50+ Best Liquor Store Website Design Examples You Need to Explore Now

The liquor industry is not just confined to brick-and-mortar stores; it has expanded its presence into the online world.

An effective liquor store website is crucial for capturing the essence of the brand and engaging a wider audience. This article delves into exemplary designs of liquor store websites, showcasing how they blend aesthetics, functionality, and user experience.

We will explore a variety of design examples that stand out for their creative layouts, intuitive navigation, and innovative use of technology.

These examples guide and inspire those looking to create or revamp their online liquor store presence, ensuring they cater to the evolving demands of the digital-savvy consumer.

Best Liquor Store Website Design Examples

1. Reserve Bar 

Shopify wine and spirits

This website is known for selling a wide range of liquor products.

We don’t know about you, but we fell in love with the black and gold design of the website. What’s more? Well, the design of the bottles is absolutely classy and luxurious. 

2. Shop Sk

Shopify liquor store

 They are known for their fine beer, wine, and spirits collection. They have no minimum order; you can receive the product on the same day if you fulfill the criteria. They have a free in-store pickup facility available too. 

3. Mission Liquor

Shopify liquor stores

As its name suggests, its mission is to sell great liquors of all types. They claim to be one of the finest liquor shops in Southern California.

It even offers people the ability to work with them through an easy application procedure. 

4. Dry Farm Wines

Shopify bottle shop

Since we have zero ideas about what’s in the bottles, this firm is taking a special initiative. It takes matters into their own hands to inspect the procedure of making the liquor and then certify the product into a dry farm wine certification.

The best part is that they do everything on their own. They even grow the vines in their own nutrient-dense soil. 

5. Verve Wine

Shopify wine store

The design of the site looks super classy. Their bottles have a black essence added to them. The best part is that they keep on adding to their fantastic mind collection- you will always find something new on their website daily.

They have superb limited editions, highly demanded collections, and exclusive bottles made for their customers.

6. Get Gruvi

Shopify liquor shop

The mission of this company is quite interesting- they have taken reliable measures to create non-alcoholic drinks and beverages without compromising on taste and quality.

They have taken an oath to prove to the people that non-alcoholic drinks taste fantastic, too. Some of their best-selling products are- non-alcoholic pale ale, non-alcoholic peach ale, alcohol-free mocha Nitro Scout, and others. 

7. Primal Wine

Shopify liquor

 They have a simple mission: to sell handmade and premium quality wine from all over the world. They claim that each product is made from natural and organic items.

They have termed their products as “natural wine” since they are made from harvested organic or biodynamic grapes with zero artificial or sweeteners. They also sell vegan wine and low-sulfite wine.

8. Splash Wines

Shopify liquor store

Based in the United States, the company provides a fantastic selection of wine at the best possible price.

They also offer a subscription facility where the subscribers will receive the product right on their doorstep.

The aim is to provide a wide range of liquors (some of which are well known, while some need to be discovered by the customer). But they all rock! 

9. Top Shelf Wine And Spirits

Shopify liquor mart

They send only top-shelf wines, and the bottle package is great – with bubble wrap or pulp inserts.

It’s interesting to note that they have a section where customers can discover rare and exceptional ready-to-drinks and newly released drinks. 

10. Spiritz Society

Shopify liquor store hours

With bright colors throughout its site, the company was established based on – taste matters!. They use real ingredients, which intensify the taste of their products.

Their packaging is also quite convenient, and you can take the products anywhere you want. 

11. The Wine Collective

Shopify wine store

With its classy website design, this company was a part of the Wine Society (Australia’s oldest wine club) in the past.

This company aims to bring together an authentic collection of wines from small and medium producers and takes special care not to compromise on taste and quality.

This website’s best part is its fantastic navigation options and a well-curated extensive collection.

12. Get Vine Box

Shopify liquor delivery

 They have some of the exclusive handpicked wines from the best places on earth. Since many wines are unavailable in your local store, you can happily hop on their site to buy the best collection.

This site is noticeable because they do not just sell their products but also focus on the details, the passion, and the people who manufactured the wine. 

13. Usual Wines

Shopify total wine hours

Although the name suggests something else, the company aims to sell the perfect glass of wine with its rich, authentic taste.

They are unusual because they source the tastiest grapes, treat them to the correct procedure, and claim to add no flavors, sweeteners, or recorked bottles. They believe in utmost sustainability.

14. De Wine Spot

Shopify alcohol shop

They provide an option to subscribe to their exclusive mailing list. If you do, you can get first-hand access to premium-quality whiskey and wine before the general public does.

It’s quite impressive. They also sell sake and a wide range of whiskey, wine, and spirits. 

15. Internet Wines

Shopify alcohol store

They have a fantastic collection of wine, spirits, beer, and whisky, and they provide exciting discounts to customers.

Established way earlier, they are pretty experienced in this field and deliver the products in excellent packaging. 

16. Mid-West Supplies

Shopify bottle store

They are the most prominent winemakers and homebrewers in Minnesota. The company has been in the market since 1995, and it provides some premium quality wine that is made from fresh ingredients.

It’s interesting to note that you will get your money back within 30 days if you are unsatisfied with their product. Quite interesting, no? 

17. Grain Vine

Shopify discount liquor

At Grain Vine, they aim to provide hassle-free delivery of their products. Even if it is a last-minute order, the company tries to deliver it super fast.

They sell some of the best hand-curated products worldwide and even have a mailing list. If you subscribe there, you can get information on the newest collection before others. 

18. Jebsen Fine Wines And Spirits

Shopify real canadian liquor store

They sell only in Hong Kong and are known to be the world’s most prestigious winery. Established in 1991, they claim to be passionate wine lovers, have an excellent liquor collection, and are continuously expanding their business. Their large and high-quality collection of wines and spirits is truly fine and fabulous. 

19. Maison Corbeaux

Shopify liquor warehouse

 The best part of this company is its amazing list of wine clubs. For example, they have the Malt Club (which is a fine scotch and malt whiskey club).

They also have the Sparkling Club ( which is a unique champagne and sparkling wine club). They also have a club entirely dedicated to rare and hard-to-find wines. 

If you join any of their clubs, you can avail of great discounts, and the product shall get delivered right to your doorstep.

They also provide a free tasting facility to each of their customers. They have a wide range of whiskey and spirits in their collection. 

20. Fit Vine Wine

Shopify liquor shop

They targeted to sell great wine while considering that it should be best for their lifestyle. 2 friends created the company, and they resolved that each of their bottles of wine shall have less than one gram of sugar.

This site is best for all the health freaks out there as it also provides the nutritional breakdown of their products. 

21. Chips Liquor

Shopify bottle shops

 In their words, they are always looking for the best products to sell. They target to be a one-stop destination for even the rarest of beverages.

They sell some great premium quality alcohols, which range in different varieties. Plus, they have exceptional customer service and provide exciting discounts to the customers too.

22. Drink Well UK

Shopify wine stores

Established in 2012, they have the most acceptable low-calorie alcohol in the United Kingdom. But that does not mean they compromise with the taste.

While considering that the drink should be good for the lifestyle, they ensure that the drinks are of the highest quality and truly innovative. They even sell gluten-free and vegan-friendly alcohol at great prices. 

23. Sip Whiskey

Shopify one stop liquor

You can find all kinds of whiskey and other drinks here, and they even offer customized engraving on each of their product.

Some of the products sold here are tequila, champagne, rum, vodka, etc. In the customers’ words, they have excellent service, and the drinks are quite worth it. 

24. Mano’s Wine

Shopify the wine store

They sell premium quality and hand-painted wine to various entities, including Los Angeles Lakers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Kansas City Chiefs.

They also offer collegiate items, including the University of Georgia, the University of Colorado, the University of Illinois, North Dakota State University, and others. They also provide customizable products to their customers. 

25. Wish Beer

Shopify discount liquor store

They are experienced in selling a wide range of beer, wine, cider, and different spirits. They provide great deals to customers, including receiving 300 bucks if you refer them to your friends. Isn’t it great?

You can even subscribe to their newsletter for information about the newly released products and discounts. 

26. Blackwell’s Wines

Shopify state liquor store

Established in 2004, the site offers its customers an easy and enjoyable wine-buying experience. They have a well-curated selection of wine, spirits, and beers and host wine-tasting events in San Francisco. 

27. Big Hammer Wines

Shopify west liquor

 Appreciating fine wine is one of the world’s greatest pleasures- that’s the central belief of this company.

Therefore, they sell great wines for you to celebrate because selling a wine that would brighten your day and bring a smile to your face is the best thing they can do.

These wine lovers have over 20 years of experience and sell their products at affordable prices. 

28. Nocking Point Wines

Shopify wine & spirits

Their products’ names are great; they even have the “Real Housewives Wine Collection.” They also have wine clubs of their own (quarterly and monthly). The bottles are great in terms of look and taste and are simply splendid. 

29. Semblance

Shopify 24 hour liquor store

Inspired by native California, the company was established to create delicious non-alcohol wine without compromising its taste.

They claim to be the first one to manufacture zero-alcohol Chardonnay. Unfortunately, they ship only in the United States. 

30. Booze Don Jesus

Shopify wine and liquor

Apart from some of the amazing booze, they also sell some great non-alcoholic beverages. The site also offers a beer bonanza festival where they sell fantastic products at great prices.

They once collaborated with the famous series Money Heist and released their booze collection. 

31. Empathy Wines

Shopify liquor store for sale

Their mission is to create high, premium-quality wine at the most affordable price. They’ve been in this industry for many decades.

According to them, they buy high-quality grapes from genuine places in California. They use state-of-the-art tanks to produce the wine and sample dozens of blends until the product is perfect.

32. Wine Central

Shopify liquor outlet

Intending to sell the best quality wine at incredible discounts, the best part of this store is that they give details about the wine that the customer is willing to purchase.

They even include individual reviews for the products to understand how others perceive the product. 

33. Mr. D Wine 

Shopify warehouse liquors

Based in the United States, they aim to sell amazing, premium quality wine, champagne, and other products in the best sustainable way possible.

As of now, they deliver in many places, and they hope to deliver all around the world shortly. 

34. The Bottle Club

Shopify beer and wine store

They have a great selection of spirits, wine and champagne, ciders and cocktails, etc. They even have significant limited edition collections and even sell non-alcoholic products. You can even gift a gift card for your loved ones from this store. 

35. Buy Wines Online

Shopify whiskey shop

Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling, you can find everything here. Through its filter section, you can choose something based on your preference.

They will deliver the products right to your doorstep and have a large selection of wines. This site is best if you want an affordable wine collection.

36. Pet Winery

Shopify sunset liquor

Ever felt sad that your little fur babies cannot taste the lovely beverages you have?

Well, there is no need to worry anymore because Pet Winery has created a fantastic line of healthy, safe, vitamin-enriched wine, champagne, and other kinds of stuff for pets like dogs and cats. Quite interesting, no?

37. Kosher Wine Direct

Shopify spirits liquor store

They have a great collection of white and red wine, champagne, sparkling whiskey, spirits, and so on.

What’s more? They have an impressive collection of wine accessories. You can avail yourself of the limited edition collection through their wine club subscription before the general public can. They also ensure free local delivery to all their customers. 

38. Nestor Liquor 

Shopify royal liquor store

With a minimal yet classy design, the company has a wide range of liquor collections, ranging from spirits to wine, beer, whiskey, etc.

They even have an entire section dedicated to rare and hard-to-find drinks. They also offered custom engraving on the products, which is excellent indeed. 

39. Cheese And Wine Traders

Shopify riverside liquor store

As the name suggests, they sell cheese and wine. They are an independent specialty store with over 2000 types of wine, cider, etc. They boast of having meager prices in comparison to other stores. 

40. Woods Wholesale Wine 

Shopify quality liquor store

Established in 1972, the company continues to provide outstanding customer service and premium quality wholesale wine.

It even donates some of its revenue to local community-based charitable events. The best part is that they keep all their products in a climate-controlled warehouse which is built for optimal wine storage

41. Jk.14

Shopify liquor stop

Based in the United States, the company claims that they are the best single-serve wine on the planet.

Each of their wine is hand-selected exclusively from medium-sized family-run wineries worldwide.

They even have a section where you can sign up for weekly wine tips. The significant part is this company aims to support the little wineries to grow outside their local market. 

42. Dedalus Wine

Shopify happy liquor

The main aim of this company is to create a deep and long-lasting connection with customers. They hope to bring smiles and happiness to people’s faces by giving them a great drinking experience. They are committed to defining a new wine culture and a world-class wine business.

43. Municipal Wine Makers

Shopify one stop liquor store

This company sells interesting drinks using three approaches- progressive traditional, and natural.

They create sustainable, affordable, and premium quality products. Their customers are quite impressed with their marketing approach.

44. Don’s Liquors & Wine 

Shopify town liquor

Confused regarding what to buy? Well, no need to worry; this company provides a fantastic combo collection that includes wine, whiskey, champagne, and sake. They have been operating in San Jose, California, for more than 30 years and counting. 

45. Flatiron Wines

Shopify hollywood liquor store

Through this company, you can avail yourself of some of the finest collections of wine and spirits with a hassle-free and easy-to-navigate transaction system.

They are an award-winning fine wine and spirits merchant located in New York City and San Francisco. 

46. Parcelle Wine

Shopify liquor store usa

They are one of the best on-demand wine delivery companies in New York, and we loved the design of the bottles and the aesthetic decoration on the website.

The best part is that they provide an incredible list of wine glasses and wine list recommendations for newbies. 

47. Crystal Imagery

Shopify star liquor

Want to give a personalized engraved wine or whiskey bottle to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Well, this company is the best place to visit.

Not only will they customize the bottle, but you can be assured that they have some of the finest collections of wine ever found. 

48. Star Bright Wine 

Shopify the wine shop

The way they took pictures of the wine bottles is absolutely aesthetic. Apart from being a woman-founded and technology-focused online wine retailer, they have some delicious and thoughtfully chosen wine collections. 

49. Willow Park

Shopify lake liquor

Established in 1994, they are best known for providing its customers with the opportunity to taste and enjoy the experience of wine.

They are pretty customer-friendly, and their website is easy to navigate. Their base store is in Calgary, Alberta, and they are celebrating their 28th anniversary.

50. Good Weather Wine

Shopify southside liquor

Of course, wine lovers will love drinking in good weather. The company was established so that customers could easily buy and love wines. They made a toast to good weather and good wine with this company.

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