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301+ Beautiful Princess Party Names

A princess party is a themed event popular for girls. Mostly princess parties are thrown for toddler girls to preteen girls. Princess performers are called to the party for entertainment. There are other customized things arranged for the party, but most importantly a beautiful princess party name is required to make it interesting, memorable, and more exciting for the girls.

Planning a princess party requires an appealing title. Choosing an appropriate name for your party will grab the attention of your guests. It is important to keep in your mind that the name should be very creative and that it should create a sense of excitement in people’s minds. For your convenience, we have listed down some cool names for a princess party.

Here are some Beautiful Princess party Names:

-Princess feels

Dancing Princesses

Just Princess things

Royal Princesses

Pinky Pink

Welcome princesses

Shine and Dance

Heya! Barbie

Welcome Home Princy 

-Snowy Snow White

-Princess With Tiara

-Pink and Purple princess

-Wake up Snow white

-All Pink Princess

-Welcome to a fairy tale

-Here’s your Prince charming

-Singing Princess party

-Roll your hands

-Beautiful Land

-Come in Beauty 

Dwarfy dwarf

-Come in Cinderella

-Princess Welcome

Castle is Decorated

Don’t Sleep Aurora

Woodland Fairytale

Floral Party

Mighty Princess

Hey! Mermaids

Castle full of Fun

Creamy Princesses

Watery Princesses

Pampering Party

Party Night Princesses

-Hold on your Crown

-Party with Snow white

-Jig Jig Princesses

-Shine my Princesses

-Party without PC

-Blushy Brush

-Pink Shiny Heart


-Flip your Hair princesses

-Come in Pamper yourselves

-Mocktails for Mermaids

-Shiny Cinderella

-Goldy Gold

-There’s no Beast inside Belle

-Belle Party

-Cupcake for Cinderella

-Come in find your Sandal

-First love = Party

-Welcome Boo!

-Shine with your vibes

-Prince Adam is inside Belle!

-Life is a Fairytale

-We are Ready to Pamper you

-Add some Blush 

-Rosemerry party

-Beauty and Beauty

-Ariel Sea the fun


-Chic Party

-Twirl Tinkerbell

-Elegant Gathering

-Glittery Classy party

-Choco Princess party

-Jazzy Jasmine

-Flora Faux Party

-Spin Belle

-Glittery Girly

-Roll Rapunzel

-Fairy Castle

-Dreamy Party

-Volume Up

-Tangled Party

-Lagoon party

-Your night princesses



-Waffle Baffles

-Puffy Party

-Beep! Beep! Princess

-Icy, Snowy Snow white

-Fly Tinkerbell

-Prince. Princess. Party.

-Sea you Mermaid

-Sugar Party

-Boogie-Woogies boo!

-Spin the Ring princess

-Avocado Party

-Chill Cinderella

-Party Maulana

-Sparkling Princesses

-Welcome to the Fairy world

-Gold White Party

-Cinderella’s Castle

-PC-princess’s castle

-Luna Party

-Candy Crush

-Buttery Party

-Princess Peachy Party

-Shiny Shimmer

-Plum Gathering

-Wings to your fun

-Beauty Smile!

-Fairy pearl party

-Paradise here

-Popper’s pop

-Flower Petals

-Boomy Bloom

-Lily’s Princess Party

-Party hard preteen

-Not a Toddler

-Fairy dress, glittery party

-Welcome to Preteen

-Twinkling stars

-Sprinkle with fun

-Belle Inside!

-Hooray! Not a Toddler anymore

-Shine more than Moonlight

-Mariana’s Mermaid Party

-Doodley doo!

-Crystal Star

-Daisy Gathering

-Lit! Princess

-Party Beauty queen

-Royal Celebration

-Crown Princess reunion

-Royal jamboree

-Crown cookie party

-Filly, girly, gal

-Slay Girls

-Welcome Pals

-Angel’s castle

-The Rolling Party

-Flashy and Blingy night

-Party Princesses

-Girl bugs

-Dine With princesses

-Princess Calling

-All pink party

-Polka Full party

-Icy Frozen Party

-Elsa’s Frozen Party

-Minnie Mie Gathering

-Kittens Party

-Macaroni For Mermaids

-Montana’s Twirl party

-Cream Cone Bash party

-Bloomy Balloon

-Blushy Bash


-Fairytale Party

-Fun-filled Fairy

-Paradise Joy

-Welcome Fashionista

-Choco Candy Gathering

-Welcome to Hogwarts

-Shiny Star 

-Tinkle’s Fairytale

-Castle full of joy

-Welcome to Flowerland

– Bubble double

-Peachy Aurora

-Royal Elegant Party

-Shimmery pom-poms

 -Butter Party

-Orchid world

-Elsa’s Preteen Party

-Welcome to Frozen world

-Minion’s tiny Party

-Funky night

-Kitty’s kitty party

-Untamed day

-Retro Cycle

-Ballerina Night

-Girlies Party

-Dazzle Dizzle

-Vintage Vibes

-Soft Cotton party

-Dolled Up party

-Teal Barbie Party

-Girly Shoppe Party


-Glamour gold party

-Wonderworld Party

-Barbie Doll Come in

-Greenery Garland  

-Bows and Bubbles

-Daisy’s Toddler party

-Welcome to Glamworld

-Watermelon sugar party

-Welcome gal Pals

-Shine With Shimmer

-Fairy bright Party

-Jig Jig and Jig Pals

-Bossy Girl Party

-Pancakes and plum

-Tremendous Thursday

-Preppy Puppy party

-Creamy Candy party

-Bunch full of Brunch

-Wild and tame 

-Power Pack gathering

-Girly gang In

-Ladies! It’s party time

-Chin up with high heels

-Twirl in the air

-Shimmy cinderella

-Shine for the dine

-Jig Jig Jig princesses

-Follow the party way

-Hustle for Party

-Fierceful party

-We the wonder princesses

-Slick pick 

-Put your spirits up

-Whirl Women

-Swaggy princesses

-High heels and High Spirits

-Life full of fairy lights

-HER party

-Flossy Flowers

-Wokey princess party

-Slay all night

-Pretty Princess party


-Beesbubble party

-Balls and dolls

-Shots hots

-Shimmy shiner

-Cuties and Divas

-Magical Panthers

-Rock shiny stars

-Bottoms up Gathering

-Chicks and ladies

-Beautiful butterflies

-Fly with fun

-Shake a leg, Princesses

-Scream! It’s a princess party

-Shut up and have fun

-Bold and blond

-Ring the bell for belle’s party

-Hot Splash


-Mermaid’s bounce

-Sprinkle the fun

-Giggle goggle

-Welcome Crowny princess

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