274+ Best Summer Camp Names and Ideas

There are a number of ways to start something new when you are looking for fruitful ideas. A summer camp is one among them which you can start or organize in the US when kids can come to the summer camp for great refreshment after the end of their semester exams.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about the planning phase, you need to keep in mind that planning for your summer camp will require lots and lots of effort due to which you need to put extra time to that. 

Apart from a good plan, you also need to choose a good name for the same. Choosing a good name will help people recognize your summer camp and more people and kids will be willing to come over. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow when you choose a name.

We are going to explain some of the rules and regulations which you need to know in order to choose a good name for the same. But, before that, you need to understand the importance of good names for your summer camp. 

list of Summer Camp names is from around the United States.

Camp of Champions

Camp Laurel

Windsor Mountain

Maine Summer Camps

Camp Olympia

Adirondack Camp

Falcon Camp

Camp “Leader”

Camp Hill

Camp Friendship

Camp Chipinaw

SMILE Summer Camp

Camp Walden

Raquette Lake Girls Camp

Camp Pillsbury

Camp Kweebec

Camp Experts

Kennolyn Camp

Hidden Valley Camp

HealthBarn USA

A good name will describe the purpose of starting the summer camp. It will describe people the good intentions behind it. If you are looking for your summer camp to become recognized among people, this is the only way to do it easily. Nlbut, picking a good name requires you to follow a number of points which is very essential.

You need to check out a number of points below which will help you understand the importance of a good name for the same. Thus, make sure to keep that in mind. 

Make sure to link your name with some of the fun activities happening in the US. You can also include those activities when you are looking for planning the same. There are a number of names given below.

Choose a business name that will be sweet and simple enough. You need to choose a sweet name as people are always in search of sweetness in potential services and centers. Therefore, you need to choose a name that will be sweet and simple enough.

Keep in mind that the name you choose should be unique enough. The name you choose should be quite different from the rest. Therefore, you need to keep this particular factor in mind and choose a name.

These are the factors which you should keep in mind in order to choose a good name for the same. Make sure to go through these points and pick a name that will be the most ideal one. Hence, keep in mind the additional factors that you need to know in this case. 

List of Best Summer Camp Names Ideas

Camp by the Sea

Sunny Camp

Sunny-Side Up

Summer near the Falls

Golden Arrow Camp

Super Summer Camp

Fun in the Wild

The Singers Summer Camp

Summer by the River

Camp at the Creek

Camp By The Brook

Victory Junction Camp

 Summer for the Girls

Westside Ravine

The Whispering Pond

Honey Bear Hollow

Starshollow Summer Camp

Lakeside Fun

Summer Springs

Lake Haven Retreat

TreeHouse Camp

Thorntree Lake

Sailing & Camping

Walk by the Bridge

Wild Hot Springs

Wildwood Outdoor Escape

Noise of the Wild

Football Summer Camp

Packing and Camping

Summer Spirits

Bunk Beds & Camps

The Ultimate Hangout

Summertime Madness

Summer With Sports

Camp with Besties

Bill’s Ranch

Brooks no Books

Fun and the Falcon

Camp In the Zoo


Family Camping

Summer = Fun

Summer Meadows

 Summer Calls For Fun

Rolling In The Summer

Creative Camp

Adventurous Summer 

Summer Artleisure

Summerside Westside

Scream Fun

Wild & Adventure

Winding Roads

Water Sports Camp

River Valley Camping

The Red Camp

Camping Lights

New Horizons

Shadow Falls Camp

Summer at Silver Lake 

Make It Count

Winds and Sun

Sun Fun

No End To Fun

Summer Enjoyments

Summer by the Valley

Smarty Summery

Triple Times Fun

Tripp Lake Campers

Summer In The Castle

Summer Blooms 

Captain Camp

Mountain Fun

The  Camp-suite

Your Camping Experience

Vacation Time

Sun Smiles

Fun In Mexico

Academy For Summer

Tent by the Lake

Summertime Happiness

Branch Ranch

New Town Camping

Forests. Lakes. Fun

Falling Woods

Fun in the Sun

Funky Bunky Summer

Glacier View Camp

Boating & Camping

In The Name Of Adventure

Kamp Kiddy

Lakes & Flakes

Summer Stay

Girls Only Summer

Adventure In The Jungle

Escape For The Kids

 Adventure with my Pals

Jungle Camping

Trend Setters’ Summer

Summer For The Fun-Lovers

Camping In The Creek

Bill’s Hill

Camping Grounds

Travell InTents

Camping on the Mountains

Summer In the Ice Park

Summer Skating

Pursuits Of Fun

Summer with the Nature

Go Kamping

Camp on the Yacht

Camp Cabins

The Camperxx

Summer At The Beach

Lakes & Fun

Into the Wild


Camping & Fielding

Pine Dines

Winds of the Summer

Summer With Archery

Art Attack Camps 

 Rainbow Camps


Camp & Care

Trevon’s Tents

Camping Party

Escape Into The Wild

Summer Escape

Forest Trekking

Summer In The Tents

Amping Camping

Take a Break, Take a Hike

Super Hikers

Go Camping

Camp Under The Stars

Camper’s Delight

Camping Heroes


Camping at the Warehouse

 Campy Campers

Terrific Tents

Camping by the Fire

Enthusiastic Campers

Camp Classes

The Swagger Camper

Climbing & Camping

 Camps for the Champs

Camp On The Island

Camp Sights At Nights

Cool Campers

Camp With Curiosity

Cave Camping

Camping Hoods in the Woods

Super Duper Fun Camping

X-treme Camping

Camping Comrades

Pitching Tents

Tenthouse Camp

X-cellent Campers

Set Up Camp

Kamps For Kids

Camps with Caps

Camping Kings

California Camps

Suite Life In The Camps

Summer On Wheels

The Camper’s Point

Seaside Summer

Atlantic Camping

Adventurous Campers

Travelling & Camping

Camp In The Desserts


Go Wild

International Summer Camp

Fun Campout

Easy Peasy Camps

Comfy Bunks

Blue Sky Camping

Countryside Camping

Summer With Maths

Summer Fun Booth

It’s Summertime 

Go Hiking

The Summer Bees

Army Gals

Fuel Campers

Trekking in the Wild

Summer at the Bay

It’s Carnival Time

Solitude & Scouting

Summer Trekking

Team Trekkers

Super Summer Squad

Summer On the Coast

Summer Activities

Summer on the Road


Shiney Sunny Days

Funny Sunny Days

Every Summer Camp Owner should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Summer Camp Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

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