Top 50 Shopify Jewelry Stores for Web Design Inspiration

As soon as we finish putting on our best dress, put on some makeup and a nice pair of shoes, you will still sense something to be missing-jewelry! Jewelry has been existing in society since ancient times.

People wear jewelry for various reasons- to symbolize their status in society, as a part of their culture and tradition, or simply to enhance their beauty and complete their outfits. 

For all the jewelry lovers out there, we understand how important it is to find a piece of jewelry that matches your personality. But then again, it often happens that even if you find the perfect work for you, the price is quite scary and disheartening.

In this article, we bring you some fantastic sites from where you can buy fashion statements (be it of any kind). Whether you like heavy pieces or simple, minimalistic designs, we have included everything. Read on to find the top 50 Shopify jewelry stores which will amaze you.

Shopify Jewelry Stores inspirations

 1. King Ice

Shopify jewelry stores

They have a fantastic collection of jewelry for all ages. Thus, this company is one of the best. The best part is that they also have a section entitled jewelry education series where you can learn all about maintaining your lovely jewelry pieces. 

2. Miansai

Shopify jewellers

Beauty exists in the smallest of details- that is what this company believes in. Here, all the pieces of jewelry are impressively crafted from high-quality materials. Currently, they sell their products in the United States and 36 other countries. 

3. Victoria Emerson 

Shopify jewellery shop

The brand is loved by celebrities like Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough, and others, ensuring that all their items are of premium quality. They create gorgeous and straightforward accessible jewelry for everyone of all ages. We love their simple, minimalistic designs. They have a wide range of bracelets and necklaces and sell smartwatch straps. 

4. Frasier Sterling

Shopify jeweler

Frasier (the founder) learned the art of jewelry making from her grandmother, and when she was only 20 years old, she set out to start her own business. With love and care, the jewelry is designed while keeping note of the fact that it should be trendy, unique, and most importantly, affordable. If you like cute jewelry, this site is the one for you. 

5. Kinn Studio

Shopify the diamond store

Jewelry is our second skin, companion to our memory, and witness to all our adventures- that’s what this company believes. Therefore, their oath is to make all their fashion statements last a lifetime so that you can pass them on to the next generation. Yet another story is created when you pass your jewelry to your next kin. 

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6. Princess Bride Diamonds

Shopify diamond store

A family-owned store established in 1984, they believe that customers must be treated as a family too. With this idea in mind, they create excellent, uniquely crafted, and high-quality pieces of jewelry to celebrate the precious moments of life. They specialize in making engagement rings and fine jewelry for brides. 

7. Triple T Studios 

Shopify peoples jewellers canada

If you can wear fantastic jewelry, why not your cat can? This site is the best as they create unique pieces for a cat. They even donate some of their revenue towards global big cat conservation projects, which is very inspirational for anyone. 

8. Body Candy

Shopify jewelers engagement rings

If you are into stuff like tongue rings, belly rings, nose rings, and so on, then this site should be the one to check out. They also sell 14k gold body jewelry, and you can even customize the products. 

9. The GLD Shop 

Shopify jewelers rings

This site can be the best you can ever come across for all the hip-hop lovers out there. They have collaborated with famous celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and top athletes like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. They also have partnered with NBA and Marvel Comics, and these achievements are enough to understand the quality of the products.

10.  Kobelli 

Shopify jewelry shop

Since 1980, they have had no go-between in their business model, thereby assuring that they sell their products directly to the customers. They tolerate zero compromises towards the integrity and craftsmanship of each of their fashion statements. 

11.  Jaxxon

Shopify online jewelry stores

At Jaxxon, jewelry is made only for men. They work with some of the world’s most skilled jewelers in Italy. Most of their products are based on silver and gold, and all of their products are crafted to withstand the test of time, and they do not fade or break easily. It’s interesting to know that they also have a quiz which the men can take to understand which piece is the best for them. 

12. My Jewels

Shopify best jewelry stores

Their products range from sterling silver jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, etc. The best part is that they sell fabulous tiaras for men, women, and kids. They are a wholesale shop, and from this jewelry company, you can buy all the products at a good value. They skip the middleman commission and sell the wholesale jewelry items to their customers directly.  

13. Clocks And Colours 

Shopify jewelers necklace

The craftsmen of this store are specialized in silver jewelry, and their collections draw on images of powerful landscapes and rugged back roads that cut through them. All of their jewelry is hand-carved by master silversmiths in Bali with a black and white website. 

14. Karma And Luck

Shopify bead store

According to them, their stylish jewelry is mainly designed for a happy, healthy life that is full of prosperity. Their pieces of jewelry shall help you to manifest your dreams. Established in 2015, most of their products are handmade and include symbols of peace and kindness. 

15. Crown Forever LA 

Shopify pandora stores

This store aims at selling 100% authentic jewelry for men, women, and kids. Be it any jewelry, they will make you shine like a queen or king. They also offer various kinds of discounts, depending on the occasion. 

16. Shine On

Shopify diamond jewelers

They have a wide range of products which they purchase from independent sellers. Located in the United States, a fascinating fact is that only mothers produce the purchases in their US factories.

17. Jenny Bird

Shopify jewelry boutique

Jenny Bird, who is far more popular by the label “The Queen of the Hoop,” is one of Canada’s leading fashion jewelry designers. The company was her brainchild where she wanted to create bold, eye-catching, unique, and elegant jewelry. Her pieces are worn by Hollywood icons like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Mindy Kaling. 

18. Made By Mary

Shopify body jewellery shop

Apart from being elegant, classic, and extremely beautiful, the company claims to create meaningful jewelry and shall connect you with your most precious memories, people, and milestones. Each of their pieces is handmade and can be customized according to your choice.

19. The Castle jewellery

shopify fine jewelry stores

If you want affordable yet fantastic fashion statements, well, you must check out this site. They claim to sell all their pieces at a price lower than what it costs to manufacture them. Established in 1988, they are pretty successful in this business. 

20. Sophie Buhai

Shopify good jewelry stores

Most of the products are designed for everyday wear that lasts for generations and matches every trend. Their products are made with recycled and responsibly sourced sterling silver and gold. Their main aim is to minimize waste production. 

21. Shop Shashi

Shopify jewelry supply store

They have a fantastic collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The necklaces are quite minimalistic yet gorgeous in nature. But it was the rings that we loved the most. They are simple yet so elegant! 

22. The M Jewelers NY

Shopify earrings shop

With a classy black finish on the website, the company was born in New York City. With its fine jewelry, they have become one of the biggest jewelry brands in North America. They have a wide range of items which includes customized jewelry for both men and women.

23. Local Eclectic

Shopify engagement ring stores

Their goal is simple- to be the place where the most talented emerging jewelry designers from all around the world can be found. This company is women-founded, and women run one. They have quite unique, delicate, and fashionable jewelry, which will make you one of a kind! 

24. TAI Jewellery

Shopify jewellery shops online

If you have an eye for style, then this site is the right for you. The founder’s artistic upbringing and deep interest in jewelry making succeeded this company. They have some of the finest artisans working under them, and they specialize in creating handcrafted jewelry. They are also involved with multiple charity organizations. 


Shopify fashion jewelry boutique

They are known to sell jewelry pieces based on your preferred styles, ranging from Christian, Viking, masonic, minimalism, constellation, and gothic. At GTHIC, The jewelry speaks for yourself, and the jewelry shall resonate with your personality and help people understand who you are. 

26. Nialaya

Shopify buy jewelry online

This is an American designer jewelry company established in 2009. All their products are handmade in Hollywood with precious stones. Currently, their products are sold in 25 countries. They also donate a part of the revenue to various charity organizations, which is excellent indeed. 

27. Gorjana

Shopify asian jewelry store

Made with love, the jewelry sold here ranges from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other kinds of stuff. They mainly specialize in making jewelry based on gold, rose gold, and silver. You must check out the fantastic collection that this store keeps (especially the Parker collection). They also have an astrology collection. 

28. Ring Concierge 

Shopify gold jewelry store

At this company, their items are beautifully detailed made with love, and you can be assured that they are up to the highest standards. Modern fashionable women create items like engagement rings and fine jewelry. They even have a section mentioning how to maintain the jewelry, which is quite great. 

29. J Goodin

Shopify online diamond store

If you want exceptional service reliability and unique and classy jewelry pieces, then this site might be the best for you. They sell premium wholesale items, and they are excellent in the items’ price and quality. 

30. Wolf Circus 

Shopify best engagement ring stores

All the jewelry in this store is handmade in Vancouver and processed using a lost wax casting process. They use recycled silver or bronze and then coat it in high-grade 14k gold plating. Their classic fashion statements will surely impress you. 

31. Sivana Spirit

Shopify jewelry by design

Here, you can find some of the finest and most elegant jewelry that you can ever come across. It’s great to know that 10% of the proceeds provide resources for mothers in need of the country, so you can surely check out this store. 

32. Black Jack Jewellery 

Shopify diamond dealers

This is one of the best spots to hop on to find men’s jewelry. They have exceptional quality and long-lasting fashion statements. They are so confident in their product that if the jewelry doesn’t last for a year, then you can simply send it back, and they will replace it. Notable, isn’t it? 

33. Conscious Items

Shopify jewelry mart

Jewelry should not be worn to intensify your fashionable order. Instead, they should have immense healing power. That’s what this company believes. At conscious items, all their jewelry pieces shall help you to remove the negative energy, cleanse your spirit and curb any tension and stress that you might go through. 

34. Adinas Jewels 

Shopify jewelry sites

Each of their jewels offers an elegant style with effortless sophistication. Thus, it will definitely make you the center of attention. From earrings, necklaces to rings and anklets- they have it all. Here you can find jewelry for any kind of occasion. 

35. La Garçonne

Shopify best jewelers

Established in the year 2005, the main target of this company was to create jewelry for women to wear for work and play. They are headquartered in New York and features collection from established and emerging designers. Honestly, their jewelry is quite elegant and aesthetic. 

36. PD Paola

Shopify top jewellers

Their jewelry is for women who own their glow. Here, they create jewelry that allows women to express themselves in their own authentic and elegant way. Two siblings established the company in 2014 since they wanted to create something for modern, stylish women. 

37. Ana Luisa

Shopify family jewelers

Released in limited quantities each Friday, each item is put to various tests to ensure that the quality is perfect. All their metals are noble and recycled. Plus, their gemstones are transparently sourced. They are based in New York and have a fantastic team of designers.

38. Bella Boho

Shopify best online jewelers

Want some minimalistic bohemian items? Well then, have a look at this site. They have a fantastic range of gold and silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and so on. All their items are chic, delicate, and minimal. As of now, they deliver in various countries all over the world. If you are a bohemian-style lover, this site is perfect for you. 

39. MMA Silver

Shopify wedding ring stores

They specialize in selling wholesale sterling silver jewelry. They have a fantastic delivery service and will deliver right to your doorstep. They have premium quality jewelry that will make you the event star. The best part is that their pieces are pretty affordable. But that does not mean that they compromise on the quality. You can be assured that they sell some of the most significant fashion statements that you can ever find. 

40. AMYO Jewelry

Shopify canadian jewelry stores

There is a meaning assigned to the name of this company. AMYO stands for Accessories Make Your Outfit. The founder of this company wanted to make minimal and evergreen pieces at affordable prices. Most of their products are handmade, thus ensuring lesser waste than industrial manufacturing. 

41. Moon Magic

Shopify antique jewelry stores

At Moon Magic, they create jewelry with authentic gems and one-of-a-kind raw materials. Their designs are unique and iconic and made for women of all styles and ages. The USP of this store is their low prices on all their products. Plus, they have fantastic customer service, and their products are environmentally friendly. 

42. Alexis Bittar

Shopify mexican jewelry store

Alexis Bittar aims to work closely with the likes of Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States. The company has collaborated with famous Hollywood icons and has even provided jewelers to various popular fashion shows, including Michael Kors, Dennis Basso, and Michael Angel. Their designs appeared on more than 15 editorial covers, including the Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Time magazine, etc. 

43. Uncommon James

Shopify selling jewelry

Here, most of the jewelry is made in order to provide you with uncommon beauty. Their jewelry is timeless, classic yet trendy, and straightforward. Whether you go to your office or have a romantic date with your partner, this company has the perfect, uncommon jewelry made for you!  

44. Frost NYC

Shopify costume jewelry stores

Frost NYC sells jewelry for both genders ranging from pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and so on. They deliver their products in all parts of the country. An interesting fact about this store is that you get the convenience of leasing gold and diamond jewelry and then paying for them over time (even if you have zero credit). That’s great, right? 

45. The Sparkle Place

Shopify jewelry resale

Indeed, their designs will make you sparkle. They’ve brought together unique flashes from all around the world. As their tagline says, “handmade with love,” their collection will sparkle your heart! The best part is that their group is updated regularly. 

46. A-Ma-Maniere

Shopify diamond sellers

They have a good collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc., which are best if you want a simple yet classy look. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to find information on the newly released products. 

47. E&E Project 

Shopify palm jewelers

Their goal is to create unique, meaningful jewelry that can be worn by all women and bought at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Not only the products but also the design, fabrication, and packaging of the products are done by the two founders. 

48. 12th Tribe

Shopify australian jewellery stores

When the founder was on the verge of finishing college, she decided to travel to 11 different countries- that’s where she got the inspiration to establish this company. This company has worked with several stars such as Nick Jonas, Christen Press, etc. You can be assured that the company shall deliver fantastic jewelry of excellent quality with such fame. 

49. Moon Glow

Shopify luxury jewelry

With their jewelry, you can be the moon of society. All their jewelry is crafted with authentic Swarovski and Zircon crystals. They have fantastic customer service and fast and free shipping on all orders over $50. What’s more? You can also have customized jewelry where you can engrave your special moments into the piece. 

50. Awe Inspired

Shopify luxury jewelry brand

Yes, you will be in awe if you go through the great list of jewelry that this company has. They have sold their items to many celebrities. They are a female-founded and family-run company established in 2018. Intending to add bling to your unique aura, they hope to inspire the future generation with their fantastic fashion statements. 

For time immemorial, jewelry has been something desired by everyone. Jewelry becomes the ultimate look completer, and it shall make your style the perfect one. Now that you have come to the end of this article, hop on to your favorite Shopify store and start ordering!

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