50+ Best CBD Website Design Examples: Inspiring Layouts

Have you ever wondered what makes a CBD website not just good but great? In a market buzzing with competition, it’s the smart, simple, and stunning website designs that make some CBD brands stand out.

This blog post is your ticket to exploring a variety of CBD website design examples that do more than just sell products.

They tell a story, ease your navigation, and make your experience memorable.

Whether you’re a CBD enthusiast, a website designer, or just curious about the digital world, these examples perfectly blend creativity and simplicity, showing how effective design can make a world of difference.

Let’s embark on this visual journey together and discover what sets these websites apart.

Best CBD Website Design Examples

1. Foria

Shopify Hemp and CBD Stores

Foria is on a mission to help people enjoy sexual wellness and pleasure based on plant wisdom for the rest of their lives. Since 2014, their all-natural, plant-based formulations have been altering lives in the bedroom and beyond.

Our revolutionary approach to sexual pleasure, menstrual comfort, and daily wellness support universal, intimate encounters throughout the lifetime, as they feel sex is an integral element of wellbeing.

2. Secret Nature

Shopify Hemp and CBD Stores Collections

Secret Nature’s staff has over 20 years of expertise in cannabis production, genetics, retail, and item development, having worked on some of California’s most well-known and profitable brands.

Their mission is to create valuable products and consistent experiences; thus, they prioritize quality.


Shopify Hemp and CBD Store inspiration

Unlike any other, IGNITE is a worldwide lifestyle brand combining premium quality ingredients with unrivaled ambition, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

IGNITE has successfully positioned itself as the gold standard and industry specialist in the category of CBD, Nicotine, and Spirits. Their founder and CEO, Dan Bilzerian, is working actively to make this brand number 1 in its class.

4. Lord Jones

Shopify Hemp and CBD Store Supply

Lord Jones was created out of a desire to mainstream and elevate cannabis to its highest form — to create the best means to uncover and enjoy the life-changing potential of this mysterious plant.

Their journey began as a tiny collective servicing LA’s West Hollywood community and has now grown into one of the world’s finest suppliers of premium CBD products.

5. Ned

Shopify Hemp and CBD Stores Stock

Ned is the outcome of two friends, Ret and Adriaan, who began their journey in different places but ended up in the same area.

CBD was one of those cures, and Ret hopped from one brand to the next for two years, never gaining solid confidence in any of them. Quality, not quantity, was his goal.


Shopify Hemp and CBD Cloth Stores

JUNGMAVEN was founded on the principles of simplicity and long-term sustainability.

Robert Jungmann, the founder of JUNGMAVEN, grew passionate about ending devastation-causing clear-cutting methods in the early 1990s and realized that cultivating hemp offered a solution to this and many other environmental factors challenges.

7. Ananda Hemp

Shopify Hemp and CBD Health Stores

Ananda Professional builds on Ananda Hemp’s pioneering work by introducing the first fully compliant and legal CBD oil product line designed particularly for independent pharmacies and healthcare professionals.

This special professional line is made with pharmaceutical-grade full-spectrum cannabis and follows strict safety guidelines.

8. Fort Farms

Shopify Hemp and CBD Organic Stores

Fort Farms strives to provide its customers with the highest-quality hemp and CBD-based products.

They also endeavor to educate the world about the benefits of CBD and hemp. Its mission is to provide the highest-quality, most reliable products in the business that are organically harvested and extracted.

9. Not Pot

Shopify Hemp and CBD Authority Stores

At Not Pot, they believe Full cannabis legalization is a step in the right direction, but it is insufficient to address the wrongs of their criminal justice system.

That’s why they’re excited to introduce the Not Pot bail fund, a self-funded initiative to end mass incarceration one person at a time.

10. Sunsoil

Shopify Hemp and CBD Oil Stores

Sunsoil aims to provide inexpensive access to the highest-quality CBD products. Sunsoil was formed to make a big difference through its products and deeds. To debunk the myth that price determines quality and to pioneer a new method.

11. HempWholesaler.com

Shopify Hemp and CBD Epidyolex Stores

HempWholesaler.com is one of the top wholesalers of CBD and hemp in the United States.

From its distribution center in Upstate New York, it stores, stocks, and distributes all of its products in-house.

They make every effort to stock only the highest-quality CBD products from all of the leading brands and producers. 

12. The Good Patch

Shopify Hemp and CBD shopping centre

The Good Patch sells various wellness items and patches to help with everyday problems. They use tried-and-true plant-based substances that have been evaluated for purity and quality by a third party.

They’re available online and at various big retailers, including Target, Ulta, and CVS, as well as spas and boutiques nationwide.

13. Highline Wellness

Shopify Hemp and CBD Drug Stores

Highline Wellness is the most excellent CBD option for any adult seeking mental wellness and stress relief. This brand strives to supply the best quality CBD products that are reasonable in price and dependable delivery.

14. Savage CBD

Shopify Hemp and CBD Medication Stores

Savage CBD’s basic goal is to assist as many people as possible. Their customers motivate us to keep pushing our products to the next level to stay the greatest CBD product on the market.

Savage CBD aims to assist people by providing what they believe are high-quality, lab-tested, natural alternatives at a reasonable price.

15. Delilah Home

Shopify Hemp and CBD Bedcovers Stores

Delilah Home was named after a fearful puppy in the North Carolina mountains who survived a life-threatening tragedy.

They only use high-quality organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and non-toxic hemp that is better for the environment.

16. Hey Bud Skincare

Shopify Hemp and CBD Skin Care Stores

With its unique components and proven effects, Hey Bud Skincare is an entirely new, innovative vegan clay mask pushing the skincare market’s boundaries.

Hemp Seed Oil, produced from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, is vital in the Australian brand’s purifying clay mask.

17. Kanibi

Shopify Hemp and CBD Lubricate Stores

Kanibi aims to improve the CBD industry’s standards by providing high-quality CBD products.

They feel that every stage of the CBD manufacturing process should be transparent and open to the public. You can see, feel, and verify the high level of quality.

18. Hemplucid

Shopify Hemp and CBD Polish Stores

Hemplucid uses only certified organic farms and delivers to fetch the products. They are dedicated to achieving excellent health.

Its mission is to provide items that will assist people in comprehending the benefits of hemp in their daily lives. Hemplucid is always coming up with new ideas for its goods.

19. Fusion CBD Products

Shopify Hemp and CBD Products

Fusion CBD Products’ objective is to promote and support North America’s burgeoning CBD culture, which is geared at active people ranging from strollers to competitive athletes.

CBD products have a variety of health benefits that are frequently overlooked in the cannabis culture haze.

20. Hempz

Shopify Hemp and CBD Body Products

Hempz has been on a mission to unleash hemp’s beauty and wellness benefits since 1998. Each product contains hemp seed oil, which provides smooth, nourished skin and healthy-looking hair. That’s why it’s said that the key to unlocking the secret lies in the seed.

21. Infusion CBD

Shopify Hemp and CBD Package Stores

Infusion CBD makes its own CBD oils, balms, capsules, gummies, and even vape oil, which it sells. The fact that this CBD store sells to the United Kingdom sets it apart from the others on this list.

This shows that selling CBD on Shopify isn’t limited to the United States but is viable in any nation that authorizes CBD sales.

22. Cannuka

Shopify CBD Stores

Cannuka gets its name from the mix of cannabis and Manuka honey, which are two of its key constituents.

While their product line mostly focuses on skincare, their logo and clean, modern-looking website design set them apart. Their products, as well as their co-founder, have been featured on Shopify’s CBD homepage page.

23. Briogeo

Shopify Hemp and CBD Hair Products

Briogeo’s Shopify CBD store’s branding is undeniably powerful. They can target a lucrative clientele and differentiate themselves from other CBD retailers by solely selling CBD-infused hair care products.

They’re one of the few brands in the market whose items are featured on Shopify’s CBD landing page.

24. CBD Farmers Collective

Shopify Hemp and CBD Green Stores

CBD Farmers Collective is a one-of-a-kind entry on this list because it isn’t a single merchant. Rather, the platform allows farmers in the United States to register and start selling CBD products.

This not only makes it easier for farmers to sell their products online, but it also gives customers more options.

25. LEEF Organics

Shopify Organic CBD Stores

LEEF’s whole line of products is organic and non-GMO. Their website is also well-designed and includes high-quality product pictures, allowing them to highlight their similarly high-quality packaging.

Take a page from their book and invest in professional-grade photos if you’re going to establish your own CBD or hemp business on Shopify.

26. Josie Maran

Shopify Hemp and CBD Sun Care Stores

Josie Maran isn’t your run-of-the-mill CBD shop. To begin with, Josie Maran specializes in makeup and skincare, but they also sell hair care products and bath accessories.

Their CBD products are part of the Skindope brand, which is a unique product line. Along with the other two stores on our list, this is the only other product on Shopify’s CBD home page.

27. Sabaidee

Shopify Hemp and CBD Natural Products Stores

Sabaidee’s objective is to assist one million people in living healthier and happier lives by delivering high-quality hemp extracts that work.

We don’t know how many clients they’ve served so far, but they appear to be on their way based on the over 1,000 customer reviews.

28. NanoCraft

Shopify Hemp and CBD Powder Stores

Todd Erwin and Stefan McKellar, two longtime friends, established NanoCraft. They founded the company with a precise aim in mind: to make great CBD products that benefit general health and well-being while also giving back to the community.

Their primary consumers are people from the sports and fitness industry; thus, they inspire to become the world leader in the supply of hemp-related products.

29. Manitoba Harvest

Shopify Hemp Stores

Manitoba Harvest strives to contribute to consumer health by delivering its primary product, i.e., hemp.

Manitoba has been active in the industry since 1998, so we can imagine their experience in this field. They are one of the global leaders of hemp meals.

30. Black Tie CBD

Shopify Hemp Flowers Stores

Black Tie CBD’s primary goal is to increase its consumers’ well-being while increasing the bar for the hemp business.

As an award-winning CBD brand, it focuses on quality while offering various CBD products at an accessible price.

31. Cannadips CBD

Shopify Hemp and CBD Wholesale Stores

Cannadips CBD is on a quest to create a great-tasting, superior alternative to traditional dips that use CBD in a novel, pleasant, and effective way that is also tobacco and nicotine-free. They also offer one of the most enjoyable CBD experiences on the market.

32. Hemp Helper

Shopify Hemp and CBD manila Stores

Hemp Helper’s hero product is called Bud-E, which is an automatic joint roller that saves the time of their customer to roll a joint.

You must place the flower in the grinder and press the start button. They have products for every level of stoner.

33. Hemp Horizons

Shopify cannabis Stores

Hemp Horizons is an FDA-approved hemp seed processor with GMP certification in the US. They’re all about Hemp products for daily use as dietary supplements and personal care, and their first priority is to provide high-quality hemp goods.

They produce the greenest and most organic hemp possible to keep their premium claim.

34. Toronto Hemp Company

Shopify Hemp and CBD Fennel Stores

Toronto Hemp Company (THC) was founded in 1994 and is among the few remaining ‘originals’ of the Legalization movement’s retail advocacy effort. The Toronto Hemp Company (THC) is the largest and best cannabis culture/hemp/pot/bong/vaporizer/head shop globally.

THC is a store and information center dedicated to a plant and culture that is beneficial and misunderstood.

35. Sträva Craft Coffee

Shopify Hemp and CBD Coffee Stores

Sträva Craft Coffee is committed to providing its consumers with the highest quality coffee. It focuses on identifying top farmers and locations, forging long-term connections, and roasting in small batches to maximize the potential of each bean.

They try to support small, independent cafes and businesses in their community.

36. Terra Origin

Shopify Hemp and CBD Ayurveda Stores

TERRA ORIGIN is a thoughtful, scientifically validated range of nutraceutical supplements and powders inspired by the ancient practice of Ayurveda.

They believe in a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit care, helping you to overcome the daily obstacles that physically and emotionally prevent you from reaching your full potential.

37. Sky Wellness

Shopify Hemp and CBD Medicine Stores

Sky Wellness creates and distributes inexpensive, high-quality CBD products produced from hemp that are THC-free and aimed to improve health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Sky Wellness aims to enhance your well-being, whether your goal is to feel better in your mind, body, or spirit.

38. High Falls Hemp NY

Shopify Hemp and CBD Gummies Stores

From their farm in High Falls, New York, High Falls Hemp NY products blend the finest, most natural components on the planet.

They use organic farming practices, tight quality control, triple lab testing, and QR codes with complete panel lab findings on every product.

39. ProHealth Longevity

Shopify Hemp and CBD Health Supplements Stores

Since 1988, ProHealth has been assisting people in becoming healthier. Now, their new website, ProHealth Longevity, is dedicated to helping you live a longer, healthier life.

It provides the most up-to-date information about anti-aging compounds, health-restoring, protective nutrition, therapeutic procedures, and lifestyle choices.

40. Dreamland Organics

Shopify Hemp and CBD Herb Stores

Dreamland Organics is a certified organic hemp flower farm on the outskirts of a 30-acre nature preserve.

Their cultivators have over 20 years of experience and a strong desire to grow this plant. Our plants are grown in living soil; we hand-water them with compost teas.

41. Naternal

Shopify Hemp and Natural Wellnes Stores

National was created because their families use these goods, and they couldn’t find a brand that met the high standards we expect from a health and wellness firm.

It was easy for them to imagine how they could do things differently and better because they live in Research Triangle Park, NC, a global life science innovation powerhouse.

42. Dragonfly Botanicals

Shopify Hemp and CBD Body CareStores

Since 2007, this store is one of the best plant-based Shopify stores selling organic hemp products.

They have been delivering products of the highest quality forages, directly extracted with CBD and essential oils, which are later converted into handcrafted plant-based products.

43. Wild Hemp

Shopify Hemp and CBD Weed Stores

Wild Hemp is a CBD and smokable brand that aims to inspire wild adventure, spark wild imagination, and eventually help you find your wild side! Global Tobacco, Texas’ largest tobacco maker, launched Wild Hemp in 2018.

Many CBD users wanted a more affordable choice focused on enjoyment and flavor, so they created the Green Haze sub-brand.


Shopify Hemp and CBD Cannabis Stores

ERTH HEMP is one of only a handful of vertically integrated seed-to-sale companies. They control our products, from seed propagation through growing and extraction to the completed product on your shelf.

They are the only ones cultivating hemp in their area at the moment. Therefore, they like to keep it a secret because the growth conditions are virtually ideal.

45. Green Garden Gold

Shopify Hemp and CBD Green Stores

Green Garden Gold is a major manufacturer of premium hemp oil, a natural product with a distinct health focus. Its mission is to promote health for current and future generations by providing healthy lifestyles for everybody.

46. Carolina Hemp Company

Shopify Hemp and CBD Bush Stores

Carolina Hemp Company is thrilled to be Asheville’s Hometown Hemp Company, founded in 2014.

They are a general hemp store and wholesale distributor focusing on education and selling excellent hemp flower extract goods, including sublingual oil, vape oils, concentrates, and other hemp items like organically produced hemp flowers, topicals, and edibles.

47. DiscoverCBD.com

Shopify Hemp and CBD Oil Tinctures Stores

DiscoverCBD.com is based in Colorado Springs, which is surrounded by lush mountains and has a solid connection to nature.

The company was founded by three people who have long been aware of the health benefits of CBD. They can finally bring the health advantages of CBD to the masses with the advent of industrial hemp-derived CBD products!

48. Well Care Botanicals

Shopify Hemp Stores

Well, Care Botanicals results from years of healthcare research, study, and experience. Their hemp extract products redefine general wellness, which a medical doctor created.

Care Botanicals provides effectively prepared hemp extract tinctures, soft gels, and topicals to help you reach daily health and wellness.

With organic and expertly processed hemp extract products, you’ll feel fabulous no matter what the day throws at you.

49. oHHo

Shopify  CBD Stores

Plants with Benefits is the mission of Ohio, a cannabis and botanicals health firm. They distinguish themselves in appellation, cultivation, and processing to prevent mediocrity. Within the cannabis sector, they create high standards and celebrate national status. 

50. Kurativ CBD

Shopify Hemp and CBD Topicals Stores

Kurativ CBD was formed with one purpose: to offer high-quality, cost-effective products to market.

They are dedicated to their consumers, so they have built a grassroots following with little to no advertising.

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