50+ Top Spanish Brands That You Need to Know

Spain is a cool place 🇪🇸, famous for its awesome culture, lively traditions, and stunning views. But guess what? It’s also home to some super famous brands that are really popular worldwide! 🌍

These aren’t just any brands; they’re the top-notch ones! From super cool fashion labels to yummy food, Spanish brands are all about being great quality, super creative, and having a unique style. 🌟

So, let’s check out the “Top Spanish Brands.” We’re diving into the world of companies that not only show off amazing Spanish skills but are also known and loved everywhere.

Come along with us on this journey through the best names that have helped Spain become a super creative and excellent place in lots of different industries! 🚀

10 Top Spanish Brands With Its Brand Value Of 2023

RankBrand NameBrand Value (in $M USD)
1Zara (Inditex)17,484
2Banco Santander8,756
10Gas Natural Fenosa (Naturgy)2,971

50+ Top Spanish Brands


The nation-owned company, Endesa, is a well-known company in Spain. The company is an electric supplier, which has a more e of making Spain self-reliant and free of other international companies. After operating successfully, the company is extending its branches and units all over the country. 


Heard of the toll road charges? Of course, you have but did you know 40% of the toll road of the world is managed by the Spanish company, Abertis. Yes, the international company has been working for road development for several years. It builds roads and other infrastructures of the country.


The dominating insurance and financial institution company, Mapfre is a Spanish company. The company provides security and safeguards the policy of its customers and bankers. It furnishes the needy with the much-needed funds and capital, which the customers have to repay with interest within the given time period.


The company provides technology and security to travelers all over the world. Facilities like ticket reservations, bookings, banking, and all other online services are provided by the company, which makes traveling and communication easier and faster. The company has emerged as a global brand in the years.


The famous luxury company in Spain has arisen as a powerful brand that is currently dominating the other luxury brands. It launches the best clothing and trendy accessories to the market. People have loved the company’s stocks and have showered a lot of love for the company. 


The company is known for its telecom services and schemes. Telefonica has the best data plan offers, fast net, continuous network, emergency dialer, and many other attractive services. It is a multinational brand and has bases in almost all European and Asian countries. It has evolved as the fastest-growing company in the world.


The multinational company, Naturgy is a natural mineral and gas supplier in Spain. The company has been supplying and disseminating electricity to all the countries that have aligned to Naturgy. It has its bases in northern European countries, it receives around 45% contracts every year. Natural is a parliament acquired company.


The multinational and the very famous luxury company, Zara was launched in the suburb of Spain. Zara is attractive for its easy accessibility and low price garments. Who doesn’t want to have premium clothes at a relatively affordable price? The company has gained so much popularity in the world.


It is a company that operates and finances many supermarkets and theatres of the country. Mercadona has been enjoying monopoly for several years, it has been earning profits in lakhs and crores from every investment undertaken. It has been financing the companies of the country to make the economy stable.

Banco Santander

It is a financial institution of Spain that operates globally. Banco Santander is the largest active financial institution in Spain. The bank has been attracting a lot of customers for its attractive schemes and policies.


This Spanish bank has never been a disappointment, regarding their promised services. The BBVA primarily was a development bank of Madrid, Spain but now it is Spain’s 2nd largest bank, which provides the customer with 24 and 7 hours of services and assistance. The bank has successfully been able to develop from a regional bank to a national bank.

El Corte Inglés 

The world’s biggest and prestigious company El Corte Ingelés was launched in Spain as a commercial enterprise. It is the only retail brand of Spain that operates globally and has much recognition. The brand provides the world with the finest collection of clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, furniture, interior designs, glamour products, and many other luxury items. 


It is a Spanish based company which supplies and distributes electricity and other natural files to the world. Many big companies and brands have been trading with the company for electricity supply. The company has registered very promising results in recent years, and the government is very hopeful about the company’s future policies.


Another big hub for fashion and luxury items is the expanding Spanish company, Loewe. The company manufactures all kinds of fashionable products, however, it is specifically known for its leather products like:- shoes, handbags, satchels, belts, and wallets. It also has fine collections of fragrances for men and women.

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear is a brand that manufactures luxury items and accessories. It is a Spanish brand that operates Internationally. The brand has clothes in a wide spectrum, almost all people from all walks of life can be able to afford it. The catch is the brand is easily available online.


The Miranda brand is a fashion designer hub of clothes and other accessories. Famous designers have been working for the brand and they have left no stones unturned, to make the brand popular among the people. The brand is most famous for manufacturing kids’ and babies’ clothing and other stuff. 


The Mango is a famous fashion-based company which was launched in Spain by famous designers of the country. The designers are determined to show the world its best collection and representation of Spain. The company produces clothes for all skin colors, sizes, and ethnicity.


The company is a vehicle manufacturer in Spain. The company has contracted from many foreign companies and countries. Founded in 1950, the country within 3 years of the launch had emerged as the largest company that imports automobiles.


The company, Cepsa,  produces crude oil and petroleum for the country. It has been supplying petroleum and petrochemical to all parts of the country. It earns almost 3% profit every year. 


This medicines and chemical manufacturing company in Spain is the largest supplier of drugs in the country. The company in certain conditions provides free medications to the poor and orphanage people of the country. The company has been earning fame through its socialistic policies and organizations. 


The company, Yoigo is a mobile sim card provider company in Spain. The company has the largest active users and subscribers in Spain. It provides users with attractive data plans and a good internet connection. To date, no other rival company is able to give competition to the company.


Amanda is a Spanish monetary institution that was established by the Spanish government. The people of the country find the policies and guidelines more attractive than that of other banks. The bank also has links with e-commerce which further enhances and makes it easier for the customers.


Sfera is a chain of marts and malls in the company which operates under the company, Sfera. The company funds the retailers, navigates them, provides them with innovative ideas for expanding the business. All these services yield enormous profits every year. 


The luxury brand of Spain, Globalia was launched with a motive to represent the country globally. The company has been helping various fashion shows and campaigns promoting their designs. The brand has also collaborated with many shows and shootings for musical bands of Spain. 

CIE Automotive 

The company is the largest manufacturer of auto parts and engines of the country. It supplies the product to almost all parts of the country as well as globally. The company has been enjoying the monopoly of the market for a decade, even today no other company has emerged to give it a competition.


It is a telecom company in Spain. The company operates globally, it has a total of 54,000 sites all over the world, where they provide their services. The branches of the companies are assigned to different sectors, like upgrading of audiovisual, improving internet connection, privacy, and emergency connections. 

Santa Lucía de Tirajana

The famous brand is based on the town name of Spain. The corporation looks after the development and growth of the town of Spain and reports to the government accordingly. The corporation is financed by the government, to take necessary steps for the growth of the economy.

Promotora De Informaciones

The famous and prestigious Spanish company is a mass media and broadcasting company. It manages the authenticity and originality of the news and then publishes it on newspapers, magazines, web, and TV. The company after so many years of practice has never lost its reputation for false news or propaganda.


The company owns hundreds of supermarkets and marts in the country. It has the largest number of ownership and shares in the stock markets of the country. The company furnishes the malls and shops with goods and commodities and earns revenues out of those goods. The corporation has its name all over the country.

Viajes Halcon

The company regulates hundreds of hotels and motels of the country. Every year around 50,0000 travelers from all around the world come to spend their vacations in the hotels of Viajes Halcon. The profit earned by the company is shared by the shareholders and owners. 

Air Europa

The company ranks third largest airline company in Spain. It has a total of 58 numbers of destinations all around the world, making communication easier and faster. People prefer Air Europa’s flight for its easily accessible tickets and warm ambiance. It has 2 bases in the country and the largest airport.

Red Electrica

The Spanish company, Red Electrica is a national company that provides electricity and natural gas to the country. The company has been earning net income worth €5.6 billion every year. It has been working day and night to make the electricity available to every household and form. 


The company is specialized in manufacturing stainless steel and other metals for the company. The company was funded by many big companies in the country. The company has been the sole steel provider of the country. The country is owned by a famous business personality in Spain.


The famous brand Euskaltel was launched in Spain in order to improve the condition of telecom in the country. The company provides the best service in the domain. SuperSpeed net, good network coverage, IPTV, and broadcasting. The different branches of the company are given their respective portfolio to work. 

B the travel brand

The brand provides accommodation and holiday packages to travelers. Hundreds of brands operate under the company’s name. It provides all the necessary help to the hotels and earns half the profit every year. The company is all set to give a tough competition to all other brands operating in the same domain.


The Ferrovial brand is a Spanish brand that undertakes construction and provides monetary aid to different companies and organizations. The company has been doing an incredibly splendid job, it has the highest make of net income per annum. 


The international brand of Spain came into existence in the mid-1980s. Under the brand name, thousands of national and international hotels, restaurants, and other accommodation means operates. The name has got much fame and recognition within two years of launch. 


The FCC company in Spain is a company that signs construction deals with companies and according to it allocates workers on the respective sites. The company has been a source of employment for thousands of youths in Spain. Within a short period, the company has done remarkable jobs. 


People of Spain and every other country where the Vueling company operates are going crazy over the company for its cheap airline services. The brand has a motto of providing services to the passengers at a cheap rate with good service. The staff and other crew members are exceptionally humble and polite while on duty.


The popular brand, Oysho is a woman casual wear and undergarments manufacturing company. Want comfy wears for yourself or just want to relax in your PJs then the brand has everything to offer in this field. Every single production is done keeping in mind the comfort of the people. 


INDRA is a national company in Spain, which is governed by the state. It works on data technology, a martial system of the country. The company regulates and undermines every single information passed out through the web and sources, it checks its authenticity and legitimacy only then it is allowed to disseminate on the web.


The Dia is a brand that operates Internationally, in Spain. Many submarkets and malls operate under the guidance of the company. They own a 4-5 percent share of every mall and mega marts operating under the company. The brand, Dia, helps Spain’s economy to grow and prosper.


The famous company, Telecinco is a media baser company. The company runs 15 channels all over the world. The TRP of the channels is generally high over the years. The company is said to be the best mass media and the telecasting company in Spain. The country by 2023, is all set to expand its network to southern European countries.

Aena or ENAIRE 

The well-known company in Spain, Aena is a company that works in the management of the airline and chopper of the country. After years of successful operations, the company changed its name to ENAIRE. It is entirely a nation owned company, the interest generated from the profit is added to the finance budget if the country.


Barceló is a group of motels and restaurants that is regulated by the Barceló company. Thousands of people book their tickets for spending their vacation in the hotels of Barceló as the company provides promising services and kitchens. Barceló has been providing accommodations to thousands of travelers and guests.


The company provides tight security services to the countries. Spain based company, Prosegur has been growing rapidly for the kind of surveillance it provides. Many countries including Spain are depending on the defense of the company’s security network.

Gestamp Automoción

The company undertakes the construction contracts of various IT and engineering sectors. The company is well known for its commitment and quality of work. Thousands of skilled laborers and technicians are hired by the company.


The company is based on the construction of municipal and engineering buildings. ACS has lots of other branches, they carry out different services, one of them is a telecom industry. In 2010, the company started the construction of hydropower generating dams.


The prestigious and famous Spain company, Acciona is an alliance committed to the advancement and construction of the country. The company takes charge of building good infrastructure for the railways, dams, hospitals, industries, and many other sectors. 


The airline company of Spain, Iberia has many branches all over the world. It is an international company with a total of 86 destinations. According to the reports, it is believed that the company has aligned with Britain groups, to extend its branches. The company has the best services for its passengers.

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