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Popsicle Business Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

It is enjoyable to travel back to the story of the first popsicle ever made. Frank Epperson, the inventor of the first-ever popsicle, claimed that he had invented this fun summertime treat by accident.

An accidental invention was by freezing a sugary soda powder with water. How cool is that?

Moreover, do you know that more than two million popsicles are sold every year across the globe? Now it is your time to dive into this ever-exciting world of popsicle making. Still, you are stuck with the perpetual problem of what to name your business? 

Undoubtedly, you are on the correct page. We will quickly pop up some cool, catchy, latest, incredible and unique names for your Popsicle business. It is just so that you can sit back, relax and pop a popsicle out of the freezer and enjoy!

Cool Popsicle Business Names

Be it summer or winter, and we should not bother about the season before relishing a tasty frozen popsicle. Popsicles have such a cool history, so should its business not have a cool name?

Thousand times, YES! We have come up with some cool Popsicle Business names for you which will help you gravitate toward youngsters in no time-

Fearless Freezies

Frosty Freezes

Fancy Freezes

Forever Flavors

All Things are Popsicle

Frozen in Philly

Delicious Popsicle Group

Frozen by Freddy


A Sweetened Summer

Flavored Fun


Beach Day Popsicles

Fruity Freezies

Frosty Fortunes

Chill Freezes

Frozen Ventures

Frozen Fruit Pops

Summer Bliss Treats

The Popzen

Top Notch Pops

The Popsicle Shop

The All Chilled

This Popsicle Stand

Sucker Sticks

The Summer Icies

The Popsicle Train

The Popsicle Peeps

That Popsicle Place

Summer Time Chills

Popsicle Posse

Infinite Ice Pops

Pocono Pops



Ice Lolly Lane

Ice Water Wonders

Popsicles by Perry

Organic Popsicle Company

Pete’s Popsicles

Stop n’ Pops

Plentiful Pops

Happy Pop Shoppe

Icy Excursions

32 Degrees Below

Seaside Popsicles

Fruit Filled Frozen Treats

Mission Impossible Popsicle

Icy Treat Hut

Pittsburgh Popsicles

Issac’s Ice Pops


Sub Zero Treats

Intense Ice Pops

Popsicles of Paradise

Make Me Melt Popsicles

Mountain Made Freezes

Ice Pop Shoppe

Frozen Sticks

Catchy Popsicle Business Names

No one’s childhood is complete without popsicles. Every time you enjoy a popsicle, you reminisce about your childhood.

To keep this feeling alive, it is imperative to find a catchy name for your business. We have come up with some fun and catchy popsicle business names which you should consider. Let us have a look!


Coco Rolled

Frost N’ Roll

Sweet Retreat

32 Below

Brain Freeze



Cherry Zing

Frosty Frills

Wooden Stick Popsicle

Lickity Split Frozen Custard

Ice Point

Cream Dreams


Dairy Quakes

Red Mango

The Screamery

Drippity Ice Pops

Rocky Mountain

Freezer Stockers

Splitz Candy



Sweet Roll

Chunky Monkey

Dairy Goddess

Ice Max



Melt Down The Throat

Tasty House

The Frozen Spoon

Cream City

Stuffed Popsicle

Az Pops


Ice & Vice

Cherries Ice

Dolce Italian Ice

Oberweis Popsicle

Tip Tap Ice Pop

Dole Whip

The Freeze


Supreme Ice

Pink Berry Ice

Soft Serve on a Stick

Lil’ Pop Shop

The Quick Freeze Pop Company

Quick Treats

Margarita Inc.

Slush and Freeze

Summer Essential

Freezing Ices Inc

Cool Daddy Popsicles!

The Popsicle Bar

Rocket Popsicle

Snow Bites

Sundae N’ More

Gonna Melt Popsicles

Freezy Zoom

Icy Delights

Slices of Summer

Frostee Freeze

Skinny Freezes

Nana’s Pops

Jolly Fruits

Ice Pop Shop

The Drip Drop

Try Me Tropical Pops

Popsicle Empire

Latest Popsicle Business Names

Nowadays, popsicles go by different names in different countries, namely, paleta, freezer pop, ice lolly, ice drop, icy pole, ice block, etc. Different names might know it, but it hits the name spot in people’s hearts.

It is enjoyed across the globe with like emotions and joy. Let us have a look at some latest popsicle business names for you to choose from-

Cold Pop

Popsicle Zen

Crazy Cool Popsicles

Melt My Popsicles

Sweet Lemons

Polar Pops

Cool Treats


Swizzle Sticks

High on Ice Popsicles

Quick Freeze


Ice Man Cometh!

Tasty Summer Drinks

Chill Headz Popsicle

Ice Cool Treats

Mike’s Ice Lolly

Cool Frosty Popsicles

Popsicles Galore

Freeze Pop Co.

Cool Caribbean Pops

Frozen Ice Pops

Sweet Tooth Popsicles

Perfectly Frozen Snacks Co.

Dairy Queen of Popsicles

Popsicle Express

Glacier Ice Pops

Frozen Heart Popsicle Co.

Frozen Cravings

Happy Popsicles

Freezing Fun

Frosty Fast Freezes

Bold Popsicles

Jazzy Beings

Slurpop Popsicle

Popsicle Guys and Gals

Cold Licks

Forget the Raspberries!

Kool Klips

The Frozen Spoon

Popsicle King

Chilly Pops Kids Fashion

Hot Melts

Cold Stone Creamery

Fizzy Soda Pop

Jeff’s Rainbow Popsicles

Bizarro Popsicles

Sweet Stuff Popsicle Co.

Frozen Fireworks

Spoonful of Sugar

Frozen Snacks

Cool and Fruity Treats

Get Cool Stuff Inc.

Squeezy Coolers Fun

Quick Licks

Ice Tickle

Kool Treats Factory

Slushy Man

Freezer Pops

Summer Kitten Popsicles

Mini Melts

Popsicle Panda

Frozen Fruit Pops

Cutie Pie Interiors Inc

Bang for Your Buck Pops

A&W Popsicles

Coco Poppinz

Black Forest Popsicle Co.

Candy Frosted Popsicle House

The Fruity Top Hat Inc


Sweets Land

Icy Cube

The Popsicle Shop


Push and Pop


Waffo Pops

Taste O’ Sunshine

Booty Popz

Frozen Tunes LLC

Amazing Popsicle Business Names

What better way to beat the heat than enjoying a frozen and refreshing popsicle? There is nothing such as too many popsicle brands in the market.

The more, the better! We cannot wait for your popsicle business to grow but first, let us help you select an amazing name for it. Let’s get popping!

Dole Whip

Ice Melt World

Silver Dipper

Cool and Hot Zone

10 Degree Cones

The Sweet Spot

Popsicle Mania

Victory Garden

Sweet Addiction

Creative Creamery

Dolcetti Gelato

Sugar Shack

Creambowls Creamery

Frosty Pips

Starry Scoops

Booza Cone

The Magic Slab

Popsicle Jazmine

Sweet Scoops

Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt

Grateful Spoon Gelato

Land of Creams


Ace Creamery

Shake & Shave

The Famous Freeze

Sweet Lo’s Popsicle

Mad Dog’s Creamery

Cream Dreams

Popsicle Fundae

Maple Popsicle

Crème Cow Company

Tutti Fruitti

Popsicle For All

Coastline Creamery

Popsicle Renaissance

Frozen Delight

Popsicle Obsession

Yum Yum’S Popsicle

Moo Goes Mama

Three Twins Popsicle

The Popsicle Spoon

Crunch Time Cones

Funnista Popsicle

The Popsicle General Store

Funberry Popsicle

Tasty House

Tremont Scoops

Pink Dots Popsicle Co

Simply Scoops

Awesome Popsicle Business Names

The best and the most exciting thing about popsicles is that it comes in varied flavors. Strawberry, lemon, chocolate, cola, blueberry, pineapple, cherry, and so on, the list is never-ending.

A flavor for every mood. Every bit of tiredness exits your body every time your tongue touches a popsicle. We have carefully curated some awesome name ideas for your awesome popsicle business-

The Maryland Dairy

The Creative Cone

Icee Station

Uttering Cone

Chocolate Iguana

Pink Fundae

The Kinky Kreme

Holy Cow!

Kissy Kones

Airy Delights

Mutual Friend Popsicle

The Popsicle Stop

Minus 10 Popsicle

Cookies And Cream

Coco Rolled

Coney Island

Scoops n’ Smiles

Cookies And (Ice) Cream


King Kream

Five Star Chocolate

Resist Scoop

The Fluffy Popsicle

Freezing Bay Popsicle Co

Old Mill Creamery

Sugar Bowl

The Fountain on Locust

Sugar Plum

Sundaze Frozen Popsicle

Magical Popsicle

Famous Oasis Popsicle

The Popsicle Counter

Milk It Popsicle

Pink’s Popsicle Parlor

Star Ice Kitchen

Kreamy Kones

Moo Time Creamery

Crazy Cherry

The Plush Horse

The Dixie Pixie Creamery

Nutty Squirrel Gelato

Lickety Split


Sno Cream

Lightening Strikes Frozen Desserts

The Fruity Top Hat Inc

On the Rocks with Popsicle Treats

Pop Ray’s Popsicle

The Neon Dream Pop Co.

Arcturus Cool Pops

Icy Men Cometh!

Yummy Squirts

Keep It Cool

Cold Freeze Ice Lolly Pop, Inc.

Beechwood Popsicles

Frozen Dreamz Inc

Nana’s Pops

Cool Frosty Popsicles

The Frost

Cold Stone Creamery

Freezing Tunes LLC

Color-Pop Popsicles

Jeff’s Rainbow Popsicles

Cool Pops

Fruity Scoops, Inc.

Slush Puppy

Buzzy Bee Juice Co.

Slim Chance Popsicle


Chilly Pops Kids Fashion

Popsicle Snob

Suzy Snow Cone Co.

Freezy Dauchy

Dairy Queen of Popsicles

Pop-Treats Ice-Lolly Co

Zero Degrees

The Skunkie Popsicles

Big Boy Popsicles

Cool Down Treat

Fun Pops

The Popsicle Scoop

Cooler Treats

Cool Co.

Ice Cold Concoctions

Super Popsicle

Cold Hard Cash

Slurp Blurp

Frozen Fruity Poppers

Cool Treatment

All Icy Cooler

Frozen Treat Pop Shop

Squeezy Coolers Fun

Gonna Melt Popsicles

Frosty Coolers, LLC

Cold to The End

Cold Stone Creamery

Cutie Pie Interiors Inc

Blue Razzleberry

Chilly Nights Popsicle

Shark Bite Popsicle

Winter Puppy Popsicles

Tootsie Roll Popsicles

Snow Bites

Chillsters Inc Frozen Treats inc

All Natural Popsicles

Black Forest Popsicle Co.

Popsicle Owl

Jazzy Beings

Melt The Heat

Frozen Poppers

Ice And Cream Co

D’ice of It

Big Pops


Bold Popsicles

Cool Daddy Popsicles!

Frozies-Frozen Drinks

Bite Me Popsicles

Freezing Ices Inc

Icecream Pops

The Cold Wall

Drip Zicles Popsicle Shop

Sundae N’ More

Ripe Fruit Popsicles

Lick It Up

Slurpop Popsicle

Frosty Fast Freezes

The Frozen Yum-Yums

Granny’s Popsicle

Soft and Yummy

Creamy Buttermilk Popsicle

Icy Galore

Mr and Mrs Smiths Popsicles

Totally Awesome Popsicles

Snowy Popsicles

Fun Stix (sounds cool!)

Try Me Tropical Pops

Frosty Pops

Cold Hard Cash

Poppy Pops


Cool Pops

Candy Frosted Popsicle Company

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