150+ Catchy Science March Slogans and T-Shirt Quotes

Science March, a worldwide development for science and equity, held its third yearly worldwide day of activity on May 4, 2019.

Best Science March Slogans

  • Mysteries unfolded
  • Science making life easier
  • Innovation at its peak
  • Enlightening the world
  • Unfolding facts 
  • Making lives easier
  • Speaking science
  • A better world
  • Get innovative
  • Explore and create

More than 150 areas on each of the 7 landmasses took an interest, including Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Ukraine, India, Philippines, China, Australia, and Antarctica.

List of Best science march signs and t-shirt quotes written below:

Science has made life easier

Science is the solution to impossible things.

Science is a life savior

Science saves time

The world drifts through science

It connected us across the globe

Science has the explanation of many  impossible things

There is nothing which can better deserve your support than the promotion of science. 

Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.
smarter we get with science.

Science solves the mystery.

Science helps us living the dream

Interactions made easy with science.

Seek and ye shall find, science will help you to do so.

The more unaware we become the less value we set on science.

Science is the key to success for every nation.

The development of a country depends on its development in science.

Freedom and happiness are the products of science.

Freedom is the first-born of science and it gives us wing to fly.

Encourage the progress of science regardless of its branches. 

The main object of all science is the freedom and happiness of man. 

Science is nothing but a reflection of the truth.

Science is a great cure to the poison of superstition.

Science is pure of a particular region, as it has the belongings to mankind.

Science knows no country.

Science illuminates the vision.

Science is Nature’s messenger.

Science is the trilogy of reason, observation, and experience.

science and religion are relative.

one can get the guidance of life through science.

science gives the curiosity to learn and know about the truth.

Facts and truth are an amalgamated form of science.

It is impossible to segregate science from our everyday life.

Science is the only human activity.

Science is valuable because it can create something. 

At someplace something unbelievable is waiting to be known.

We live in society extremely dependent on science and technology, in which many few know anything about science and technology. 

I don’t know of any area of human endeavor in which science has nothing important to say. 

I believe there is so much more miracle in science.

There is a certain clash between skepticism and creativity that resulted in the greatest discoveries in science.

science is essential to combat superstitions.

Science is a way to improve our minds so that we don’t get fooled.

Science is undeniable.

Science is the path to success.

the best part of science is that it is true regardless of the unbelievers.

Life is defined by science.

Science has the answer to the existence of any living being.

Science itself is a mystery that is capable of solving the other ones.

science let us get to know about the nature of the world.

Science will always be right because it works.

science march slogans

Science is not only a believer of purpose but, also, one of curiosity and compassion.

Scientists have become the carriers of the light of discovery in our pursuit of knowledge.

Science is a magical work of phenomena.

science is simply amazing.

The place of science lies beyond common sense.

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Science itself is an art of human imagination witnessing the law of nature.

The beauty of science is that art and science are interrelated acquiring questions from the knowledge source.

You don’t have to believe in science but you’ll be damned if you’d have known.

Science and technology prove things to you.

Science doesn’t need an act of faith, you need to have faith in science.

there is a lot of stories and adventures behind the science.

We would have been still living in caves if science were being forgotten.

love science and science will love you back.

Even though you love art, you will still have to rely on science.

There is no other method but science to get to know your surroundings

Science saves humanity.

Science spread awareness.

Science produces wisdom.

Look forward to science and you will not fail.

Trust in science, not in superstitions.

Ask for proof and think judgmentally.

Hold on to science in order to resist ignorance.

Promote science, stop illiteracy.

Let’s have a moment of science.

What do you want?- Evidence-based science.

Without science, we are helpless.

We want Science, not silence.

Science and reason we demand.

Science is the cure to blind faith.

Make people think again before they got fooled.

We march for science and technology.

Science. It works.

divided by cultures, united by science.

United by humanity, guided by science.

If you do not believe in science, then there is no outer galaxy.

Science makes life great!

No future without science.

Pro-science, anti-illiteracy.

Science-based policies save people.

Defund cheaters, not Science

Science is only denied by the ignorant.

The world wouldn’t be a great place without science

Boldness for Science.

Substitute facts are what scientists call lies

Avoiding science? welcome to the Stone Age again

Science is the universal truth

East or west, science is the best.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

Got Science?

Science causes all kinds of reactions

Science skills are life skills

Make World smart again

World needs science

The world depends on science

If you want to know how climate works, you need to know the science

Stop Denying. The Earth’s Dying. Embrace science.

The oceans are rising as so are we

Show me your evidence! Show me science.

If you deny science then I will deny you.

Science reveals the truth.

Smoking kills whether your belief in it or not. Same with Climate Change

Earth needs thinkers, not one with blind faith.

Don’t trust science? Then go an live in a cave.

Science — It beats living in a cave!

Remember when hurricanes struck without warning? Neither do I.

What I stand for is what I stand on (with a picture of Earth)

Don’t vote for science deniers!

Vote for politicians who honor science!

Scientists are cool!

If  you’re alive and healthy today, thank Science

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Science is the only method to combat superstition

Science destroys myths and blind faiths.

Science shows light to the one who has blind faith.

Farts cause Global warming and Trump is One Big FART

REAL men and women don’t deny Science

Only the ignorant deny Science

Science needs a fair share of the Pi

Even science deniers need science — to transmit their fake facts

Science has saved vastly more lives that have been lost in all the wars in history

Science enables us to differentiate myths from fact.

science march slogans

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