601+ Best Genealogy Blogs and Pages Names

These days the youth and adults are in search of our ancestral matters and are more interested to know more about them, their lifestyle, etc.

Genealogists have researched a lot on ancestral matters and have created blogs to spread genealogy among people and make them interested in their ancestors.

Top 15 Genealogy Blogs of the World

Genea- Musing- The blog is owned by Randy Seaver. He presents researches, the latest news in the fields of genealogy, databases,s and the famous debates that have been going on around the world in this regard.

The Genealogue- This blog is owned by Chris Denham one of the most famous bloggers of this area. His posts are full of humor and in-depth research brings his audience to a spin. You must surely follow him for having some fun on this topic.

Ancestry Insider- This blog provides what they call it ‘unofficial and unauthorized views on genealogy. They provide their viewers with the latest reports, researches, and even criticism about other websites. 

Creative Genealogy- Jasia owns the blog. She has her unique way of bringing out something different for people who are interested in knowing about their family history and knowing who their ancestors really are. 

The Genetic Genealogist- The blog is owned by Blaine Bettinger. The blog will provide you updates on the latest projects that are going on, news updates as well as various tips and resources for those who want to do their genetic genealogy testing. 

Genealogy blog- The blog is owned by Leland Meitzler and Joe Edmon with a few guest bloggers. This blog was started in 2003. You should surely consider this blog if you want to know more about research techniques. 

The Practical Archivist- The blog is owned by Sally who will provide you with various ideas and tips as to how you can preserve and archive your products and organize your family photographs. 

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter The blog is owned by Dick Eastman. This blog that is read daily by people who are interested in genealogy. It provides reviews, insightful information on techniques as well as tutorials. 

Boston 1775- This blog is by J. L. Bell covers the topic of the American Revolution in a way that your view on the subject will change forever. 

The Legal Genealogist- The blog is owned by Judy G. Russell who will legally explain you how can you do research in this area. You can even ask her questions which she answers to assist professionals of this field in her blog. 

Olive Tree Genealogy- The blog is owned by Lorine McHinnis Schulz who is a writer of many other blogs as well. She is also the author of several books and if you want to read about American history in detail that relate to genealogy, her blog is another heaven for you. 

Family search blog- This is Salt Lake, Utah-based blog and is believed to have the world’s largest collection of the family tree. 

My Heritage- This blog will help you to recover and preserve family history. They provide DNA kits that are trustworthy. 

Armchair Genealogist- The blog is owned by Lynn Palermo. Her blog will provide you with helpful research tips, details about conferences, old collections, and many such things. 

Clue Wagon- The blog is owned by Kerry Scott. The blogger has a sense of humor that you will clearly find reflected in the articles he writes and the topics he takes up.

The heritage news from these blogs has become popular on the internet. These blogs also give the knowledge of the family tree which is needed for today’s youth who are never bothered to know their family. These DNA geek blogs focus on the world’s genetic genealogy.

List of Best great genealogy blog names for you

Herd Pro

Library Tag

Ancestry Planet

Botany More

Ancestor Drive

Breeder Servers


Beyond DNA

Choice DNA Blog

Dear Myrtle

DNA Barcoding

Legacy Guard

History Partner

History Diary

Legacy Holiday

Cultural Tone

History Stories

Family Tree

DNA Consultants Test

DNA Diagnostics Center

DNA Digest

DNA Forums


Treasure Guide

Ancestral Hood

History Coop

Museum Clip

Historic Lens


Endeavor DNA

Family Tree DNA Forums

Fast DNA Testing

Genealogy and DNA

Gleeson DNA Project

Treasure Talks

Ancestry Farm

Treasure Log

Legacy Value

Traditional Launch

Legacy Select

History Pulse

Treasure Leads

Legacy Hire

My DNA Paternity

My Heritage Blog


Roots & Recombinant DNA



History Wealth

History Relic

Treasure Message

Family Stories

Family Lines

Family Gems

Ancestral Home

Genealogy Café

Digital Family

Genealogy Star

Heritage Zen

Family Matters

Genes Research

The Ancestor Hunt

Family Shades

Heritage Records

Ance Stories

Genital Matters

Hereditary Focus

Historic Info

Family Bond

Maternal Stuff

Ancestral Hub

Tribal Research

Family Trace

Gene Tree

My Roots

Inborn Culture

Synthetic Genomics Inc

The 23andMe Blog

The DNA Geek

The Forensic DNA Gathering Place

The Legal Genealogist


Strong Rooted

Popular History

Classic Memories

Loyal Ancestors

Genetic Health

Genealogist Ideas

Life Diary

Genealogy Industry

Genital Share

Ancestor Challenges

Gene Analysis

Genetic Tests

Genetic Status

Family Guide

Family Past

Genetic Rack

Lineal Tube

Dynastic Show

Inborn Quote

Familial Fuel

Lineal Globe

Paternal Interest

Feudal Tel

Inborn Records

Inherited Secrets

Monogenic Clinic

Paternal Charts

Genetic Pictures

Lineal Designs

Heritable Booth

Ancestral Made

Polygenic Lift

Atopic Real

Gene Aware

DNA Boss

Genes List

Genome Hive

Genes Centric

Genomic Lines

Gene Fashion

Gene Systems

DNA Group

Behavior Sense

Jenny Village

Lineage Pages

Generic Lifestyle

Genes Money

Genome Truth

Gene Update

DNA Monster

Genes More

Behavior View

Gene Avenue

DNA Tweet

Genomic Guild

Lineage Sight

Genomic Clouds

Genes Text

Gene War

Genomic Forms

Behavior Serve

Genomic Seek

Gene Care

Heredity Milestone

Genes Clinic

Genomic Era

Generic Help

DNA Storage

Genes Simple

Family Cast

Relative Stage

Ancestral Block

Ancestral Guru

Lineage Learning

Genetic Fresh

Family Steps

Heritage Farm

Family Auction

Lineage Matrix

Families Model

Ancestral Driver

Lineage Note

Genetic Shopping

Vintage Way

Homeland Spa

Vintage Buddies

Ancestry Den

Former See

Heritage Van

Heritage Box

Ancient Crew

Former Registry

Ancestor Trips

Tribal Desk

Ancient Spots

Vintage Flight

Vintage Elite

-Father Land

Hippie Genie

Heitage Homes

Fortland Forb

Senty Boy

Legend Father

Upsate Green

Fort Beer

Genicx Land

Genatic Chem

Miracle Chem

DNA skecth

Sculpture Sons

Forensic Shade

Orangiana Sons

Father Hood

Smart Side

Inside Dna

Forum Digest

Digin Dazzy

Dear Comred

Impwerial Father

Fort Villege

Urban Forest

Crecal Caspa

Geek Shorme

Heart Bond

Dna Bond

Greek DNA

Smart Move

Town Build

Heart Builder

Soul Mood

Segment Relay

Electro DNA

Sansimle Geek

Green Geek

Mirata Dna

Judgementade Go

Son Shine

Father Bond

Hug Land

Lens Scare

DNA Fusion

Fusion Dot

Dunk Shine

Synthetic Bonding

Genology Swart

Galaxy Geniee

Scizzle Cave

Caspa Emerald

Dear Death

Born Hero


Iron Born

Blogging is a great way to earn money for an individual and a great way to market the business for companies. A blog is a webpage created by an individual to post their interests and to get comments from the readers.

A blog allows a reader to have a conversation with the blogger. Also, compared to a website, a blog provides fresh information every time.

Top Genealogy Pages Names Ideas

This is why blogging has become a popular profession. The contents of a blog should attract readers to it. Similarly, a blog name plays a major role in getting attention from the readers. Hence, it is necessary to select the best blog name for your blog. 

Best Genealogy Blogs Names

-The Mommy Genealogist 

-Teach Me Genealogy 

-Total Genealogy Nerd 

-Family Treasures 

-An Ancestry Profile 

-Heritage Tale 

-Genealogy Zone 

-Happy Family Origins 

-Historical Hour 

-Childhood Scribbles 

-Ancestry Blog 

-History Pulse 

-My Heritage Talks 

-Historic Value 

-Family Trace 

-Ancient History Matters 

-Loyal Genes Group 

-Lineage Lifestyles 

-The Ancestral Hidden Truth 

-Genes Plan 

-Founding Family 

-A tour of James Genealogy 

-Fam loves Heritage 

-Bonded by Blood 

-Sibling Tree

-Access Heritage Quest 

-The Musing Ancestors 

-Creative Genes 

-Unscripted Treasures 

-Ancestral Insights 

-Genes Mates

-Classical Journal 

-Voyage Through Time 

-Past Clues 

-Bygone Days 

-Ancestral Trivia 

-Vedic Journal 

-Janet’s Genealogy 

-Tracing the Genes 

-Hunting our Tribe 

-Discover my Heritage 

-Your Genetic Genealogist 

-Ancestral Roots 

-Artists Ancient Lineage 

-Family Records 

-Research DNA Forums 

-Bonded by Blood 

-The Local Family Tree 

-The weird DNA  

-Ancestry Diary 

-Lineage Legends 

-Ancestry Cadre 

-Ancestry Matters 

-Digging Up Your Roots 

-Reflections of Breeders 

-Ancient Mates 

-Yesterday’s Scribbles 

-Historical Stories 

-Family Lovers 

-Living History 

-Bond of Brothers 

-The Joint Family Bond 

-Ancestral Lens 

-Traditional DNA 

-Family Treasure Tree 

-Family Records 

-History Stories 

-Ancestral Stuff 

-Genealogy Hub 

-My Gene Roots 

-Ance Shades 

-Genomics Blog 

-Past Guide 

-Genealogy Circus 

-Roots and Weeds Genealogy 

-Founding Mother Genealogy 

-Genetics & Genealogy 

-Twisted Twigs Genealogy 

-Genes Journal 

-The Genealogy Axis 

-Genealogy Lifestyle

-Diggin’ Your Ancestors 

-Ancestry Dial

-Ancestral Adventures 

-The Novice Genealogist 

-Genealogy of the Greek Gods 

-Unraveled Roots 

-Genealogy in my Soul 

-Ancestry For All 

-The Ancestral Squad 

-Genealogy and Newspapers 

-Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques 

-Genealogy Addicts 

-Worldwide Genealogy Network 

-DNA for Genealogy 

-Family Bibles 

-Genealogical Translations 

-Genealogy Research Community 

-Scottish Genealogy 

-Jewish Genealogy Portal 

-DNA Detectives 

-Ancestry Network 

-Story of Ancestral Furies 

-Ancestors and Angels 

-Breeder Origins 

-DNA Lineage 

-Eastman’s Genealogy 

-The Ancestral Reporter 

-Unpuzzling your History 

-Digital Diary of Past 

-Ancestral Pictures N Diaries 

-Sage’s Heredity Story 

-Paternal Folk Traditions 

-Treasures of Urban Family 

-Ancestral Parenting Crisis 

-Messy Mom’s Lineage 

-The Family Reading 

-DNA Forums 

-The Breeders Blogs 

-Focus on Family 

-Tight-Knit Family Relations 

-The Parenting Experts 

-Divine Brothers & Sons 

-Dump it in 

-Familial Touch 

-The Local Generations 

-One Family to Another 

-Generational Ties 

-From our History 

-The Family Pedigree 

-Family Bindings 

-Nothing Like Family 

-Forever Family Table 

-Heredity Wrap 

-Family Tree Research 

-The Enthusiastic Breeders 

-Genomics Report 

-My Genes and Me

-Living DNA Diary 

-The Genetic Journal 

-Genomics Treasures 

-Historic Touch 

-Genealogy Star

-Ancestral Historic Info 

-Heredity Matters 

-Traditional Leads 

-Ancestral Gems 

-Genealogy Zen 

-Ancestry Planet 

-Legacy Guard 

-Ties that Bind 

-Family Beginnings 

-Ancestral Affairs 

-Five Generations History 

-Over the Generations 

-Days with Family 

-This is US 

-Through the Years 

-To Infinity 

-Ancestors First Years 

-Generations to Generations 

-A Year to Remember 

-Remember When 

-A New Chapter 

-A look back 

-Blogging on Ancestors 

-Just Journaled Ancestry 

-Remembering my Ancestors 

-Ancestral Addictions

-Good life lived

-Unraveled Ancestral Stories 

-Urban Family Adventures 

-Living in the Yesteryear 

-The Personal Family Blog 

-The Professional Genealogist 

-Family Treasure Spot 

-The Originals Blog 

-James’s Diary 

-Legacy Storyteller 

-Ancestral Tales I Tell 

-A Moment of Family Time 

-Blogging your Breed 

-Virtual Tour to Ancestral House 

-My Gene Roots

-Family Clip 

-Creators of Family 

-Another day with Ancestors 

-First Born Folks 

-Oldsters Trip 

-Golden Age Days 

-Genealogy Blogger 

-Family Affairs 

-Legends of Lineage 

-Ancestors Adoption 

-Ancestral Records 

-Birth Parent 

-Birth Blessings 

-Family Bundle 

-Ancestors To-Do-List 

-Genealogy Notes 

-Hourglass Family Records 

-In the Backyard 

-Life Story 

-Marriage Records

-Mum’s Heritage DNA 

-Parent Records 

-Ancestry Archive 

-My DNA Matters 

-Traditional Pulse 

-Land Records 

-Lineage Society 

-Family Sources Checklist 

-Unlined Memories 

-Naming the Change 

-Oral History Records 

-Parents Profile 

-Resources & Research Log 

-Remembering our Families 

-The Genealogy Series 

-Expensive Bliss 

-Records of Ancestors 

-The Family Blood 

-Historic Guiders 

-Genetic Model 

-Breeders Clarity 

-Mama Eve Logbook 

-Manly Kinship Matters 

-The Ancestral Jotter 

-Homely Legends 

-Families Files 

-Parenting Expedition 

-Ancestry Prestige 

-Hanks Genealogy Page 

-Kentucky Genealogy 

-Genealogy Research and Help 

-Genealogy Femme Talks 

-The Genealogy Learner 

-Historic DNA Testing 

-Ancestry Talks 

-Young Lad Genealogy 

-Reporting my Blood 

-Ancestral Folklore 

-Genetics Roots 

-Paranormal Genealogy 

-Genealogy Exploration 

-My Trible Bibles 

-Hereditary Info 

-Bloodline Data 

-Travelers History 

-Diary of Genealogist 

-Insights of my Family Tree 

-The Vintage Adventures 

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