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Rave Names: 779+ Super Cool And Catchy Names

It’s good to be at a party, right? To meet your old friends again or to celebrate an occasion. When we think of it, a Rave Party is the best way to go at it. A rave is an electronic music dance party that lasts all night. Finding a cool name for the Rave Party is very important.

There’s this new culture of naming the parties to make them more fun and cool. When you have an exciting name for your Rave Party, that piques the interest of all your friends and family. The name itself creates a huge buzz for your rave party without any other efforts. 

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Amazing Rave Party Names

Are you planning to organize a rave party? Well, you need an amazing name for organizing a rave party. These parties always need to be attractive when compared with other parties.

Hence, you should always target for amazing kind of name that will match your rave party. It will help you in attracting people to your rave party.

The more people you can attract to the rave party, the more profit you can earn. Further, you can become popular with an amazing name for a rave party.

  • MasqueRave
  • 2021: A Rave Odyssey
  • Ace of Raves
  • Stairave to Heaven
  • Ravers n Lazers
  • Bass and Lace
  • Georgia TechNo
  • Rave n’ Roll
  • Thump and Crump
  • Neon: Rave of the 21st Century
  • Tomorrowland
  • Untold
  • Cirque Magique
  • Mysteryland
  • Abode in the Dark
  • Ravebes
  • Rave Dreamworld
  • Creamfields
  • Rave Paradise
  • Rave Xanadu
  • Rave Emporium
  • Infamous Raveous
  • Raveopolis
  • Rave Envision
  • Kingdom of Rave
  • Iconic Rave
  • Raveaza
  • Playground of the RaveRound
  • Rave Matrix
  • GroveRave
  • Frequency of the Rave Night
  • Rave Encore
  • Rave Adapt
  • Ravelaza
  • Nightwind
  • Zion Night
  • Adapt Night
  • Nexus Rave
  • Omega Night
  • Platinum Night
  • Hex Night
  • Rave Laneway
  • Rave Horizon
  • Rave Wonderland
  • Rave Platinum
  • Rave Babylon
  • Nightster
  • Rave Omega
  • Eden Rave
  • Rave Nirvana
  • Rave Elysian
  • Rave Dreamland
  • Rave Collaborate
  • Rave Primed
  • Ravevio
  • Rave Eternal
  • Rave Crowd
  • Rave Soundwave
  • Rave Nexus
  • Rave Riot
  • Raveella
  • Champion Night
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Rockin’ Rollick
  • Funky Fest
  • Booty Ball
  • Hollapalooza
  • Untamed Night
  • Rave Catalyst
  • Ravefluent
  • Rave Mystic
  • Rave Dome
  • Rave Everlast
  • Rave Hex
  • Rave Able
  • Ravester
  • Rave Lazarus
  • Rave Heritage

Rave Party Theme Names

The theme of the rave party is always different from other parties. You can organize a good rave party if you have a good theme. It is very easy to find a good name for a rave party.

You just need to understand the theme of your rave party before finding a name. Eventually, it becomes easier if you have a proper theme for your rave party. When you have a theme, you also get a lot of options for choosing a good name for your rave party.

  • Ravex
  • Rave Wild
  • Rave VIP
  • Rave Beast
  • Ravequipo
  • Rave Oasis
  • Rave Invasion
  • Rave Glory
  • Rave Zion
  • Rave Utopia
  • Rave Arcadia
  • Rave Keystone
  • Boos & Booze
  • Cosmos & Cauldrons
  • A Fright Night
  • Raveiva
  • Rave Cloud
  • Rave Eden
  • Rave Impulse
  • Raveable
  • Ravedeck
  • Rave Divine
  • Rave Jungle
  • Rave Sin
  • Rave Absolute
  • Rave Serendipity
  • Rave Lucid
  • Ravesio
  • Raveium
  • Raveoryx
  • Raveegy
  • Rave Splendour
  • Rave Champion
  • Ravenest
  • Monster Mash
  • Mad MasqueRave
  • Martinis at Midnight
  • Raveonus
  • Rave Ablaze
  • Rave Anything
  • Rave Born
  • Rave Bonus
  • Rave Boss
  • Rave Bard
  • Rave Blox
  • Mystical Journey
  • Heaven in Your Eyes
  • Heaven on Erth
  • Rave Aver
  • Rave Axen
  • Rave Blink
  • Rave Atto
  • Rave Best
  • Rave Archive
  • Jumpstart Night
  • Night of the Raveioli
  • Ravezilla
  • Ravish Raveish
  • Riot Night
  • Rave Fine, Cloud Nine
  • GenZ RaveZ
  • Millenium Ravenium
  • Rave Bold
  • Rave Busk
  • Rave Bloom
  • Rave Atlas
  • Rave Arid
  • Rave Aqua
  • Rave Blaster

Rave Group Names

If you are organizing the rave party with the help of a group, then it is important to have the members’ concerns before finding a name. This eventually makes the task of finding a name a lot easier for a rave party.

The name of your rave group should always be rare in public. It helps your party get proper public recognition, which becomes beneficial in the future. You should always find a name for your rave group that will look attractive.

  • Rave Bytes
  • Rave Boost
  • Rave Capital
  • Rave Ark
  • Rave Camo
  • Rave Eden
  • Rave Days
  • Rave Dreaming
  • Rave Centric
  • Rave Core
  • Nighttastic
  • Raveverse
  • Frequency Night
  • Cloud Rave
  • VIP Rave
  • Wonderland Rave
  • Nightgenix
  • Rave Ecru
  • Rave Czar
  • Rave Drip
  • Nightorama
  • Raveado
  • Ravenetic
  • Mashed Night
  • Nightya
  • Eternal Night
  • Ravelia
  • Playground Night
  • Lucid Rave
  • Azure Rave
  • Nightlux
  • Ravescape
  • Raveocity
  • Nightadora
  • Nightadil
  • Ravejet
  • Nightcog
  • Raveish
  • Primed Night
  • Nightsy
  • Nightology
  • Nightscape
  • Masterclass Rave
  • Laneway Night
  • Nightooze
  • Raveadora
  • Nightiva
  • Raven
  • Nightly
  • Nightlia
  • Milestone Night
  • Nightnest
  • Raveonus
  • Nightorzo
  • Babylon Night
  • Divide Rave
  • Heritage NightRave
  • PartyeRave
  • Divine Party
  • Partyiva
  • Laneway Party
  • Clutch Party
  • Partyaro
  • Raveorama
  • Eternal Party
  • Arcadia Rave
  • Partyooze
  • Ravewind
  • Ravezoid
  • Ravelada
  • Raveistic
  • Raveaholic
  • Beast Rave
  • Ravegenix
  • Partyfluent
  • Ravenest
  • Partyopedia
  • Ravepa
  • Partyomatic
  • Raveops
  • Raveish
  • Paradise Party
  • Rave Hut
  • Arcadia Ravedia
  • Ravefy Nightify
  • Strategy Nightegy
  • AllWeather GetTogether
  • Ice to See You 2021
  • Cool Rave, Drool Daze
  • The Larchmont
  • Ten Thirty Eight
  • Surrender
  • Square Eights
  • Sharpshooters
  • Sand Spurs
  • Rockin’ Jokers
  • Ramblin’ Rogues
  • Rolling Stoners
  • Rave it, Cave it
  • Pave the RaveCave
  • Let’s call the RAVErend
  • Its the Rave Night
  • Rave Ocean Wavers

Catchy Rave Names

Since rave parties are always unique and different, you also need a matching name for your rave party. It provides a clear picture to the people about your rave party. Hence, choosing a name that will look catchy is advisable. This will help your rave party in gaining a lot of fame.



Finlay Fairy

Ame Entertain

Cosmos & Cauldrons

Success Val Fest

King’s Music Night

Glow Party Venue

Outdoor Amplitude

On The Coast

Rave Envision


Rave Catalyst


Rave Platinum


Zero Point Music

Fiesta Fest

Fresh Fest

Transcend Music Fest

Untamed Night

Good Vibrations

That Smokin’ Thing


Followers Fest

Rave Absolute

Bingo and Bowls

Dance Heroic


Friendly Fields


Smack O’Dia

Verb Jubilee

Legends Event Centre

Rave Drip

Swagger Fest

Rockin’ Jokers

Always Festive

Dance Barbell

Eternal Night

Rave Paradise

Rate of Resonance

Rave Wonderland

Sound Fairy


Fun Fest

Fortune Within

Access Summer Festival

Forest Beats

Pulsify Fest

Cirque Magique

Amplify me

Rave Blink

Rave Archive

Night cog

Popex Musicals

Legion Movement

Song And Dance Fest

Music in the Valley

Happy Room

The 21st Century

Rave wind

Happy’S Fest

A Fright Night

Melancholy Sounds

Rave Busk

VIP Rave

Night Spirit

Cool Rave, Drool Daze

Headline Music Fest

Blue Swan Palace

Fish O’ Holic


Sustained Sound Festival

Fiesta Hall

Funk Binge

Rave Capital


Frequency Night

The Grand Classic Art Festival



Hipster Fest

Remix Re fest

Treat Salsetta

Dance Helios

Rave Core

Wild Appaloosa Music Fest

Strategy Night energy

Rave Dreaming

Parties on Purpose

The Picnic House

Venue in the Grove

Root Music Events

Rave energy

Pies N’ Fries

Rave Ecru

Fearless Festival

Alt Attack

Forest Beats

Rave Name Generator

Are you worried about the name of your rave-themed party? Don’t worry. We have got you covered with the help of the following names. These amazing names can be used for rave parties at any phase. They are the latest kinds of names for any kind of rave party.

Metered Muse Fest

Groove and Soothe


Night luxe

The Lions Hall

Rave Czar

Unwind Ruled

Blues Fest On Main

Funk Nest

White Jade

Rave Bard

Yay Music Night

Music Tyrant

Jazz Rise


Funky Fest

Home Bound

Elite Bookings

Open Field Fests

Ice to See You 2021

Wild Funk

The Dance Off

Food Picasso


Munch O’ Holics

Rave Sin

Let’s call the RAVErend


Baby Back Beats

Transient Freedom Fest

Mystical Journey

Masterclass Rave

River Float Fest



Rave Collaborate

Rave Anything

Snack Zillas

Dance Maze

We Entertain

Zed Music Night

Rave Eden

Veg Stonia

Sea Star Fest

Rave Lucid

Tug And War Festival

Jazz Retreat

Pickled Phantom

Funk Prism

Silver Sun Fest

Follow Us Festival


Expedition Music

Rave Beast

Rave Zion

Ace of Raves

Dance Zone

Legion Movement

Party fluent


Toasted Ping Thing

Rave Crowd

Drum & Bass Beats

Milestone Night

In The Clouds

Rave Ark

The Big Fiesta


Grove Rave

Rave Dreamworld

Queen’s Music Mela

Rave Divine

Esteemed Music

Bespoke Events

Imperial Hall


Dance Archilles

Rave Born

Party Kingdom


Rave Everlast

Platinum Night

King’s Music Night

Chamber 3

Fear & Fortune

Forest Beats

Rave Nirvana


Under The Tent

Rave Bloom

Rave Mystic

Square Eights

The Venetian

Rave Impulse

Night nest

Rave Horizon


Rave Bold

Xo Music Factor

Ant Street Inn

Rave Party Theme Names

If you have a proper and unique theme for your rave party, then you can get an easy name for your rave party. However, you must make sure that the name is rare and that it is respectful in nature.

In this way, people will easily get attracted to your rave party and enjoy the theme of the rave party.    

Nexus Rave

Tent Terrific

Beachside Fest

Moment Elite

Beatnik Fest

Jazz Dapper

Glamorra Venue

Rave Arid

Stair rave to Heaven

The Wanderers Festival

Possible Pop

Festival Formen

Summertime Sadness

Tremolo Vegas

Headbangers Fest

Georgia Techno

Club ICE

Indie Avalanche

Fairy tales Hollywood


Brain Music


Music Note Fest

Rave Matrix

The Mad King

Ten Thirty Eight

Acapella Festivals

King’s Music Night

That Noodle Thing

Paradise Point Resort

The Dumbo Loft

Velocity Stage

Forest Fests

Inn on the River

Sonix Sounds

The Victory Fest




Rocky Pop

Unwind Ruled


Green Music Hub

Grounded Sounds

Dancing Beats

A Silver Star Events

Loud Rotation

Eternal Party


Forest Spirit Trance

Muted Techno

Ravefy Nightify


Waffle Delezia

Field Of Friends

Rave escape

Arcadia Ravedia

Fish O’ Holic

Clutch Party

Big Sounds

Dolce Events Hall

Audio Waves Festival

Funk Fisheye

Rave fluent

Abundance Festival

Pop Timbre


Ethnic Twist

Degrees of Sound



Rave Cloud

Funk Fisheye

Boos & Booze

Playground of the Rave Round


Dance Evolution

Rave Blaster



Rave Days

Indie Spice Barn

Bass and Lace

Walnut Loft

Booty Ball

Cloud Rave

Dance Drill

Sound Freedom

Wonderland Rave

Funk Haze

Rave Riot

Meadow County

Mad Masque Rave

The Teapot

Moving Beats

Party automatic

Party viva

Fresh Fest

Down In The Valley

Funky Playhouse

Cool Rave Names 

Do you know you can select a cool name for your eve party? For this, you can refer to the following list of cool names for a rave party.

The following list consists of many cool names that can be used for a party. This will make your party look very amazing in front of the people.

Forever Festival

Rave Omega

The Paddock

Taste Crusaders

The Jolly Spot

Music in the Valley

Heritage Night Rave

Nomad Music

Mashed Night

Sonic Maximal Sound

Southside Theatre


Salad Stomp

Bello Bee

Maple Leaf

The Jolly Spot

Kunal Sound Masters

Rockin’ Rollick

Rave Oasis

Electric Parrot

Atomic Jazz

Come All Festivals

Gateway Centre

Soul vibes Music Festival

Revel Events


Journey Begins Festival

Jazz Kawal

Azure Rave

The Veg Tickle


Rave deck

Mughlai Maven

Pulsify Fest

Lost Lands

Blue Mark


Jingle Fiesta

Rat Rave

Rave Able

Wireless Blues

Acapella Fest

Super Fest

Party Planners

Abode in the Dark





Wide Open Festivals

Fortunate Fest

No Filter Festival

Greatness Festival

Rave Utopia

Arcadia Rave

Sungazers Music

Alpha Wave Sounds

The Contiuum


Riot Night

Jazz Carousel

Spread the Word

Regal Gateway


Legends of Sound

Rave VIP

Hillside Music Festival

Sultans of Pulp



Rave Blox

Acoustic Energy

Fever Fest


Interface Music Festival

Iconic Rave

Festival People

Night fantastic

Soul Harvest

River Valley Festival

Gathering Of The Bands

Beatnik Summer Festival

Rave Ocean Wavers

Pie O’ La

Its the Rave Night


Dance Platinum

Green Setting Festivals

The Local Festival

Snack Hack

Pan Fry Panache

Rave Aqua

The Discovery Trail

Barbarossa Lounge

Meat Monarchs

Rave Best

The Expansion Art Festival

Forever Free Festival


Summer Vibes Sounds

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