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A photo booth is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor.

Today, the vast majority of photo booths are digital. Photo booths can be found across many countries and are mainly stationed at public places such as parks and stations, and even in carnivals.

Best Photobooth Slogans

  • For every moment
  • Photobooth that captures life
  • The true essence of life
  • You can enjoy too
  • Click a photo with us
  • Your personal photographer
  • The booth that matters
  • Great pictures indeed
  • Affordable as ever
  • The booth you can trust

Photo booths give instant printouts of photographs in various forms of color and in various sizes of photographs. Even 3D printouts are available in many parts. Photo booths are quick and convenient especially when someone has to click photographs on short notice.

Catchy Photobooth Slogans

  • Capturing your being.
  • Catch all the emotions.
  • Freeze a moment.
  • Capturing everything you do.
  • For a photo-worthy of you.
  • A photo booth just for you.
  • Get a photo to remember.
  • A still from a past.
  • Photos so good, that they talk.
  • Never let the past get away.
  • Let no moment be forgotten.
  • Capture that moment you wanted to catch.
  • Capture the motion.
  • Capture the funky you.
  • A loved moment with a loved one in a frame.
  • Behold a moment in hand.
  • 3D printed photographs are here at this photo booth.
  • A moment captured into the palm of your hand.
  • A flash holds your memory intact.
  • Creating memories a flash at a time.
  • Get a photo in a jiffy.
  • Sit a moment. Wait a moment. Get your photo.
  • Cheap, quick and easy way to get photos.
  • Hold your life in a photograph.
  • Let no moment escape.
  • Getting your photos clicked will not be a waste of time anymore.
  • A photograph to remind you of all the memories.
  • To keep memories from fading away.
  • Strike a pose and let it do the rest.
  • Picture yourself getting pictured.
  • You will look photogenic in every photo.
  • A better way to photograph yourself.
  • Look good. Feel good. Pose good.
  • It is a chamber of memories.
  • Step in and let the booth do its magic.
  • Hold a moment still.
  • Get the best long lasting 3D printed photos.
  • The photos will talk always.
  • A photo booth unlike any other.
  • Photos of any size in seconds.
  • Making you look good always.
  • Let not the beauty escape.
  • Making each moment beautiful.
  • Everything as it happened.
  • Let not a moment flow by.
  • A moment is too precious to lose.
  • A photo is a memory in flesh.
  • The best and quickest photo booth ever.
  • Yesterday in a frame.
  • Not a photo booth, but a memory booth.
  • Never forget any moment.
  • You do not have to let any moment go.
  • Simple, quick and efficient way to click photos.
  • Making clicking photos a whole lot easier.
  • It just takes five seconds.
  • Quicker than you can say your name.
  • Step in, sit and it is done.
  • The latest photo booth with the latest technology.
  • The light. The camera. And your reaction.
  • Smile like a star.
  • The new age of photo booths have dawned upon us.
  • Photos so good, they look like to have been shot by a professional.

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Photo Booth Taglines

  • With your loved one in a moment to savour.
  • Look like a star. Feel like a star.
  • Make a smile. Take a snap.
  • Strike a pose. Capture those.
  • Get instant photos instantly.
  • Click a photo that is worth more than a thousand words.
  • No more wasting time photos.
  • Capture moments on the go.
  • Snap away as you like.
  • A photo booth that makes you look better than your best.
  • The cheapest way to get the best photos.
  • Passport photos delivered quicker than you can say “passport”.
  • Sit back, relax and pose.
  • Clicking photos will not be an excuse to be late anymore.
  • A photo booth and more.
  • Where there is a photo booth, there are memories.
  • Memories held together for life.
  • The photo may last longer than your memory.
  • Picture a great past.
  • The past in person in a frame.
  • Forever starts with a photograph.
  • Click yourself on the go.
  • The best photo booth you have ever seen.
  • Never lose a moment while getting your photo clicked.
  • The best photo booth around.
  • Try our new photo booth today.
  • More than just a mere photo booth.
  • A new photo booths with filtered photos.
  • Now capture yourself in any filter you want.
  • Being photogenic is in your genes.
  • The most easy to operate photo booths in the city.
  • The most clean and clear photos a photo booth can give.
  • A photo booth worth visiting.
  • Make the moment shine.
  • The most stylish photos in a blink.
  • Live the moment every time you see the photo.
  • The photo will never lose its charm.
  • Connect yourself to the past.
  • The quickest photo booth in the city.
  • A photo booth like no other.
  • Picture yourself the best.
  • Anyone of any age can click photos in this photo booth.
  • As good as a professional photographer.
  • Vibrant photographs every time.
  • More than just your everyday photo booth.
  • Making a photo speak.
  • A photo booth for your life.
  • Snapshots of fun and frolicking.
  • The latest in photo booth technology.
  • A modern photo booth for the modern you.
  • Capture your essence. Capture your presence.
  • Photo booths with the very first 3D printing available.
  • Who knew a photo booth can do so much.
  • A booth of photos. A booth of memories.
  • Save your moments from being forgotten.
  • Now do not be late while clicking photos.
  • Making instant photos a lot easier.
  • Save time. Save money. Get the best photos.
  • The new age of photo booths is here.
  • A flash is all it takes.
  • No photo booth is as cheap as this.
  • Make your memories into photos for a few bucks.
  • This photo booth snaps well.
  • Look like you never expected to.
  • A photo booth from where the photos come smooth.
  • The first cashless photo booth in the city.
  • Get the photos sent to your email from the photo booth.
  • Pay for the photo online.
  • Ecofriendly photo booth for the changing times.
  • Save paper. Get e-photos directly sent to your device.
  • Stylish photos in a jiffy.
  • The most convenient photo booths around.
  • Capture the craziness in you.

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