184+ Best Non-GMO slogans and Sayings

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Under this, the products existing in their natural state are put through alterations with the help of genetic engineering.

The modifications are done to give birth to a new subspecies of the naturally existing with some new traits. While genetically modified food might be the trend at the moment, it is important to know the serious dangers it poses to human health.

GMO food can cause allergies, diseases, or even unintended effects. It is crucial to know what you are eating as it can instead cut your life short and not provide any nutrition. 

here are best slogans on non-GMO food products

Say no to GMO 

Choose non-GMO, CHoose Life

Go organic, GO Best

Choose nothing but organic 

Be aware of the GMOs

GMOs do not belong in your body 

GMOs harm more than anything 

Get the non-GMOs only

Know health with no GMO 

Choose wisely for better health

GMOs make you sick

GMOs can cause allergies

Ditch the GMOs

No genetic alterations are needed

GMOs are not the essentials

Get the GMO free ones 

Do not eat the GMO

GMO hurts more than anything 

Food does not need alterations

Eat in its organic state

Choose health over GMO always 

Do not put your health at risk 

Choose to ban the genetically modified 

It is the best in its natural form 

GMO is not desirable 

GMO belongs in the junk

Your body is not made for GMO intake

Eat only what is natural 

Ditch the genetically modified food 

Do not eat to die 

Do not cut your life short with the genetically modified 

Genetically modified foods are fatal 

Let your body know what is healthy 

GMO is nothing but diseases in food’s disguise 

Put a label on it 

We need the label 

We need to know what is on our plate 

Let us know if it is GMO 

We need to know the contents

Our body is ours to protect

Food does not exist to kill

Food should make us healthy, not sickly 

Say no to allergies with non-GMOs

High fructose, more like high risk

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Do not contaminate what goes inside our mouth 

Your health is in your hands

Choose non-GMO every day 

non gmo slogans

GMOs come at the cost of your health 

Not eating the GMOs

Realize your life’s worth 

Ditch the junk GMOs

GMOs belong in the trash 

No GMOs anymore

Buy what is natural

Never too late to ditch the GMOs

Genetically modified? No more 

GMOs, more like compromising health 

GMOs are not worth your money

Value your body and money

Health is your only asset

Do not get sick with the modified ones

Modified is not good

It is better to go organic

Choose organic over anything 

Food must grow in fields, not  made in labs 

Labs are not meant to grow food 

Food should not be grown in labs 

Genetically modified brings genetic illness 

Grow healthy without the GMOs

GMOs hinder growth 

It is not healthy, ditch it 

GMOs do not belong on the plates 

Eat only non-GMOs

Never get GMOs for meals

Labeling is necessary 

Take an initiative 

Happiness comes with non-GMO products 

GMOs are planted with seeds of death

Do not die young

GMOs cut life short 

Life is too short to eat the genetically modified 

Pesticides do not belong in the gut 

Keep your gut clean and safe

Risk-free is smart 

Be smart, choose non-GMOs

GMOs harm you more than you can imagine

Love your GMO free food

Know the difference 

Feel the difference 

Health does not come with a cost 

You cannot modify nutrition

Know before buying 

Commit to ditch GMO 

Commit to a healthier life 

GMOs are silent killers

Genetically modified or poison?

Do not poison your food yourself 

No time to regret later 

Choose non-GMO before it is too late 

Meat is the best when it is fresh

Cloned food is unhealthy

It will weaken you from within 

Just ban it

Commit to raising awareness

Eat better to live better

If it is GMO, toss it in the trash

Ask for labels 

Know what you are eating 

It only looks fancy 

Eat good, live long 

Live without GMOs in your body 

Food is not meant to be modified 

You cannot modify what is already healthy 

Modifications are not always for the better

Do not let no labels fool you 

Ask before you eat 

Learn to identify what is harmful 

If it is GMO, it is going to kill

Do not wreck your life 

Taste buds do not need the GMOs

Death comes with the GMO label

Food should not become one’s nightmare 

Food should not kill

Grow without the killer GMOs

Do not dig your own grave with the GMOs

Genetically modified is a grave mistake

Closer to death with the GMOs

Don’t accept GMOs! 

The organic kale is not so organic

It is a scam 

Know the traits 

Contamination of food should be a crime

Lab grown food is not what we asked for 

Check for the food quality before purchasing 

Whatever looks good, is not necessarily good 

If it is safe, why not put a label on it?

Get what is labeled 

It is a consumer’s right 

Do not let them profit off your life

Put the GMO trend out of business

Stop GMO production today 

Boycott GMO 

It hampers your growth 

Your life is not worthless

You are worthy of healthy food 

Do not settle for less

Eat only what is right 

Never compromise on health 

Eat what is actually good, not what looks good 

To make a better society

Healthcare is expensive 

Chemicals are always harmful

Chemicals belong in the lab, not in my food! 

Keep your GMO away from us

It is harmful, why would you eat it?

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Learn to differentiate

Learn what is the best for you 

Your health is  not a joke 

Keep yourself from consuming the poison

Do not play with your life

Be at liberty to choose what is healthy 

Genetically modified organisms aren’t any better 

non gmo slogans

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