992+ Photo Booth Names Ideas + Generator

Naming your photo booth business is a big deal – it’s not just about picking any old name. Your business name is like a first impression, drawing people in and making them remember you in the busy world of event entertainment.

The right name can turn your photo booth into a must-have attraction at weddings, parties, and corporate events, promising guests a one-of-a-kind experience. But a dull or forgettable name? That might mean your business gets lost in the crowd.

At Social, we’ve helped many photo booth businesses find the perfect name and build a standout brand. With our expertise, we’re here to help you navigate the world of photo booth names and ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.

Let’s start naming your photo booth business with these Photo Booth Names Ideas to make it a hit in the event industry!

Tips To Choose The Right Photo Booth Business Name

  • 1 Reflect Your Services: Make sure the name clearly indicates that your business offers photo booth services. Words like “Photo Booth,” “Snap,” “Click,” or “Capture” can be incorporated into the name to convey this.
  • 1 Creativity and Originality: Aim for a name that is unique and memorable. Avoid generic or overused terms that might blend in with competitors. Think outside the box and consider playful or catchy names that stand out.
  • 1 Target Audience: Consider your target demographic and tailor the name to appeal to them. If you specialize in events like weddings, consider incorporating words like “Bride,” “Groom,” or “Celebration.” For corporate events, words like “Corporate,” “Professional,” or “Business” might be more fitting.
  • 1 Location: You could incorporate your city or region into the name if you’re targeting a local market. This can help establish a sense of community and make your business more relatable to potential customers in your area.
  • 1 Brand Identity: Think about the image and personality you want your business to convey. Your name should align with your brand identity, whether it’s fun and quirky or sleek and professional.
  • 1 Check Availability: Before finalizing a name, ensure that the domain for your business website is available. Also, search for trademarks to avoid legal issues down the road.
  • 1 Easy to Spell and Pronounce: Choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce to make it easier for customers to find you online and refer others to your business.
  • 1 Visual Appeal: Visualize how the name will look on your marketing materials, signage, and social media profiles. Choose a name that is visually appealing and can be easily incorporated into your branding efforts.

Words Used to Make Photo Booth Business Nams

Creativity and Fun:

  • Snap
  • Smile
  • Fun
  • Quirky
  • Playful
  • Whimsical
  • Joyful
  • Lively
  • Festive
  • Sparkle

Memories and Moments:

  • Memory
  • Moment
  • Capture
  • Remember
  • Cherish
  • Nostalgia
  • Timeless
  • Legacy
  • Keepsake
  • Reminisce

Innovation and Technology:

  • Tech
  • Digital
  • Innovative
  • Futuristic
  • Pixel
  • Snapshots
  • High-Tech
  • Modern
  • Cutting-edge
  • Techno

Entertainment and Engagement:

  • Entertainment
  • Engage
  • Amuse
  • Entertain
  • Interactive
  • Excite
  • Delight
  • Engross
  • Enthrall
  • Captivate

Customization & Personalization:

  • Custom
  • Personalized
  • Bespoke
  • Unique
  • Tailored
  • Individual
  • Specialized
  • Personal
  • Customized
  • Exclusive

Social and Sharing:

  • Social
  • Share
  • Connect
  • Network
  • Community
  • Gather
  • Group
  • Circle
  • Society
  • Together

Top Photo Booth Names in The Us

Are you thinking of starting a photo booth business and want some ideas? Well, you should check out the most successful photo booth businesses in the US.

They have lots of good ideas you can use for your own business. Plus, you might even get inspired to pick a great name for your photo booth business from them!

  • Vogue Photo Box
  • VIP Party Booths
  • Trendy Touches
  • The Majestic Photobooth
  • Social Booth
  • Snap Away
  • Smirkin’
  • Precious Memories
  • Picture Their Faces
  • Pic Me!
  • Photo Magic
  • Party Pod’s
  • Oh Snap!
  • O Shoot Photo Booths
  • MomoBooth
  • MashBooths
  • Magic Smiles
  • Lucky Shots
  • Kapture Booth
  • Joy Photo Booth
  • Imperial Photo Booths
  • Go Foto Yourself
  • Fancy Face Photo Booth
  • Eventz Photo Booths
  • Deja Photo
  • Color Me Photo
  • Capture the Moment
  • Candid Shots

Photo Booth Names With Meanings

Photo Booth NameMeaning
SnapCrazeA blend of “snap” (quick photo) and “craze” (enthusiasm), implying a frenzy for capturing moments.
FlashFiestaCombining “flash” (quick burst of light in photography) with “fiesta” (festive celebration), suggesting vibrant photo sessions.
MemoryMosaicEvoking the idea of assembling memories like a mosaic, representing diverse moments captured in photos.
ClickCaptivatorConveys the notion of instantly captivating images with just a click of the camera.
PixelPartyMerging “pixel” (the smallest unit of a digital image) with “party,” indicating a lively atmosphere for capturing photos.
LensMagicReflecting the enchantment and allure associated with photography lenses, suggesting a magical photo experience.
FrameFusionSuggesting the merging of various frames to create a cohesive and memorable photo collection.
ShutterSpectacleConjuring imagery of a spectacular scene captured with the closing of a camera shutter.
CandidCanvasImplying the artistry of capturing candid moments on a photographic canvas.
PicturePaloozaA play on “picture” and “palooza” (an extravagant event), indicating a grand celebration of photography.
SmileSnapEncourages smiling for quick snapshots, creating joyful and memorable photos.
LensLyricEvoking the poetic and expressive nature of photography, suggesting photos that tell a story.
FlashFrameSignifying the swift capturing of moments within frames using a camera flash.
PicturePerfectEmphasizes the pursuit of perfection in capturing ideal and flawless images.
LensLoveReflecting a deep affection and passion for photography lenses and the art of capturing moments.

Photo Booth Names

There are so many processes by which you can choose a name for your photo booth. You can create the name if you are very good at creativity. If you are looking for some names, then you can refer to the following list for the name of your photo booth business.

However, whenever you are searching for a name you should always find a relevant name. This will create a very good impression about your photo booth business in front of people.

  • ZippyLens PhotoBooth
  • PictoBooth
  • PicsBox PhotoBooth
  • ShutterSnaps
  • PicJunky PhotoBooth
  • SnapoMize
  • Leased Lens
  • PictoPod Booths
  • Pixel Candid Booths
  • BeamBox PhotoBooth
  • Signia Booth
  • FotoFavors PhotoBooth
  • RedEye Pixels
  • CaptaBooth
  • Smile Machines
  • At Pixel PhotoBooth
  • Your Photo Fun
  • Life’s Memories
  • Smiles For Miles
  • PicStar Photobooth
  • SnapShare
  • Snappy Moments
  • PictoSnap PhotoBooth
  • ShutterPose
  • PicShutters PhotoBooth
  • QuickShoot
  • LoveSmiles PhotoBooth
  • HappyGo Booths
  • Portrait Palace
  • BeCaptured PhotoBooth
  • Elite Motions
  • PhotoTales Booths
  • PortaPixie Booths
  • candidCloset
  • Snap Assure
  • ForeverFlash
  • SnapFront PhotoBooth
  • SnapPortals
  • FrozenSnap PhotoBooth
  • PhotoFusion PhotoBooth
  • Uptown Booths
  • FlashFocus PhotoBooth
  • FlixxaBerry
  • YouPix Booths
  • ShutterCave
  • BoothClix PhotoBooth
  • ShutterCage
  • Kapture King
  • Snap Ryder
  • FabPoses Booths
  • CrazyFrames
  • PhotoBerry PhotoBooth
  • HappySnappy
  • SmileBooth PhotoBooth
  • YourClicks Booths
  • BoothFairy Booths
  • Essential Etsy
  • FlickaBox PhotoBooth
  • ShutterZing
  • SelfiesStuff Booths
  • InstaSelfie PhotoBooth
  • FutuMemories
  • White Macho Photobooth

Photo Booth Business Names

Are you worried about the name of your photo booth business? Don’t worry; this page will give you a lot of ideas on what a good name looks like. If you have a good portfolio, you can easily choose a name for your photo booth business.

The name should always be relevant to your photo booth business and the services provided by your business.

In this way, it provides a very clear picture of your business to the people. You also become partners with several other companies with the help of the names.

Photo Booth Names
  • Brgndy Photobooth
  • BullberryPhotos
  • Destiny Photobooth
  • WhiteField Photobooth
  • Male Thread Photobooth
  • Virgin Pics
  • FrontPhase Photobooth
  • Adam StreetPhotos
  • Urban Bond Photobooth
  • Street buzzPhotos
  • Modern Grid Photobooth
  • ocean Pop Photobooth
  • The Mavrick Photobooth
  • Marquiss Photobooth
  • North Water Photobooth
  • Nude Fab Photobooth
  • TemperaPhotos
  • Street Roar Photobooth
  • Urban Bro Photobooth
  • Rustic Flame Photobooth
  • Classy RhinoPhotos
  • CruissyPhotos
  • Black Shady Photobooth
  • on the Trend
  • Ivy Karma Photobooth
  • Great Thread Photobooth
  • Alesssa Photobooth
  • New Crew
  • Metro Escot Photobooth
  • Maximon Photobooth Co.
  • Castle of Pics
  • Alone Wolf Photobooth
  • WellerWish
  • BoldVibe Photobooth Co.
  • Pics Voltage Photobooth
  • Red Swag Photobooth
  • Up Moxie Photobooth
  • SveltenPhotos
  • Class Quest Photobooth
  • TristerBerry Photobooth
  • Active Feather
  • Enchant Berry Photobooth
  • Orion berry
  • OutRigger Photobooth Co.
  • Earthtex Photobooth
  • Over the End Photobooth
  • Cortexxa Photobooth
  • SurfPix Photobooth Co.
  • Alpha Blue Photobooth
  • Man Alive Photobooth
  • Metro Orange
  • Bruto Boy Photobooth Co.
  • Re Revved
  • Affecte Photobooth
  • Errol Fly Photobooth
  • Alterante Trail
  • Zolorio Photobooth Co.
  • Affluent Berry
  • Trendy Envy
  • Style Blast Photobooth
  • Rock Drift Photobooth Co.
  • naked Ice Photobooth
  • Metro Fresh Photobooth
  • Urbanity Photobooth
  • Bespoke Photos

360 Photo Booth Name Ideas

The demand for 360 photo booth business is always a different trend in the market. If you are entering into such a business, then you need to have some cool plans for your photo booth business. These ideas will help you in getting famous easily in public.

Moreover, these ideas will also help you run your future photo booth business. However, the name of the photo booth business will always be an important factor in running your business.

Trending Photo Booth Names

– Abel zone Photobooth

– Hawk Eye Photobooth

– Hunk Ryder Photobooth Co.

– Street Chrome Photobooth

– Instincts Photobooth

– Man In Motion

– Man Gradients Photobooth

– High Wyatt Photobooth

– Casa Trail Photobooth

– Freedom Belt Photobooth Co.

– Street Water Photobooth

– Silver Stone Photobooth Co.

– Surf Ryder Photobooth

– Knight Ryder Photobooth

– Vibe Mutt Photobooth

– Cassa Pics Photobooth

– Naked Neon Photobooth

– Urban Archery

– ShutterStop Booths

– bamboo Snap

– For More Photobooth

– Lady Twist Photobooth Co.

– Enwise Photobooth 

– Accessory apex

– Dazzling Diva

– That’s Wow

– Fashion jive

– Dazzle Bling

– Accent Jewel Photobooth

– TrendFitt Photobooth

– Roxxyfy Photobooth Co.

– FineStyle Photobooth

– Arto Sassy Photobooth

– Xpressory

– Berry Chic Photobooth

– Fem Flare

– Marvelust

– SheShe Cherry

– Icono Dash

– Classify Photobooth

– LadyMist Photobooth

– JesterJew Photobooth Co.

– Zero Naughty

– Accent Chic

– Xcite Posh Photobooth Co.

– Intuitly Photobooth

– Bliss Kiss Photobooth

– Rhythm Aeris

– Icono Lust

– Sugar Clad Photobooth

– SplashBee Photobooth

Photo Booth Names ideas

If you have an attractive photo booth name, your task becomes easier to attract customers. You can earn more customers for your photo booth business if you have a catchy name.

This way, you can also earn a lot of profit for your photo booth business. You need to focus on the uniqueness of the name to have a catchy name for a photo booth. This will help you in getting a very cool name for your photo booth business.

Photo Booth Business Names

Dazzled Diva

About Accent Photobooth


Look Alive Photobooth

Athena Photobooth

Prestifine Photobooth Co.


DazzleMist Photobooth

PiquePix Photobooth

Adorn baby

Blue Lily Photobooth Co.

Haggle berry

Amelia Photobooth

SparkyShe Photobooth


Xtreme Gigs

Blingerella Photobooth

Axis Glitz Photobooth Co.

Urban Pretty Photobooth

Jingle Style


ZingBling Photobooth

Fashion Fem Photobooth Co.

Haute Things

Chromo Edge

Fragrant Photobooth

BlingAura Photobooth Co.

Cosmo Elle Photobooth

Blue Women

Style Roar Photobooth

Marky Dia Photobooth Co.

Zola G Photobooth

Just My THings

Velvet Bling

Shiny Razzle Photobooth

Glamore Photobooth

Young Diva Photobooth Co.

Feel Maestro


Zippy Clippy


CheesyBooth Booths

ImageStar PhotoBooth

360 Photo Booth Business Names 

Are you someone who is planning to open a 360 photo booth business? Then the following names will be suitable for your 360 photo booth business.

You can take a lot of ideas from these names to give recognition to your business. We hope that the following list of names will eventually help you in finding some classic names.

Snap In Studio

Shiny Booth

Shot In Shot Shoot

Funky Photo Booths

Go Booth N’ Shop

All Pro Photo Booths

Flicka Box Photo Booth

All In One Selfies

On Pro Photo Booths

Smile Away

Booth On the Square

Permanent Portrait

My Bead Booth

Your Fairy tale Wedding

Vanity Camera

The Only Photo booth

Trolley Snapshots

Snap Photo Bar

Babe Bazo’s

Quick Shoot

Camelback Photo booth

Twitch Video Art

The Wedding Glow

Photo Finish Booth Company

Benevolence Booths

Photo Booth

Snap Souvenirs

A To Z Photo Booth

Apex Photo Biz

Practical Photo booth

B&B Photo Biz

Expose Portraits

Everlasting Pics

Snap Booth Binge

Picture It

All New Photo Booth

Snooka Booth

Doo Party Baskets

Sci-Comm Photo Booth

The BOB Photo Booth

Hype Framez

Booth On Thomas

Pic booths & More

Epic Moments Photo Booth

Fade Fun Photo Booth

Stonewall Bouncer

Ivory Photos

My Biz Photo booth

Lucky Photos Bedding

The Love Photo

AZ Photo Booth LLC

Booth City Photo

VIA Photo booth

Bunny & Bunny Booth

Picture Booths Canada

Booths on the Hill

Virgo Booth

Pixy Stereotype

The Cloudy Booth

Snag’ Photo Booth

A Plus Bouncy

Posh Snaps

Pablo photo Booth

Photo booth Lounge

All Gussied Up Booth

Snap Away

Poketo phoria Buses

Beach bound Studio

Hands On Photo booth

My Pic Photo Booth

Cozy Photo Booth

Gang Photo Booths

The Wedding Detail

Zoom Me In Bouncy

Pitstop Photo Booth

Joy Photo Booth

Posh Photo boothz

Pelican Photo Booth

Mikasa Photo Booth

Beam Photo Booth

Tourist Today Studios

Art Booth Direct

Booth on the Go

Doody Db Booth

The Photo Booth Spot

Twin Image Booth

Smile Photo boothz

Booth 2 Party

Bounce Photo Booth

Picture Booth Plus

Booth Girlz

Snap Biz Boutique

Avalon Photo Booth

Social Booth

CoCo Photo Booth Studio

Paintbox Photos

A Photo booth Snap

My Only Photo Booth

The Photo booth Kings

Escape Snaps

Creative Names for Photo Booth Business

Do you know it is very easy to find a good name for your photo booth business? You only need to have the proper portfolio for your photo booth business. Eventually, it will give you many ideas on what names will be suitable for your photo booth business.

Snap’n Photo Booth

Nu Image Bose

Hobby Photo Co

Shutter Beam Imaging

My Booth Photo booth

Twin Pin Photo booths

Ezy Photo booth

Oh My! Selfies

Escape Photo booth

Eco Shine Photo Booth

My Hype Photo Booth

Photo Booths Etc

My Booth photo booth

Shiva Photo Booth

A Booth Photo

Photo mental

Smiles For Miles

Dreamy Snapshots

Booth N’ Style

A-1 Selfies

Sun City Photo Booth

Sun buzz Photo booth

The Stare Booth

Enchanted Snap

Showtime Dads

The Shot Monzo

The Photo booth House

Monument Booth Nite

Beam Photo booth

Big Bad Booth

Significant Snapshots

Bunch Booth

The Photo booth Bar

No Limit Photo booth

Brilliant Cables

Capture It For Life

Photo Box Expressions

Wey bridge Photos

Shutter Baskets

Urban Camera booth

Eisenz Booth

Lucky Snap Photo

My Kustom Photo

Big Smile Photo Booth

Staged Photo Booths

The Posh Bugz

Friendship On Film

Globe Booth

The Photo booth Shop

Top Photo

Hook Photo Booth

Pixar Photo Booths

Party Time Photo Booth

Blacktiv Photo Booth

D-Booth Photo Booth

Kai Photo Canopies

Mesa Booth

Photonically Glazed

Photo Booth Bays

The Photo booth Man

Star power Mini Studios

Capture On Camera

Snap To Photos

Celebrate Booth

iSnap Booth

Photon Photo Booths

Lucky Photo booth

Sunflower Photo Bixx

iMoto Booth

Fydo Photo Booth

The Bambino’s booth

New Look Photo booth

Beeswax Photo Book

Photo Booths LLC

Inscape Photo Booths

Picture This

MVP Photo Booths

The Photo booth Labx

Photos of A Kind

The Bannette Booth

AZ Booth Studio

The Photo booth Boyz

Light & Magic Booth

Escape Photo Booths

Natalie Photo booths

Rambo Photo Booth

Blox Photo booth

Shade span Studios

Pretty Photo Booth

A Plus Biz Camera

Luminous Mood

Insta Selfie Photo Booth


Lucky Photo Bums

PHB Photography

Pixle’s Photo Booth

Shutter Slingers

Zoom In Biz

Glow Baskets

The Best Day Ever!

Photo Booth Company Name Ideas

Are you looking for some amazing names for your photo with the company? Well, you can choose a relevant name from this following list for your part of both companies.

These kinds of names are the latest names available in the present scenario. It will help you in making your company look good to the public.

A+ Photo Booths

Photo Bops

The Cool Shot Co.

The Photo booth Spot

AZ Pet Photography

Bun Photo Booth

Poseidon Photo Booth

Brush Photo Booth

Photo-One Booth Co

Pixar Photo Booth

Bunny’s Photo Booth

Make Memories Last

Hustle Busters

Elements Photo booths

Starry Night Photo Booth

Happy Go Booths

PJ’s Elegance

Party Pix Studio

The Bump Photo Booth

Shutter Busters

Zany Picture Booths

Capture itself

Mighty Photo booth

Nettleton’s Pixel

Foto Booth Las Vegas

My Booth Snap

Totally Photo booth

Trendy Touches

Pixing Booth

My Shot Booth

Shaw S Booth

Boom Photo Brokers

In Vision Pawnshop

Jazzy Photo Booth

The Frame Booth

Fantasia Photo booths

Shutter & Zoom Buses

Booth On the Fly

Picture Perfect Photo Booths

Crazy Photo Booth

Photo Biz Booth

Booth Vip

Booth Parties

A Photo booth on Main

Peekaboo Photo Booth

D & K Photo booths

A Photo booth Envy

Snap a Booth

Photo booths By Jessica

Stunning Bits

The Photo booth Usa

Lumos Booth

The Spot Photo booth

Zoom Into A Frame

Faux Booth

Escape Photoz

EVOLVE Photo Booths

Booth ‘n’ Baskets

Pimp My Photo Booth

Pixo Photo booths

Polaris Photo Booth

Mirrored Memories Photo Booth

Fury Photo Booths

Bouncy Photography

Ezy Bark Photo Booths

Blank A Photographer

Foto Favors

Photo Booth Hugs

Party Skateboards

Capture Biz

Pro Capture Booth 1

Jaguar Photo Booths

Pix Art Photo booth

Famous Shotz

Papel Photo Booth

Permanent Portraits

The Booth Gallery

Studio Fiz

Snap It Up Selfies

Pic Booth 2 U

Photon Bizness

AZ Day Spies

A Snapshot Booth

Party Fun Camera

Photo Place

Sky wish Photo booth

Honeymoon Photo booth

Megan B Booth

Photo zone

All Booth Coverage

Let’s Booth Wedding

Mamma’s Camera Booth

Photo Booth Countdown

Pretty Bodies Photos

Nu Life Photo booths

Instant Impression

Light Booth

Vicon Photo booth

Luxx Photo Booth

Photo Hill Biz

Photo Booth Business Name Generator

<strong>Photo Booth Business Name Generator</strong>

Explore our Photo Booth Business Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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