Top 30+ Best Soup Brands in the World

Soups are consumed as a basis for homemade soups with adding eggs, meat, cream, or vegetables. With a lot of soup brands in the world, it can be difficult to choose one. Here is a list of best soup brands in the globe.

Soup Brands in the World


Country: United States 

With head offices in Camden, New Jersey, U.S., it is one of the prominent American brands of soup. This corporation specializes in snacks, canned, packaged, and cooked meals. The corporation has through unification and obtainment expanded to become America’s one of the greatest corporations that manufactures cooked packaged and canned food items.


Country: United States 

This American transnational company and merchant of customer food items created by prominent factories exchanged through marketable stores. It trades canned soup, broths, beans, canned chili, and other food items. It was introduced in 1925 by Vincent Taormina and Joseph Uddo.

Nissin Cup Noodles

Country: United States 

This American soup corporation produces quick cup noodle ramen. Nissin manufactured this brand. Many opposing commodities are promoted by these merchandise, such as Maruchan’s Instant Lunch. In 1970, the unified food corporation was established by Nissin to retail instant noodles in the United States market.

Lipton Soup Secrets

Country: United States 

The Lipton corporation manufactured this instant soup mix. It is America’s leading soup brand. It led to an advertising mission in America in 1950. There is the availability of this soup in over 100 nations. Mainly prominent in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe.


Country: United States 

This prominent American brand of canned soup is managed by components of a single-family. This non-governmental corporation manufactures frozen, organic, and non-GMO convenience food items. Rachel Berliner and CEO Andy Berliner is the creator of this brand of soup products. Since 1988, this corporation has been set up as an authorized firm.

Healthy Choice

Country: United States 

This American brand only retails frigid and refrigerated nutrients. ConAgra Foods acquires this soup brand. A broad arrangement of food items is retailed by ConAgra through the trademark Healthy Choice, including meats, bread, pasta sauce, frozen dinners, side dishes, popcorn, canned soups, and many more items.

Pacific Foods

Country: United States 

With head offices in Pasig City, Philippines, it is America’s one of the leading brands of soup. Pacific Foods mainly specializes in organic products and soup and also trades conserved beverages and other food items. Ricardo S. Po, Sr. first launched this soup company in 1978. 

Whole Foods

Country: United States 

With a line of head offices in Austin, Texas, this multinational American supermarket wholesales unnatural colors, preservatives, and flavors, and Zero Trans Fat nutriments. The chain is primarily prominent for manufacturing natural items. It operates over 400 stores in North America and over five in England. 

Trader Joe’s 

Country: United States 

This American line of grocery mart operated more than 503 marts in Washington and 42 nations. In 1967 Creator Joe Coulombe originally launched the main mart of this brand in Pasadena, California. Their offices are situated in Monrovia, California. They also manage their studios in Monrovia and Boston, Massachusetts.

Wolfgang Puck

Country: United States 

This American business is run by Campbell. It is one of the best American brands of pesticide-free soup. The prosperity of this trade and the trademark licensing authorization approved the dedication of Campbell to develop and extend the industry contributions in the accumulating organic and natural component of the trade.

Health Valley

Country: Switzerland

This soup brand from Western Switzerland proposes a significant mass of 1,000 corporations, innovation support structures, and research centers and has over 25,000 workers. 

Plum Organics

Country: United States

This American brand retails packaged food items for children, toddlers, and babies. The corporation trades 130 commodities in the United States, including “Mashups”.


Country: United States

With head offices in Westlake Village, California, this American agricultural global company is the world’s biggest producer of vegetables and fruits. It has 74,300 seasonal and full-time workers who are credible for more than 300 commodities in 90 nations. Dole trades food items such as frozen juices, fruits, salads, grapes, pineapples, and bananas.


Country: United Kingdom

Fochabers, Scotland-based this food manufacturing corporation manufactures foods such as meat condiments, salad, fruit preserves, chutneys, antipasti specializes in sauces, sour pickles, canned meat products, and canned soups. Commodities are traded under the trademark Baxters. 


Country: United Kingdom

With head departments in Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom this British transnational popular stock merchant and groceries is the third-biggest merchant in the globe. Tesco operates marts in 7 nations in Europe and Asia. 


Country: United Kingdom

This second substantial American supermarket line has a 16.0% involvement in the grocery sector. John James Sainsbury introduced this company with a martin London in 1869.  


Country: United Kingdom

With a head office in Leeds, West Yorkshire this wholesaler of the supermarket was first launched in 1949. It was recorded on the London stock trade until 1999 when Asda was acquired by marketable giant Walmart for £6.7 billion.


Country: United Kingdom

This British brand formerly popular as Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc is the fourth biggest line of supermarkets in England and has its head office situated in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Crosse & Blackwell

Country: United Kingdom

This British corporation of food processing has been operating its business since 1706. Jackson’s, a sociable goods industry, was introduced in 1706 in London. It specializes in crystallized preserves and fruits, foods preserved in oil, and supplying and packaging sweet oils.


Country: United Kingdom

M&S is the short form of Marks and Spencer Group plc. With head offices in London, England, this is a main British global merchandiser specializing in trading food products, home products, and clothing. 

Weight Watchers    

Country: United Kingdom

With head departments in America, this transnational firm offers multiple services and merchandise to help in beneficial patterns, such as maintenance, fitness, and weight loss. Jean Nidetch launched this company in 1963.

Liebig Pur Soup

Country: France

This French company works in the trade of soups. It was first launched in 2013. Liebig Pur Soup company is headquartered in Vedene, France.


Country: Spain

Since 2002, this German juice and nutriment corporation has been operated by a British-Dutch firm Unilever. The best food commodities were developed by Unilever. Knorr manufactures meal mixes, condiments, dehydrated soups, and bouillon cubes.

La Potagére

Country: France

This French corporation was launched in 1987. It provides a broad expanse of items such as seafood, organic soups, cooked soups, and vegetable soups. 


Country: Switzerland

This Swiss global brand of sauces, noodles, and instant soups opened in the late 19th century. Nestle has been acquiring this corporation since 1947. 


Country: United Kingdom

This prominent company of specially dried food commodities was introduced in Sheffield, England in 1895. Presently, the corporation manufactures rice and pasta items like “Super Rice”,  “Pasta ‘n’ Sauce” and instant soup.


Country: United Kingdom

This instant soup commodity retailed under many trademarks internationally. In Canada and the United States, the stock is produced and traded by the brand Lipton. It is retailed as Batchelors Cup-a-Soup in the United Kingdom. It is marketed under the brand Knorr in Poland, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and South Africa.

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