50+ Top Shopify Backpack Stores to Start your Own!

Do you want to find the most excellent backpacks? Backpacks are the ideal accessory for carrying stuff around; they provide ease and appeal to your appearance. 

Backpacks need to be as comfy as they are fashionable. A backpack may accommodate everything from electronics, cameras, clothes, and other essentials. 

With everything available on the internet, there is no doubt that you can find a backpack suitable for you. Shopify comes to your help. 

There are so many shops and different styles, colors, and designs to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 Shopify stores in the backpacks category. We hope you get some inspiration from these.

Best Shopify Backpack Stores for Inspiration:


shopify backpack stores

Clearbackpacks.com, LLC is a Granite City, Illinois-based privately held woman-owned company that extends throughout the country. 

Clearbackpacks.com began as a firm focused solely on clear backpacks. This site represents years of labor and desire to design a high-quality bag that is both comfortable and useful while also making a “Clear Fashion Statement.”


shopify backpack stores

Beaverton is a Canadian brand that aims to provide clients with creative, simple, and cheap cycling accessories. Backpacks are among the items required for the task.

The backpack’s features, such as the USB port, water-resistant cover, and anti-theft three-digit lock, make it suitable for athletic people who want to travel light.

The Bag Creature

shopify backpack stores

They are a tiny little group of people with the passion and enthusiasm to bring you all things carry. They realize the importance of having the correct camera bag, travel luggage, or messenger bag.

As a result, they have created bags that fulfill the diverse needs of all photographers, cyclists, and travelers.

Ucon Acrobatics

shopify backpack stores

Ucon Acrobatics combines a love of creative design with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The brand is synonymous with long-lasting goods that may be used year after year. Rather than following fads, they concentrate on classic designs.

Their goal is to create high-quality products for a younger breed of creatives who are eager to take risks.

Capra Leather

shopify backpack stores

Capra Leather is committed to creating goods that engage the senses, elicit feelings, and are both unique and intimate.

Every design features a hand stitch piece, which helps to maintain the traditional art of hand stitching intact. Customers in over 100 countries across five continents trust the Capra brand.


shopify backpack stores

Light+Nine is the creation of an ingenious mother. The goods of Light+Nine are created in the United States.

Heavyweight backpacks have been linked to poor posture, according to studies. A complete realm of ultralight bags was built for children to carry, explore, and modify to change that.


shopify backpack stores

Malo’o was formed in 2016 by a passionate adventurer who loves the sea, mountains, and travel. In Hawaiian, Malo’o means “dry.”

Malo’o items can now be found in stores all over the world. This company makes waterproof backpacks that will keep you dry in any situation. This item is best suited for outdoor occasions.


shopify backpack stores

BabyTreks sells items such as baby backpacks and other travel accessories. The BabyTreks backpack provides plenty of capacity for your next vacation.

These bags are waterproof and resilient, with enough pockets to safely contain all of your baby’s belongings and some of your own.


shopify backpack stores

Flowfold was established in 2010 to create lightweight, tougher, and longer-lasting everyday gear.

They’ve experimented with new elements and designs and grown their workforce and product offerings over the years.

They began with a single wallet and have now expanded to include handbags, backpacks, totes, pouches, and even dog gear.


top shopify backpack stores

Truce creates bags and accessories that are durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly. Each Truce bag is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted to order from upcycled and high-performance materials.

Truce, a modest range of sophisticated bags made from reused materials, was born out of the founder’s passion for environmentally responsible design and manufacture.

Hyke & Byke

top shopify backpack stores

Hyke & Byke was formed with a single goal in mind: to provide backpackers and adventurers with high-quality, lightweight, and comfortable camping gear at an affordable price.

They create the products, control their production, and sell them straight to you. They indulge in the minimalist lifestyle both in nature and in business.


top shopify backpack stores

Despite the many backpacks on the market, none offer more than one smart function. That’s where Lumzag comes in.

This company launched a line that makes people’s lives easier by meeting the demands they place on backpacks nowadays and providing them with a sense of safety.

Standard Luggage

top shopify backpack stores inspiration

Standard Luggage creates the Ultimate Travel System, a collection of backpacks and essentials that will help you stay joyful and active on any travel.

These items let you live, work, and travel on the spur of the moment. They make affordable gear that is effective, lasting, and well-designed.


top shopify backpack stores inspiration

Tourit aimed to build a one-of-a-kind line of outdoor items for adventure enthusiasts. This company’s mission has been to create high-quality items that simplify enjoying the outdoors.

At Tourit, you’ll discover anything from camper backpacks to premium coolers at a reasonable cost.

flip & tumble

top shopify backpack stores inspiration

This firm creates bags that are built to last since high-quality products are better for the environment. They mix durable materials with clever functionality to ensure their goods last for years.

Over the course of flip & tumble’s existence, their bags are expected to have replaced about 19 million wasteful plastic bags.


top shopify backpack stores inspiration

The founder of Velomacchi sought to develop a company that valued the environment and all of the persons who contributed to bringing this product to market.

They look for the greatest artisans, materials, manufacturers, and procedures from all around the world. Its pricing reflects the company’s and its employees’ dedication to quality.

Mark Ryden

top shopify backpack stores inspiration

Mark Ryden tries to provide their consumers a wide range of the most up-to-date Anti-Theft Backpacks and Travel Essentials.

They’ve made great strides, so they realize just what to do when it comes to providing customers with high-quality, low-cost items. All of this is provided alongside giving exceptional customer service and helpful assistance.


shopify backpack stores inspiration

On all wholesale tote bags, backpacks, and promotional specialty bags, BagzDepot concentrates on supplying high-quality items at cheap costs.

They’ve made it their job to keep creating better products that satisfy the demands of their consumers for trustworthy, high-quality novelty items.

A Pet with Paws

shopify backpack stores inspiration

Ann Greenberg saw there were some big gaps in the pet travel sector regarding smart, stylish pet carriers for the chic urban on-the-go pet parent.

However, because few companies sold these things, Ann started A Pet with Paws to fill the need.

Sol and Selene

shopify backpack stores inspiration

This label’s backpacks are made of long-lasting, strong, and durable material that is light in weight and, in many cases, waterproof.

These bags are designed to complement the customer’s lifestyle when they are on the go, making things happen.

These are intended to be used in conjunction with each activity in a person’s life.


shopify backpack stores inspiration

Ruk’s objective is not about bags. They collaborate with Project Nova, a non-profit organization, to help the Congolese build a better future.

They build high-quality, practical goods to increase efficiency, output, and quality. Assisting you in combining multiple lives in terms of work, health, and leisure while also serving a larger life-changing purpose.

More than a Backpack

shopify backpack stores inspiration

More than a backpack is a family-run brand that was founded in early 2019 by a couple, Matt and Jen.

Before children were their primary focus, they embarked on a year-long global journey across Asia and South America in 2012, which ignited their interest in backpacks.


backpack stores inspiration

They aim to integrate utility and beauty in a single bag while maintaining great quality in every aspect.

Bagsmart offers the most basic and clever services across all product types. Bagsmart continually surprises its consumers with handy features, whether a travel bag, a laptop, or a camera bag.


backpack stores inspiration

Matein is the creator of the first-ever anti-theft charging backpack. Martin has produced over one million backpacks all around the world today.

Matein offers superior backpacks at the most affordable prices, ensuring that every buyer can discover a backpack they enjoy carrying.


backpack stores inspiration

Origaudio backpacks were created to accompany you on your journey, blending sleek design with high-end functions and convenience for daily usage.

Our goods are made for individuals who need the correct gear to keep going forward, whether driving to work or conquering the universe.


backpack stores inspiration

This brand aims to produce high-quality, lasting crossover tools and apparel that combines the technical precision of outerwear with the comfort and attractiveness of daily wear.

Each undertaking is an investigation and, ultimately, a discovery supported by their successes and mistakes. They are inspired by this growth, which is at the heart of Evergoods.

Leatherback Gear

backpack stores inspiration

The only company to think of transforming a backpack into a self-defense system that protects both your front and back in seconds.

They develop items and technologies that prioritize safety and security in anything we do. 

J. Stark

backpack stores inspiration

J. Stark is primarily a bag and leather goods company. They create timeless, durable items that you will keep for a lifetime. Also, they should keep their designs simple.

They don’t install a pocket where one isn’t supposed to be. As an outcome, the item is both aesthetically appealing and very useful.


shopify backpack stores

UNO, the world’s first convertible backpack with changeable organizers, was created by NIID. It is also the most well-funded backpack startup campaign in history.

NIID strives to provide you with packing alternatives that are tailored to your specific requirements. Backpacks are important not just for what is carried but also for how it is carried.

Backpacks USA 

shopify backpack stores

This company concentrates on obtaining high-quality wholesale goods at affordable pricing. Backpacks USA has been in business for nearly 30 years.

They have the greatest technique for the money, as well as a huge selection of wholesale backpacks and supplies, to satisfy the needs of their customers.


shopify backpack stores

Since 2010, the brand has aimed to showcase culture with superior-quality laptops and travel bags produced with sustainably harvested traditional handmade fabrics.

Ethnotek is more than simply a bag; it’s a worldwide movement. They always look for fabrics that reflect the vitality of the people who make them.


shopify backpack stores

Eiken is dedicated to providing you with the greatest travel gear made from the purest and most precise resources available.

As you prepare to venture into uncharted waters, a robust travel backpack or rucksack would be your closest confidant. Eiken has a wide range of classic waxed and canvas backpacks that fits your requirements.


shopify backpack stores

The brand was developed in 2004 by two artists from Memphis, Tennessee, who couldn’t find travel backpacks with the attributes they needed to carry all of their instruments on tour.

Other artists quickly noticed their innovative styles, which featured personal flair, tech-savvy capabilities, high-quality materials, and better workmanship.


backpack shopify store collection

TWELVE Little baby backpacks are thoughtfully and ingeniously intended to aid parents at every stage of their child’s development, from neonatal days to daycare drop-off—and after.

Every backpack is handmade with a unique flair and the perfect backpack for holding baby and mommy supplies. It is made of water-resistant materials and vegan leather.


backpack shopify store collection

Kingkong backpacks are designed to last a long duration. They are dedicated to employing only the toughest components and the most innovative construction method.

Numerous sections and fast access compartments are included in these gym backpacks, allowing you to keep your gear organized and handy.

 Bags in Bulk

backpack shopify store collection

Bags in Bulk offers an enormous selection of the most fashionable bags and backpacks at excellent deals.

You can count on the Bags in Bulk crew for the goods you need whenever you need them, as the leading source for wholesale offers on bags of all designs, sizes, and types.

Black Ember

backpack shopify store collection

This company creates cutting-edge products for urbanites. Black Ember backpacks appear, feel, and perform like no other pack you’ve previously owned because of their unique manufacturing methods and proprietary gear.

These packs are robust and designed to keep you comfy with functional and aesthetic precision all day.


backpack shopify store collection

Among the most successful models is the Paratus. Since then, the brand has expanded significantly.

To suit the needs of our clients, we’ve expanded from one bag to nearly 100 different goods. They believe that selling directly allows them to better work with their customers.

 Tucker & Bloom

backpack shopify store collection

Through a utilitarian form, Tucker & Bloom has created backpacks that stress efficiency and originality.

Their only distribution through this site demonstrates their confidence in the value of home manufacture and the key skills it nurtures.

Their designs are intended to organize those who need to appear professional while offering a unique alternative.


shopify bag stores

KNOMO creates backpacks and accessories that motivate you and catch pace with your busy schedule. Bags that are elegant, functional, and unique.

We use only the highest-quality full-grain leather, premium materials, and completely handmade equipment.


shopify bag stores

For three simple explanations, Vooray is the bag of choice for fitness professionals across the globe: efficiency, aesthetics, and integrity.

These items are designed to be as adaptable as you are. These bags have your needs covered no matter what your day throws at you.


shopify bag stores

With the debut of backpacks for children in 2011, the brand’s aim to positively change children’s schooling worldwide commenced.

Through the One Here. One There. the program now contributes a backpack and accessories to a child in need for every designer backpack they sell.

 Got Bag

shopify bag stores

This brand is committed to clean oceans and ethical plastic usage. Their mission statement, “Create an Impact,” signifies that they operate environmentally and actively bring about change.

They want their consumers to create awareness and sensitize people worldwide about the issue with the help of the Got Bag Team.


shopify backpack stores

Knack was inspired by a simple observation: an outbreak of people carrying several bags. One Bag Life was born as a result of this epiphany.

The backpack is called the Knack Pack, and the company hopes that it will allow you to go from the office to the gym and back with just one bag.


shopify backpack stores

Rob Honeycutt, the founder of Timbuk2, started out as a freethinking, freewheeling bike messenger in San Francisco.

He loved the messenger bag’s efficiency and usefulness and intended it to be available to everyone. Timbuk2 products are built to last and uphold their reputation for quality.

 Topo Designs

shopify backpack stores

Topo Designs is based on the mountain and recreational lifestyle, but they also continue exploring cities and traveling across the globe.

They take ideas from time-tested classics while using cutting-edge innovations to ensure a timeless aesthetic with current functionality. With so many varieties, this inspired them to start making backpacks and other accessories.

 Garage Grown Gear

shopify backpack stores

It’s a group of adventurous people that are devoted to serving small, startup, and cottage brands thrive.

Their store website has a carefully curated assortment of light backpacking gear, clothing, and meals. Garage Grown Gear’s items are the ‘Farm to Table’ equivalent of outdoor equipment.


shopify backpack stores

WANDRD is an 11-person tight-knit crew that sells backpacks to explorers, innovators, and consumers in over 100 nations. The founders are adamant that their company does not sell products.

Their business aims to motivate individuals to get out and live lives they’re enthusiastic about.


shopify backpack stores

After a backpacking journey to Europe in 2009, two childhood best friends, Fred and Jeremy, established Tortuga, which later became their lifetime venture

When individuals purchase a Tortuga bag, they assist the younger generation traveling abroad for the first time. Tortuga is a small company with few resources. Their staff of travelers is based across the world and works online.


shopify backpack stores

Pacsafe produces innovative inventions that safeguard people’s goods when they are on the go as the founders and developers of anti-theft technology for backpackers.

Their expertise, design, and workmanship will empower clients with certainty for every journey by prioritizing the customer’s requirements.

We hope we were successful in providing you with the information on the top 50 backpack stores that are hosted on Shopify. 

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