489+ Best Toys Company Names

A toy is an item used by children to play. Playing with toys is one of the enjoyable things kids do. Toys are made of different materials like wood, clay, plastic, etc.

Playing with toys is considered an important part of growing up, it helps children develop their skills and it also makes them strong, it is also used by parents to educate them. The history of toys is ancient it was used by parents to engage their children and make them playful. Toys have the potential to educate a child in many ways and it also plays an important role in a child’s educational, social, emotional and physical development.

For a businessman venturing into the business of toy is not a bad idea, putting smiles on the face of children and making money out of it is something everyone would love to do. The idea of a toy business can be a good idea in terms of generating income and profit. Opening a toy business is a way for an entrepreneur to make a living through making a child learn and making his childhood enjoyable.

More opportunities are lying in the business of toys, but it would require the proper research work, and also about what it takes to create a market. Before going for any business and investing money for it the startup needs to do its due diligence 

The industry of toy is booming and there are lots of big players who have already congested the market and they have become the master of the market. This is why any new business needs to plan and look beyond the picture, instead of targeting a mass market a new business can go for creating a niche market. Targeting a particular segment or area would be a more profitable option rather than going for a mass market.

The business would focus on a product that kids would enjoy playing with it, there are lots of options when it comes to selecting the model of toy it can be a cartoon character which is famous amongst children, it can be any superhero or anything depending upon the research.

When a new startup is planning to enter the market of toy business it has lots of business model available for itself, with growing technology a new business can go for online toy business which would not require much of capital and start with small scale online store would result in understanding the market and the buying behavior.

The following list of Toys Business/ Brand names is from existing businesses around the United States.

The Manhattan Toy Company

American Plastic Toys

U.S. Toy

Duncan Toys Company

The Wee Believers Toy Company

Big Monster toys



Wicked Cool Toys

Happy Worker Toys & Collectibles

All American Toys

Amish Little Cottage Company

AM-PM Creations

Anaglyph Sculpture

Artifact Puzzles 

Apple Pie Publishing


Back to Blocks 


Betty Lukens

Billet Bones 

Buffalo Games 

Carolina Pratt

There is always an option for opening a physical store that can deal with the retail or wholesale business but this type of model would require more capital, manpower and it would also have huge competition with an already established business.

For a new business, it should always be a target to acquire more customers and retain them. As the target customers for this business are children so the quality of the product should be child-friendly and it should not be harmful to children in any way, this will result in trust building. Survival should also be a primary objective.

This business needs lots of innovation and creativity an old design will never be able to attract consumers. Unique and attractive ones will do better. Good marketing can also help in growing the business, for a new business a lot of time has to be spent on research toy business is such that it is changing day by day.

In other words, every new business requires proper planning and the initial step to planning is to create a unique, easy and catchy name for the product. As this is a business that targets kids the importance of name becomes more important as it should be such that not only attracts the parents but also the children. The name should be easy to pronounce and remember so that it can last in memories for the longest time.

The list of the registered names are available online so one should go through it avoid the one which is already registered. The name should be such which could be used for the legal purpose in the future.

Here are Best Toys Business Names Ideas for your Next Startup

Groovy Made toys Co. 

Sharp funs Toys 

Trezure toys Co. 

Minnion Sky

Lufanzo Toys

Valley Play toys Co. 

Mars Rock toys Co. 


Zio Vista

Falco View toys Co. 

Golden Hills

Sepia Fun

Wood Matrix toys Co. 

KidoPedia toys Co. 

NorthQuest Toy Co.


Primex  Toy Co.


Nexton  Toy Co.


Labelwind  Toy Co.

Liberto  Toy Co.


Hexabird  Toy Co.


NorthFlip  Toy Co.

Elykeen  Toy Co.


Aecna  Toy Co.


Enesta  Toy Co.

Collona  Toy Co.

Toy Co.tring

White Venus


Seagrett  Toy Co.




Cubex  Toy Co.

Dytella  Toy Co.

Derben Craft


GoldCraft  Toy Co.

Westmark  Toy Co. 


MadStick Toy Co.





GoodDots  Toy Co.

NewFex  Toy Co.

Greaton Toy Co.


Lorrenza Toy Co.




RedOne Toy Co.


Maxxen Toy Co.

Stephen Toy Co.

TrioFord Toy Co.


Duorriss Toy Co.

ObliQ Toy Co.



NextPerk Toy Co.



Austenn Toy Co.


Triction Toy Co.

EpicDash Toy Co.


Midnight Play

Moon & star

Revia Fun toys Co. 

Leazuria Toys 

Starvelle toys Co. 

New Moon Game

PlayToonz Toys 

KidsCloud toys Co. 

FunFellow Toys 

MoodMaddy toys Co. 

BellFeather Toys 

SilverStone toys Co. 




EchoPlay toys Co. 

Galaxeen toys Co. 

Stellar Sky

Cosmic Saga

Majistix  toys Co. 

Hello World Toys 


Mad Master toys Co. 

Magma Toys 

Rossdale toys Co. 


Freddy Finger toys Co. 

Amberly toys Co. 

Happy Roots


BreggMan Toys 

Bling Blang


MasterClap Toys 

Standard toys Co. 


Mad TWist toys Co. 

ColoCandy Toys 


JoyFest toys Co. 

WhiteRock Toys 



HexaFairy toys Co. 


LeySon Toys 

FluffyFour toys Co. 


PlaySpree Toys 

Easterly toys Co. 


DuzzBerry Toys 

SunCrest toys Co. 

HenceMan Toys 


CrazyCrow Toys 

SwagCity toys Co. 

EarlyWIsh Toys 

MarineLand toys Co. 


MayPurple toys Co. 

Fregga toys Co. 


Aeronna Toys 


RedFrog Toys 


PIckBox toys Co. 


Positivon toys Co. 

Gorgeon toys Co. 

Tress Up Toys 


Pink Pecan Toys 

Lumorron toys Co. 

Spartan toys Co. 

CraftMaster toys Co. 


OldRiver toys Co. 

JazzCandle Toys 


White Flag Toys 

JadeJunky toys Co. 

Voolly Toys 

Restrony toys Co. 

Mother GOose


BetterBread Toys 

Eagerly Toys 

PebblePark Toys 

Zarmin toys Co.

Every Toys Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. For Toys Business Names, You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

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