50+ Top Italy Brands In The World

Italy has emerged as a cross junction of all major and prestigious global brands, which is not only famous within the country but all across the globe. Italy has created a new trend in clothing and luxury cars in the world; the whole world is going gaga over the exclusive Italian brand collections.

Top Italy Brands In The World

Giorgio Armani

Who doesn’t know the famous Armani luxury brand which was introduced in Italy? The company has a 70% control over the fashion domain in the world. It manufactures aesthetic ready-made leather products like shoes, bags, belts, watches, cosmetic products, home appliances, and accessories. 


The famous brand which has been giving tough competition to all other global luxury brands was introduced in Italy. The company manufactures leather goods like shoes, belts, jackets, handbags, fragrance, jewelry, and other exotic accessories. The company has its units all over the world.

Poste Italiane

The company is a spine of all the financial and postal institutions in Italy. It was launched in the early 1860s by the honorable Italian administrative group. The company has been selling insurances and providing loans and postal services to the corporations and people who are linked with the association.


The company is a famous luxury brand in Italy. The company is a worldwide manufacturer of fashionable goods like clothes, bags, shoes, and other luxurious accessories. The company has emerged as a powerful brand in just a few years after its launch. 


The prestigious and global brand Gucci was launched in Italy as a luxury brand.  The company manufactures trendy and fashionable clothing from tops to trousers, the company has an excellent collection, the company is also famous for other exotic brands like shoes, bags, watch, jewelry, and other such products.


The company was established in Rome in the 1950s by the business group. The company is authorized to manufacture and sell oil and natural gas to the world. The company is a global brand that imports its oil to many foreign countries and has its branches in almost all the European and Asian countries.  

Enel Group

The company was established around 57-58 years ago in the city of Italy. The company has been providing the country and many foreign countries with electricity. The company’s main motive is to supply the electricity in every corner of the company at a relatively lower price. 


The company is a luxury car designer and manufacturer in Italy. The company has been selling limited edition luxury cars and vehicles for more than 80 years. The car manufactured by the company is not for all wage earners, it can be afforded by a certain uplifted class in society.

Intesa Sanpaolo

It is the biggest and most profitable financial institution established in Italy. It has the function of providing monetary assistance to its people and corporations of the country. It has been providing insurance schemes and security to the assets of its customers. The bank manages the capital and wealth of the country. 

Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

The company has been providing insurance and security provisions to the Italian people. The company has recorded the highest number of sales in insurance in 2017-2018. This Italian company is a trusted and repeated company. The company provides large openings in the employment sector in the country.


This famous pasta manufacturer commonly was launched in the late 1870s. It is a food retail company that supplies flavorful and delightful eateries and snacks in the country. The company manufactures pasta, noodles, burgers, French fries, and many different kinds of beverages that are best available. 

Wind tee s.p.a 

The famous company is situated in Italy, it is a newly set company around three years ago. This Italian company did not fall to acquire the telecom market in spite of being a new company with an already existing rival in the domain. The company provides fixation to mobile and telephone and also it provides speed internet connections.


The company is a globally famous chocolate manufacturing company that was established in Italy. The company produces some of the best sweet eateries which are demanded by the people of Italy and the world. The company has its branches in all the capitalist and non-capitalist countries in the world. 


Around 72 years ago when the world was going through turmoil and civil unrest, Leonardo company was established in Italy. This Italian company provides a strong defense and security to the countries. The service provided by the company is globally appreciated and respected.


It is an extravagance brand originated in Italy by the famous designers of the country. The company is famous nationally and globally for its traditional and fashionable collection of clothes, woolen stockings, and other wearable accessories. The company has been supplying its finished goods to all parts of the world, it has created its own trend.


The company was introduced in order to solve the economic crunch in the country, which later became worldwide famous. It provides its customer security to their deposits and capital assets. The company has been helping the business market of the country by investing and providing subsidies.


The company furnishes and funds small shops under the company. The company is a commercial company established in Italy in the mid-1950s by the famous business group. The company has been working hard to achieve its goal to become a global retail company. The company earns a 25% profit each year by the profit earned by the shops. 

Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino)

The company is a machine developing industry in Italy. The company has good control over the market of auto machine manufacturing and supply in the country. The company has been earning a 40% profit out of the machine appliances. It is also a great source of employment opportunities. 

Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane 

The famous company is a government-controlled railway system. The company is the most earning and profit giving company in Italy. It has been attracting a lot of travelers for its outstanding services and safety to its passengers. The company registered a 40% growth in net income in the last 2017-2018 year.


The company is assigned the role of providing banking facilities in the country. The company has made banking and net business more flexible and easily accessible to the customers. The company made credit and cheque facilities available for the customers. The company has a spectacular reputation in the country.


The company is an automobile manufacturer and supplier in Italy. The company is known globally for its branded automobiles supplies. The company has shown a sudden rise in the demand for cars in the Asian and South American countries. The company employs talented mechanical engineers every year. 


The company is the best cycle and road vehicle manufacturer that is set up in Italy. The company is the most efficient and largest producer of cycles for kids, teenagers, and racing bikes in the country. It has been enjoying the monopoly in this sphere and earns a net income more than 100 billion in a year.

Banca Tercas

This financial institution was established way back in the 19th century to make the economy of Italy prosper and grow over the years. It provides all kinds of banking provisions and safety to the customers and industries linked with the bank. People of the country have installed a lot of trust and respect for the large banking sector of the country.


The company is a fabric and weaving company in the country, Italy. Bassetti’s handlooms and products manufactured are globally loved and admired. The company was launched by famous handlooms and skilled designers of the country. The company’s products are of fine quality of art and collection of the fine artery. 

Binda Group

The company is a famous watch and clock manufacturer and supplier in Italy. It has been producing exotic and branded watches for all types of people and professions. The Binda Group is known for the pattern of design and fabric used to manufacture watches. 


The company was introduced to satisfy the conspicuous demands of jewelry and ornaments of the country. The company was established in Italy in the early 1920s. The company designs branded and classical ornaments with precious stones and minerals. People belonging to the rich class love the jewelry manufactured by the Company. 

De Simon Group S.p.A.

The company is a famous brand that manufactures and trades buses in the country. This Italian company was established in the 1920s and was later updated and turned into a national company which supplies buses in the country. The buses manufactured in the country are big with comfortable seats and emergency exit. 


The company is well-known for mantra tiring racing cars and bikes in the country. This Italian based company has been providing the zero miles racers with the racing cars and other equipment. The company is an international company that has subsidies for big brands and companies in Italy. 


The company is an Italian brand that mantra three trendy luxury items in the country. The company’s role is to launch new fashionable and exotic collections of leather goods and other ornamental jewelry and accessories. The company has its departments in more than 10-11 cities in the country. 

Diesel (brand)

The company is a privately owned company that manufactures and launches fashionable clothing and accessories in Italy. It was established as a local retail company which after two years turned out to be a strong brand representing Italy in global platforms.

Peroni Brewery

The company is a prestigious brand manufacturing hard and soft drinks in Italy. It was established in the group of an Italian businessman who wanted to orifice exotic and refreshing beers and drinks in the country. It got name and fame within a very short period of time for its excellent mixture and combination of ingredients and packaging.

Cassina S.p. A.

The company is a prestigious and well-known company in Italy. The company has the role of manufacturing exclusive furniture and kitchen sets for the people. The company ranks among the top best manufacturing companies in furniture. It makes furniture with fine quality of timber and teak. The company has branches all over the world.

Max Mara

The company is an Italian brand that manufactures trendy and fashionable goods and commodities. In the last five years, the company has expanded its production house because of an increase in the demand of the commodity. The company employs skilled and professional designers and engineers to carry out the production process.

Air Italy

The company was introduced in the mid-1960s when the country was going through an economic flex. The company was launched in order to support the airline transportation of the country and also to support the economy of the country. The passengers usually opt for this company for its attractive services and security measures.

Balocco (company)

The company is an Italian brand which deals with food and beverages produced in the country. The company is famous for its yummy biscuits and cookies, which is made with an excellent and balanced combination of exotic ingredients and flavors. The people have bestowed much love and appreciation for the company’s delicious eateries.

Ruote Borrani S.p.A.

The company has gained recognition for manufacturing and launching strong grip auto tires. The company was launched in Italy in the early 1920s, it is the oldest and most recognized company. Many big automobile companies have deals with tires from the company because of its quality and grip. 

Caffè Pascucci

The company is a famous Italian brand that sells coffee and other beverages in the country. It was established in the early 1880s, the company is the ancient and most loved cafeteria in Italy. The company sells excellently brewed coffee, cold coffee, hot chocolate shakes, and other such kinds of light and healthy beverages. 

Bennet (supermarket)

The company is an Italian commercial company that regulates a chain of small and autonomous companies that sells food and eatable products in the market. The company is a privately owned company that earns profit from the income earned by the supermarkets in the country. 


The company is a famous peanut spread manufactured in Italy. It has become a global brand for buying spread, it is a sweet and cocoa-flavored bread spread. The brand is recommended to everyone willing to live a healthy and fit life. People who are on a strict diet or go for gyming usually prefer the brand for a low level of carbs in it. 


This Italian company manufactures and sells branded cars in the country and abroad. People of the world are going crazy over the stylish and expensive cars that the brands launch every year. The company has acquired much fame right from its first-ever launch. It has excellent mileage and design.

UBI Banca 

The company is a financial institution established in Italy. The company has a duty of providing monetary service to its customers and corporations. The bank has the largest number of account holders in the country. From managing capital to buying and laying off shares the company is providing its best to make the economy stable.


The company was established in Italy as a food retail company. It was established in order to make a name in the food-producing domain. It is famous for serving Italian food like pasta, Thai, noodles, and many other delicious food items. The company employs beat chefs and hotel managers to make the service excellent without taking a chance.

Acqua Minerale San Benedetto

This Italian company is the largest and well-known manufacturer and seller of mineral water. The company is a non-alcohol company established in Italy in order to provide a good quality of mineral water for good health and figure. The company’s water is available in every shop and mart, in Italy. 


The company was established in Italy in the 1960s. The company manufactures and sells designed lightning for household decorating. The company has been manufacturing lights like lamps, study table lamps, lightbulb, tube lights, and many other such kinds of lightning appliances. The company has been supplying its product globally.


The company is an Italian based company which was established almost 100-102 years ago. This ancient company sells the best coffee making alliances in the country. The company has the best grinders for espresso and cappuccino coffee. The company is famous for making this refreshing and mesmerizing coffee in the country.

Alfa Romeo

The company is a famous car manufacturing company which was established in Italy around the early 1900s. The company was started as a small auto manufacturing industry which now has turned out to be a national company of the country. Alfa Romeo manufactures such cars that are affordable for people from all walks of life.


The company is an airline company in Italy. The company was introduced to make traveling easier and way faster. The company has been offering a very cordial ambiance for the passengers and also assures the safety and security of passengers as well as their luggage. The company is well connected to major cities and countries.


The company is an ancient company which was established in Italy. The company is famous for manufacturing leather shoes, especially for men. The company is loved for its wide variety of collections and flexible spectrum. It has its bases in all the major cities in Italy.


The famous and most prestigious company is situated in Italy. The company manufactures alcohol and beer in the country. The company has been manufacturing hard drinks for many decades, in route if having tough rivalry it continues to rise and spread its wings all across the country. 


The prestigious company was introduced in Italy around 71-72 years ago. The company manufactures sports shoes and stockings for athletes. The company launches super flexible and comfy shoes with grip. The company is at the top list for manufacturing sport swears in Italy and the world.

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