Witch Coven Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Coven provides an effect in spells or an ability to control three or more creatures with different powers.

Witch Coven basically consists of individuals with similar interests or activities a coven of intellectuals. It is an assembly or band of usually 13 witches where they work and practice spells in tandem. 

A witch coven symbolizes female strength, revolution, and connection with nature. It is not only cool and filled with various charms and magic but also can be very dangerous or very helpful sometimes. Here’s some dark-witchy names for your coven.

Cool Witch Coven Names

The spells and the magic make all the witches look the coolest and most amazing. Their attire, personality, and the surrounding they practice spells in, especially the darkness, the moon, and the witch, always go hand in hand. So, here are some perfect names for your coven that makes it sound cooler and the best of all.

Circle of the Elemental

The Requiem Wives

Circle of the Enlightened

The World Tree Circle

Witches of Presence

The Wisdom Coven

The Lunar Coven

The Infinity Coven

The Silver Grace Coven

Sisters of the Grass Roots

Wives of the Mountain Rose

Coven of the Brilliant Light

 Trillium Moon Coven

Coven of the Fox Woods

The Revolution Coven

Circle of the Trinity

Sisters of the Eclipse

The Rowan Tree Coven

The Silver steak Coven

The Guiding Hand Coven

The Silver Flock Circle

Circle of Wisdom

The Crystal Rose Circle

The Chalice Coven

Circle of Observation

The Fortuna Sisters

The Divine Dream Coven

Coven of Patience

 Moon Siren Coven

The Healing Sisters

The Mystic Grove Coven

Coven of Community

The Goddess Wives

The Compassion Coven

Circle of the Pentacle

Circle of the Mystic Grove

Coven of the Elemental

The Hallowed Sisters

Sisters of the Night Garden

Coven of the Revolution

The Faery Tree Circle

Coven of the Silver Boom

Witches of the Crystal Lake

The Sacred Sisters

Coven of the Silver Reserve

The Starfall Circle

The Crescent Moon Coven

Coven of the Dream

Coven of the Silver Flame

The Charity Coven

The Mirror Lake Coven

The Requiem Circle

The Moonlit Circle

The Elder Grove Coven

The Moonlit Coven

The Twilight Grove Circle

Coven of the Crystal Lake

Coven of the Crystal Flower

Witches of the Moon Thicket

Wives of the Forest Path

The Quiet Meadows Circle

Circle of the White Tree

The Mirror Lake Circle

Circle of Infinity

Coven of Compassion

Wives of the Hallowed

The Oak Spirit Circle

The Sacred Circle

The Full Moon Circle

Coven of Sacred Meadows

Wives of Silver Grace

Coven of Discovery

Forest Path Wives

The Moonlight Wives

The Lode Star Sisters

Coven of Silver Grace

The Mystic Grove Coven

The Moon Thread Coven

The Bramble Root Witches

Circle of the Divine Spirit

Catchy Witch Coven Names

Witches have a different kind of charm in them. They can make people tremble in fear with their spells and looks and help some escape deathly dangers. They are very impressive. So, to justify the characters of the witches. Here are some unique names.

The Eternal Garden Coven

Sisters of the Chalice

The Moon Oasis Wives

Coven of the Silver Flame

Circle of the Sacred Well

The Fire Tree Coven

The Moon Thread Circle

The  Woods Coven

Coven of the Hallowed

Coven of the Lone Star

Coven of Illumination

The Enchanted Coven

Wives of the Rowan Tree

Circle of the Full Moon

The Enlightened Coven

Circle of the Night Garden

The Silver Coven

The Infinity Coven

The Crescent Circle

Wives of Moonlight

Sisters of Ember

Coven of Requiem

Coven of the Mystic

Coven of the Sacred Well

Witch ecstasy

The Silver Coven

 Hallowed Guide Coven

 Coven of the Enchanted

Witches of the Moon Temple

Coven of the Radiant Heart

The Moonlit Cloud Wives

Coven of the Twilight Flame

Witches of Liberty

Coven of the Guiding Hand

Coven of the Light

The Lunar Wives

Coven of the Rising Sun

The Spirit Drum Coven

Witches of the Sunset

Coven of Silver

Coven of Eternal Teachings

The Enlightened Coven

The Divine Energy Circle

The Silver Flame Coven

 Equinox Circle

The Earth Spirit Coven

Circle of Twilight

Wives of the Raven’s Nest

The Ice Garden Circle

The Ancient Coven

The Nightshade Circle

The Setting Sun Circle

The Crescent Coven

The Moon Temple Sisters

Coven of the Boulder

Coven of the Moonlit

Coven of the Crystal Flower

The Hyacinth Circle

The Tree Roots Witches

The Eternal Garden Coven

The Infinity Coven

The Mountain Rose Circle

The Boulder Circle

The Medicine Coven

The Earth Temple Coven

The Infinity Circle

Circle of the Harvest

The Charity Coven

The Illuminated Coven

The Illuminated Sisters

Circle of the Blue Moon

The Silver Cloud Coven

The White Tree Coven

The Observation Coven

The Raven Coven

Sisters of the Ancient Oak

Wives of Silver Grass

Coven of the Elder Flame

Coven of the Mirror

Abracadabra circle

Best Witch Coven Names

Practicing witchery and the spell takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work. The dedication and the sacrifice they have in the things they do is amazing, and it isn’t something that everyone can achieve or do. So, here’s to the hardworking and best ones out there.

Coven of Starfall

The Crescent Coven

The Setting Sun Circle

Wives of Liberty

Coven of Patience

Circle of Spirit Energy

Circle of the World Tree

The Nighty Circle

Almighty goods Coven

Witches of Eternity

The Unseen Moon Circle

The Divine Dream Sisters

The Eternal Teachings Witches

Coven of Healing

The Eternal Teachings Sisters

Sisters of Phoenix Fire

The Fairy Woods Coven

Coven of the Beating Heart

The Silver Branch Coven

The Silver Reserve Witches

Witches of the Crescent

Coven of the Spirit Lake

The Spirit Drum Circle

The Spirit Lake Circle

Witches of the Enchanted Moon

The Ancient Coven

The Sunset Circle

Circle of Sacred Meadows

The Goddess Circle

Circle of Fortuna

Circle of the Goddess

Witches of the Mystic Grove

The White Trunk Circle

Wives of Illumination

Sisters of the Grove

Witches of the Brilliant Light

Coven of the Silver Thread

Witches of Liberty

Sisters of Night shadow

The moon tree Sisters

The Moonrise Coven

The Faery Tree Circle

The Eternal Teachings Sisters

Coven of Requiem

The Hyacinth Coven

The Lunar Owl Circle

Witches of the River

The Moonrise Circle

Coven of the Elemental

The Silver Circle

The Crystal Flower Circle

Circle of Healing

Circle of Lives

The Raven’s Nest Coven

Coven of Lady Fortune

The Patience Coven

Circle of Midnight

Circle of the Silver Flame

Coven of Patience

The Silver cloud Circle

Wives of the Spirit Lake

The Willow Circle of Adventure

The Forest Path Sisters

Sisters of the Moonrise

Coven of Presence

Wives of the Moon Oasis

Quiet Meadows

The Lady Fortune Circle

The Balance Coven

Wives of the Sacred Well

Coven of Silver Grass

The Crystal Rose Circle

Sisters of the Sun

Circle of the Grass Roots

The Divine Energy Sisters

The Elemental Grove Circle

The blue hue Circle

Coven of the Raven’s Nest

The Radiant Heart Coven

Circle of Moonlight

Witches of the Silver Flame

Sisters of Stardust

Coven of the Oasis

Witches of the Night Sky

Coven of the Crescent Moon

Wives of the Eternal Garden

Awesome Witch Coven Names

Witches seem the deadliest and strongest beings of all whom everyone fears, making them look fantastic and the coolest. They bring out the beauty and the dark side of the night, making it more interesting and scarier. Here are some awesome names for all the witches to name their covens.

Coven of Divine Teachings

Witches of Infinity

The Crystal Flower Circle

The Starfall Sisters

The World Tree Witches

The Lady Fortune Coven

The Midnight Sisters

The Eternal Light Wives

Coven of the Lone Star

Sisters of Phoenix Fire

Coven of the Mirror

The Silver Star Circle

Coven of the Full Moon

The Wisdom Circle

The Forest Path Sisters

Coven of Morning Dew

The Eternity Wives

The Silver Reserve Sisters

Coven of Spirit Energy

The Sacred Journey Circle

Circle of the Beating Heart

The Guiding Hand Circle

Coven of the Grove

Sisters of Twilight

The Eternal Light Sisters

Sisters of the Morning Star

The Liberty Coven

The Silver Circle

The Blue Moon Coven

The Grove Circle

Witches of the Crystal Rose

Witches of the Rowan Tree

Coven of the Sacred Voyage

The Night SUN Wives

Circle of the Moon

Sisters of Starlight

The Independence Witches

Circle of the Radiant Heart

Coven of the Raven’s Nest

Wives of Spirit Energy

Coven of the Night Grove

Circle of Elysium

The Crystal Garden Coven

Sisters of the Moon Thicket

The Moon Oasis Wives

Sisters of the Light

The Divine Touch Coven

Celtic Witch Names

The Moon Thread Wives

Coven of the Dream

The Ancient Oak Coven

Coven of Fortuna

Wives of the Silver Branch

The Lone Star Coven

Coven of the Cedar Grove

Wives of the Night Sky

The Silver Circle

The Moon Oasis Witches

The Spirit Drum Circle

Coven of the Illuminated

The Medicine Coven

The Spirit Drum Sisters

The Silver Flame Witches

Coven of Divine Energy

The Nightshade Coven

Witches of the Night Grove

The Patience Coven

The Fortuna Sisters

Coven of Discovery

Coven of the Silver Branch

The Boulder Circle

The Presence Sisters

Coven of the Crystal Lake

Coven of the Trillium Moon

The Moon Oasis Circle

The Elder Grove Circle

The Elemental Wives

Coven of the Rising Sun

Coven of the Twilight Goddess

The Elemental Grove Circle

The Sunset Wives

The Raven’s Nest Coven

The Foe Woods Coven

Coven of Stardust

Amazing Witch Coven Names

Every witch coven has its color and charm, making each one stand out from the others. So, here are the perfect names for you to select that suit the best for your coven and also go along with the specialties and personalities of your coven.

Circle of Silver Grace

Sisters of the Twilight Grove

Circle of the Rising Sun

The Sacred Journey Coven

Wives of Observation

The Mystic Moon

Morning Path Fire

Wisdom of Blue Voyage

The Beating Wives

The of Witches

Witches Lunar Wives

Eternity Thread Sisters

Oasis the Energy

the Sisters Circle

The Enlightened

Moon Teachings

The Meadows Sliver

The Moon of Silver Compassion

Star Phoenix Coven

Lode of the Coven

Sacred of Heart

Circle Sisters

Circle Root Coven

Starfall Mystic

Circle of Community

Coven of Lake Tree White Root

Circle Chalice

Witches Silver Quiet Knowledge

The River Moon Oasis

Coven Charity of the of Coven

The Journey

Rose Circle

 the Moon the Heart

Wives Spirit Liberty

The Spirit

Earth Witches

Pyramid of Sisters

The Divine

The of Wisdom

The Tree tune witches

Wives of Divine Dream

The Divine Night sky

Circle of Moon Wives

Coven Silver bark Moon

Coven the Sacred Enchanted Tree

Thread Discovery

Midnight Gloom

Coven Sliver

Coven of Pentacle

Circle Witches

Circle Silver Journey

Coven Phoenix Ember

Witch Coven Circle

Drum of Circle

The Thread

The Bramble

Wives Thicket

Coven Hallowed of Quiet the Infinity

Witches Star Lake

Circle Sisters

Coven of Crescent

Wives Spiral Circle

The Coven counters

Witches Fire Wives

Circle World

Circle of Crystal Tree Coven

Dawn of Midnight Trinity

Sisters Wives

Coven Forest Mirror

The Compassion of Dream

The Crystal Starlight

Sisters Requiem the Elemental

Coven the of Star

Siren Moon

The Spirit

Full Moon Meadows Hallowed

Coven Spirit Infinity

Sisters Energy

The Tree Moonlight Coven

Witch Coven Name Generator

Witch Coven Name Generator

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