50+ Best Beauty and Cosmetic Website Design Examples – Top Picks for 2024

Have you ever wondered why some beauty websites just draw you in? In the dazzling world of beauty and cosmetics, a website is more than just a place to shop.

It’s a digital canvas where a brand’s personality shines. In this article, we’re going to explore some amazing beauty and cosmetic website designs that are not only pretty to look at but also easy and fun to use.

From the way they mix colors to how they tell a story, these websites do more than just sell products; they create an experience.

Whether you’re a makeup lover or just curious about website design, join us as we dive into the world of beauty websites that are sure to catch your eye and maybe even give you some cool ideas!

Best Beauty and Cosmetic Website Design Examples

1. Kylie Cosmetics

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Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetics brands in the world. It was founded by a very famous American model, actress, and social media influencer, Kylie Jenner.

This brand offers a wide range of both makeup and skincare products. However, Kylie Cosmetics is known for its high-end products.

2. HiSmile 

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HiSmile is an Australian cosmetics brand that mainly offers oral cosmetics products. The brand also has its own research center where they search about their products and various formulations.

However, consumers have mentioned this brand as a high-priced one. But this brand also offers products with huge sales sometimes.

3. Elf Cosmetics 

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This brand was established a few years ago in America. It is known for offering a wide range of various cosmetics products.

They also shipped their products worldwide. This is one of the most affordable American brands that offer bathing, skincare, and makeup accessories. They also post regular makeup tutorial videos for customers.

4. Beard & Blade

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This brand mostly offers men’s products, and it is Australia-based. However, they have recently started their international shipments.

The brand mainly produces grooming kits, including beard oil, hair products, and shaving kits. However, they don’t offer any women’s products. They are solely focused on Men’s products.

5. White Rabbit Skincare

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This is a cosmetics brand that has been promoting cruelty-free, vegan products for a long time now.

The brand started its journey in Scotland and has become an international brand. They are also very popular for their natural plant-based products. However, their products are a little bit high-priced.

6. Plum Goodness 

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This brand offers both makeup and skincare products. However, their products are popular for having natural ingredients and are chemical-free.

They offer a wide range of hair, body, and grooming products. Plum is popular for being affordable, and they are available almost worldwide.

7. Cosmetic Love 

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This is a South Korean brand that is now available internationally. They promote Korean beauty products. That includes body, hair, and skin products for women.

They also have an exclusive product line for men. They sell their face packs and makeup accessories by collaborating with international brands.

8. The Man Company 

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This company exclusively makes products only for men. It is a high-end company that provides premium products. They have beard grooming kits, Face and body care products, and hair care. Recently, they have started their perfume line, which is also dedicated to male consumers. 

9. KKW Beauty

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Famous American model and social media influencer Kim Kardashian has founded this cosmetics brand. The company offers body care products along with various makeup tools.

The brand has also collaborated with different high-end brands to produce premium products. KKW sells its products mostly through its website and has a huge online consumer base.

10. Boie 

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This brand started its journey in the United Kingdom and is now available worldwide in the United States.

They are one of the pioneer brands that promoted recyclable products. They are mainly known for their oral care products. The brand immensely promotes eco-friendly products and gives importance to sustainability. 

11. Thrive Causemetics

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This brand is known for its Corporate social responsibility. Because they donate a fixed percentage of their profits to help women, their products are pocket-friendly.

The company is associated with various NGOs that work for homeless, abused and helpless women. The makeup products of this brand are trendy in the West.

12. Fig+Yarrow

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This is an American brand that offers plant and mineral-based products. Unlike other companies, this brand focuses only on face care products.

They use natural ingredients to produce medium-range products. They are only available in the United States. 

13. Colorpop 

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This brand is originally from California, United States. They have a wide range of skin and body care products and have also started offering makeup kits.

The brand is cruelty-free and promotes various environmental issues through its packaging. They are pocket-friendly and mostly get positive reviews from consumers.

14. Sugar Cosmetics 

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This is an Indian brand that Vineeta Singh established in 2012. They offer international shipping and have a vast collection online.

Sugar is famous for its affordable lipstick, nail polish, and other makeup products. The brand promotes women’s empowerment through its marketing strategy and has recruited thousands of women till now. 

15. Sephora 

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This is a French brand that is now available worldwide. Recently, they have started collaborating with various online apps in several countries and selling products internationally.

However, this brand’s skincare and beauty products are expensive and not for everyone. The brand also has 3000 sub-brands.

16. Coastal Scents 

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This brand started its run in the United States. They offer both makeup products and makeup accessories. It includes brushes, Sponges, palettes, and other beauty tools.

They were the first ones to produce brush shampoos. However, the brand isn’t available in many countries now.

17. The Balm Cosmetics 

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This company is based in San Francisco, America, and it is famous for its sustainable, nature-friendly products and packaging. They produce many eye, lip, and face makeup kits.

This brand has been named an affordable one by its consumers. However, it doesn’t sell its products worldwide.

18. Tula Skincare 

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This brand is one of the most popular brands that offer eye care products. Its products are famous for containing probiotic ingredients.

They also have a skincare product line where they promote chemical-free natural products. This brand is slightly high-priced, but the products are very popular among female consumers.

19. Cake Cosmetics

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The brand started its journey in Canada and now operates globally. Cake Cosmetics promotes nature-friendly products along with an exclusive vegan product line.

They have claimed to be cruelty-free, and they don’t prefer animal testing. Cake Cosmetics is known for its affordable natural products. 

20. Pacifica Beauty 

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If you are a vegan, then this brand is perfect for you. Pacifica Beauty offers costly makeup and skincare ranges.

They also sell bathing products that include bath bombs, essential oils, and hair care products. Recently, the brand started its own fragrance line, which is also vegan-friendly.

21. Morphe Brushes

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This brand was originally created in California, Los Angeles. It offers makeup tools and accessories by collaborating with other brands.

Many Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers have endorsed this brand. However, it is not at all pocket-friendly and is mostly used by professional makeup artists.

22. Kopari Beauty

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Though this brand was founded in San Diego, it uses coconuts from the Philippines as one of the most important ingredients.

The brand solely focuses on the chemical-free formulation and provides natural products. It contains coconut oil and water-based coconut products. The brand claims that it produces toxin and paraben-free products.

23. 100% Pure 

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Consumers love this brand because it is associated with various charitable organizations. The brand promotes kindness, compassion, and other principles through its packaging.

They have both body and hair care products in their product line, and they make makeup kits using various natural components.

24. Curateur 

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The name of the founder of this brand is Rachel Zoe. This brand has started manufacturing both lifestyle and make-up products. Unlike most brands, they offer membership programs to consumers.

The products are very costly, and the membership often brings enormous discounts for the members. They produce different products based on the season. 

25. Pixi 

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Pixi was established in London, United Kingdom, and in 20 years, it started selling products globally.

Pixi offers high-end premium products and has collaborated with other companies to sell various products. Pixi’s skincare and combo products are very famous among consumers. 

26. Birchbox 

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Birchbox shares exclusive membership worldwide for its customers and offers combo packaging that contains different makeup and skincare products.

This brand is very famous in African countries, and it has international subscribers. The company also offers makeup tutorial videos for its customers. They have also started a new hair product line. 

27. Jeffree Star Cosmetics 

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American Youtuber Jeffree Star founded this brand. Jeffree often works as a drag queen and he started this brand to promote glamorous and loud makeup tools.

This company’s eyeshadow palette is one of its most popular products. However, the brand has high value and isn’t affordable at all.

28. Blue Mercury

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This company started in the United States, but now it has business worldwide. This brand is known for luxurious products that are mostly used by Hollywood celebrities.

It offers wellness products along with makeup and skincare tools. However, the brand is not pocket-friendly at all.

29. Badass Beard Care

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This brand is one of the most exclusive brands because it does not have a wide range of products. It only offers products that are related to men’s beards.

This company’s product line includes organic conditioner, shampoo, balms, and wax, which are suitable for the beard.

30. Live Tinted

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If you are searching for different shades of makeup, then this brand might be the one for you because it offers a vast range of shades suitable for both fair and dark skin tones. However, the brand costs a lot when it comes to international shipping. 

31. Ulta

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This brand has its own Stores in different parts of America where it sells cosmetics for both men and women. The brand has also started an exclusive unisex perfume product line.

This brand became internationally famous for promoting unisex makeup and beauty products. However, they are a little bit high-priced. 

32. The Detox Market

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If you’re looking for exclusive skincare products, then this brand might be helpful for you because they have focused on organic and green skincare products.

Though the brand was founded in Canada, it now offers nature-friendly products by international businesses online. 

33. Makeup Geek

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This company owns a very active social media handle and online website offering a wide range of makeup products and sharing exclusive makeup tips and tricks.

The brand also provides masterclasses by taking fees from the participants. The brand is overall pocket-friendly. 

34. Anese 

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Unlike other brands, this company offers various products for different body parts of human anatomy, including the face and hair.

They have moisturizers, scrubbers, oils, and other ingredients for various body parts like breasts and hips. They are popular for their minimal packaging strategy. However, they are a little bit costly. 

35. My Makeup Brush Set 

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This company is famous for makeup accessories. It started its journey in Canada and now sells products worldwide.

They have one of the largest makeup tools collections, along with various makeup kits. If you prefer cruelty-free vegan products, this brand is perfect for you. 

36. Bath and Body Works 

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Besides offering makeup and skincare products this American brand also produces various gifts and bath products.

They are very popular in the United States, and the perfume line of this particular company is wildly famous among consumers. 

37. LUSH

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This brand’s headquarters is in the United Kingdom, and the company has thousands of stores worldwide where they sell a wide range of makeup and skincare products.

LUSH is famous for producing makeup products without any dangerous preservatives. However, the company only offers costly products. But they often promote themselves by giving sample products.

38. Beneath Your Mask 

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This company is famous for offering rejuvenation products that are mainly designed medically. The company offers products that have botanical ingredients.

If you are looking for a repair and restore product, then you can use their products. The company offers a wide range at an affordable cost.

39. CoverFX Skin Care 

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This company is one of those brands that offer customized products depending on the skin type of the consumer.

They do not produce bulk products and focus on making skincare and makeup products based on the consumers’ criteria. They have a premium product range depending on various skin types. 

40. Beast 

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This company is one of those companies that offer beauty products only for men. They produce skincare and makeup products depending on male skin types and promote male beauty products to break stereotypes. Besides offering shaving products, they also have body, hair, and wellness kits on their list.

41. Althea 

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Althea is a South Korean brand that promotes Korean beauty tips worldwide.

They have also collaborated with other international brands and made a product line that includes Korean masks, natural oils, and other makeup kits. The brand uses various Korean plants and natural minerals in its products. 

42. Elizabeth Mott

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This company offers Korean beauty products, but it is originally from New York, United States. Currently, the brand runs from Hawaii and mainly does business in America.

They use various ingredients that are found in the sea. They also give multiple rewards to their regular customers.

43. Sio Beauty 

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This company uses medical formulation and other scientific ingredients. The primary customer segment of this brand is middle-aged women, and that is why the brand offers skin-enhancing products that help to get rid of wrinkles and other age-related marks.

The brand also clearly explains how its products work in the packaging. 

44. RoseSkinCo

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Along with various skincare products, this company also offers several electrical devices that can be used to enhance skin tones and remove unnecessary hairs.

They have a hair removal handset in their product line, which can be easily used at home. They also sell face-firming machines. 

45. Vitality 

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This company does not produce any kind of makeup kits, and they only focus on natural ingredients that can be essential for middle-aged women.

Many health and fitness enthusiasts established this brand and believed in naturopathy.

46. Pattern Beauty 

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Famous Hollywood actor Tracee Ellis Ross established a pattern of beauty. This company is renowned for producing hair products that are suitable for almost every hair type.

The company offers customized hair products depending on the nationality and the hair type of the particular consumer. 

47. Frank Body

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This company uses coffee as its main ingredient. They offer face masks, face scrubbers, and other skincare products, using coffee and other natural beans as a source of vitamins and other minerals.

They also publish various guidebooks for consumers to guide them towards the correct products depending on their skin and body types. 

48. Biogeo

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This company specializes in haircare products. They directly connect with their customers and make handcrafted shampoo, conditioners, gels, and other hair products according to their customers’ instructions.

Their personalized products are popular worldwide. However, the brand value of this company is very high. 

49. Vanity Planet

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Along with selling skin hair products, this brand also offers various styling products. However, it is a high-end brand; it offers flash sales every month.

They also manufacture hygiene products along with other wellness ingredients. The hair styling products of this brand are very popular among consumers.

50. Topicals

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Claudian Teng and Olamkde Olowe founded this brand. This brand offers products for people with chronic skin problems.

The company has announced itself as ‘Funner Flare-ups.’ The brand has already collaborated with several prominent makeup artists, and they offer products in an affordable range.

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