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351+ Unique Software Company Name Ideas

Starting a software brand requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Competition in this field is very high. So, once you are prepared to start your brand, make sure that you start with a creative name that will help your software brand to stand out in the competition.

How to choose a name for your Software Brand

  • The names should be unique, meaningful, and engaging.
  • Look for a domain name.
  • Make sure to create a logo for your software brand.

Importance of name for a Software Company

An impressive brand name is not only about how cool it sounds, but it should also be able to represent your product. 

Names should be trustworthy

Your software brand name should be such that people will find it trustworthy. Often names play a huge role in building trust between the customers, potential clients, and the brand itself. 

Attracts the journalists or media

The journalists mostly write about something that is appealing to the audience. So if your software brand becomes something that has an impressive name with an appealing outlook, then it will surely get you a good amount of media coverage.

It can impress your customers

A professional, unique, and creative brand name will give the impression of being trustworthy and an expert in the business. Creating a good impression is a necessity for any brand to achieve success. 

Tips for choosing the best names for your Software Company

The following tips can help you to find the right name for your software brand easily.

Choose from a list of names.

It is quite easy to come up with more than just one name. The first ones can sound boring, but that is normal. Create a list of names from which you can choose the impressive one.

Keep it simple yet catchy.

Simple names can be attractive too. Also, it will be easy to remember, spell, and pronounce. Make it sound loud and impressive, though.

Try to use variations. 

Ideas will give birth to more helpful ideas, and this is exactly why you should try to create as many names as possible. Using alternatives and variations, you can generate creative names easily.

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Software Brand

Here is a list of some really helpful name-forming formulas that will help you to create a beautiful and meaningful name for your software brand.

Use rhyming words

You may use two rhyming words to create a name for your software brand. For example- Bizzy Wizzy Inc.

Combination works best

It is a great way to combine two words that are related to your software brand, and it will generate a new unique name for your software brand. For example- Audrey Analytics

Adjectives are great

Think of an adjective that comes to your mind whenever you think about your software brand. Simply use that adjective as your software brand name. For example- Bright Inc.

Add Personal touch

Did you know that your home can give you a lot of name ideas? You can name your software brand after something that is important in your life or for your software brand. For example- Your Software

Emotions work better

We have a lot of emotion that goes on in our minds. Why not use one of them to keep a name for your software brand? For example- Smiling Zero

Metaphors are interesting

A figure of speech can be a great addition to your software brand name. For example- Aurora

This & that

Sometimes adding an ‘&’ makes your software brand name sound interesting and short as well. For example- Bits & Bytes

Use your location

You may use the name of your current location or the name of a famous landmark in your software brand name. For example- US Code

Using Noun

You may come up with a name whose image sparks in your head. In fact, that will help you to come up with a logo design too. For example- Compass Inc.

Colors are lovely

Since the name of a color is easy to remember and pronounce, you can put the name of a color as your software brand name. For example- Blue Data

Existing Software brand names

  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Oracle
  • SAP SE
  • Salesforce.com Inc
  • Adobe Inc.
  • VMware Inc.
  • Intuit Inc.
  • Square Inc.

Creative Software Brand Names Ideas

One Click


Byte meta

Youthful Explore 

BNL sure

Summer Code


Wall Xperts

Developers Dive


Codex 4 u

Big point

Light soulution



Trimble co.



Be devil





Pearl grafic

Web smart 


Traffic brake

Super loud 

Mega cloud

Tack evalu

Tornado teck

Doctor link

Bevo tech


Weird ink

Easy Galore

Create Easy

Giant Cybill


Sight Coin


Pronto Omega


Deep Blue

Cirrus Hub


BlackLabel Sub



ProWeb Boom



Lock Analytics

Being Cumulus

Output com

Ethical Phantom


Anywhere Cybill

Skyline Web

Parallax Phantom

GoodLife bee


(WOT)World Of Technologies

Capitol Quest 

Journey Verve 



Foxy Bluelight

Blush Transit


BlackWater Web


Panther BlueBox

Shark Win

Round Rock

Trifecta Hack

Shadow Mob

On Demand Chain

Dark Exeter


Speedy Flash 

Mr. Software 

Shamrock Joy


Central Coast

Charisma Fleet

Guerrilla Drome 

Blue Ribbon

Gemini Men

Enrich Forever 

Second Chance


East Coast

Process Bucks

Jump Champ



Go Raise


Mutual Charter


Quicksilver Hive

Redbird Innovation


BluePlanet Group


Saturn Queen

Oxford Covenant


Sideline Guys


UpNorth Lead

Para Space 

Sigma Blaze 

Slide Encore

Touchdown Lists 

Influx Race



Flux Byte

Wish Trigger

It is easy to start your own brand, but unless you give it a name, it won’t gain the popularity it deserves. So, go ahead and give an impressive name to your software brand to attract more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions on naming a software Company.

  • Do I need to have a logo for my software brand?
  • Having a brand logo is very important for your software brand because it will also represent your software brand and become the identification mark of your software brand.

  • How important is the registration of my software brand?
  • Registering your software brand will help you to avoid any complications in the future. Also, you need to register the name of your software brand so that no other brand can use it.

  • What should I consider while naming my software brand? 
  • You must make sure to keep a name that is related to your product or service. It will help the customers to know what your software brand is about when they see or hear the name of your software brand.

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