10 Best Font For Logo and How to Choose the Perfect One

While thinking about logos, we often take into consideration pictorial or graphic elements. It is not a complicated process to distill a brand into just one graphic. However, your logo’s font is responsible for communicating essential info such as your name as well as your industry, and therefore, it is equally important to choose the font of the logo. 

Choose the Right Logo Font

Although you will get the chance to make use of other fonts in some other design assets such as brochures, websites, as well as printed products, it is the logo font that will be mostly associated by the audience with your brand. For this reason, it is imperative to take into account how the font is going to perform while the clients view it not just one time but repeatedly. 

  • What associations are going to be brought by them to the font? 
  • What types of assumptions they are going to make regarding your brand identity of yours? 

For answering all these queries and much more, we have mentioned the top 9 tips for selecting the appropriate logo font.

The font should be matched to your personality

While searching for fonts for designing logos, try to come across a typeface that matches your brand’s personality. 

In general, you may get started by choosing a type category:

  • Serif: Traditional and class
  • Sans serif: Simple and contemporary
  • Novelty: Unusual and funky
  • Script: Feminine and elaborate

1. Stay clear of any trendy font

While selecting a font of the logo it will be imperative to stay away from any excessively trendy typeface. It is highly possible that you are going to use those words in the logo for quite some time. A design might appear to be dated because of a trendy font for its logo. Its trendy appeal might get lost fairly quickly as well. 

In case you would like to have anything with more contemporary flair try to choose a font having some sort of longevity. It will be even better if you select a typeface with attributes which you like from anything trendy and not using the identical font at the same time. 

2. Take into consideration a custom design

You will come across several iconic fonts which had been created only for the business represented by them. It might prove to be useful in case you do have a decent budget as well as ample time for doing some custom work. A logo’s custom font is totally yours. There is no need for you to be concerned about the other brands making use of the identical thing.

Also finding a typographer for creating a character set representing your logo version will be a good idea. Although not a practical option for some people, it can prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

3. Make the font special

Even though it might not be possible for you to commission an absolutely personalized logo font, try to search for a typeface having special characters for providing a personal flair to the lettering. Techniques like filling letters can likewise be tried by you. 

You might as well alter the design or stroke of any letter for customizing your logo typeface. You will come across many character sets along with special elements out there. You will be able to find lots of fonts by browsing sites like MyFonts, Typekit, Typewolf, and FontSquirrel. 

4. Try it in both color and without it

A proper logo ought to be able to work properly in both colors and without it. Begin the logo lettering in the black shade after having several typefaces try. Try figuring out whether it is as per your liking. In case you like go to the color option too. In case you do not prefer the logo font in a single color, try to find other options till you happen to like one. 

Bear in mind that a single-color logo is often as attractive as a colorful one. Therefore, you need to be happy with both these options. 

5. Maintain its simplicity

It is not the fact that you will require a crazy or elaborate logo for being effective. Your best option will be to go for one which is easy to read and also simple. You would like people to know your brand name or company in the long run. 

Take for example the Coca-Cola font which, in spite of being a custom script, is fairly simple to read as well as comprehend. You keep it simple in this manner.

6. Establish the correct emotional connection

The logo font is capable of establishing the emotional connection which the users have with your product, brand, or service. While selecting the most appropriate logo font, think of the emotional connection that will be set by it. Below, we have provided several common guidelines.

Positive Type Associations

  • Rounded lettering
  • Serifs having thin strokes
  • Flourishes or long tails
  • Open lettering
  • Fancy scripts
  • Novelty typefaces
  • Contemporary typefaces

Negative type Associations

  • Harsh lines or strokes
  • Thick strokes
  • Shaky strokes or messy handwriting
  • All caps
  • Tight lettering
  • Ransom lettering

7. Make research for your competitors

While selecting a logo font, you would not like to choose anything which appears identical to any other company. Therefore, it is essential to perform your homework. Look at the style as well as font types used by your rivals in the logos. 

Although you might go for any particular sans serif logo font similar to a competitor, make certain to select another font. You would not like individuals to confuse your product with that of your rivals. 

8. Quality does matter

Never try to opt for any outdated font since quality does matter a lot at length. A high-quality font will be required by you which will be able to render crisply as well as sharply at virtually any size. 

The words in the logo might be bigger than life on a hoarding or even tiny on a social media icon. It is important for the font to hold up and be simple to comprehend in any sort of application.


While deciding on a logo font, take lots of time for finding something according to your likings. Do not go for any typeface in haste or in case you are not absolutely sanguine. You will need to live with it for quite some time in the future.

While choosing the font of your logo, ensure that it helps to reflect the personality of your brand in the best possible way and also make it appear special.   

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