185+ Best Mosquito and Malaria Awareness Slogans

Mosquitoes and Malaria are like twin siblings; if you want to kill one, you definitely need to destroy the other.

Best Slogans on Mosquito and malaria awareness.

  • Keep the mosquitoes away 
  • Take precautions 
  • Don’t let the tiny beings win 
  • Spray for protection 
  • Spread awareness
  • Clean and stay safe 
  • Don’t let the mosquitoes brood 
  • Bites can kill 
  • Keep the bugs at bay
  • Spread the word

Malaria is one of the most spread infectious diseases in the world, and the vector for the disease is the female Anopheles mosquitoes. So, in order to fight against such a dreadful disease, it is essential to take prevention measures so that we don’t get ill as much quickly as we do.

Best Mosquitoes And Malaria Awareness slogans and sayings

Say no to malaria

Don’t let malaria put you into trouble

Take malaria down

We are here to defeat malaria

Malaria? a disease without border

You can fight it, kill those mosquitoes

Make malaria buzz off

Malaria, it’s not just for breakfast anymore

Protect yourself from malaria

Don’t let the malaria make you weak

Malaria protection starts from you

Kill them before they make you sick

Spray to kill

Always keep a mosquito spray handy

Fight with malaria

Beware of these mosquitoes

Beware of the bite

Bring malaria to an end

A fight to defeat malaria

Invest in future, defeat malaria

Save lives, sustain gains, invest in malaria

National malaria control day

Malaria free environment, making it an act

Achieving progress and impact

National m, malaria control program starts with our home

malaria sucks

Keep calm and kill all those mosquitoes

Keep calm and eradicating malaria on

Stop mosquitoes, stop dengue, stop malaria

Stay smart, act early against malaria

Help us to kill all those deadly mosquitoes

Prevention is better than cure

Net profit

malaria can knock you down

Malaria knocks you flat

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Join the fight against malaria

Fight against those deadly mosquitoes

Malaria comes from mosquitoes, kill them

Don’t give them a chance, mosquitoes mean malaria

Bug off malaria

Say goodbye to malaria

Don’t let those deadly mosquitoes bite you

Have a bite to eat, stop a bite that kills

Don’t just sit back, act early

Where no mosquitoes, there no malaria

Stay smart, act early, malaria free environment

Don’t be a dummy, avoid malaria

mosquito awareness slogans

Act early to avoid malaria

Do your test first

Don’t guess, test first

Fighting malaria and saving lives

Don’t give them the chance to breed

The patch that net hole today, it may save you from malaria

Keep your surroundings clean to avoid malaria

If they breed, you bleed

Action against malaria should start from you

Got malaria? get your tests to do first

Goodbye malaria

Mosquitoes suck

Malaria is a buzz kill

Don’t forget to put mosquito net while you sleep

Mosquito net save lives

Eradicate the root cause of malaria

Don’t sit back, act against malaria

I love eradicating malaria

Stop them from breeding

Stop them now

End malaria for good

Every net counts

Counting malaria out

Come and spread awareness against malaria

Spread the word malaria, spread the net

Conquer malaria, get bed net

No more mosquitoes, no more malaria

Refuse to lose

Fight today to save yourself tomorrow

Malaria is not a game

A walk to end malaria

A walk to educate people against malaria

let’s beat malaria

Achieving progress and impact

Assure to make yourself protected against malaria

Assured protection every night

Be the survivor in the deadly war against malaria

Black flag, let it fly

We keep mosquitoes outdoor

When you have malaria, keep the fever down

Together we can stop malaria from spreading

Kill those unwanted visitors

Clean your room first

Garbage attracts mosquitoes, so as malaria

take back your yard

Step out, walk to stop malaria

Say no to malaria, say it to all

No more malaria in your society

Malaria? it’s not just for breakfast anymore

naturally better than alternatives

They are in your surroundings, kill them all

Live free, fight against mosquitoes early

If you can stop mosquitoes, you can control malaria

Help us to clean those mosquito menace

Kill bugs dead, protect your family from it

Keep bugs away from you

Keep world malaria-free

We stop the mosquitoes

The best solution to kill malaria

Command and control

Target the enemy, eliminate the threat

Eliminate, defend, protect

Prevent them or kill them, we don’t care which

Stay away from the spray

Bucks in and bugs out

Bugs out with the best

Thugs on bugs

Have no doubt, make those deadly mosquitoes out

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Slug that bug

Bugs went move on

Mosquitoes busted, done and dusted

Mosquitoes at bay

Winning the war against malaria

Make sure that mosquitoes don’t stand a chance

Perish the mosquitoes

Mosquito control under control

they won’t be back

Beat mosquitoes with the best

Neat and clean is the perfect ways to defeat mosquitoes

Don’t be mean, keep surroundings clean to fight malaria

Step ahead! clean your surroundings to fight malaria

Cleanliness is the only ways to prevent these deadly diseases

A clean home is a disease-free home

A tidy house makes a malaria-free home

practice good hygiene to defeat malaria

Be clean and be tension free against malaria

Don’t block your washbasins, don’t give them a chance

Don’t allow water to stay, and it gives them a chance to breed

Clean ahead, clean mosquitoes, clean malaria

Cleaning every space of your room to kill mosquitoes

Cleanliness counts, kill mosquitoes to stay disease-free

Keep pots clean to clean malaria

help us to make it a malaria-free world

A malaria-free world for better tomorrow

Keep calm, and it’s not contagious

keep calm, act hard to eradicate malaria

It’s all you will ever need

imagine no malaria, our faith in action

I am looking for you, fever, malaria

Let’s come and walk with our friends against malaria

keep it in mind, and mosquitoes mean malaria

Stand up for a malaria-free world

Lace-up for malaria

Let’s beat malaria together, from now no mosquitoes

Don’t give them even a single chance to enter your room

Fund the fund for malaria

Beat those bloodsuckers to save yourself from malaria

Stop every bite that may kill you

Small bite, big threat

Stop the malicious malaria

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