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How To Choose The Perfect Minnesota Business Name

  • 1 Make it unique: Stand out from the crowd, folks!
  • 2 Easy to spell: Keep it simple so people can find you easily.
  • 3 Related to your business: It should give folks an idea about what you do.
  • 4 Check the availability: Make sure no one else is using it.
  • 5 Sound good: It should roll off the tongue nicely.
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The Ultimate Naming Guide

Want to Make Your Business Stand Out? Check out Our Comprehensive Business Name Guide! Unlock the Power of A Memorable and Impactful Name.

Top Minnesota Business Names

Minnesota Business NameMeaning
TargetNamed after the retail term “target market,” implying their aim to cater to every customer’s needs.
Best BuySuggests their products are the “best buy” or best value for money.
General MillsNamed after the founder, Cadwallader C. Washburn’s, original flour mill.
3MShort for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, indicating the company’s origins.
UnitedHealth GroupImplies their commitment to united, comprehensive health services.
Land O’LakesNamed after the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the state’s nickname, showing their Minnesotan pride.
U.S. BancorpReflects their position as a major bank corporation in the U.S.
EcolabA blend of ‘eco-‘ (for ecological) and ‘lab’ (for laboratory), indicating their focus on environmental solutions.
MedtronicA fusion of ‘medical’ and ‘electronic’, highlighting their area of expertise.
Hormel FoodsNamed after the founder, George A. Hormel.
Polaris IndustriesNamed after the North Star, Polaris, symbolizing their leadership in the industry.
FastenalA clever combo of ‘fastener’ and ‘general’, referring to their primary product.
CargillNamed after the founders, the Cargill family.
Mayo ClinicNamed after founders, the Mayo brothers. The term ‘clinic’ signifies its medical focus.
Digi-Key‘Digi-‘ refers to digital electronics, and ‘key’ signifies their role as a key supplier.
Buffalo Wild WingsNamed after the retail term “target market,” implying its aim to cater to every customer’s needs.
Regis CorporationNamed after a high-end San Francisco hotel to signify class and elegance.
ValsparNamed after the first product they produced, a varnish named ‘Valentine’s Spar Varnish’.
Donaldson CompanyNamed after the founder, Frank Donaldson.
Arctic CatImplies their products’ durability in arctic-like conditions.

Minnesota Business Names

  • NorthStar Necessities
  • PrairiePeaks Productions
  • IceCave Interiors
  • TimberTop Toys
  • SummitSky Solutions
  • PineCrest Patisserie
  • BeaverBay Books
  • IronRange Innovations
  • GlacialGroove Gallery
  • GoldenGopher Garage
  • RedRiver Realty
  • BisonBridge Bistro
  • WildRice Winery
  • Honeycrisp Hotels
  • NorthWoods Nutrition
  • GopherGold Guides
  • WoodlandWhisk Bakery
  • SkyBlue Software
  • Wildflower Wellness
  • WhisperingWillow Web Hosting
  • NorthernLights Networking
  • VikingValley Ventures
  • PrairieWind Publishing
  • PolarBear Plumbing
  • RockPigeon Roasters
  • RadiantRaven Repairs
  • SnowySpruce Spa
  • BlueLoon Boutique
  • AuroraArc Architects
  • CedarValley Crafts
  • TimberTrail Tours
  • CrystalClear Consulting
  • SnowyOwl Software
  • MoonlitMoose Motel
  • MooseMarsh Motors
  • SuperiorShores Seafood
  • TundraTech Traders
  • PrairiePath Painters
  • StarryPine Studios
  • GreatLake Graphics
  • FrostFire Fashion
  • FrostyPines Photography
  • FrostBite Foods
  • Lakeside Lattes
  • TwinCities Treasures
  • WinterWolves Web Design
  • MightyMississippi Movers
  • LoonLake Logistics
  • OtterTail Outfitters
  • Meadowlark Marketing

Minnesota Business Name Ideas

Lakeside LuxuriesNorthern Nosh
Pine Peak ProductionsFrosted Fields Farm
Blue Moose MarketingTwin Cities Trinkets
North Star NecessitiesSuperior Software Solutions
Viking VenturesLoon Lake Logistics
Wild Wolf Web DesignArctic Axis Architects
Crystal Cave CreationsPrairie Pulse Photography
Boundless Birch BiotechGreat North Graphics
Frosty Frontier FashionsPaddle Pop Parlour
River Roost RealtyTwin Town Tech
Summit Sparrow SportsPrairie Pines Publishing
Golden Gopher GroceriesSnowy Spruce Spa
Lumberjack Luxe LeatherIceberg IT Solutions
Polar Pine PharmaceuticalsNorthern Nights Novelties
Chilly Cherry ChocolatesGlacier Gemstones
Twin Tower TextilesPrairie Palette Paints
Lake Life LivingNorthern Nomad Necessities
Soaring Sparrow SoftwareCrystal Clear Counseling
Winter Woods WellnessMoose Mountain Machinery
Frosted Fields FruitsNorthland Natural Nutrients
Superior Shore SeafoodGreat Lakes Graphics
Polar Point ProductionsWhite Bear Web Solutions

Minnesota Company Names

  • Willowbrook Interiors
  • Lakeshore Logistics
  • Cedar Ridge Robotics
  • Riverside Real Estate
  • Stonebridge Devlopers
  • Thunderbird Travel
  • Maple Grove Designs
  • Forest Edge Farms
  • Aurora Apparel Co.
  • Lakeside Libations
  • Iron Horse Security
  • Bluewater Marketing
  • Nordic Venture Group
  • Moonlit Muse
  • Moonbeam Marketing
  • Aspen Ridge
  • Lakeside Landscapes
  • Stonegate Architecture
  • Valley Forge LLP
  • Willowbrook Web
  • Rolling Hills Restoration
  • Horizon Health
  • Golden Gate Garage
  • Great Lakes Logistics
  • Lakeview Innovations
  • Northshore Nutrition
  • Sunset Software
  • Ironwood Investments
  • Prairie Fire Productions
  • Lakeshore Language
  • Swift Current Shipping
  • Northwind Investments
  • Wildflower Wellness
  • Timberland Tech
  • Summit Strategies
  • Lakeshore Land
  • Pinecone Consulting
  • Meadowlark Media
  • Forest Trails Adventure
  • Gold Sun Pharma
  • Timberline Timber
  • Prairie Petals Florist
  • Midnight Sun Software
  • Cedarwood Crafts
  • NorthStar Solutions
  • Lakeside Law Firm
  • Pinecone Productions
  • Blue Heron Hospitality
  • Birchwood Tech
  • Eagle Eye Surveillance
  • Riverbend Publishing
  • Copper Ridge
  • Oakleaf Consulting
  • Starry Night Design
  • Copperstone
  • Prairie Pride Enterprises
  • Birchwood Beauty
  • Golden Harvest Exports
  • Starlight Productions
  • Sunburst Energy

Good Minnesota Business Names

  • Nordic Creations
  • North Woods Furniture
  • Urban Farmstead
  • Minnesota Brew Co.
  • Timberline Architecture
  • Northland Crafts
  • Prairie Pet Grooming
  • Prairie Pet Supplies
  • Twin Cities Tech Solutions
  • Minnesota Outdoor Gear
  • Twin Cities Delights
  • Nordic Eats
  • Prairie Beauty Salon
  • Timberland Farms
  • Prairie Moon Boutique
  • Woodland Interiors
  • Lake Country Spa
  • Land of Lakes Furniture
  • Lakeview Coffee Co.
  • Lakeshore Pet Care
  • Northern Lights Nursery
  • Minnesota Adventure Tours
  • Lakeview Landscaping
  • Lake Country Winery
  • Nordic Wellness Center
  • Timberline Adventures
  • Lakeview Bakery
  • Prairie Harvest Market
  • Twin Cities Marketing
  • North Star Printing
  • Woodland Designs
  • Lakeview Fitness Club
  • North Star Photography
  • Urban Oasis
  • Minnesota Made Clothing
  • Prairie Heritage Crafts
  • North Woods Construction
  • North Star Motors
  • Lake Country Bakery
  • Nordic Fitness Studio
  • Woodland Wonders
  • Twin Cities Consulting
  • Lakeside Auto Repair
  • Timberline Apparel
  • Urban Art Gallery
  • Prairie Home Decor
  • The Minnesota Mill
  • Lakeview Bookstore
  • Urban Thrift Store
  • Prairie Provisions

Claver Minnesota Business Names

-Prairie View Ventures

-Cloverleaf Consulting

-Pinecone Ventures

-Prairie Winds Trading Co.

-Golden Harvest Holdings

-Evergreen Marketing

-Willowbrook Ventures

-Maple Grove Enterprises

-Willow Creek Ventures

-Stonebridge Innovations

-Whispering Pines Group

-Riverbend Solutions

-Hawthorn Strategies

-Lakeside Ventures

-Birchwood Trading Co.

-Golden Valley Partners

-Riverfront Holdings

-Sunflower Valley Enterprises

-Summit Peaks Group

-Pine Ridge Consulting

-Chestnut Grove Holdings

-Fernwood Financial

-Maplewood Partners

-Sunflower Solutions

-Oakwood Consulting

-Oak Hill Consulting

-Brookside Financial

-Redwood Consulting

-Cedar Glen Holdings

-Whispering Oaks Trading Co.

-Aspen Leaf Marketing

-Birchbrook Investments

-Sun Valley Solutions

-Stonegate Solutions

-Timberland Industries

-Birchwood Holdings

-Elmwood Innovations

-Wildflower Enterprises

-Orchard Park Solutions

-Brookside Business Solutions

-Oakwood Investments

-Redwood Ridge Enterprises

-Aspen Hill Holdings

-Timberland Strategies

-Cedar Creek Enterprises

-Northland Co.

-Willowbrook Holdings

-Pinecrest Partners

-Lakeside Business Group

-Pinecrest Trading Co.

Funny Minnesota Business Names

  • Minne-Haha Laughs
  • Gaggle of Gophers
  • Laugh Lab
  • Silliness Shore
  • Comedy Cove
  • Minnesota Mirth Masters
  • Lake of Laughs
  • Humor Harbor
  • Laughing Loons
  • Mirth Mountain
  • The Joke Junction
  • Chuckles Central
  • Comedy Cabin
  • Land of Funny Folks
  • Laughing Land of 10,000
  • Lakeside Chuckles
  • Guffaw Gateway
  • Chuckle City
  • Funny Frozen Tundra
  • Minnesota Comedy Club
  • Wit Wonderland
  • Minne-Hee-Haw Comedy
  • Giggle Granite
  • Quirky Northwoods
  • Minnesota Wit Factory
  • The Funny Frost
  • Minnesota Joke Masters
  • The Comedy Quarters
  • Land of 10,000 Jokes
  • The Comedy Cabin
  • Hilarious Heartland
  • The Comedy Up North
  • Loony Laughter Land
  • Chuckle Country
  • Lake Laughter Lounge
  • North Star Giggles
  • Giggles Galore
  • Loony Land of Lakes
  • Funny Frozen North
  • The Laughing Lodge
  • Jolly Land of Lutherans
  • Humor Highway
  • Hilarity Haven
  • Smile State
  • Minne-Hee-Hee-Ha-Ha
  • The Quirky Gopher
  • Humor Haven
  • Laughing Lumberjacks
  • Jovial Junction
  • Minne-Ha-Ha Hilarity

Cool Minnesota Business Names

Minnesota is home to a highly educated workforce. The state produces a vast pool of talented and motivated individuals every year.

This means that business owners can quickly find and hire employees with the right skills, experience, and education to help grow their ventures. Check out a list of cool business names here. 

Mountain Leathers

fashion sense

The Flexible Hat


Glamour Gazelle

Learning Tree Books

Lux Station

Pretty Please

Chronicle Books

The Necessary Wares

Zeal Makeup

Beauty Zone

Welljade Makeup

blush baby

Refined Leather

Burnt Read

rainbow cosmetic

British Wares

Bouquet Handmade

Curious Minds Bookstore

Bound Together Bookstore



Erase Handmade

Natural Beauty

Active Accessories

The Full Hat

Motorcycle Leathers

The Story Keeper

Beauty Junkies

The Beauty People

Excellent Eyeliner

Pretty in Pink

Elle’s Beauties

Back of Beyond Book Store

Beauty Boutique

Words N’ Pages

The First Hand Loomed

Italian Hand Loomed

Endeavour Leather



Boost Blow

Italian Homemade

Buttermilk Skincare

Priced Garments Spot

Mega Cosmetics

Window dresser Leather

Big Time Cosmetics

Beauty Hub

Skinny Tan

Hole in the Wall Books

The Untanned

Leather Plac

Eccentric Eyeliner

Dipped In Skin

Yellow Leather

Mascara Maniac

The Bookworm Shack

Cosmetic Cave

Painted Feel

Dream Shades

Durable Skin

It Happens !


Face First

The Beauty Brigade

Lippy Time

The Glamourous Life

East End Cosmetics

Guiding Guru

Miss Messa

The Spine

Luxury Beauty

Find Your Angles

Writ & Wisdom

The Collective Necessities

Deliberate Literate

Everybody’s Bookstore

Chapters and Verses

Fine Pager

The Raw

Boomerang Books

The Beauty Bar


Pretty Pulp

Supple Hides

Beauty by Design

The Happy Booker

Paradise Cosmetics

Beauty Secrets

The Grave


Traditional Handicraft

The Big Bookshelf

Light Lambs wool

The Light

Improvised Pro


Catchy Minnesota Business Names

Minnesota has a stable and diverse economy. The state’s economy is a mix of various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and technology.

This diversity means that businesses can find opportunities to thrive in a variety of sectors. These advantages make Minnesota a great place to establish a business. 

Stylist Stress

Bookshop on The Main Street

A Likely Story

Domestic Imports

British Goods

Leathered Woods

lock ur lips


Top To Bottom Leather

The Heavy Items

Books for Less

The Book Exchange

Durable Dustpan Place

The Necessary Necessities

Pleasure Bound

Beauty Glance

The Beauty Queen

The Roseate Beam

Twirl Glamour

Squeaky Clean

Beauty Bliss

Book Trekker



The Most Handicraft

Blushes Of Red

Her Choice

The Book Haven


Fresh face

natural shades

Beauty Base

Couture Beauty

Books, New and Old


Displeasure Leather

Gorgeous Acceleration


creamy drop

Glow Girl Blush

Snug Tanney

Much Ado About Books

FoxTale Book Shoppe

Fine Esthetical

Oil Skins


Love Afro Cosmetics

the balm

Nature Raser

White Handwoven

The Dusty Bookshelf

Uplift Moments

Pearlville Spa


All That’s Fit to Print

The Wordsmith’s Bookstore

Ageless Cosmetics

Glamourholic Mom

Fresh Leather

Old Hand Loomed

The Treasure Chest


The Library

Clear Water Cosmetics

Italian Handsewn

Imperial Skin

Obey Your Beauty

Setter Leather

Special Handwoven

The Glabrous

More Oversewn

Beauty by Design

Lip & Gloss

miss magic

Setter Leather

Let’s Get Lost in the Pages

There’s A Book For That!

Own Oversewn


Stiff Hides

Beauty Lip Lab

Bookworm Shack


Face Place

Absolute Glam

mistress Red

Open Books

Thrash & Thread

Treasure Leather

Bored And Bookless

The Fine Hand Loomed

Produced Imports

shine more

Forest Essentials

Tannin Leatherworks

Mostly Books

The Italian

Dr. Darwin’s Research

Painted Precision

Root Words That You Can Use To Make Your Own Minnesota Business Name


Best Minnesota Business Names

Minnesota offers a favorable tax environment for businesses. The state’s corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the country, making it an attractive location for businesses looking to minimize their tax liability. Check out some of the best Michigan business names here!

Roxie Cosmetics

Mill Glamour

Bare Escentuals

Valuable Imports

Hanging Loose Press

Fancy Foodstuffs

Maniac Mascara


Your Books or Mine?

Skins 6|2

A Tale of Two Cities

The Scholar Ship


Beauty World

Little Red Store of Books

The Femme Fatale


fine Beauty

Dazzling Deluxe

Gloww Up

The Booktown

Fine Handwoven

face charm

Cutie Patootie

Gorgeous Gal

Light Lambskin

Dresser Leather

Stretcher Leather


soft touch

Big City Beauty

Crochet Handmade

Crazy Cosmetics

House Of Fraser

Genuine Leathers

Cosmetic planet

natural shade

The Beauty Studio

The Traditional Handsewn

Golden Leather

The Russet

Smash Cosmetics

Natural Skincare

Cool Cosmetics

Home of paints

Benefit Cosmetics

Subtle Symmetry

Blushed And Beautiful


Unspoken Beautiful

No Starch Press

The Special

Books To the Rescue

Imperial Hide

Beauty Bonanza


Measure Leather

Shiny Leather


Indian Beauty


Nevermore Used Books

Limp Lace

Elegant Essence

Attraction Palace

Book Barns

The Beauty Spot

Simple Overhand

Cultural Cosmetic Dentistry

First Overhand


Confident Cosmetics


The Scarce

Beauty Base

Firm Trends


Beauty Emporium

The Thin

The Makeover Studio


Magic Drop

Second Story Books



The Beauty Spot

The Pliable

Dry measure Leather

Skin Shine

Glow and Go


Beauty Essential

The Book Spot

Horn Glamour

Radiant Skin

The Beauty People

The Alternative Reading Place

The Other


Root Words That You Can Use To Make Your Own Minnesota Business Name


Amazing Minnesota Business Names

Minnesota has a supportive business community. The Government and private sector collaborate closely to support entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Numerous resources are available to entrepreneurs and small business owners, including mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and access to capital through investors and other funding sources. Check out the list below. 

Stiff Fur

Miss Madness

Durable Foodstuffs

Salon De Beaute

The Fine Hand Loomed


The Small Hand Crafted

The Rough

Small Oversewn

Bookstore Jones

Pretty XO

Fine Beauty Cosmetics

House of Makeup

Most Oversewn

Dry Read

Laurel’s Library

The Last Chapter

Oh My Blush

Eternal Youth

White Oversewn

Rainbow Colors Beauty Store


Best of Books

Fuchsia Fashion

Leather Dreams

Glamour Gateways

Primary Materiel

Headache Handmade

Grace And Elegance

Delight Destiny

Hyphen Cosmetics

Glitter Star

Face beat company


Buff Fur

Rediscovered Bookshop

Luck Beauty

Little Improvised

Stiff Read


Traditional Homemade

First class touch

Left For Dead Books

Containing Aesthetical

Grave Gst

Whims And Craze

24Hour Secret

Pamper Me Pretty

The Pages of Time

pink lush

Cosmetic Queens

The Book Depot

Precious About Makeup


Produced Imports

Burnt Leather

Weathered Leather

Bombshell Beauty

24hour Secret


Yours Truly Bookstore

Old Skin

Dot Fusion

Cosmetic City

Bright Ideas Bookstore


Most Oversewn

Fresh Look

Rituals Makeups

The Beauty Bar

The Untanned

The Damp

Leather Gems


Xcellent Eyeshadow

Too Faced Cosmetics

Special Handsewn

stay pretty

Makeup for All


Beauty Mark

Confident Cosmetics

Brown Hide

Face the Music

Glossy Glow

Stylish Consideration

Tomorrow’s Books & Other Stories

Enveloped By Beauty

Beauty and More

Supple Symmetry

Grave Genuine

The Retreat

Fabulous at Any Age

Origins of Cosmetics

The Beauty Connection

Beaucoup Beauty

Red Hat

War Paint Pro

Strand Book Store

Suffix That You Can Use To Make Your Own Minnesota Business Name


Awesome Minnesota Business Names

 Are you looking for some awesome Michigan business names? The list given below will definitely make you happy! Try to choose short yet attractive names for a business to be established in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s excellent public schools, affordable housing, and robust healthcare system make it an ideal location for entrepreneurs and their families to settle down and thrive.

Eccentric Eyeshadow

Special Oversewn

Lush Cosmetics

Frosted Cosmetics

Sundog Books

Books for All Seasons Bookstore

Royalty Faces


Polished Tanning

More Hand Crafted

Super Stay

Colorbar Cosmetics

The Femme Nikita

Elastic Press

Fashion Fair

The Beauty Beasts

Beauty Full

Light Leatherwear

The Electrical Commodity

Blush Rush

Sassy Stitch


Worldly Merchandise

Earthly Foodstuffs

Light Leatherwear

Brown Girls

Beauty Touch

The Stamped

Beauty Outlet

Blush Work

MakeUp City

Primal Way

Princess Beauty

Tan Tub

Hashtag world

The Dyed

The Most Handicraft

The Attic Bookstore

NeuNell leather

Princess Face

Wicked Sweet

Beauty Retreat

Flogging Hut

Baby Lush Cosmetics

Beauty kits

Light Lambswool

Top Hides

The Glamazon

Bomb Cosmetics

Cultural Paint

Marigold Makeup

Angel cosmetics

The Cozy Library

The Bombshell

Minnesota Business Domain Name Ideas




















































Finally, these one-of-a-kind Minnesota company names offer a varied selection of alternatives for entrepreneurs wishing to launch their companies in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

These names embody the spirit of Minnesota’s rich past and thriving business sector, from the bold and adventurous to the rooted and conventional.

Choose a name that reflects your vision and captures the soul of Minnesota, laying the groundwork for success in this lively state.


What are the naming requirements for Minnesota businesses?

The name should include “Corporation,” “Company,” or an abbreviation, and not be misleading.

How can I check the availability of a business name in Minnesota?

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website and search their business entity database.

Can I use my personal name as a business name in Minnesota?

Yes, you can use your personal name, but certain naming requirements still apply.

What should I do if someone infringes on my Minnesota business name?

Consult an attorney to understand your rights and consider taking legal action if necessary.

Minnesota Business Name Generator

Minnesota Business Name Generator

Unwrap your Minnesota business’s identity with our Name Generator!

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