40+ Famous Bird Logos of Popular Brands

In the bright world of branding, birds hold a special spot for their grace and beauty. ‘Famous Bird Logos’ explores this fascinating area, where bird figures are symbols and storytellers of the sky.

Think about the strength and freedom in an eagle’s wings or the wisdom in an owl’s eyes. These bird logos represent more than art; they stand for hope, speed, and endless sky possibilities.

From tech companies to luxury cars, these logos fly high, showing vision, new ideas, and a reach for the best.

In this journey, we’ll see how birds, from the small sparrow to the great phoenix, have created brand images and won over millions of hearts.

They are now signs of trust, quality, and great service. 🦅🌟🌌

Famous Bird Logos of Popular Brands

Emporio Armani

emporio armani logo

Eagles are large, powerful birds known for several characteristics. Hence, the eagle represents the company’s desire to reach new heights, supremacy in quality, and an eye for fashion.

Giorgio Armani’s initials are imprinted on the body of the black and white striped eagle, which is yet another fashion statement.

Japan Airways

japan airways logo

Japan Airways is represented by a crane, which, according to Japanese tradition, symbolizes prosperity, long life, and good health.

The airline guarantees a safe journey to its passengers, and the red color of its logo means happiness, which is closely aligned with the purpose of this airline.  


hollister logo

Hollister is an American lifestyle brand that is represented by a flying seagull, which is a symbol of dreamers and sailors.

The seagull’s maroon color symbolizes happiness, bravery, and determination, which are the main traits of a character known as John M. Hollister, created by Abercrombie & Fitch Co., the brand’s owner. 


dove logo

Dove is a cosmetic brand that is represented by a dove in a silhouette.

The usage of products of this brand claims to yield softer skin and hair, which is a clear indicator of the love and care symbolic of a dove. So, the bird logo of this brand speaks volumes for its products.

Fruit Loops

Bird Logos of Popular Brands

The mascot for Fruit Loops is an animated Toucan Sam.

The main characteristic of this Toucan mascot is his strong sense of smell, which has been used in advertisements to depict how it can smell a bowl of Fruit Loops from anywhere. It also symbolizes the colorful cereal.


This 125-year-old brand is widely known for manufacturing and marketing high-quality crystals and is represented by a swan.

A swan symbolizes simplicity, purity, devotion, grace, and elegance. The logo represents the essential characteristics of the brand and its products that have kept it in high demand over the years. 


twitter logo

The Twitter bird is commonly used as a term to identify the logo of this social networking company.

The Twitter bird is a small blue bird on a whiteboard. The head of the bird faces upwards, which is symbolic of the company’s mission since looking away from the ground represents how it serves as a medium where individuals embrace a wider perspective, opening themselves up to all possibilities, and the open beak represents freedom of speech. 


chick fil a logo

Chick-fil-A is one of the largest American fast-food restaurants. Since its specialty is chicken sandwiches, the chicken has been cleverly incorporated into their brand logo.

The “C” of the brand name has been drawn as a chicken with a beak for its logo. The logo represents the motive behind the food served by this restaurant.

Future Group

future group logo

Future Group is an Indian conglomerate company and is represented by a “Golden Bird.” This bird logo is eye-catching, and its golden color represents joy and sunshine.

The main objective of this company is to deliver everything to Indian consumers in the most profitable manner at every place and time, and hence, their motives are symbolized by “The Golden Bird.”


nbc logo

NBC is an American commercial terrestrial radio and television network whose logo represents a peacock.

The peacock shows the motive of the information provided to the viewers and also the accuracy of the information.

The peacock’s head is turned to the right, which indicates that the company is looking ahead. The peacock also represents the company’s pride in its brand name.


lufthansa logo

Lufthansa’s logo is represented by a flying crane. The yellow and blue color combination in the logo represents speed, creativity, progressiveness, and reliability.

The simile “as free as a bird” is brought to mind with this logo. The flight of the bird is an indicator of the technical superiority of this airline.

Air Mauritius

air mauritius logo

A bird is essentially a symbol of natural and safe flying, so it is obvious why the logo of Air Mauritius representing a corpulent bird with extended wings gliding is one of the most popular symbols among the logos of airlines.

The red color of this logo indicates bravery, strength, and life.


smirnoff logo

Smirnoff is a vodka brand owned by the British company Diageo, and its logo indicates a flying eagle with a crown.

The flying eagle represents power and movement, while the crown symbolizes the quality of the vodka. The use of silver and red essentially stands for vibrancy and youth.


nestle logo

The Nestle brand name originated from the founder Henri Nestlé’s family name, which meant “Nest.”

The logo represents a loving mother bird feeding her children. The imagery represents the mother as a nurturer, which has been Nestle’s main focus. 


kiwi logo

Kiwi is a Polish shoe brand that originated in Australia and is represented by a flightless bird native to New Zealand since the wife of William Ramsey, the man who developed the Polish, was from New Zealand.

The logo shows a white kiwi on a red background with a golden lining, and the bold color palette is meant to grab attention.

American Eagle

american eagle logo

American Eagle is a North American clothing line, and its logo represents an eagle that has found a victim and is ready to attack.

The bird’s keen eyesight represents the company’s primary focus, which is to keep changing the clothing line according to its customers’ varying taste and preference patterns.

Iron Duck

iron duck logo

Iron Duck is a clothing manufacturing company, and the logo of the brand represents a hanger, the hook of which has been bent in the form of a duck. 

It is a simple yet creative logo. A duck symbolizes grace, thoughtfulness, comfort, living in the moment, energy, and playfulness. 

Singapore Airlines 

Singapore Airlines logo represents a bird known as “Silver Kris,” which originates from a dagger featured in regional folklore.

The Silver Kris in the logo faces right with its wings lifted, representing the company’s future-oriented vision.

The yellow and blue colors of the logo are symbols of happiness, hope, and responsibility. This Silver Kris has helped to improve brand recognition from the very beginning. 


duolingo logo

The duo is the name of an owl, which depicts knowledge, learning, and wisdom.

The duo is a rare species of green owl. Duolingo is a platform for learning multiple languages where the logo has a playful mascot. 

Gulf Brand 

gulf brand logo

Falcon is present in the Gulf Brand’s logo, which symbolizes freedom, perseverance, and courage.

It expresses the innovative and pristine services infused with raw beauty and emotion, making the brand much more than an airline. 

American Airlines 

american airlines logo

You can see a fierce eagle swooping down in the American Airlines logo. It is a native bird of America that represents supremacy in the air. The logo gives the vibe of intense patriotism. 

Turkish Airlines

turkish airlines logo

The reference to Wild Goose is used in the logo of Turkish Airlines. Wild Goose is picked as the brand’s mascot since they are known to fly at great heights and travel great distances. 


In the Swift logo, one can find the Swift bird that represents the programming language being developed to be fast.

It also symbolizes hope. It complements the purpose of the intuitive and powerful programming language. 


freelancer logo

In Freelancer, the bird used is in origami style. The bird signifies freedom, which compliments the brand that provides people who have full freedom while working. 

Penguin Books 

penguin book logo

Penguin is used in the logo of Penguin Books, which tells the tale of survival. The penguin symbolizes endurance, patience, and determination.

The logo was designed by Edward Young, who was a young submariner. He survived a boat accident that happened in the North Sea.

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