31+ Famous Brown Logos of Popular Brands

Imagine this: You’re enjoying your favorite coffee ☕, with its wonderful smell mixing with the café’s earthy vibe.

Now, think about this: Have you ever noticed that many famous logos are in a warm, inviting brown color? We’re exploring “Famous Brown Logos” 🌰 – a color that means trust, comfort, and elegance.

This article isn’t just about color or branding; it’s a journey through a forest of logos. Each brown logo has a story of trust, nature, and lasting quality.

From the deep chocolate color of your morning coffee to the tough, leather-like brown of top brands, brown is more than a color – it’s a story.

So, get ready, grab your coffee, and let’s discover the stories behind these famous brown logos that are part of our daily lives.

Welcome to the cozy, brown world of branding! 🍂💼

Famous Brown Logos


Based in Kentucky USA, this fast-food chain is renowned for its draft root beer, burger, and root beer floats, apart from the mouth-watering hot dogs, hamburgers, and cheese curds.

True to the type of items served, the oval logo consists of three hues of brown with A&W branding in the middle in italics, giving the impression that it is a class apart in the premium category. 

Cracker Barrel:

The 51-year-old restaurant chain based in Tennessee has 660 stores in 45 states whose delicacies are based on traditional Southern cuisine. The brown logo is enthused from the country stores in Southern USA around 1916.

The barrels were full of soda crackers used in the country stores during that period. The descriptor “Old Country Store” is mentioned just below the logo. 

Cleveland Browns:

The Cleveland Ohio-based American Football champion team was founded in 1944 and is a premium team of the national league. The unique logo is a helmet worn by American football players with an intertwined letter CB in brown and white spruce.

Their mascot is Brownie Elf, and the color of their helmet is orange-based brown, although the team has various promotional logos year long.  


The California-based ice cream manufacturer was formed in 1928 and is a part of the Nestle group manufacturing and marketing ice cream and frozen yogurt.

The logo is inside a curved band with a chocolate background with a thin brown border, and the branding is in upper and lower cases. The Apostrophe after r is an image of an ice cream cone. The tagline center aligned with the branding says – Scooping since 1928. 

Gloria Jean’s Coffee:

The US Australian combo retail chain markets hot and cold beverages in 1000 coffee houses globally. Founded 41 years ago in New South Wales, the items are very popular globally. The logo is a steaming hot cup of coffee with the branding in upper and lower cases just below it in coffee brown


Founded in 1894 in Pennsylvania, Hershey’s is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers globally. The new logo developed a few years back stresses Hershey’s elevation from the leader in the US Chocolate industry to a global phenomenon.

The chocolate-colored logo on white ground and in the upper case is loud enough to attract attention with the tagline at the bottom. The famous KISSES icon is also placed alongside.


Owned by Mars Inc., the 1941 founded US-based company specializes in making button-shaped chocolates. Each button is branded with an “M” in lowercase printed on it.

The two m in lower cases and brown are tilted towards the left and marked on every product of the company. The alphabet m is the abbreviation of the surname of the company’s founders.  

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products:

The product range is very down to earth as the company sells products from hand wash body wash, dish wash, gift sets wash, and laundry wash to specific household cleaners.

The entire logo is brown, with Meyer’s point size much bigger than the rest. Instead of the apostrophe after r in Meyers – it is a small sparkle like a glowing star, establishing the efficacy of the range.   


Based in Switzerland, it is a subsidiary of the Nestle group marketing coffee pods and espresso coffee from coffee capsules. The positioning strategy of the coffee maker is that of a niche and a premium brand. The branding is a combination of the words Nestle and 

Espresso. The logo is a stylized N in the upper case with a groove in between. The background of the letter is light brown, exactly like an espresso. 


The United Parcel Service is a transnational courier and supply management team based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The logo is instantly recognizable in the global courier industry.

The UPS in the logo is the full form of the company name wherein the company states very unequivocally its line and area of business with no superfluities attached. The brand appears in lowercase amid a shield. 


Owned by Unilever, Magnum is a Belgian brand of ice cream bars that was launched in 1992, 2011 in North America, and 2014 in India. Positioned as a premium brand the ice cream varieties have thick chocolate or hazelnut coatings on top of them.

The logo background is chocolate brown with a chic shade of the color and Magnum branding in sleek font with golden lettering amply signifying on the brand’s slot in the premium category.  

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