198+ Best Tug of War Slogans

Tug of war, also known as the rope war or the tugging ar is one of the most fascinating sports in the world. In this sport, two teams are put against each other to test their brute strength.

Both the teams need to pull the opposite ends of the rope and the end goal is to bring the rope to a certain distance so that any one of the teams could win.

Best Tug of War Slogans

  • It’s not just a game
  • A war fought with ropes
  • Where losing is not an option
  • Winning matters
  • It’s all about brute strength
  • Let’s unite to win
  • We are in this together
  • A game where everyone is equal
  • Tug of war for life
  • Let’s have a tug of war

The origin of the Tug of war is still uncertain but it was hugely practiced in Cambodia, ancient Egypt, India, and Greece. In today’s modern world it has gained a lot of popularity as is a recognized part of the world games.

The main event is organized by the Tug of War International Federation (TWIF).

Here is a list of some of the slogans on Tug of War

It’s not a war it’s a sport

A team above all

Above all a team

Any place, any time

Always prepared for the tug

Find a way to win

We are first

Born ready for the tug of war

I dare you, gain it from me

Go ahead and tug it

Get some strength

United we feel the power

Look forward

Retreat the tug

Teamwork is a tradition

The shorter, the better

Ready for all

Together we achieve

Nobody can achieve success lonely

There never was a good war

We fight united

We gain it together

Show yourself in the war

You can

We can; we will

You may be stronger, but we are the strongest

We believe in teamwork

We believe in us

Together we win, together we lose

Fight together for success

Unity in diversity

We fight, we build union

If your fear win, you lose

I’d rather play tug of war

Don’t wear skates to a tug-of-war

Democracy is like a tug of war

Tug of war between two equals

Learn when to let it go

You have to appreciate it

No quick pulls, just a tug

Peace by way of power

Anytime, playtime

We quell the storm

Stay organized; It’s a tug of war

Capitalism needs to function like tug-of-war

You need to struggle for dominance

Cut the rope of war, play tug-of-war

Make you hardcore

Try to pull us together

Between happiness and misery

Wait for your chance

believe in consistency

Hold your patience

Hold your breath; you will get it

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Get your hands strong

Pull out your mate from danger

Pull out your fear

tug of war slogans

Get off your feet, hold my side

Get off your feet, its tug-of-war

Hold the mates, pull them out

Show your rivals

Pull the tug, till your last breath

You need to overcome your fear

It may hurt you first, but you’ll learn

Don’t stop till you reach your goals

once you left the rope, it’s gone

Creating success

keep your vision clear towards victory

Tug of war brings out the best

Tug-of-war, today and tomorrow

Welcoming you to tug it

An army of tug of war

Go crack a tug

The tug of war community

Tug-of-war is my sport

I believe in you

Tug of war for everybody

Go far with a tug of war

Tug of war outshines the rest

Everything we do is driven by the tug of war

Clean your path it’s wartime

Tug of wareriffic

Tug of war, that’s it

I want you to tug it

Look forward, pull backward

Step backward

It’s life; it’s a tug-of-war

It makes me do it again

Don’t humble, play it wild

Inspired by tug-of-war

Business is like tug-of-war

The lion goes for it

Drink, pull, repeat

Eat, sleep, play and repeat

it’s more than just a tug of war

Make every round count

Make every presence count

This is the time to pull it

Pull it harder

Tug it harder

Hold it back, as much you can

The shorter you get, the more you win

Give 100% to it

Tug-of-war rocks

I’m designed for war

Play tug-of-war, start living

Killing it with power

United we pull, united we win

Believe in your power

Challenge me in a tug-of-war

The more you wait, the more you got far

It’s not a tug

Get more from the tug of war

Be fast, be furious

Tug-of-war, yes I’m ready

There is no life without it

Tug-of-war, play it

Feel every moment

Hold the rope, for every moment

Love the tug, not the war

In this game, the stronger wins

Tug of War: Friendship in rivalry

You can, you must, you will

In this game, the stronger wins

One team, one heartbeat

Our team above all

Believe in the tug, believe in the war

Fight together, win together

Go with the team, win with the team

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defeat is not an option

A game of strength

United we must stand

Group efforts for a better win

Keep pulling together

Not just a team, we are the team

We struggle, we win

One team, one dream, only to win

Only mission to win

Play wild, play tug of war

The game of rough, the game for the strongest

Surrender or taste defeat

Together everyone achieves more (TEAM)

Heros of war

Tug us if you can

Tug of war: Where winning matters

Teamwork for the dream work

Determined to succeed

Alert! Defeat ahead

Live life, feel the tug of war

Gets become limitless

The sport of war

A game where the best team wins

Strength over strategy

Together we fight, together we win

United we stand, divided we lose

Where teamwork matters

We are the power, we are the strength

Where opponents taste dirt

Pull the rope for the hope

A game where rope matters

Pull the rope, win the war

Where wars are won by rope

Use rope not guns

Tug, pull, repeat

A game where backing off wins

Forget the real war, enjoy the tug

Rope before lives

Live to pull the rope, die while pulling the role

See the power of rope

tug of war slogans

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