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125+ Catchy Stroke Slogans and Sayings

With the increasing pressure of work-life and several other factors, ‘stroke’ has become very common these days.

No matter, what age group a person is, he can be a victim of a stroke. There are different types of strokes.

They are ischemic stroke, brain stem stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, cryptogenic stroke, transient attack, etc.

Best Strike Slogans

  • Exercise daily… prevent strokes!
  • A stroke free world… definitely wanted!
  • Quit smoking… otherwise you may go stroking!
  • You must Start Exercise
  • Let create a healthier world together
  • We are in this together
  • No strokes… only exercise…
  • You can count on us
  • You can win over The stroke.

Ischemic stroke generally occurs due to an obstruction caused to the blood vessel supplying blood to the brain.

A hemorrhagic stroke takes place when a blood vessel ruptures. Transient attacks or mild stroke occurs due to temporary clots. Cryptogenic stroke often takes place due to a blockage of the blood flow to the brain.

A brain stem stroke occurs in the brain stem which causes a person to go into a locked-in state. In such conditions, a person is unable to move any part of his body, below his neck.

Stroke is a dreadful attack and can be caused to any person of all age groups.

Down below are some slogans on stroke

No more strokes

Keep your blood pressure on check. Show “strokes” your back!

Bid adieu to stroke!

Say no to stroke. Stay healthy!

Stroke is no fun. Get your checkups done.

Maintain your blood pressure. It’s good stroke measure.

Healthy living… happy living… say good bye to strokes

Create a stroke free world

Imagine a world without stroke!

Dare to mess with me? I am stroke survivor.

Beware! A stroke can get your family broke!

No stroke! No worry!

stroke slogans

No more ignorance… time to be aware of stroke!

A regular session of exercise a day, keeps “strokes” away!

Try to lose some weight! A stroke, otherwise, you may get!

Exercise daily… prevent strokes!

“Stroke” patient are of no entertainment! Get yourself proper treatment.

Join hands to eradicate strokes!

A stroke free world… definitely wanted!

Let us create a world where there is no room for strokes!

Prevent stroke. Before you croak!

Love your brain, love your heart… don’t let stroke become your life’s part!

Strokes are of no fun… but exercise can definitely be!

Fight stroke… Before you are broke!

Stroke is no less than a war! Fight it!

Get your check -ups done. You won’t get a stroke in the long run.

Don’t fail. Fight!

Your little ignorance can lead you to death!

Time to become more cautious. Time fight strokes!

Strokes are not welcomed. Eradicate it.

Keep yourself healthy… strokes can make you get filthy!

Start caring about your heart and brain. Because stroke will cause you no gain.

Take care of your heart and brain… Because strokes are of massive pain!

Collection of inspiring World Stroke Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings to share on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

If it comes, fight it and win it.

Fight… Win… And survive…

Fight like a warrior if strokes attacks you!

Keep your blood pressure on check before stroke chucks you.

Don’t wait for it. Get yourself checked.

It has no age… it is a pure savage!

Kill its chances of occurring before it kills you.

If you love your body, get it checked!

No more ignorance! Get your check -ups done now!

Are you waiting for stroke? Beware you croak.

Prevention is better than cure… keep your brain and heart healthy and pure?

Enough of strokes’ attack… time to get rid of it.

A little awareness can help creating a stroke free world!

Don’t take too much of tension…. Otherwise strokes will cause you go in pension!

Be strong! Fight stroke!

Worst killer- stroke…

Sudden and silent- stroke… prevent it before it comes to you.

Keep your heart and brain on check, show strokes your back.

A person who survived a stroke, are not anymore scared of ghost!

Failure is not in falling… it’s in not being able to rise after falling!

No stroke… no croak…

Call for a world free of strokes.

A stroke will not give you a day… just remain happy and gay!

Strokes are no fun. Get your heart check –ups done.

No matter you are of which age? You are not safe from an hemorrhage…

You can’t predict a stroke… better prevent it before you croak.

It’s better safe than sorry! Keep yourself away from tension and worry!

A stroke can get croak… before see a doc.

No stroke. Only happiness.

Quit smoking… otherwise you may go stroking!

Drinking and smoking is wrong! They won’t let you remain strong!

Don’t take tension… it is a very effective stroke prevention.

Say no to strokes! say yes to treatment.

Get your check -ups done well.

No more stroke… spread awareness… spread happiness.

Prevent strokes… stay happy… stay healthy…

Don’t remain too much worried… strokes might get you buried!

Hats off to all the stroke survivor.

Stroke is not a disease… it is death.

Your health is on your hand… enough of strokes, time to put an end.

catchy stroke slogans

Just get yourself checked… before you get chucked.

Exercise more… strokes will stay out of your door…

Always keep yourself happy and gay, stokes will never come in your way.

Love your heart, help your brain… strokes and attacks are of immense pain…

Care your heart, love your brain… strokes and attacks will cause no gain.

Spread wellness… not illness….

Live well… not ill…

Regular exercise every day, keeps strokes out of our way…

Regular checkups and treatment can keep you healthy forever!

You are a warrior! Warriors never give up…

 Stroke is no less than a battle… fight it and win it.

Stroke is fatal… let us fight the fierce battle.

Exercise well… a stroke free world you will get to dwell.

Treat yourself well… keep well

Healthy life happy life.

Start caring, before it’s too late.

No stroke… it causes to croak.

Stop inviting, start preventing.

Stroke world… happy world.

Love your brain… cuz it is main!

Don’t let yourself drown. Put strokes down.

No strokes… only exercise…

Dink and smoke…. Can invite stroke…

Smoke and drink… and cause you to sink.

No place for stroke!

Let us dwell in a stroke free world…

Worst disease- stroke!

Detect it, prevent it and eradicate it.

Be strong… fight stroke…

stroke slogans

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