38+ Popular Yellow Logos that People Loving

Color is significant in branding and displaying for marketing. The fact that it creates impressions and overviews in the customer’s mind is proverbial in nature. Moreover, color plays an important role and yellow color symbolizes happiness and positivity.

Yellow color in the brand logo brings energy and attention to the customer and enhances interest. Color attracts human eyes and in most cases yellow and red top the list.

Yellow Logos of Popular Brands


McDonald’s is a food outlet that is famous worldwide. The brand uses a yellow color on the logo because it stimulates hunger in the individuals. Yellow triggers the sentiments of joy and generosity. Moreover, at the point when you join red and yellow, it is about speed in food delivery. In, eat, and out once more.

The color yellow is easy to spot and use as a marketing tool for branding. The new slogan of McDonald’s is to beat the heat that relates to yellow color.

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers use yellow color in their logo to create hype for the viewers. It is a popular media and production brand, which is famous around the world. The yellow color on the logo refers to creating attention among the individuals.

Moreover, it creates an interest in the mind of viewers. The value of color also plays an important role in the field of marketing. It creates a standard of the brand and a positive mindset for the viewers.


Snapchat uses yellow color on its logo because it represents the energy and playfulness that is required in social media. Since the absolute starting point of the brand, Snapchat has constantly consolidated a shade of yellow with the state of an apparition.

However, Evan Spiegel, the CEO and prime supporter of Snapchat planned the main logo for Snapchat. He made a phantom to symbolize the temporary idea of pictures taken on the application.


Ferrari is the global automobile industry and is well known to all. The color in the logo creates curiosity in the mind of individuals.

As per Ferrari, Papa Enzo took the logo from a picture of a red pony painted on the fuselage of Count Francesco Baracca, an expert pilot in the Italian aviation-based armed forces. The explanation Ferrari’s pony is dark yellow, not red, is because it is intended to be an image of grieving for the fallen pilot.


The utilization of yellow shading in the Subway logo delivers an incredible impact and conveys a huge job in persuading customers that Subway is an industry chief in smart dieting, and its sandwiches are more beneficial.

Moreover, the yellow color represents wealth, satisfaction, good faith, and joy. The color builds a refreshing mood among the individuals. It is also the main marketing policy for the brand to use yellow color.


The present brand image made in 2003 to help cultivate a picture for the Nikon brand that matched the requirements of the time. Moreover, it realistic following smiles speak to future conceivable outcomes while the yellow symbolizes development and energy, and the dark depicts dependability and quality.

Nikon produces a camera that frames someone’s beautiful moments of life and yellow represents happiness. Therefore, it is a brilliant marketing strategy used by the brand.


DHL is a worldwide famous logistic brand and the yellow color on its logo plays an important role in the field of marketing. Yellow creates interest in the mind of individuals to approach their market.

The color yellow is so simple but carries a strong message where an individual can relate his or her mentality with the logo. DHL has excellent marketing skill by putting a yellow color on the logo.


An automobile industrial company whose cars are driven on every street of the world. The logo utilizes yellowish brilliant color for the representation and dark for the content recorded. The yellow shade summons advancement, sportsmanship, and happiness.

In any case, the dark shade mirrors the solid and strong character of the logo. The yellow car represents energy when you drive a Chevrolet you will fill the vibes.


Lay’s is famous for its potato chips in the world. As you have known the color yellow represents hunger and appetite. It was a big move by lay,s in the marketing field. It creates joyfulness and happiness in the mood of the customer.

Moreover, lay,s mainly uses potatoes which are golden yellow which means creating happiness in every bite of the chips. The logo also attracts individuals and grabs attention to buy the product.


Although its organization hues mirror the blue and yellow of the Swedish banner Ikea is really enrolled in Holland. From the start, Ikea tables neglected to sell well in the United States in view of concerns they were not large enough for all the nourishment of a Thanksgiving feast.

The IKEA Concept exists in all aspects of our organization, from configuration, sourcing, pressing, and circulating through to our plan of action. Therefore, they use yellow color on their logo.

20th Century Fox Studios

20th Century Fox Studio is a famous television production studio in the entertainment industry. A logo like the twentieth Century Fox logo, aside from rather than twentieth CENTURY FOX. In shading appears, the high point is yellow-orange and the foundation is blue.

The Portuguese track from this scene, nevertheless, utilizes the 1995 subject from the last logo. The color yellow in the logo builds a positive mindset for the viewers.


Hertz uses the new logo with the yellow background significant to the brand heritage. As part of its rebranding, Hertz will be also modernizing its worldwide facilities, comprising on-and-off-airport Rent-a-Car and tools rental positions dependable with the commercial identity. The yellow color in the brand builds interest in the individuals.

The logo is the key identity of the brand in marketing. The yellow color also represents security and trust and the brand assures you that.


The brand uses a yellow color in the background to attract individuals. Post-it is a sticky note manufacturer and the yellow color highlights more because it is a bright color. When writing short notes on the sticky notes it creates more attraction and creates clarity.

The color brings out the inner happiness of the person and the brand emphasizes it. Writing is creative when you write words on a post-it, which symbolize the creativity in the color yellow.


The designer of the logo realized that they needed appetizing color for the brand was yellow. Finally, the color of the sweetening up is intended to organize with the shade of Reese’s package.

The yellow color on the logo creates happiness when an individual buys a packet of Reese’s. The color of the packet is yellow which creates a perfect mood and enlightenment in the individual mood. The colors of the candy coating are yellow and were considered to manage the color of Reese’s packet.


UPS continues to use it in their logo, trucks, and costumes. The perception for them began because they initially wanted yellow vehicles, but they establish that yellow vehicles are difficult to keep clean and opted for brown as an alternative.

The brand uses a yellow color to present its trust in the brand. The brand thinks that the yellow color will bring progress in the business. The logo of UPS evokes the marketing skills of the brand.

John Deere

The exact origin of the classic yellow deer with the yellow background is famous for John Deere but it has numerous concepts. An individual can portray an image in the mind because yellow color is creative in nature.

The brand uses a yellow color for creating vibrancy among the customers. The logo motivates and creates attention on the public to purchase. The brand logo brings energy and cheerfulness when you purchase a John Deere product.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey uses a yellow color on the background that refers to creating positive energy in the mind of the customer. The color represents the enthusiasm and hope that a brand needs in the field of marketing.

For many customers, the yellow color is considered happiness and the brand takes benefits from it. Many customers find the logo interesting which creates goodwill for the brand. According to experts yellow is the symbol of personality and perfection in the process that a brand needs.


Bumble use yellow background color because it creates joyfulness among the people. Bumble is a social media platform where people find their loved ones on the platform.

Yellow color plays a significant role in the platform where yellow color reflects joy and happiness. Therefore, bumble uses yellow color on its logo.

National Geographic:

One of the most prestigious magazines of all time National Geographic has its channel on wildlife too which was commissioned in 2001. Extensive consumer research pointed out that the bold yellow border of a rectangular vertical box is by far the best brand identifier of the magazine. In keeping with the mother brand synergy,  the TV channel also sticks to the particular yellow rectangle as its brand. 


The Houston based MNC oil company incorporated in 1913 is currently a member of the Royal Dutch Shell group. The logo of Pennzoil is a yellow oval with black borders. At the centre of the oval, an icon of a red bell is placed. The branding of Pennzoil is across the red bell in upper case and slightly tilted towards the left bottom 


Published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, the video games series was first released 24 years ago.  A name is a short form of Pocket Monsters. Since the brand is targeted toward the kids only the logo design exactly suffices to the liking of the children. The letterings of the brand are skewed towards the children with typestyle upper and lower cases alternatively. The double-colored casings give a 3D effect to the brand.  

Shell Petroleum:

The Netherlands-based Shell Oil is one of the supermajors of the world featured in the Fortune 500 list. The logo is one of the most identifiable logos in the world. The logo has a very striking similarity to pectin or a mollusk shell with grooves. The red and yellow color scheme makes it all the more striking.  

Star TV:

Owned by the Walt Disney Group the TV conglomerate based in India runs 60 channels in eight different languages across the country. Since its inception only, the logo underwent many cosmetic changes and finally, around 2011 the current logo depicting a bright yellow star for the entire corporate group was chosen.

Rockstar Games:

The New York-based organization is a video game publisher and currently owned by taking Two Interactive and a successor to BMG Interactive.

The present orange color logo is of Rockstar International with the Capital R in a square box with round edges. The R is in solid black whilst at the end of the tail of R is a starburst in white.  

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