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141+ Catchy Protect Our Earth Slogans

Humans have conquered each and every corner of our planet in every aspect. We have taken over every possible resource on this planet, especially the non-renewable ones.

We have become reliant on non-renewable resources to such an extent that efforts are being made to have a global shift towards renewable resources.

Best Protect Earth Slogans

  • Protect our motherland
  • We are all the same
  • For a better future
  • Tomorrow the sun will shine brighter
  • Protect Earth at any cost
  • A world for everyone
  • Save everyone
  • The Earth needs a savior
  • A brighter future lies ahead
  • You can count on us

Similarly, the depletion of these resources is being caused at an alarming rate and thus pollution is rampant. Loss of biodiversity has also emerged as a big consequence. Slowly our planet is becoming less habitable. So it is up to us to protect our earth.

Protect Earth Slogans

Love the planet and it will love you back.

No earth means no birth.

Harming the earth means harming ourselves.

The earth gifts us everything.

To get rid of our planet’s plight, we must fight.

Let us leave a good world for our children to inherit.

The earth itself is a gift to us.

Destroying trees shall destroy the world.

Governments should ban dumping of wastes into water bodies.

Do not be mean and destroy the green.

Happy planet means a happy life.

The world is ours to protect.

Do not harm our earth.

This planet deserves a better future.

We must save the planet that we call home.

We cannot let the world go beyond saving.

Plant more trees to prevent landslides.

Conservation of future starts with conservation of biodiversity.

Make the planet hospitable, not hostile.

This is the only planet we have.

Do not ignore our planet’s problems.

We need warm hearts, not a warm globe.

It is time for us to give back to our planet.

Let us vow to keep the earth clean and green.

Clean earth is a healthy earth.

Say no to plastic always.

The earth needs its greens as we need greens too.

Use as much as you need.

You cannot doubt that pollution must go out.

Deforestation is a crime.

We need to cut down on greenhouse gases.

Keep the world well for our own sake.

Raise your voices against polluting our planet.

This planet is for you and me to look after.

Think about the world and start from your home.

To save anything global, you must start from local.

A better world is everyone’s right.

Saving Mother Earth is our duty.

Leave the world a better place than you found it in.

Every inch of our planet is precious.

If we destroy this world, we shall have nothing else.

A beautiful world for me and you.

This world is everyone’s responsibility.

Do not ignore the planet’s plight.

Go green to keep this world clean.

We can rebuild this world with nurture and care.

Protecting all water bodies is our duty.

protect earth slogans

For the pollution, planting trees is the only solution.

Conserving biodiversity shall lead to conserving the future.

It is important to have trees, do not cut them down please.

Save this world dear, if you want to live here.

Little contributions can make big differences.

Global warming is alarming.

Ignorance towards the ailments of the earth can spell our doom.

Do not be conservative because saving earth has no alternative.

Do not be sad, save the earth and be glad.

Let us turn this planet into a paradise.

Act today to have a better world tomorrow.

Together we can make this world better.

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Aforestation can give us salvation.

Love the planet like we love ourselves.

We should not encroach upon natural ecosystems.

Keep fighting to protect this world.

Recycling is the way keep fighting.

Let us do for the planet as it has done for us.

This world is worth saving.

Reduce waste with haste.

Plastic is choking the earth.

Awareness goes a long way.

Life is only possible on earth, life is only possible because of earth.

Conserve resources before they run out.

Prevent polluting the planet at every step.

Do your bit and make this planet fit.

Forget everything but do not forget the earth.

Let us save our home.

Emission control measures are the future.

The earth is our mother and we her children.

Go green and make the world pristine.

Stand up before this planet dies.

Do not use more than you need.

Global Warming is not the warmth we need.

Give the earth the hope to live as it does to us.

Save water, it does matter.

Join in the race to make this world a better place.

Trees are a new life’s lease.

This planet is not only ours but of all plants and animals.

Let us rise up for a healthier and fitter planet.

It is our duty to preserve this planet’s beauty.

This planet is the only chance we have at life.

Give this planet a ray of hope.

Building a better future for our planet.

Do not over-use non-renewable resources.

Use what you need.

Excess leads to waste.

protection of earth slogans

Renewable sources of energy are the future.

Our planet’s plight is what we must fight.

Pollution is a poison for all.

Everyone must learn about the perils of global warming.

Stop greenhouse gas emissions today.

We want fresh rain, not acid rain.

The more we want, the more our planet suffers.

Think green, act green.

Industrial emissions must be monitored.

When it comes to plastic, it is not fantastic.

This planet is here to fulfill our needs and not our greeds.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: try it, it is a trifle.

Only we can save ourselves.

The fight for a better tomorrow starts with a small step today.

Clean and green energy is the future.

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We must learn to waste as little water as possible.

Think before we run out of water to drink.

Greenhouse gases have turned our atmosphere into a deadly chamber.

Better sources of fuel are they key to a better world.

Let us make everyone aware of the plight of our planet.

Act and react before it is too late to do either.

Humans can do better than this.

Stop poisoning this beautiful world.

Enjoy this world in harmony.

protect earth slogans

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