get Gardening

Avocado Greens

Gardener’S Heaven

Alice’s Garden Microgreens

Super Greens LLP

Genie Plant

Grout Grams

My Power Green

Urban Farmers

Microgreens Inc

Insta Green

Garden Giver

The Microgreen Store

Sprout Gift Box

Blackland Creek Microgreens

Bloomin Microgreens

Fresh Pretend

Fresh Greens

Little Garden

Famous Microgreens

Microgreen Ventures

Gardner’S Gadgets

Green Spices Microgreens

Urban Harvest Greenhouse

Micro-Greens Limited

Amazing Microgreen Business Names

Choosing a proper business name is one of the essential decisions. Your microgreen company name must stand out among the other businesses in your neighborhood that offer similar products and services at reasonable pricing.

Because a name is your first impression on potential consumers, picking an amazing microgreen business name takes a lot of thinking.

Healthy Earth

Vital Veggies

Snap Greens

Urban Farmer’s Market

Microgreens Inc.

Shining Green

Want Some Green?

Farmer’s Market

Flowers And Fields

Gardeners Delight

Nature Blooms Gardens

Bay Leaf Farm

Greenhouse Delight

New Microgreens

Garden Of Dreams

The Veggie Patch

The City Gardener


Green Gardening

Green Bean Microgreens

Eternal Summer

Kitazawa Seed Company

The Budget Gardener

Bean Sprouts

Alice In Greenland

Fresh Green Life

Leafy Greens

The Garden Shoppe

Atomic Microgreens

Artistic Microgreens

Boxwood Garden

Let’s Plant Trees

Sprout Works

The Green Revolution

Aardvark Microgreens

Sprout City

Green Ivy

Microgreens and Connoisseurs

Green Harvest

Heart On Green

Greener Gardens

Moorhead Farm Microgreens

Jenny’s Greens

Green Dealz

Homemade Microgreens

Finest Flora

The Seed Shop

Garden to Plate

Go Green!

Air Plants Inc

Grow Your Own Green

See Green Farms

Garden Scape

Grow Origins

Flora Park


Green Corner Farm

Microgreen Garden

Always Green

Microgreen Health Supplements

Jingles Organic Microgreens

Microgreen Service

Organic Sprouts


Beginner’S Garden

Eco Garden Organics Micro Greens

The Grower

Healthy Vegan

The Cool Micro Green

Gardens Lounge

East Ends Gardens

Micro Green Store

Roots to Fruit

Greenway Farms Microgreens

Dirt Huggers

Make Some Green

Green Pesto

Lettuce Inspirations

Well Weeded

Absolute Greens

Dragon Microgreens

Landscape Revivers

The Micro Shop

­Seedling Factory

Green Beans Company

The Green Palace

A+ Micro Greens

Aroma Delight Microgreens

Green Gardens

Moiselle Farms

The Green Food

These Friendly Green

Greens & Grains

Urban Harvest

My Baby Seed

Urban Farms

Plantbase Restaurant

Gourmet Microgreen Juices

The Green Company

Kokopelli Microgreens

Garden Express

Micro Play

Microgreen Seeds

Sprout Garden

Soil Baby

Weed Free

Micro Greens Planting Shop

Sally’s Flower Bed

Lettuce Love

The Green Farms

Amazeballs Microgreens

Big Poppies Microgreens

Pest-Free Microgreens

Alpine Green

The Microgreen People

Farmers Market

Sprouts for You

Paris’ Gourmet Microgreens

Fresh Air Farm

All-Star Micro Greens

Green Machine

Garden of Vegan

Little Farmers

Paint Green

Curated Care

Overdrive Micro Greens

Argan Macadamia Microgreens

Roots & Shoots

Fresh Bean Sprouts

Green Empire

Awesome And Healthy

The Baby Green

Microgreen Kitchen

The Tropical Green

Natural North

Mix N’ Max Microgreens

Gourmet Greens

Eco Greens

The Dream Leave

Gourmet Microgreens

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