1015+ Wedding Planning Business Names Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas (Video+Infographic)

1015+ Wedding Planning Business Names Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

This is one of the growing sectors, and there are huge youngsters who are passionate about the romance and beauty that come with weddings; then, chances are that you will jump at the idea of becoming a wedding planner.

Millions of weddings occur each year; the wedding planning industry is certainly one with huge customer demand.

Wedding planning is a good business opportunity for those who have been looking to start a business of their own; it will give you money and the satisfaction of quenching the thirst for creativity through expression. You also get satisfaction from your work.

We want every detail of their event to be both a pleasurable and memorable experience. Therefore we offer a host of packages and services specifically tailored to the needs of each couple.

We are confident that this business venture will be a success, and we estimate that our net income will increase modestly by the second year.

Wedding planning is a great and interesting thing to do. If you are a wedding planner, you will know that there are lots and lots to do when you are involved in planning a particular wedding. Ranging from decorations to music, there are a number of factors one must consider.

That’s what a wedding is composed of. Now, if you have a business in your mind and are willing to start your own wedding planning company, make sure to keep the basics in mind.

Why Wedding Planner Business Name Is Important?

✅ The name of your wedding planner business is very important because it is one factor that helps you get recognition in the respective business industry. 

✅ The name of your wedding planner business will eventually help grow your business in the long run. 

✅ You can also advertise your wedding planner business with the help of the name that you have selected for the wedding planner business.

✅ Another advantage of having a name for your wedding planner business is collaborating with other relatable companies.

✅ People also tend to remember the name of your wedding planner business easily if you have a suitable name for your business.

How To Choose A Name For Wedding Planner Business?

  • While choosing a name for your wedding planning business, you can refer to some special features you have designed for your business. 
  • The name of your wedding planning business can also be decided based on the portfolio of the services you are providing to the public. 
  • You can also select the name for your wedding planning business by picking up any name style, as it will give you many impressive ideas. 
  • Another easy way to find or choose a name for your wedding planning business is by looking at the names of an existing business in the same field. 
  • You can also modify some existing or some branded names into new kinds of names for your wedding planning business.

How To Create A Wedding Planner Business Name?

Use your own name: One easy way to name your wedding planner business is to use your own name. This will give your business a personal touch and help you build your brand around your name.

Examples: “Sarah’s Wedding Planning” or “John Smith Weddings.”

Use descriptive words: Use words that describe what your business does or what sets it apart from the competition.

Examples: Perfect Day Wedding Co.” or “Elegant Affairs Wedding Planning.

Be creative: Think outside the box and come up with a unique name that will make your business stand out.

Examples: Happily Ever After Wedding Planners” or “Blissful Weddings & Events.

Consider your target market: Think about the types of couples you want to work with and create a name that will appeal to them.

Examples: Modern Love Wedding Co.” or “Boho Bride Wedding Planning.

Use location-specific names: If you plan to focus on a specific area or region, consider using a location-specific name.

Examples: Napa Valley Wedding Co.” or “Seattle Soirees Wedding Planning.

business name guide for Small Businesses

Want to make your business stand out? Check out our ultimate business name guide for expert tips.

Top Wedding Planning Business Names In The US

  • Easton Events
  • Lisa Vorce
  • Alison Events
  • Yifat Oren
  • David Stark
  • Fiona Leahy
  • Rachel Birthistle
  • Stefanie Cove
  • Bryan Rafanelli
  • Bash Please
  • Michelle Rago
  • Geller Events
  • Sofia Crokos
  • Matthew Robbins & Luis Otoya
  • Troy Williams
  • Marcy Blum
  • Bronson van Wyck
  • Duet Weddings
  • Laurie Arons
  • Firefly Events
  • Ann David & Nicky Reinhard
  • Tara Guérard
  • Mindy Weiss
  • Calder Clark
  • Joy Proctor

You need to keep in mind that no business runs without a proper business name. A good business name is necessary for the growth of your company and that is what should be there on your mind in the first place.

Choosing a business name is not at all an easy task. It involves lots of planning which you should consider for choosing a name for your wedding planning company.

This is what should be kept in mind. There are a number of factors that you should keep in mind before choosing the right business name for your wedding planning company.

We will discuss those points one by one which will help you choose a good name for your company.

Make sure to keep all the points in mind and apply the same when you are choosing a name for your business. Read on to find the steps below.

Choose The Right Wedding Planning Business Names

  • Creative names: Wedding planning is all about creativity and imaginative thinking. You need to choose a name that is creative and imaginative enough for your particular niche.

    Attracting people is only possible through a creative business name for your wedding planning company. So, make sure to keep this particular factor in mind. Take a look at the names which we have mentioned below.

    Choose the one which is best suitable for the services of your business and watch people get attracted towards your company.
  • Unique names: You need to know the state laws of naming and require to choose a name that is unique enough for your company. So, make sure to keep this in mind.
  • Catchy names: The name you choose should be catchy enough for your company. You need to keep in mind to take inspiration from the names that we have mentioned below which will help you a lot with your business name. You will entirely be benefited.

Every Wedding planning Entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, and what type of customer are you seeking.

For restaurant names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some catchy wedding planning company names.

Wedding Planner Business Names

Your wedding planner business name is very important because it will help grow the business. You should always have creative ideas for running such a wedding planner business in the public.

This kind of business requires a lot of creative ideas and marketing for successful growth. It would help if you also used your creative ideas in creating the name of your wedding planner business.

In this way, it will result in a different kind of name for your wedding planner business.

The Wedding Maestros

Joyful Celebrations

Enamored Events

A Perfect Pairing

Love in the Details

White Lace and Promises

Eternally Yours Weddings

Forever and Always

Elegant Engagements

Romantic Rendezvous

Elite Events & Weddings

Enchanted Occasions

Everlasting Events

Wedding Wonders

Picture Perfect Weddings

Happily Ever After

Happily Hitched

Lavish Love Events

Unforgettable Affairs

Perfectly Planned

Heart and Soul Weddings

A Perfect Moment Weddings

Simply Elegant

Happily Ever Planned

True Love Weddings

Majestic Moments

Sweetheart Weddings

Timeless Events Co.

Enchanted Moments

Blissful Events

Royal Weddings

Forever & Co.

Wedding Dreams Come True

Aisle Style

Knots & Kisses Weddings

Timeless Love Events

Endless Love Events

Cherished Celebrations

Everlasting Love Weddings

The Wedding Whisperer

Dearly Beloved

The Wedding Co.

The Lovebirds Weddings

Lovely Days Events

Love in Bloom

Dreamy Days

Rustic Romance Events

Love & Lace Events

The Knot Masters

Blissful Beginnings

The Bridal Brigade

Cherish the Moment

Marry Me Weddings

Precious Moments

Elegant Affairs

Something Blue Weddings

Ever After Weddings

Love in Bloom Events

Love and Laughter

Life stories

Let’s remember

9 Cloud events

Elegant occasions

Wedding elements

What a Beginning!

Bride & Groom Connection

Two Loving hand Companies

White Moon Night Wedding Inc

Loving scratch Weddings

Perfect wedding inc

Big Brilliant wedding planning company

Pink & white beauty

Radiant Russell’s Wedding company

Rising Couple memories

Wedding Wonders

Bespoke Weddings

Pink Paper scissors Events

Amore Weddings

Dreams to Meet wedding hug

Hearts desires

Cupid’s Arrow




Nature Mate

Memory Today

Beauty Gether

Silver Leaf

Dangy Darling

Fun Aot

Amor ‘s Couples

Eros and Amor Wedding planning Company

The Wedding Planner

Beauty Feast

Make it perfect

Your wedding day Planner

Heavenly meet Wedding company

Two loving Souls wedding planner Company

Heart meeting inc.

Ultimate Planner

Maverick wedding planner

Just wedding inc.

Pink Wave wedding planning

True Forever wedding planning

Our expert branding team has created some catchy slogans for wedding planning companies. So make sure to check out the catchy wedding planning company slogans and taglines.

Wedding Company Names

A wedding company is a profitable company in the respective business industry. You can earn many profits if you have the proper market plan to run this company. Your wedding company’s name will help you spread the business.

A branded name for a wedding company becomes an advantage for the company in the long run. Therefore, you should always use a strong name for your wedding company. It will eventually make your company look amazing in front of people.

Dreaming Glory wedding inc.

Scentric flory wedding Company

Flory Sunflower wedding

Attic play inc

Wedding Gear

Memory alive wedding

Better You wedding planner

360 degree planner

Marriage First inc.

Astrex Weddings

AntrixCraft Wedding Planning Co.

WoodEdge Wedding Planning Co.


Everinn Weddings

EdenDiva Wedding Planning Co.

Gorgon Weddings

Sassy Lee Wedding Planning Co.

Vivid Esse Weddings

Kryoss Weddings



Cubent Weddings

LevelGrid Weddings

AbbioMan Wedding Planning Co.

UrbanRays Weddings

Vivian Weddings

Crewden Weddings

Estonna Wedding Planning Co.

HubertHex Weddings

Merraki Wedding Planning Co.

Elyssion Weddings

Graphe liss Weddings

DreoDrex Wedding Planning Co.

Wellstyn Weddings

Gruossin Weddings

GreySpace Weddings

EastWood Wedding Planning Co.

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions

Wedding Planners Names

When planning to open any wedding planner venture, you should be consistent with the planning. It will lead you toward the successful growth of your wedding planner venture.

On the other hand, you should also focus strongly on the name of your wedding planner venture. This is one thing that will help you become different from others in the market.

However, the name of your wedding planner should always be meaningful and relatable to your venture.

Fairy Tale Weddings

Opulent Occasions

Joyful Knots

Tie the Knot Weddings

Enamored Events

The Perfect Wedding Co.

Love in Motion

Wedding Wishes

Enchanting Weddings

The Perfect Pair

Lavish Love Events

Envisioned Events

Radiant Weddings

The Wedding Connection

Timeless Affairs

Cherished Celebrations

Everlasting Events

A Day to Remember Events

Happily Ever After

Elegant Affairs

Blissful Moments

Golden Hour Weddings

Pure Romance Weddings

Royal Weddings

Beautifully Bespoke

Elegant Enchantments

Sweetheart Events

Sparkling Soirees

Happily Ever After Weddings

Perfect Vows

Aisle Perfect Weddings

True Love Weddings

The Bridal Boutique

Lavender Love

Majestic Moments

Sparkling Affairs

Simply Elegant Events

Unforgettable Moments

Enchanted Occasions

Blushing Brides

Forever & Always Events

Dearly Beloved Events

True Love Events

Forevermore Weddings

Lovely Knots

Unforgettable Weddings

Cherished Memories

Dream Weddings

Marry Me Events

Love on a Cloud

Love in Bloom

One Fine Day Events

Endless Love Events

Graceful Events

Happily Hitched

Pure Elegance Weddings

Sweet Beginnings

Glamorous Affairs

White Rose Weddings

FustaLiss Weddings

BlueDash Wedding Planning Co.


Lowe Vega Wedding Planning Co.

Lumin Groove

Delbetta Wedding Planning Co.

Bonomono Weddings

Aventen Wedding Planning Co.

The Mentro Weddings

Criterion Wedding Planning Co.

Elumx Wedding Planning Co.

Majestic hands

Mississippi Weddings

MatterMind Weddings


The Weddings Hype

HewMoss Wedding Planning Co.

Verrena Wedding Planning Co. 


Ellen Crew Wedding Planning Co.

Accentrix Weddings

Presario Weddings

SilverMing Weddings

Crysta Wedding Planning Co.

Cassa Dee Weddings

Graffan Weddings

NewMan Wedding Planning Co.

Prime Fette

Moxello Weddings

MettleSpace Wedding Planning Co.


Cappastone Wedding Planning Co.

DeMessa Weddings

Artville Weddings


CrossDale Weddings

Specible Weddings

Crimsom Kept

Espanze Wedding Planning Co.

Elfin Ess Weddings

Fabulle Weddings

Zero Degree Weddings

The Velvet Box

NorthWay Wedding Planning Co.

Wedding Planning Company Names

Are you planning to open a wedding planning company? Then, you can follow these factors for running such a company in public. Another important thing you should have in your head is the name of the wedding planner company.

The name of your wedding planner company is important because it will help identify the company.

You can also claim protection for your wedding planner company with the help of the name. It would help if you always targeted a rare name for your wedding planner company.

Lavender & Lace Weddings

Pure Bliss Events

Enduring Love Weddings

Lovebirds Wedding Planning

Glowing Bride Events

Forever and Always Events

Celebrate Love Co.

Timeless Weddings Planning

Rustic Romance Events

Heart and Soul Weddings

Cherished Memories Co.

Love in Bloom Weddings

Dreamy Days Wedding Planning

The Knot Wedding Planners

Dream Weddings & Events

Enchanting Events Co.

Heartfelt Events & Co.

Something Borrowed Weddings

The Wedding Whisperers

Cherish the Moment Events

Blissful Beginnings Co.

Starry Night Weddings

Cherished Moments Weddings

Lovely Knots Weddings

Elegantly Wed Planning

Happily Ever After Planning

Serendipity Weddings

Golden Moments Events

Big Day Bliss Co.

True Love Planning

Graceful Union Weddings

I Do Weddings & Events

Aisle Be Yours Weddings

Divine Union Co.

Pure Romance Weddings

Vows & Veils Wedding Co.

Elegant Affairs Co.

Happily Hitched Co.

Love Celebration Co.

Perfectly Planned Weddings

Sweetheart Events & Co.

Joyful Union Co.

A Perfect Pair Planning

Dearly Beloved Weddings

Beautifully Planned Weddings

Tie the Knot Events

Enraptured Events Co.

Wedding Wonders Co.

One Fine Day Events

Endless Love Weddings

Radiant Weddings & Events

Ever After Events

Sparkling Moments Weddings

Enchanted Occasions Co.

Happily Ever After Co.

Romantic Affairs Weddings

Love and Lace Events

Perfect Day Events

Vow to Wow Weddings

Blissful Days Wedding Co

FineCurves Wedding Co.

Aerogon Wedding Planning Co.

NeroLend Weddings

Signix Weddings 

StarMore Weddings

Assurant Wedding Co.


TruQuest Wedding Co.


EquiFirst Wedding Co.


Veritos Weddings

FinoSure Weddings

FinFix Wedding Planning Co.

Mottex Weddings

KeyQuest Wedding Co.

Foremost Wedding Planning Co.

FineGrip Weddings

FinoZest Wedding Co.

FrontCrest Weddings

Appex Weddings

Omnega Wedding Planning Co.

TruePron Weddings

GreenArrow Wedding Co.

TinyLenders Weddings

CenKen Wedding Co.


MiddleMorg Weddings


OpenBrook Wedding Co.

BetterLend Wedding Co.


FineRise Wedding Planning Co.

Midland Wedding Co.

Chronicle  Wedding Co.


Orbin Wedding Planning Co.


ProQuo Wedding Planning Co.

Continum Wedding Co.

Asture Wedding Planning Co.

Abacus Wedding Co.

Unique Wedding Planning Business Names

The wedding planning business is one of the most popular businesses. If you want to be different from other businesses, then you should have a unique approach. For this, you can have a unique name for your wedding planning business.

The name of your wedding planning business should always be unique and different from others as it is a popular business. It will help you in getting recognized easily, and people will also remember your business.

Happily Ever After Coordinators

The Bridal Squad Co.

Dreamy Days Weddings

Cherished Celebrations

Love in Bloom Weddings

Marry Me Weddings

Golden Memories Events

Pure Elegance Weddings

Purely Perfect Weddings

Happily Ever Details

The Bridal Co.

The Knot Co.

Simply Weddings Co.

Once Upon a Wedding

Together Forever Events

Always and Forever Weddings

Cherish & Celebrate

I Do Weddings Co

Elegant Affairs

Celebrate Love Co.

Love & Lavender Events

Happily Ever After Weddings

Aisle Be Yours

Glowing Occasions

Blissful Vows Events

Forever & Always Weddings

Golden Moments Weddings

The Knotting Company

Whimsical Weddings

Perfectly Planned Events

Blushing Bride Events

Dream Day Designs

Tie The Bliss Knot

Love Always Events

Purely Yours Weddings

Everlasting Events

Cherished Moments Weddings

The Wedding Whisperer

Joyous Occasions Weddings

Love Story Events

Envision Weddings

Radiant Weddings

Simply Beautiful Events

Rustic Romance Events

Happily Ever After Planners

Love Birds Weddings

Adore Events

Happily Hitched Co

The Wedding Planners Co.

Dearly Beloved Weddings

Unforgettable Moments Weddings

Forevermore Events

The Bridal Blueprint

Happily Hitched Weddings

Love & Lace Weddings

Blushing Bride Co.

Sweetheart Celebrations

Eternally Yours Weddings

Enchanted Affairs

Something Borrowed Weddings

Brides & Blooms

Sparkling Soirées

Pure Romance Weddings

Endless Romance Events

Love & Laughter Weddings

The Perfect Day Co.

The Big Day Co.

Endless Love Events

Tie the Knot Events

Dream Day Co.

Picture Perfect Weddings

Pure Joy Weddings

Love Struck Weddings

Happily Ever After Co.

Eternal Elegance Weddings

Blissful Beginnings

Enchanting Affairs

Radiant Romance Events

Enamored Events

Love Affair Weddings

SoluFine Wedding Co.

QuoTrack Wedding Planning Co.

ToppTrac Wedding Co.

NextWise Wedding Planning Co.

TriFinect Wedding Co.

Amera Wedding Planning Co.


Credence Wedding Co.

TinyHelp Wedding Planning Co.

PoleStar Wedding Planning Co.

KeyStone Wedding Planning Co.

SmallQuest Weddings


Bellon Wedding Planning Co.


PrimeFex Wedding Planning Co.

EqyWorth Wedding Co.


VeroVision Wedding Planning Co.


CappaCity Wedding Co.


Golden Appeal inc

dos and dont for naming wedding planner company

Wedding Planning Domain Name Ideas







































































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