141+ Best Relay for life slogans and Sayings

Relay For Life is a movement to help cancer victims in America. It all started in the year 1985, when Dr. Gordon walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Washington to raise money and help the victims of the nation’s biggest disease, Cancer.

The purpose of this community is to help cancer victims and to create awareness about cancer. Relay for life is something in which everyone should involve. Whether you donate, volunteer or walk, just participate.

Best Relay for life Slogans

  • For the ones in need
  • Promote health
  • Do it for them
  • Raise funds to help
  • They need you
  • Spread the awareness
  • Every life matters
  • Support because you can 
  • United against cancer 
  • Make a difference

We all remember our loved ones whom we have lost, don’t we? At this event, you will get to see the decorations of Luminaria with the names of loved ones.

In this community, the fund gained through relay for life not only honors the people who survived and remember the ones we lost but also gives financial support to the cancer patients and their families.

They provide them resources like free chemo or even a place to stay near the hospitals. Relay for life team up to make a difference whether by donations or by the time given or by promoting social awareness.

List of great relay for life slogan for you

Let’s make a cancer-free world.

Join us to save a life.

Give your life a good cause.

Relay for life satisfies our souls.

Do it for those who need your support.

Countless people died out of support. Your support can save a life.

“Relay for Life”- A Nobel act.

“Relay For Life”- many people one cause.

Let’s fight against cancer together.

We can beat it.

“Relay For Life”- Yes, there is still hope.

Let’s tell the cancer victims that they are not alone.

Let’s fight the fight.

Let’s end the fight.

You can save a life.

Do it for the sake of their lives.

Keep calm and support “Relay For Life”.

Let’s Fight against cancer. Let’s change the world.

Give it a try. You can make a difference.

“Cancer”, not today.

Kick out the cancer of the planet.

Your little efforts will give them hope. Do it for them.

“Relay For Life”- An act of humanity.

“Cancer”- Not now, and never.

Your support can make them live again.

Donate for the cancer victims. Donate for “Relay For Life”.

Let’s march against cancer.

So many candles for one reason.

We have only one mission. A cancer-free society.

Cancer took my daughter away from me. I will not let it take someone else’s.

“Relay For Life”- one cause, fight against cancer.

Stay positive and support “Relay For Life”.

Take a step towards the cancer-free county.

“Relay For Life”- A fight for the cure.

A movement to save a life.A movement to find a cure.

We will not stop until we beat cancer.

You are a fighter. Don’t lose hope.

We are a team. We are a community.

Doing something good for other people, something positive, peaces your soul.

Save a life for the sake of humanity and be a hero.

Let’s walk together and fight cancer.

Join us, because you do know how it feels like to lose your loved ones who died of cancer.

I am with “Relay For Life”. Are you?

Proud to be a part of this community.

relay of life slogans

“Relay For Life”-We have only one goal. That is to fight against cancer.

Support “Relay For Life”, because hope is also a cure.

Many die out of cancer, many die out of hope. Give them hope, give them life.

Walk for “Relay For Life”. Walk for a cure.

Take an initiative to fight cancer. You can do it.

Delete cancer out of our earth.

Because you can’t run away from this but you can run for a cure.

It’s a holy race.

You can save someone’s mother.

“Relay For Life”- donate and support.

Just imagine how beautiful our world will be without cancer.

Keep calm and wear purple.

Purple is our color. What is yours?

You did want to be a volunteer in college for fame. Now, do it again for humanity.

Support “Relay For Life”. Let them celebrate their birthdays too.

Walking, volunteering or donating; the only thing that matters is participating.

Don’t just sit and talk. Do something for a noble cause.

Each step gets us one step closer to the cure.

“Purple”- The new color symbol of hope.

We are awake, walking all night. Because cancer doesn’t sleep.

An initiative worth taking.

Run more, run fast, run for the cure.

They can not run but we can. Run for life.

It’s a little effort to fight cancer.

We’ve shortlisted a few of the World Cancer Day Messages, Quotes, and Greetings that you can share.

It is A race, a fight.

Support “Relay For Life”. Stop cancer.

Walk today so that someone can walk tomorrow.

funny relay for life slogans

Fight cancer. Find a cure.

A race track to the cure for cancer.

Our battle is against cancer.

Together we can. Let’s fight.

Join hands to fight against cancer.

Lend a hand to save a life.

A strike against cancer.

Cure for one. Cure for all.

Say no to cancer.

When we run together. Cancer fears us.

Once you lose hope, you are dead inside.

If you want a change, be the change.

Black or white; small or tall; we are one community with one mission.

My best friend could not survive. I am here to save someone else’s.

A path to the cancer-free society.

Many children lost their parents because of cancer. You can save a child from being orphan.

Come and support us. You can save an entire family.

Your little donations will not affect your bank balance but it can save a cancer victim.

Take out time for a Nobel cause.

Don’t quit. Many people need you.

“Dear cancer”, your time is over.

Cancer-free society is a healthy society.

Join us, join humanity.

Humanity is our religion.

It is our evil fight against cancer.

Your tiny feet can make a difference.

Say yes to a cancer-free world.

Come on, join us. Be a better person.

Creating awareness and saving a life.

Too many people, too many candles but mission is one.

Dear cancer, the world don’t need you.

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We are with the cancer victims.

People die, hope don’t.

We are here to fight for cancer victims.

Send cancer in the middle of nowhere.

Staying awake to fight cancer.

We are too many. Together we will win.

I am with cancer victims, no matter what.

relay of life slogans

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