850+ Best Trivia Team Names Ideas (Generator)

Get ready to dominate your next trivia night with our ultimate Trivia Team Names generator and guide!

Whether you’re a seasoned trivia aficionado or a casual player, finding the perfect team name can make all the difference.

With our innovative generator, you’ll discover a treasure trove of catchy, clever, and hilarious names that will set your team apart from the competition.

From pun-tastic wordplays to pop culture references, our generator has it all. And don’t worry; our comprehensive guide will walk you through choosing the ideal name that reflects your team’s personality and captures the spirit of trivia.

So gather your friends, fuel your competitive spirit, and let our Trivia Team Names generator and guide pave the way to victory!

Awesome Trivia Team Names

At any quiz or trivia night, intimidating the opposing teams is half the battle.

Being brilliant does not entail reading books, keeping up with current events and popular culture, or studying somewhat fascinating scholarly papers in between game nights, it entails having a clever name. 

Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap

Spooning Leads To Forking


Quizards of Waverly Place

Yellow PubMarine

The Right Brainers

My Trivia Partner doesn’t Know this is a Date

Trivia Newton-John

No One Cares What We’re Called

Roger And Out

The Titanic Swim Team

The Runners Up

Irish Wristwatch

And The Winners Are…

Say Quiz!

Hercules’ Muscles

Rookie Mistakes

Smarter Than a Fifth Grader

The Cupid Stunts

Never Gonna Quiz You Up

On the Rocks

Luck Beat A Brady Tonight

I’m Gonna Quiz

Couch Quizatoes

The C Students

Hey Siri…

Save A Tree, Eat A Beaver

A Team Has No Name

Quiz Eubank

Panic at the Quizco

Fo’ Quizzle My Nizzle

My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is a Date

The Nerds Attack

The Steroid Era

Thin Quizzie

This Is Smarta!

“I am Spartacus”

Snow White and the Seven Quizzes

Hairy Twatter and the Sorcerer’s Bone

Social Quiztancing

Trivia Noah

Quiz Team Bale

Trivia Titans

It’s A von Trrap!

The Wise Quackers

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Bar

Beauties and Beasts

Kobe Wan Kenobi

The Happily Ever After Team

Quizteama Aguilera

The Quizzard Of Oz

Ariel’s Squad

My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

Messi Bedroom

The Quizzich World Cup

My Factopus Teacher

The Underdogs

To Quizinity and Beyond!

Bed Bath & Beyonce


Package Of Rogues

Sleeping Beauties

Quizekiel 25:17

Going to Quiz This Job

General Knowledge and Major Answer

The Testers and The Testees

The Guessers

Quiz in My Eye

Multiple Scoregasms

The Aristocats

The Fellowship of the Round


Aesop’s Foibles


The Know Nothing Party

Mookie Monster

Big Pen15

The One with the Quiz Night

Menace II Sobriety

The Know-It-Alls

My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

The Discovery Channel

Last Orders

Inquest Side Story

Sorted for E’s and Quiz

The Quizards of Oz

Quizzy and Nauseous

You’re A Quizard, Harry!

Quiztina Aguilera

The Oxford Commas

The Walking Talking Stephen Hawkings

The Omnipotents

The Pheasant Pluckers

Mums Night Out


Her Vajesty’s Secret Cervix

Our Fourth Man Is In Labour

The (so-called) Quizlamic State

Quizmas Season

Jorah the Explorer

Trivia Team Names Generator

Unleash The Power Of Creativity With Our Trivia Team Name Generator And Guide.

Amazing Trivia Team Names

Trivia games are an excellent social tool. They’re an amusing way for coworkers to catch up with colleagues they haven’t spoken with in a while or to meet new colleagues.

Trivia games help one’s cognitive development and decision-making capacity. Trivia questions are designed to be difficult, but sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Choose an amazing trivia team name from below.

Iggy Quizalea

Once Upon a Quiz

Fashionably Late

The Brewsual Suspects

The Next Round’s On Me

Head Games

The Wikipedias

The Careless Whisperers

Risky Quizness

The White Quizzers

The Three Must-Get Beers

Half-Baked Ideas


Fact Checkers

Human Google

That’s All, Folks!

Fact Hunt

Quizpicable Me

Tribute Band

Glass Half Empty

The Sharpest Tool in the Shed


We Know Nothing

And In Last Place.

Quizteama Aguilera

The Quiz Masters

The Spanish Inquisition

Social Quiztancing

Inter Ya Mambest trivia team names Beaver

Bed, Bath, and Beyonce

Quizantyne Empire

Buckfast At Tiffany’s

“I am Spartacus” (Players repeat individually in succession)

Hit It and Quiz It

Quiz As Old as Time

King Triton’s Tridents

What is the Fact?

Friends Who Do Stuff Together

Full Frontal Nerdity

Red Hot Trivia Peppers

It Quiz What It Is

Victorious Secret

Arya Ready for Us?

Smarty Pants

Two Gurleys, One Cup

The Dirty Harrys

Let’s Get Quizzical

Titanic Swim Team

Dak To The Future

The Crystal Methodist Church Team

Please, lettuce win!

Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

Quiz in My Pants

Quiz Night Club

63% Of The Time, We Win Every Time!

The Wafty Crankers

Cinderella’s Stepsisters

Quizaholics Anonymous

The Quiz Knights

Quiz On My Back

The Tough Cookies


Rehab is for Quitters

The Brains of Castamere

Dude, Where’s My Team?

In It To Win It

Knowledgeable Nomads

Cunning Mates

best trivia team names

Some trivia evenings, you want to pick a random team trivia name without considering your favorite brand, song, TV show, etc.

In other words, you’re looking for a unique name but don’t want to confine yourself to a single category. The clever team trivia names listed below can help if that describes you. Select the best trivia team’s name.

Alexa’s Slaves

Sherlock’s Homies

Beyonce Know Alls

A Quiz Goodbye

The Proud Nerds

Handsfree Lightsabers

Freaks and Geeks

Google Is Our Friend

The Quizoner of Askaban

The Careless Whisperers

Smarty Pints

Query Movie

We Thought This Was Speed Dating

Quizon Break

Quiztina Aguilera

Raging Bulls

The Double Uppers

Norfolk And Chance

The Crackademics

The Pursuit

Trial by Trivia

The Banter Panther

The Quizard of Oz

It’s Morbin’s Time

Couch Potatoes

Let’s Quiz Quizzical / Trivial

Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem


Are your buzzers ready? Here we go. Good luck.


We’d Rather Be on Cash Cab!

The Trivia Foundation

Dixon Cider

None of Your Quizness

Les Quizerables

You’re A Quizzard, Harry!

Emergency Brexit

She’s Out of Your League



Menace to Sobriety

Quiztopher Quiztoffersen

Global Domination

Around The World In 80 Quizzes

Quizlamic Extremists

The A-Team

Balls Deep

Quizon Break

Quiz Pro Quo

Agatha Quiz Team

Quiz Quiztofferson

Wild Things

The Questionables

Siri’s Assistants

Victorious Secret

The Big Fact Hunt

Revenge of the Nerds


Quizpicable Me

Walt Quizney

The Franklin School of Hide and Seek

Geno 911!

Titanic Swim Team

It’s A Hard Gronk Life

The One With the Trivia

John Trivialta

Quizzin’ In the Wind

Alice In Trivial and

Blood, Sweat & Beers

Thinky and the Brain

Google United

What’s The Question Again?

Rhymes with Orange

The Frozen Team


Takin’ a Quiz

The Trivia-Ing Dead

The Wuhan Clan

The Wanderers

Lord of the Rounds

We Mermaid For One Another

Swinging For The Pences

Hoof Hearted

Waka Flacco Flame

Let’s Get Down to Quizness

Let’s Get Down to Quizness

Jesus, Party of 12!

Get Fact

The Quizzard of Oz

The One With the Quiz


Exquiz Me?

Beer Necessities

To Quiz or Not To Quiz, That Is the Question

Here for the Beer

The nation of Quizlam

Simple Minds

A Minor Problem

Sophie’s Multiple Choice Les Quizerables

Cool Trivia Team Names

Creating amusing trivia team names to help you and your fellow quiz masters stand out from the crowd is half the fun of having a trivia team.

Yet, selecting decent trivia team names that suit you and your crew—or your chosen trivia topic can be just as difficult as answering the most difficult trivia question. Select a cool trivia team name.

The Team I Want to Win

The Kanye Quest for Knowledge

Meet the Factors

Hazard Warning

The Exor-Quizzed

The Brainless Crew

The All Rounders

The Teacher’s Pet

A Long Quiz Goodnight

It Was the Best of Teams; It Was the Worst of Teams

Flying Carpets

All Our Knowledge is from the Internet

The Real Housewives of Quizerly Hills


The Sarah Bellums

Epic Failures

Superiority Complex

Cosby Cocktail Survivors

Quizzie Rascals

Joey Trivianni

Love Sponge

The Fresh Quiz of Bel-Air

The Great Impression

The Aristocrats

Quiz Sera Sera

Cristopher Walken

The Snakes In The Grass

Don Quixote

Microsoft Clippy

Articulate Monkeys

The Walking Dez

The Flukes

Quiztopher Cross

Les Quizerables

Quiztina Millian

Trivialize Me

A Cut Above The Rest

Elementary, My Dear Watson

The Factonauts

Grace’s Quizatomy

We Really Trust The Babysitter Brainers

The Winners

No Eye Dear

My Big Fat Greek Quiz

Hotel Triviago

Dad Knowledge

Cooking Under Pressure

Mike Hunt and the Pink Experience

Rajah’s Rebels

We’re Nacho Average Team!

Comfortably Dumb

Cunning Linguists

All Tits No Brains

Oh So Samwise

Quizzy McQuizface

The Fellowship Of The Quiz

The Dirty Harrys

Eddie Quizzard

Quiz On My Face

Stuck in a Quizzard

We’re All Mad Here

This Isn’t As Good As Cash Cab

Two Girls, One Quiz

The Lady and the Champ(ions)

Jeopardy Losers Club

The Quiz Khalifas

Agatha Quiztie

Funny Trivia Names

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Quizziest of Them All?

The Know-It-Alls

Chicken Winging-it

In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One


Forrest Grump

The Fairy Godmothers

Quickmasters Of The Universe

We’re Here To Score!

The Spanish Inquisition

The Encyclopedias

We Thought This Was Speed Dating

Tequila Mockingbird

Mickey’s Best Minions

Here for the Music Round

Hey Google…

La Vie en Quiz

We Know All the Right Answers

E For Idiot


I Got 99 Problems, And This Trivia Is One

Abraham Thinkin’

All My Knowledge is From YouTube

Master Debaters

Smarty Pints

The A-Team

The Question Marksmen

The Wise Men

Walt Quizney

Les Quizerables

It Quiz What It Is

Cheesy Does It

Knowledge Dropout

The Einsteins

Trivia Newton-John

The Quizmeisters

The Shallow Hal’s

Team Name Pending

Stacked with Facts

Crouching Woman Hidden Cucumber

General Unknowledge

United Quizdom

catchy trivia team names

Everyone appreciates a good pun, and pun team trivia names are no different – they’re funny and entertaining.

More importantly, they demand you grasp and recognize the wordplay behind it to appreciate the newly created pun fully.

Choosing the perfect name is difficult. Select a catchy trivia team name from the list below and stay ahead of others. 

Wise Quackers

I’m With The Band

A Beautiful Place To Put Your Face

The Grizzly Bears

Iggy Quizalea

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Moron

Gin’ll Fit It

Triviaholics Anonymous

Quizzy Pop

The Ben Dovers

Trivia Titans

I See Dumb People

Multiple Scoregasms

Trivialize Us

30 Seconds in Bars

Risky Quizness

Le’Veon A Prayer

Hey Alexa…

Trivia Newton-John

So You Think You Can Quiz?

The Three Must-Get Beers

Colours That End In Urple

Walt Quizney

Father John Quizty

12 Intoxicated Men

Schindler’s Test

Quiz The Girls

Dazed And Confused

Quiztic Fibrosis

The Lion’s Share

The Factonauts

Great Quizpectations

Quizlamic Extremists

A Lannister Always Pays His Trivia Debts

Universally Challenged

Quiz Team-Ano Ronaldo

Learned That in ‘Nam

Alternative Facts

I Got 99 Problems, and This Quiz Ain’t One

Alfred Inchcock

Trivia Muses

Our Moms Made Us Do It

Our Only Hope is the Raffle

I’m Spartacus

Billie Jean Is Not My Trivia Partner

Quizzy Maguire

Quiz Eastwood

The Magnificent 6

Risky Quizness

Make Trivia Great Again

The Smart Bunch

Hide & Zekebest trivia team names Ronaldo

Justin Timberquizzes

Tequila Mockingbirdbest trivia team names t-shirt

Ain’t None of Your Quizness

Zeroes to Heroes

The Meme Team

Better Late Than Pregnant

E = MC Hammer

Yer’ a Quizard Harry

Idiots surround me

Id, Ed, and Eddy

This is Smarta

Answering Machines


Quarantine Turner

Quizzly Beers

Are you Down With OBP?

Beyonce Knowles

Quiz Factor

Quizzy Rascal

WTF = What The Fact?

Quizmodo Dragons

Agatha Quiztie


Alpha Kennyone

Quiz Kids

The Premature Quizzers

The Incredibles

The Fact Checkers

The Quizikipedia.

Question Tarantino

Trivia Folks

Victorious Secret

Dumb And Dumbbells

Google’s Minions

Quizzy Stardust and the Spiders from Bars

The Stepdads: We Beat You, You Hate Us

Islamic State

United Quizzes of America

Dreamin’ up the perfect trivia team name!

Ariel’s Lost Voice

Wikipedia’s Assistants

I Swear That’s the Right Answer

Not Fast, Just Furious.

This Was Embarrassing

Bonnie and Quizyde

Barking Mad

Loads of Quiz

Our Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

Clever trivia team names

Trivia Titans

Mental Mages

Brainiac Brigade

Savvy Scholars

Fact Finders

Quizzical Quartet

Mind Benders

Quiz Mavericks

Trivia Tacticians

Quizzard of Oz

Trivia Junkies


Riddle Masters

Enigma Ensemble

Trivia Trailblazers

Quiz Chameleons


Trivia Whizzes

Curious Cats

Clever Conundrums

Mental Giants

Mind Over Matter



Trivial Pursuers

Quizzical Minds

Quick Thinkers

Cunning Connoisseurs

Quiz Wizards

Puzzled Minds

Trivia Gurus

Smarty Pants

Wise Crackers

Smarty Sages

Trivia Troopers

Knowledge Ninjas

Cunning Linguists

Witty Riddlers


Trivia Titans team names

Mighty Quizlings

Trivia Titans Elite

Wise Owls

Trivia Titans

Intellectual Titans

Quiz Legends

Brainpower Brigade

Mental Marvels

Trivia Titans Society

Quiz Dominators

Quiz Crusaders

Trivia Titans United

Brainiac Titans

Trivia Titans Squad

Trivia Titans Empire

Trivia Titans Dynasty

Quiz Olympians

Quiz Conquerors

Know-It-All Warriors

Trivia Titans Legion

Trivia Titans Alliance

Quiz Warriors

Quiz Titans Assemble

Brainiac Battalion

Quiz Commandos

Mental Titans

Trivia Titans Force

Fact Fanatics

Brainbox Battalion

Trivia Trifecta

Knowledge Kings

Genius Squad

Mind Over Matter

Mighty Minds

Trivia Titans Elite

Trivia Whiz Wizards

Intellectual Giants

Trivia Titans League

Trivia Titans Champions

Quiz Masters United

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