45+ Top Popular Animal Logos

Over the years evolution has taught us that man was predominantly an ape. Humans have developed several skills over the decades. Animals have several admirable qualities and often people argue how we lost some of these qualities in the name of evolution.

The loyalty, dependability, strength, and perseverance are just a few of the things admirable among animals and this has been used by companies over the world while designing their brand logos to showcase their vision and goals. 

Top Animal Logos of Popular Brands


The logo of this brand shows a leaping puma that is known as a cougar. A puma is an animal known for its strength, power, and energy. So this brand logo speaks for the position the brand holds in the market and it also describes their products.


MGM or Metro Goldwyn Mayer was well known among people since the dawn of time. Haven’t we all grown up watching Tom & Jerry? They were the distributor of the classic Gone with the wind and had the rights over the film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz which was major hits in 1939. This American media company’s logo depicts a roaring lion which symbolizes the grandeur and place they have held in their respective industry over the decades. 


The logo of this luxury automobile manufacturing company is depicted by a golden bull surrounded by a shield. The bull symbolizes power, beauty, prestige, strength, and speed which is the vision behind every vehicle manufactured by this company. Aside from the obvious connotation, the logo is also personalized since the founder of Lamborgini loved attending bullfights and was a Taurus. 


Bacardi logo shows a fruit bat that was believed to be a sign of good like by the wife of the founder of the largest private spirit company. The red and black color of the logo depicts the strength, prestige, and determination that went behind this company and made the brand what it is today.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer and his brand logo depicts a polo player on horseback. Horses have always been a sign of royalty, dignity, class, and elegance. That is the vision of the designer behind his luxurious line of clothing. Horseriding and polo games are pursuits of the higher class and it depicts the crowd it aims to please. 


The logo of this multinational luxury vehicular company is depicted by a leaping jaguar. The jaguar symbolizes strength, speed, power, and foresight. Thus the logo with its black and white color that is an embodiment of its elegance and class also describes the quality of cars manufactured by them. 


The logo of the Swarovski crystals business is depicted by a swan which is an embodiment of grace, creativity, purity, and elegance. The swan logo was not the original logo of Swarovski yet we can not imagine a logo that could describe the ornaments designed by Swarovski better. The swan in the Swarovski logo is white with wings that look like crystals so it speaks for the brand and their products.


Evernote is an application designed for recording and organizing information. The motive behind taking notes is to remember every little detail which people tend to forget when they do not write it down and what better way to depict that than an animal known for its strong memory? It is not surprising that the silhouette of an elephant head is used as a logo for this company.


We all are familiar with the bunny logo of this men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine. Bunnies have held a sexual connotation for ages. Women who assume the role of a damsel in distress have been sexualized by the American media for ages. This dainty and shy creature has been used by this magazine to depict their understanding of what their target group desires. 

Red Bull 

“Red Bull gives you wings”, is one of the most well-known catchphrases of our times. This Austrian energy drink company occupies a large market share and the logo of two bulls ready for a duel is as popular as its catchphrase. Sitting in an arena watching a duel the energy of the animals is felt by the entire crowd and that itself speaks for this drink. The combination of the red and yellow color signifies excitement and enthusiasm which is guaranteed to the consumers.


The little bluebird on the white background of the Twitter logo is commonly known as the Twitter bird. It’s warm blue color signifies the trust and loyalty that the company embodies. The logo shows that the Twitter bird is flying which is an indicator of the groundbreaking ideas this social networking platform wants the public to be familiarised with. The head of the bird faces right showing that the company is future-oriented and the open beak is symbolic of the freedom of speech.

Penguin Books

Who is not familiar with the Life of Pi? This publishing house has brought great comfort to every book lover. It even provides audio and e-books. The penguin in the logo was used since the owner’s secretary had suggested that it was a “dignified yet flippant”. The color codings of Penguin books signify the different genres of books published by them.


The logo of this well-known food and beverage company shows a net with a loving mother bird feeding her children. This imagery is used to indicate the goal of the company to produce items that would nourish its consumers. It shows how the company wishes to look after its customers. The nest in the logo is on an oak tree that showcases the pride of the company and the trust it has built among its customers since the 1860s.


This British owned vodka brand is represented by an eagle with a crown and it looks regal. Eagles are a symbol of pride, royalty, strength, and leadership all of which talk about the current status of the brand. The crown is symbolic of the high quality of the spirit. The red and silver color of the brand makes it eyecatching. 


The Burberry logo before 2018 depicted an Equestrian knight. Historically knights were known for their courage, vigor, and being part of the royalty. Thus this logo used to be a clear indicator of the products and vision behind this British luxury brand. The forward-looking knight on a horseback showed how the company desired to adapt to the new fashion tastes and preferences of their consumers with every passing day.


This cosmetic brand has used the silhouette of a dove as its logo. Their products are for women alone and the pure and maternal symbol of this bird indicates the nourishment provided by their products. The soft hair and skin guaranteed post usage of their products is symbolized by the logo itself.


This web portal uses a butterfly logo that represents freedom along with excellence that is represented by the black color of the logo. 


The World Wide Fund for nature is represented by a panda. The goal of this organization is to protect endangered animals and the panda is an endangered species too. This organization was set up in 1961 and that was the same year a big panda was brought to the London zoo.  So the panda logo was fitting and the message of the organization was conveyed without any hassle of the language barrier.


This French clothing company has the most disputed logo of a crocodile which overlapped with this  Hong-Kong based clothing brand. The crocodile represents freedom and power alongside being gentle. This speaks volumes for the brand and its product.


His Master’s Voice is a film and music retailer based in the UK. Their famous logo of a dog listening to a cylinder phonograph has been used by several recognizable artists. The dog is a mixed Terrier and represents loyalty because the painter of this logo had received recordings of his brother’s voice and his dog after his untimely death. Whenever he played the recordings, the dog used to sit near the phonograph and listen. That’s how the logo came into being. 

The Famous Grouse

This blended Scotch-whiskey producing brand is represented by a Red Grouse that is Scotland’s national game bird which indicates the origin of the brand. On Christmas, this brand reaches its highest sales in the UK.


This famous American cigarette brand is represented by a camel itself. A camel fights for survival in the hardest of times. This survival instinct by looking at the future represents the goal of the brand. The city where this product originated became so famous that it is now known as the “Camel city”. 


This French automotive manufacturing company is represented by a lion. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the king of the jungle is power, speed, respect, and strength. So this logo not only indicates the kind of products this company manufactures but also it’s standing in the competitive market.

Alfa Romeo

This premium car manufacturing company originated in Milan, Italy. The left side of its logo shows a red cross that represents the medieval Christain while the right side shows a serpent eating a red man alive and this serpent/dragon wears a crown. This symbol essentially represents the history of the city from which it originated. This serpent/dragon is a sign of intimidation and royalty. This brand does dominate the market in its specific sector and has been prevalent since 1910 so their cars are a status symbol. 


This free web browser was developed by Mozilla Foundation in 2003. Their logo shows a fox curled around a blue circle which is almost like a globe. A fox symbolizes wisdom, thirst for knowledge, and opportunity. Thus the logo essentially represents the aim of this platform. 


This Indian based adhesive brand’s logo shows the Magdeburg hemisphere being pulled by two elephants. This indicates that this adhesive is so strong that even elephants can not pull two something apart when this has been applied to them.   


This Italian sports car manufacturer used a prancing horse as its logo. This horse was painted on the fuselage of the plane of an Italian fighter so as a sign of good luck and in the memory of this fallen pilot. Thus the horse in the logo is black. Being an Italian brand it represents the colors of the flag as stripes on top of the logo. The base color of this logo is yellow that represents the city Modena where the founder was born. 

Royal Stag

This Indian brand of whiskey which is now available in many countries across the world uses a deer logo with a crown on its head. The golden color of the logo represents the grandeur and prosperity of the brand. The deer, on the other hand, is a representation of the intuition that led to the foundation of this brand and its success.


This Dutch multinational bank is a part of the list of global systematically important banks. Its logo represents an orange lion, the color of which is indicative of their Dutch origin. The lion, on the other hand, represents the power held by this financial organization


The TVS Motor Company uses the logo of a running horse. This company is the third-largest manufacturer of two-wheelers and are well known for their speed, power, and the sense of freedom that it provides all of which is synonyms with the symbolization of horses.


This Australian airline is a flag carrier and is represented by a kangaroo in its logo which is the national animal of Australia. Thus this kangaroo logo indicated the roots of this airline. The vibrant red color used in the logo is a sign of determination and strength. 


This free and open-source software operating system was released in 1991. The penguin logo of this brand was designed as an entry to a Linux logo contest. The name of this penguin is Tux and is depicted differently by different Linux distributors. Linux is most identifiable because of Tux.


This German automobile manufacturing company designed a logo that was closely aligned with the traditions of Württemberg-Baden since its headquarters was based in the capital of Württemberg. This logo was inspired by the Free People’s State of Württemberg’s coat of arms. This is the reason why the logo is shaped like a crest. The horse used in this logo represents the speed and grandeur of this brand. 

Abercrombie & Fitch

This American lifestyle brand made products with high-quality materials to promote a near-luxury experience for its customers. However, it started as a company that made goods essential for hunting and camping so the logo f this brand is represented by a moose which is a wild animal that made an appropriate symbol for the company. 


This Housten-based web hosting service provider is represented by an alligator and the main reason behind choosing this animal logo is the fact that the name of the brand included “gator”. This brand was founded in 2002 and has used this alligator as its brand identity ever since


This publicly held Canadian lifestyle product brand is represented by a beaver as its logo since it is an iconic animal in Canada and represents its origin. Though the company was founded in 1973, this beaver logo came into existence in 1985 with the launch of its athletic brand.


This is the oldest surviving British sports product manufacturing brand which is represented by its world-famous panther logo. A panther represents power, grace, and leadership which is synonyms with the goal and status of this brand. Since their primary focus is sports products, the leaping panther in the logo seems fitting.


This Belgium fashion brand was named after the author of Jungle Book so the monkey as the brand logo seems rather fitting. The monkey represents fun, lighthearted spirit, and adventure. These were the main ideas of the brand which helped them establish themselves as a global handbag brand.

Hermes Paris

The logo of this high fashion luxury goods manufacturing company shows a Duc carriage with a horse. The horse is a symbol of power and the carriage of luxury. The man in front of the horse represents a balance between wisdom and power. This balance has helped this brand prosper and hence remains as one of its main motos. 

Levi Strauss & Co.

This was the first company to manufacture blue jeans. The logo shows how two horses are being made to pull a pair of jeans on either side but there is no sign of it being ripped apart. We know that a horse represents strength hence this shows that these jeans are so well made that even two animals that are the embodiment of strength can not rip it apart. It was since 1886 that this logo became part of Levi’s brand. 

Ford Mustang

This series of American automobile manufactured by Ford has the longest produced Ford car nameplate and is still the fifth best-seller in 2020. The logo represents a galloping horse that bears testimony to its speed and even the power it holds in the market since 1965.

Thus we see that animal logos have helped companies reflect various attributes of their company which could not have been described in any better way. The imagery has helped not only furthering the goals of the company by making them familiar to the human eye but they have also used it as a medium for telling stories about their owners itself and will continue doing it in the distant future. 

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